Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




The main topic (081030) is the double brain damage acquired from misdiagnosis of Lyme as a psychiatric illness and/or Fibromyalgia, which is a trap-diagnosis.  No one should ever agree to a pressure-points test; always demand scientifically valid testing.


NYT's Brainless Brooks wants to psychoanalyze this incompetent nation, when the nation is incompetent because of the MEee-ism of psychoanalysis.  DUUuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh

When are white American males going to own up to the misery they have brought the world?


Democracy Needs Virtue (On the separation of Church and State)  The abortion situation is an entirely different story. Justice does not change, but politics certainly does. The Church holds that justice should apply to the unborn. The secular world does not. But this disagreement should not alienate Catholics from the democratic process. The disagreement, in essence, has nothing to do with church and state. It is a disagreement about justice, a virtue that is almost always better understood by the Church than by the state.

George Monbiot:
How These Gibbering Numbskulls Came to Dominate Washington  The spectre of pointy-headed alien subversives was crucial to the election of Reagan and Bush. A genuine intellectual elite - like the neocons (some of them former communists) surrounding Bush - has managed to pitch the political conflict as a battle between ordinary Americans and an over-educated pinko establishment. Any attempt to challenge the ideas of the rightwing elite has been successfully branded as elitism.

Get it?  It's like Rove and his voter fraud baloney.  It's like we Lyme victims being called crazy by the biggest scientific morons the world has ever witnessed- people who wanted to create a vaccine for Relapsing Fever, when the very name of the disease reveals the essence of why there can be no vaccine for it:  antigens mutate, rendering antibodies (vaccines) useless:  Accuse your victims of what you yourself are or are doing; be the first to point the finger to create the distraction.

Gore Vidal:
John McCain in the Echo Chamber  Advice to Obama: No civilized asides are permitted in McCain Land, where every half-understood word comes from the shadowy bosses of a diabolic Democratic Party, eager to steal the money of the poor in order to benefit, perversely, the even poorer.

Helen Thomas:
Bush Again Breaks Wall Between Church, State  Is there anything more that the administration can do to ignore the spirit of the U.S. Constitution before President Bush leaves office?

No matter how you look at it, this country's survival depends on educated Christian activists and not fundamentalist control-freak brainless red-necks who can't figure our the illogic of voting for the fascist, mass-murdering Republicans and their corporate petrodollar pimps who raped and bankrupted our country (and many others), ruined a great number of our children with vaccines-induced autism, psychotropics, and "social engineering," and who are the very people who brought us the social engineering of abortion: the Banksters (includes Jewish atheist communists); Rockefeller (socialism) and the CFR. 

The only thing left to do is fix the Democrats because at least they're smart enough to listen.


We can't begin the blame game unless we acquire a USDOJ

"Perhaps the neoconservative project for world hegemony would have lasted a bit longer had the neocons possessed intellectual competence."--


================================================================'s new Fibromyalgia campaign

You may say to yourself, Now that Rove and the neocons have been exposed - in a real sense; they have no balls and no brains - will we now hear from the AMA, loud and clear, that they were duped by Yale, et al, about "Lyme Disease?"  Will the FDA grow a pair and admit they did nothing for 9 years after the Dearborn Hoax was exposed and didn't want to admit that they were had, too, about the "No-OspA-B in the standard" hoax?

Will the Corrupticut legislature, and in particular, the Democrat Speaker of the House, James Amann, admit he obstructed the truth about Lyme as a cause of MS because he was afraid his personal income as a fundraiser for the MS Society would decrease when the funding instead went into the prevention of MS through the prevention of the advanced stages of Borreliosis or Relapsing Fever?

Will the sick people of this nation and the AMA catch on to the fact that IDSA's new campaign is to sell Fibromyalgia (rather than continue to espouse their Lyme lies in their normal, direct way by saying Lyme is a non-disease for which we should have another OspA vaccine trial), when the test for Fibromyalgia is itself a hoax?  No one has this many "pressure points" from inflamed nerve roots or nerve root ganglia from Borreliosis, the basis of 90% of Fibromyalgia (FM) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome cases.  (See the graphics in the OspA-Permanente page)

The Fibromyalgia "pressure points" test itself is a hoax.  MDs know no one could possibly have that many "pressure points."  The test for Fibromyalgia is itself a test for hypochrondria.  People may be sick with a Lyme-like syndrome, but they answer YES to most of the pressure-points test in order to get any diagnosis at all.

This is IDSA's new campaign; they're quietly pushing Fibromyalgia diagnoses and treatments which in many cases is to get people addicted to pain meds and then to suddenly cut them off for the fun of watching these FM patients squirm and beg and go berserko looking for pain meds, which is a behavior they can then blame the victim for, and then diagnose as "CRAZY."  This is done on behalf of insurance companies of course, since they don't pay for a "CRAZY" long term disability.

IDSA knows what they're doing.  MDs and patients and more importantly, the people who are supposed to investigate insurance fraud - the USDOJ - certainly don't give a shot.  They never did.

I personally did not have too many pressure points (seen by Dr. Peter Manu at UConn, who tried to diagnose "not enough sex" in 1989) and I am a totally honest person; I never got a diagnosis of FM, although as you can see from my EMGs, I have had plenty of nerve root pain, as most of the nerves in my neck are by and large, half gone.  My neck and upper back are now numb to the touch. 

People need to be aware of the FM "pressure points" trap.

Another very important aspect of Lyme/FM misdiagnoses is that no one should ever fall for the brain or the pain candy.  You end up in more pain, since these anesthetics, psych meds and pain meds work in the exact same way.  They're transporter or receptor blockers, and as such, toxic for many people.  You end up with a chemical equilibrium imbalance with an up-regulation in the transporter or receptor that has been blocked in order to compensate to what is natural for you.

It is completely untrue that people have "chemical imbalances" in the brain (the Biopsychiatry theory) that need to be "treated" with brain anesthetics.  There are either bad people or good people and the way to tell a bad or a vain person is in the nature of their speech, usually.  Vain people always act in self-interest or are braggarts, and most certainly, all liars are evil.

So, stay away from FM diagnoses and any kind of pain meds other than anti-inflammatories for Lyme.

Take it from the BigPharma chemist who solved the Lyme crymes:

Pam Weintraub and Dennis Parenti ('Can't tell the truth if the entire nation depended on it.)
FDA Hearing (Jan, 2001)


Scroll down past the Newt Gingrich "information" below on this homepage for more links on the medical hoax called psychiatry for more data and links.

And watch the Psychiatric_MumboJumbo movie about scientific hoax of psychiatry and the problem with brain damage from psychotropics:

The SCIENCE which shows that all psychotropics are brain damaging. (which caused DCF to flip out because now they're liable)

or here:

REVIEWS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES (IDSA's 1989 journal, special supplement on Lyme)
IDSA_TMTFAILS.htm (IDSA: "treatment of chronic late, neurologic Lyme fails in half the cases")
CDC's patents in Europe with SmithKline from 1992, where they show they know the Dearborn criteria is false
ImmuLyme and LYMErix were never proven to prevent Lyme (unreadable blots)
BIOMARKERS by the IDSA crooks (obvious fraud; never used in Klempner's "study")
PENIS MATTERS by JAMES PHILLIPS  (projection of their own perversions acquired through their brainwashing psychonalysis process)
The Non-Stalking of Allen Steere- I met with NYTimes Magazine David Grann in person in Albany before this bogus "stalking Steere" article was published and explained the entire Lyme cryme to him (2001), making David Grann a liar.
MUNCHAUSENS vs "Lyme Borreliosis" by Lenny Sigal.
UN_PETITION.htm  Libel by the crooks.


11)  Van Der Kolk  Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, 2001 "Traumatic Stress" 

Highest Correlate in development of severe Complex PTSD is "Separation from Parents," for ages 7-12.    Read it for yourself.  Don't take my word for it.

            DCF's PARTY and SCREW is well-known

Fraud- Assault on Truth; Blaming the Victim  Amazon; Freud performed nasal surgery on a child-abuse victim because he said she was masturbating too much (I kid you not).

A solid expose that reads like a psychological detective thriller. . . . This brilliant, meticulously researched book probes what many see as the failure of psychoanalysis to confront the real world."   --Publishers Weekly

My kids have Congenital Lyme and Congenital Ehrlichiosis

More on Congenital Lyme

"Loss of striatal cholinergic neurons as a basis for tardive and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias, neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis and refractory schizophrenia."    Miller R, Chouinard G.,  Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Nov 15;34(10):713-38.    7904833 PubMed

1989 IDSA Reviews Special Supplement on Lyme and Spirochetal Diseases (180 degrees the opposite of what IDSA says now) was given to Laura Lustig of "The New learning Center," Westport, CT.

Lustig is a DCF moron-trainer and knows absolute zero about the brain, so don't go there under any circumstances.


The "Allen Steere demonstrating that Lyme causes a Lupus-like syndrome" article was also given to Lustig.  Lyme in the early stages will not be detected by Steere's later Dearborn method, which results in Lupus in children, rendering Lustig not only a moron who can't read, but a participant in the Lyme crymes and a triple brain-damager of children.

DCF Sleeping and Peeing in the State Parks
 License plate # 5-7543, in case anyone was wonder how duh DCF could possibly be so stupid, lame, lazy, evil, retarded and yet dare to complain about how tough their job is:  ◄Yet another one. ◄ And this one was caught taking a leak while hiding from work in a State park, LOL.  ◄Yet another one. ◄ And another one.  (This appears to be a police officer scoping these idiots out.)

That's 5 separate DCF cars, LOL, all snoozin or peeing in the State parks.

Your tax dollars at work.

Stay away from psychiatry, don't get hooked on the brain or the pain candy, and don't fall for the Fibromyalgia "pressure-points" trap.  Insist on scientifically valid tests.
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A Kennedy/Christ-ism from Mrs. Obama  (Love means you have to do stuff for people; doing stuff for others is The Way):

" Martin Luther King talked about how someday we're not going to see color, and I long for the day when we get to that point," Blake said.

"But that day is not today."

Younger is not so sure. When she watched Michelle Obama speak before the Democratic National Convention in August, she was moved by something the candidate's wife said — so moved that she wrote it down.

"She said, 'We have an obligation to fight for the world as we want it to be,' and I agree with that," Younger said. "It's a privilege and an obligation to create the world we want."

I dedicate the above statement to my racist, hateful relatives who literally disowned me the day I was born because I was a "darkie"  (thinking I was someone else's Native American baby) and who ever since said I was insane (it is they who clearly are insane) and "irresponsible" to be [fill in the blank] and a Lyme activist and scientist, under oath, when my kids have undeniable congenital Lyme.  I dedicate that statement to all the people, also, who falsely want to take credit for my work, but not suffer the persecution that came with it.  I dedicate that statement to all MDs who refused to confront the Lyme crooks with the statement "FRAUD."  I dedicate that statement to all the MDs who tried to blame BigPharma for their own incompetence, lies, malpractice and perjury.  I dedicate that to all of America's cowards who think it is up to someone else to solve their problems, but who criticize people who step out front on their behalf. 

It's kind of a funny way act: being critical of people who actually DO STUFF for people, but at the same time call yourself a Christian... while doing nothing.  It's an elegant system to witness.  My critics reveal the truism that Love is never jealous. ◄ "Gossip destroys My house."

081025 endentry


Republicans are the party of "Kill and Brain-damage Children."  There is no denying it:

NYT Op Ed: Brainless Gingrich and Evidence-Biased Medicine
Sarah Palin and her fruit flies (she's right, vaccine failure is the cause of autism epidemic)

SILENT SCREAM ◄ Republicans are the Abortion Party;  Just ask David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger and George H. W. Bush.

The Kissinger Report on how to decrease the world's population written for Rockefeller and George H. W. Bush ▼  


◄Rockefeller also told Russo that his family's foundation had created and bankrolled the women's liberation movement in order to destroy the family and that population reduction was a fundamental aim of the global elite.  [I wonder how many of the DCF whores have had abortions?]


British Psychiatry- A History of how the stupid, whorey, evil, lying DCF bitches ("social engineering"  with the forced psychotropics) got to be such stupid, whorey, evil, lying bitches, who are completely unable to think, much like my "sister."  It was a Rockefeller enterprise.

DCF's Little-Boy Penis-Biter case and Wimmins Lib:  Are the DCF stupid because of their sexual immorality, or is does their stupidity result in the immorality?   Everyone knows a degree in Social Work is a non-degree.  Either they were stupid when they joined up or they were indoctrinated with the sexual immorality and the grandiosity that is so central to "psychoanalysis," and never asked any questions about the logic of the notion that "becoming whores would make them less the slaves of men," misnamed "sexual liberation" or "feminism?"

Jewish Communist Traitors  ◄ Jewish women lead the Rockefeller feminism (abortion) movement.

"Good parents should never let DCF into their homes."   (Bodies are money)

Here, below, is where we show that it is known that the party of "Brain Damage of Children via Vaccination Without Pre-screening for Immune Competence," and the party of "BigPharma's Brain-Damage of Children via Forced Psychotopics (DCF)" is clearly the Republican Party. (You don't get this denial-of-rights campaign and a sell-out-to-the-Bigs from the Democrats.):

Childhood Immunizations Failure (failure in attenuation or injecting immune-incompetent children with not-attenuated-enough brain damaging viruses):
Neurodevelopmental Model based on Borna Virus

No proper tests have been performed on autistic children to see if they are the victims of vaccination-induced brain infections.  (◄Johns Hopkins- sound familiar?  "mitochondrial-disease"-based claim of vaccine-induced autism)

So much for "evidence-based medicine" which is based on the non-acquisition of the evidence, as we have seen in Congenital Lyme.  (More on Congenital Lyme by the IDSA/ALDF crooks)

When I asked Yale's Ami Klin if they perform spinal fluid analyses on their brain damaged children he said "NO."  That's how Yale "works."  They happen to be in favor of brain damage- the vaccine kind, the Lyme kind, and the psychotropics-induced kind.

Sarah Palin and her fruit flies (she's right, vaccine failure is the cause of autism epidemic)

It's been quite a tough enterprise, trying to retrain Americans in how to think.
Satan's trade is in convincing people to be proud without merit.  'To serve oneself.  'To think the "MEEeee" or "The Big I Am" trumps subservience to the physics of the survival of the species.  To wit: over 1/2 of the University of Connecticut's undergraduates major in psychology.  What the hell is psychology?  What does it do?  It allows people to earn a degree in irresponsible brain scramble and passes on the problems they've created with their "social engineering" (what to think and not how to think) to future generations.  It doesn't for instance, teach children how to build a car or change a flat or a build a solar panel or what energy conservation is all about, nor does it teach children about Bretton-Woods, or why we would be having energy-wars falsely based on "terrorism" or the Arabs' response to the genocide of Palestine.  Psychology is not reality.

Krugman-  We Democrats are the SERIOUS People

Democrats are the nation; are the rebellion
Democrat Predicts Entire Bush Disaster, October 2000
Democrat Predicts Bush's War Against Saddam (Oct 2000) and that we would be worshipping the Shock and Awe

I like Pat Buchanan but he's going to have to get used to what the real difference between Democrats and Repugs is.  We're the tolerance party.  And we're also the smart people who do the hardest work... thinking.

And we don't like fights.  Unless it's a good fight.  Like the Boston Tea Party.  Or against the Bigs and their fairy-ass repugnicant whores who are trampling the Constitution and the Bill of Rights with their fraudulent scaremongering.  

And we don't like piggie, arrogant cops who have Kennebunkport Kielbasa "issues."  And we don't like being lied about.  For instance, Rockefeller,   Kissinger, and Bush brought us abortion and birth control.  And THAT opened the floodgates.  'Gays coming out of the closet (where they always belonged so kids aren't exposed to it).  'Pedophile priests...

Most of all, we hate hypocrisy.

We were always The Real Americans.  The Real CHRISTIANS.

I think Obama reminds the Repugs that they have JFK-Envy.

JFK reminded us of who we were when the country began.  We were proud of throwing off the aristocracy (Repugs, Tories) in the American Revolution.

With JFK it was OKAY to be a commoner.  'Not rich.  'Just a plain old regular Joe...

The modern repugs have never demonstrated that kind of courage - to stand up to the Powers That Be.  They never had the strength of will to put the EFFORT into considering who really brought us all these social errors and social ills, and foreign policy and economic disasters.

The repugnicants are going to have to realize that to ever be popular again, they're going to have to grow a pair. 

I don't know how we ever got to be called the Left.  We were always Right.  'Must have been the Jewish Commies:
Jewish Teachings  Jews not guilty of Iraqi murders because they tricked Americans into it.
Sexual Perversion (Freud) & Racism

Jewish Kabbalism preaching revolution
Jewish Communist Traitors
Jewish Problem is for God to Resolve


NYT Op Ed: Gingrich and Evidence-Biased Medicine  It's amazing that vain-arrogant cowards like Newt Gingrich think they can just say stuff when they have no clue what they're talking about.  "The Institute of Medicine" and the are fronts for the Bigs and Gingrich is an "advisor" to, LOL.  In other words, Gingrich is absolving himself and asking us to accept all the corrupt "data" ... that the AMA and the CDC have admitted we have to throw out. 

Maybe Gingrich is afraid of a federal criminal investigation into the and the IOM.  Remember Gingrich is the cat who told his sick wife (with cancer in the hospital) that he was leaving her for a more robust porking scene if ya know what I mean.  (New babe.  New penis-port.)  Then he did it again- married a third time after cheating on his second wife.  (Who the hell needs 3 different spouses?)


This is data the Lyme crooks (Yale/NYMC/ALDF/IDSA/Kaiser cabal) refused to turn over to the Connecticut Attorney General for a year and a half before settling out of court:

The Lyme criminals could not even read their Western Blots in LYMErix or ImmuLyme-vaccinated people, yet they claimed to have used the Dearborn Method to assess their OspA/Pam3Cys "vaccines" outcomes:

Here are those 4 "We can't read our OspA vaccine results" reports:

1) SCHOEN (Yale; L2 Diagnostics) and PERSING (Corixa), with JOHN ANDERSON (CT Ag Station), 1996 (OspA-B interferes with blot-reading):

2) SCHOEN AND PERSING IN THEIR 1996 RICO METHOD PATENT (Borrelia burgdorferi - identified by Bb specific RNA; yet another ALDF lab trick known as the Primers Shell Game- with no OspA-B plasmid):
The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 

4) Yale's ROBERT SCHOEN in the 1998 Munchausen's Book, instructing MDs to blow off LYMErix systemically injured people ("but send the post-vaccination blood to the Yale L2 Diagnostics RICO lab if you must bother to be a physician").


It's also the reason Yale screwed up HIV and cancer research for over 10 years; Pam3Cys or  OspA, a fungal antigen, causes immune suppression due to TLR2 tolerization (ALS and mycoplasma), downregulation of HLA, inhibition of autokill kinases and the activation of latent viruses of all kinds (cancer and MS).

So why should the fairy-ass liar, coward, pervert sex-o-holic repugnicant hypocrite Newt Gingrich have any say in what happens in American Medicine? 

Is he a scientist?  Or does he have a serious DSM-V Cerebropenile Inversion problem? (A combination of sex-OCD with Attention Deficit Disorder, which all US males, and especially psychiatrists, happen to have.)


The 1998 Vaccines Reports (ImmuLyme and LYMErix):

LYMErix results (76% "safe and effective"):

ImmuLyme results (92% "safe and effective"): 

From the LYMErix trial, "categories of outcomes:"


You may say to yourself, "WTF?"

"76 and 92% 'safe and effective,' but 4 times they admitted that could not read their results?"

"And this OspA Blot-Smudging business is the reason Steere went to Europe with the bogus 'high-passage' strains to drop OspA-B from the new CDC diagnostic panel and to set up Yale's, Corixa's and Imugen's national monopoly on blood and the Dole-Bayh patents goldmine held therein?"


And Gingrich wants to talk about evidence-based medicine? 


Who does he think he's talking to?


Who does Gingrich think he's talking to?

GOP is dead.  Half of the party of the corporate whores is in jail and the other half is going there.

Evidence Biased Medicine over the very name of the disease:

From Fukunaga Phylogeny (recently made unavailable full text free from MedLine Taxonomy database but available here, of course):

▲Burgdorferi Flagellin gene closest to parkeri, turicatae, anserina, hermsii

Playing around with African Bird Borreliosis, 1911:
--1911, Andrew Balfour, MD, Karoum, "Infective granules"   Read-  He talks about intracellular spirochetes within red blood cells:

From these observations and others which will be fully detailed at a later date I have come to the conclusion that this fowl spirochaete must be classed as a specific entity and I am proposing for it the name Spirochaeta granulosa penetrans, which, though lengthy, suitably indicates its more important peculiarities.  At the same time it is quite possible--nay, even probable --that other pathogenic spirochaetes behave in a  similar manner.  I have found these granules to be resistant forms and their presence in countless numbers in the tissues might explain part of the mechanism of relapse and the difficulty of curing completely some of the more chronic spirochaetal infections, as, for example, syphilis and yaws.  

Maybe we can get Newt Gingrich to explain to us all this fascinating DNA and spirochetal persistence data.

I just can't even tell you how much I hate these loud-mouth know-nothing cowardly-ass lying faggots like Newt Gingrich.




RNA sequence similarities.
Bburgdorferi is most similar to duttoni, parkeri, turicatae, hispanica, and hermsii




FlaB gene: Bb likeliest descended from African relapsing fever.

Florida Dog Relapsing Fever

Fatal Congenital Horse Relapsing Fever

Lonestari or Masters Disease is Cow Relapsing Fever

CDC Officer Alan Barbour already patented Master's Southern Lyme Disease, in 1996, and he was looking at the flagellin gene, since that's how we perceive spirochete relatedness.  It's not about OspA and it's not about "Lyme Disease."


See.  So don't believe any of IDSA's bullshit that "Lyme Disease" only occurs in restricted areas of the USA.  It's all over and the real name of the disease is Relapsing Fever.



DCF_GRADUATARDS_SPEAK.htm =  Teenagers talk about their brain damage from DCF-drugging on YouTube

NYT Several VIP psychiatrists found to be on the take in drug "studies."  Now all that "data" has to be thrown out, like steroid baseball records and Mark Klempner.

Psychia-Satansim  "The Descent of the Modernists"  Psychiatric terminology and ideas warped Western Culture and the Catholic Church and are responsible for the outcomes of Vatican II (pedophile priests).

Exorcisms  & 
Hell awaits all liars, perverts, and false preachers  (Hell is real)

BIGPHARMA_TRAINS_MDS_AT_LUNCH.html  NYT (self-explanatory)

British Psychiatry- A History of how the stupid, whorey, evil DCF bitches (social engineering with the forced psychotropics) got to be such stupid, whorey, evil bitches, who are completely unable to think, much like my "sister."  It was a Rockefeller enterprise.

MCGLASHAN_SAYS_PSYCHIATRISTS_BRAINLESS_NYT.htm  "We have no idea what we're doing."

PSYCHABUSE_401.htm  The malpractice of treating a delirium with CNS depressants (old people).

APA's Guidelines on the treatment of a Delirium:   "It causes more brain damage, so don't do it; treat medically first."

NYT --LYME DISEASE is the first rule-out for "bipolar"    Says the NIH


INKEL_MOTION_APPEARANCE.htm  The kidnapping and forced drugging of Inkel child   (See also, the current lawsuit)

NYT- NO OVERSIGHT OF PSYCH DRUG TRIALS- includes kidnapping victims.


PAXIL_BAD_BAD_SMITHKLINE.htm  Settlements always include a gag order on the discovery phase, where everyone learns that SmithKline KNOWS Paxil is brain damaging.

The SCIENCE which shows that all psychotropics are brain damaging. (which caused DCF to flip out because now they're liable)

Yale's Ben Bunney lists "The Biology of Movement Disorders" or the brain damage from psychotropics as one of his areas of "expertise."   (People could ONLY be that stupid if they worked for Yale.)

Psychiatric_MumboJumbo.wmv  viewed 7 thousand times; CT DCF-Rowlangate's intended national monopoly on kidnapping and kiddrugging and a "national string of pediatric prisons" for all the black kids (Custodial Democracy)

DIABOLICAL_PERVERSION_PSYCHOANALYSIS   How can they confront Me-centric delusions, if their own dogma is 1) that it's fine and normal to think you're the most important thing on earth, and that 2) perversion is "normal."

KABBALAH_YING  Follow it- it's all the same temptation into self-worship and "opening oneself up to communication with 'ascended masters'" who are really demons.  The Tree of Life is very similar to Ying symbol- an upside down cross.


7"You hypocrites, rightly did Isaiah prophesy of you:

New Age Kabbalism:►
Surrender to the Beast!!
Be Yourself!!
Know Thyself!!
Diabolical Perversion:  Psychoanalysis:

   "Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, announce the trap in which you caught Richard/Rita.  I ask this by the authority of the Church, and in the name of Jesus."

"We start with self-growth [psychoanalysis], self discovery.   We tell em, we told Rita, First, you must be yourself, find yourself, know who you are.  They stick their noses in their navel and say: I like my own smell!!"'


Yet another explainer from Satan:

"'In the name of Jesus, you are commanded to leave this creature of God. You will go out of Rita and leave him whole and entire . . .'

"Richard/Rita’s sudden scream split their eardrums. “We go, Priest. We go.” It was a million turbulent voices as one, full of eternal ache and pain. “We go in hate. And no one will change our hate. And we will wait for you. When you come to die, we’ll be there. We go. But”-Gerald heard the sharp injection of hate hissing through the sorrow-“we take him.” Richard/Rita’s hands suddenly swept up in a wide arc toward Dr. Hammond. It was a quick but clumsy movement.

Hammond jumped backward. And Richard/Rita fell off the couch to the floor as the assistants jumped forward and held him down.

'"We already have his soul. We claim him. He is ours. And you cannot do anything about that. We already have him. He is ours. We needn’t fight for him.'

"Richard/Rita was wheezing like someone being asphyxiated, eyes bulging, neck muscles standing out, his long hair falling back, his chest heaving, as he half-rose in his effort.
“You can’t get him back. He is ours. He does our work. He doesn’t need a box. He puts everybody else into it.”

"All calm was gone from Dr. Hammond; his face was a picture of black fear...."


Psychiatrists lead people into perdition; they work for Satan, says Satan himself.  The way that they do it is to put diabolical ideas into your mind that were never there and try to convince you that these crazy ideas and suggestions were always there and are a part of you.  Psychiatrists and psychologists are so brainwashed themselves that they don't even see it.  They're hardwired with ego-insanity because this nonsense is built into their language and way of thinking.


The HYPOCRISY of blaming your brain-damage (and perjury) victim:   "But as useful as hypocrisy can be, it’s apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know you’re wrong."

18"Truly I say to you, (Q)whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven."

It's very, very important for people understand that where there is this sort of me-centric and sex-centric error, there will always be compounded error and heartache- not to mention brain damage and a resultant decreasing ability to get away from the horrors of psychiatric evil.  Their goal is to destroy.  Many of them know what I tell you is true about them, but they don't have the courage to admit it publicly and denounce psychiatry.

'For which the punishment will be even worse than for those who don't understand that their brain scrambled nonsense is never going to make any sense:
(Hell awaits all liars, perverts, and false preachers)


You can see why there are so many stupid/diabolical people in this country.  They're so brainwashed they can't even see themselves. 

Americans are stupid because they don't have the humility to take themselves out of every equation.  They don't have the humility to take the time and do the hard work of studying science.  They don't think they have to.  They think they're above it.  Psychiatrists, all of those I know, think facts are subservient to human feelings.

The truth is that the truth - scientific facts - do not care about feelings and neither do atoms and microbes or E = mc² or internal combustion engines or the moon and the tides. 

Americans are stupid because psychiatry taught them this vain, me-centric nonsense, and so did protestants:

"I am not a devil," said the preacher, angrily, "I am a servant of Christ."

"A servant of Christ, indeed!" said Satan, with a sneer. "What! I tell you, you are worse than I am. I believe, and you do not want to believe. Do you suppose that you can expel me from the body of this miserable wretch? Ha! Go first and expel all the devils that are in your own heart!"

The preacher took his leave, somewhat discomfited. On going away, he said, turning up the whites of his eyes, "O Lord, I pray thee, assist this poor creature!"

"And I pray Lucifer," cried the evil spirit, "that he may never leave you, but may always keep you firmly in his power, as he does now. Go about your business, now. You are all mine, and I am your master."

from- The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey

It is indeed a remarkable fact that, as the devil made use of Luther, an apostate monk, to abolish the Mass and deny the Real Presence, in like manner God made use of His arch-enemy, the devil, to prove the Real Presence.


Over 1/2 of UConn's undergraduates are psychology majors.

What the hell is a psychology major?

Psychology doesn't DO anything or MAKE anything or FIX anything, or CREATE anything, nor does it give people the ability to solve problems.  All it is is a religion or a set of beliefs about how people work that is highly discriminatory. 

And I've just shown you it's all FALSE.  And these psychiatrists all end up cynical in their old age.  Perhaps they can explain their own outcomes to the rest of us.  It could be "therapeutic" for them.

Fatima - information about free will and psychiatry


People really, really need to be warned to stay the hell away from these psychiatric kooks.



Note: NOTHING is going to happen because America has no men.

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