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Durland, Gangster Queen


11/20/2014 03:59:36


"Khan Academy"; Lyme & LYMErix Activate Herpes,  Dearborn was performed to hide that fact :)

Yale's Vaccine Scam (New)

Primers Shell Game (New)

Post-Lyme-Sepsis and Autism Vaccines (New)

Crooks' Biomarkers (New)

Cryme Trainer; Outline for Indictments and the OCCUPY the USDOJ

Non-HLA-linked diseases = Failed Autism Vaccines, Mold-Related illnesses, LYMErix-Disease, Lyme, CFIDS/FM, & Gulf War Illness

Follow the Lyme/LYMErix Scam in the order it occurred, below:

Older data on the incurability of Relapsing Fever

1986, McSweegan trashes Navy for $$$ for ALDF.com

1988, Dattwyler & about immune-suppressing, seronegative Lyme

1990, CDC: "Diagnose Lyme as if it was Relapsing Fever."

Allen Steere  "NeuroLyme won't test positive," 1990.

1992, CDC officer Allen Steere falsifies testing in Europe

1992, CDC patents with SmithKline show 2 kinds of Lyme

1993, Barbour and Fish slam Neurologic Lyme victims.

Compare the 2 kinds of Lyme in the RICO complaint

1994, FDA LYMErix Meeting

1994, CDC's Dearborn Booklet .pdf

CDC's invitation to participate in Dearborn .pdf

Dearborn, Who Said What?

Igenex, Harris, Dearborn .pdf

Evidence  Lyme criminals knew LYMErix produced the same "multisystem disease" as "Chronic Lyme"

LYMErix Damage Coverup (short)

1998, CIA Oilmen & Israelis plan to overthrow Saddam for the oil.

ActionLyme/Kathleen Dickson predicts all of Bushie's outcomes in Oct 2000

ActionLyme/Kathleen Dickson predicts Bush will have us worshipping his bombs (Shock and Awe"), in Oct 2000 during the Gore Debates

KKhkhkhh  Bfhufhufhuuuu....  We interrupt this broadcast on American Scientific/Medical Dysmentalism and the Mumbles' Foreign Energy-Theft Policy to bring you the Revised-Energy-Policy-Now-Making-Happy-Faces-at-Russia:

 I got nothin.  Israel up to their usual hysteria:

Hawkish New Netanyahu Adviser Signals a Harder Israel Line and
Brooks back to his usual warmongering-for-Israel antics


When the going gets tough, the stupid go into Opossum/Ostrich mode.  Double-O Stupid Loser America and the PATRIOT Actors don't got a clue.  When the U.S. Secretary of State has a law degree from Yale and graduated at the top of her class there, she demonstrates the value of a Yale education again, for all the world to see...  Well.  Here we are.  Nothing. 

America has nothing, has no ideas, has had no ideas for 40 years and now here we are.  A worsened global energy crisis, and the likes of hysterical antics by Ex-Bushies and fake Democrats wringing their incompetent hands and making nothing-statements.  Kissing up to Russia because they have no choice. 

Master of Master-Blaster got Alzheimer's and Blaster's legs are giving out; the whole nation has Lyme as a punishment for abuse of Lyme victims.  Now you know.    ---110315, End.

Well, Holy Crap, David Brooks, of all people, has finally admitted that the diabolical perversion of "It's All About Me," didn't scale-up so well for Western society. 

'That Freud and psychiatry and psychoanalysis were all wrong:  110311_BROOKS_SLAMS_PSYCHIATRY.htm

and is ridiculous perverted crapola [See also the whole result: Bill Gates & Education (WaPo); Cynicism can't be put back into the box;  or at 110228_PSYCHIATRY_CYNICISM.htm]

Now what?  Someone tell Anton Scalia that it's not cute to be a stupid asshole any more.

Oh, Thanks:
A Code of Ethics for the High Court - WaPo

110311 was a great day for Truth.  Tufts also had to publicly admit that Lyme and LYMErix are diseases of immunosuppression and not inflammation  ► 110311_TUFTS_CAVES_IMMUNOSUPPRESSION.htm

So, here is the global truth about Yale:  They have never gotten anything right because they have no Divine Light.  The Spirit of Truth does not inspire them because that is a grace they un-earned with all of their wrong-doing and especially, all of their lies.  And especially, all of their lies under oath.

And the thing about forgiveness is that you have admit to your crimes, be sincere, and offer restitution. 
110314; End, KMD

110312;  We Move On, leaving Team B - ILADS.org/Smith-Weinery - in the dust (no science from Teams A or B):

Vaccines-linked Autism - Measles without the Spots, Mumps without the Lumps - Kids are getting these viruses into their brains ("subclinical" "SSPE") from the vaccine vial while immune-incompetent.  It's kind of a Eugenics-Test, see.

TLR2 activation inhibits embryonic neural progenitor cell proliferation.

An infection-based model of neurodevelopmental damage

CDC: "Updated information on adverse events and contraindications, particularly for persons with severe HIV infection, persons with a history of egg allergy or gelatin allergy, persons with a history of thrombocytopenia, and persons receiving steroid therapy [are immune-suppressed, like LYMErix vaccination and Chronic Lyme].  

LYMErix-Antigen-Type-Induced-Autism (Wakefield Version):
2010, May; Exposure of Toll-like receptors 4 to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) impairs human colonic smooth muscle cell function. 
"An alteration of mitochondria, namely a hyperpolarization of their membrane potential, was also detected."  


Note that the Einstein/Grandin-kind of Autism and the Vaccines-Damaged-kind of Autism are kinda the same, mechanistically, (promotion of BCL2-class, anti-apoptosis molecules), but with different caues and results (one is infections-induced and one if due to a genetic change).  This science does not include the Asperger's/Lawyers'/Psychiatrists' kind of result, which is extreme left-brain dominance or the inability to think logically.  
Einstein/Grandin-Autism: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=11897815 (◄see all related).
'Reversed duplication of a BCL2-class molecule; "a nerve overgrowth syndrome;" the inhibition of "normal synaptic pruning;"  large brains; tend to be scientists and engineers... and not the likes of Bill Gates.

An example of the psychiatric/Asperger's kind of brain incompetence would be the ability of the writers for the New York Times to understand that you have to scientifically/validly define the model first, but no psychiatrist or any other self-alleged brain expert was able to wrap their brains around it for the past 3 decades:  NYT, Troubles of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Start With Defining It ...

Order of Infections news;  110313): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21282508
Note that when I made the proposal in mid-Dec 2010 that the Order of Infections seems to have an effect in dysimmunity/chronic disease outcomes, the Clifford Harding article on shed HLA-antigen complex had not yet been published.

Other big, big, chronic Lyme brain news 110314):
TLR2 Hypersensitivity of Astrocytes as Functional Consequence of Previous Inflammatory Episodes. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21282508
This certainly fits the model of chronic Lyme as TLR2 agonism with tolerance (no antibodies) to fungi, and Chronic Lyme brain.  It fits the 101016.htm fungal-Viral Synergy model. It shows LYMErix could never have been a vaccine, and why people with Just a Knee Lyme ended up with dementia signs when vaccinated with LYMErix, too.
It also debunks Fibromyalgia.  Lyrica (GABA analog) patients all tell me they hate Lyrica and it sucks.  That would be because they have an ongoing process that isn't nervousness or FibroFemino-Not-Enough-Sex-itis.

Other, other big LYMErix-Autism news 110316: IMMUNOSUPPRESSED KIDS AND AUTISM:
"An alteration of mitochondria, namely a hyperpolarization of their membrane potential, was also detected."  


See more at 101016.htm Fungal-Viral Snergy and do your own research on TLR2 agonism and immunosuppression on MedLine.

1998 CDC MMWR on Vaccines for Children who are immune-incompetent:

Translation: "Don't give live-attenuated vaccines to kids who are not prescreened for immune competence to either the vaccines or the carriers.  Give them fully heat-killed viruses, instead."

MMWR Recomm Rep. 1998 May 22;47(RR-8):1-57.Measles, mumps, and rubella--vaccine use and strategies for elimination of measles, rubella, and congenital rubella syndrome and control of mumps: recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP).

These revised recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) on measles, mumps, and rubella prevention supersede recommendations published in 1989 and 1990. This statement summarizes the goals and current strategies for measles, rubella, and congenital rubella syndrome (CRS) elimination and for mumps reduction in the United States. Changes from previous recommendations include: Emphasis on the use of combined MMR vaccine for most indications; A change in the recommended age for routine vaccination to 12-15 months for the first dose of MMR, and to 4-6 years for the second dose of MMR; A recommendation that all states take immediate steps to implement a two dose MMR requirement for school entry and any additional measures needed to ensure that all school-aged children are vaccinated with two doses of MMR by 2001; A clarification of the role of serologic screening to determine immunity; A change in the criteria for determining acceptable evidence of rubella immunity; A recommendation that all persons who work in health-care facilities have acceptable evidence of measles and rubella immunity; Changes in the recommended interval between administration of immune globulin and measles vaccination; and Updated information on adverse events and contraindications, particularly for persons with severe HIV infection, persons with a history of egg allergy or gelatin allergy, persons with a history of thrombocytopenia, and persons receiving steroid therapy [are immune-suppressed].

See more at 101016.htm Fungal-Viral Synergy for BigPicture Medical Science, the Unified Theory of Chronic Disease, and the relationship between fungal antigens and the non-production of antibodies in people who are chronically exposed to fungal antigens (LYMErix, moldy homes, etc).

Anthony Fauci's Patent for the treatment of fungal-antigen-related immunosuppression (like MS):


"The present invention pertains to a method for ***activating the immune system*** of a patient by intermittently administering interleukin-2 (IL-2) to that patient. Such administration of IL-2 can optionally be combined with other therapies, such as anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal therapies, suitable for treatment of the patient's condition....

"A therapy which targets a specific disease state may be administered prior to, concomitant with, or subsequent to the IL-2 administration. ***Illustrative disease states include HIV infection, mycobacterial infections such as tuberculosis [Or LYMErix vaccination or Chronic Lyme], and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease.*** For example, the therapy may be an anti-retroviral therapy such as zidovudine, ddI or interferon alpha administration.


So, there you have it, from the highest levels.  NIH, the CDC, and Tufts (and Ft. Detrick):

AUTO-VACCINATION with OspA or LYMErix; In Case You Missed It:

CDC officer Alan Barbour on that mechanism of spirochetes shedding Osps (Outer Surface Proteins), which is auto-vaccination (1996):
"Many researchers believe that the secret to B. burgdorferi's infectivity and inflammatory capacity lies in the interaction of its surface proteins with the host's immunological system. Yale researcher Stephen Barthold, a veterinarian and professor of comparative medicine who developed the first mouse model of Lyme disease, studies the expression of B. burgdorferi surface proteins throughout various stages of the spirochete's life cycle. He finds that during the early stages of infection, B. burgdorferi avoids immune detection by decreasing its expression of surface proteins or cloaking its expressed surface proteins under a layer of slime. "It's using some sort of stealth-bomber-type mechanism," he says. ***Or, using another diversionary tactic called blebbing, the spirochete can pinch off bits of its membrane in order to release its surface proteins. Explains Barbour: "It's like a bacterial Star Wars defense program," in which released surface proteins might intercept incoming host antibodies, keeping the spirochete safe from immunological attack.***"

This, ▲ spirochetal blebbing, is why Chronic Lyme is caused by Chronic Lyme.  Lyme is chronic because spirochetes auto-vaccinate you with Osps, rendering you tolerant to further Osp/fungal antigen-assault, but this includes making you tolerant to fungi in the blood (resulting in chronic fatigue, cancer and ALS).

Borrelia burgdorferi-induced tolerance as a model of persistence via immunosuppression.

Keep reading,

keep reading,

keep reading;

Whatever You Want, We Got It.

11Mar2011  Lyme Crooks Finally Admit/Submit to LYMErix/Lyme Immunosuppression (Tufts)

Now what do all the critics of Blumenthal say?  And what do all them "Gum-Shoe Journalists"/Whistleblower-Wannabees/Wannabee Scientists have ta say?


Cause Knowned.

LYMErix or Pam3Cys is the inducer of the immunosuppression, which means it never could have been a vaccine, which means Yale must have lied about LYMErix, which of course they did.  And they lied about the testing to qualify it, meaning Allen Steere is a murderer and has good reason to act crazy and paranoid, cuz that's what the guilty usually do.


ONLY speak about Dearborn and Pam3Cys (below; LYMErix). That's what people have to start talking about, and ONLY talking about.  Nevermind symptoms.  No one cares if you are sick.  Americans simply look for how they can take advantage of another person's misfortune.  This explains ILADS.org.  This explains all the phony psychiatrists and "counselors" out there, who absolutely refuse to do anything for us, unless a forum is presented for them to sell their non-wares.  "It's all about me!"  "It's all about me!" 

This is America; the pervert Freud convinced everyone that there are no humans capable of The Big Picture.  That altruism is a mental disorder.  That "Life is a Personality Contest."  That it doesn't matter what you know, but who you know.  'Creating monsters who will kill you one way or another if you speak a truism, because Truth is a double-edged sword. And self-centeredness/egocentricity is a simple and archaic and primitive aspect of humanity.  One that does not encompass the real nature of a human, which is to be able to see or predict how one's own selfish behavior affects others.  We do, in fact, have an innate, scientifically proven hypocrisy detector
.  The Enlightenment, was in fact, the Un-enlightenment.

So, don't expect any "doctor" or group of doctors to rescue you or put an end to this abuse.  It's not in their interest.

The State of the Science (= Pinned!)

"CONCLUSIONS/SIGNIFICANCE: TLR2 contributes to the production of inflammatory cytokines and type 1 IFN as well as to the control of viral burden during infection with MHV-68. Taken together, our results suggest that the TLR2 pathway has a relevant role in the recognition of this virus and in the subsequent activation of the innate immune response."  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21060793

OspA as the key to nearly all diseases, in 7 reports:
1) Radolf and Clifford Harding: http://www.jimmunol.org/content/167/2/910.full ("No antibodies will be produced")
2) "OspA Inhibits the auto-kill kinases and messes up mitochondrial membranes": http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16889623
3) "Lyme activates latent viruses" http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12630667
4) "TLR2 agonist like LYMErix and the chronic shedding blebbing of Osps in Chronic Lyme synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by Epstein-Barr"  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20089650
5) "Chronic Lyme results in Epstein-Barr-like transformed cells":  Duray.htm (in Steve Schutzer's 1992 book)
6) Clifford Harding: "Other fungi shed Osps and in complex with shed HLA molecules," which is Allen Steere version of "Just a Knee," but this was never understood or explained by Allen Steere, himself, despite allegedly researching this phenomenon for 36 years: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20837713
7) 1995; Yale's Robert Schoen and Corixa's/Mayo Clinic's Dave Persing said vaccination with OspA results in a chronic Lyme-like illness "Additional uncertainty may arise if the vaccines are not completely protective; vaccinated patients with multisystem complaints characteristic of later presentations of Lyme disease may be difficult to distinguish from patients with vaccine failure."

The chronic agonism of TLR2 by Pam3Cys, or LYMErix or the autovaccination with shed Osps known as blebbing, or the failed Tuberculosis vaccines or the failed HIV LYMErix vaccine, Pam3Cys, results in the activation of stealth, seronegative viruses like Epstein-Barr or this Mousie Mono (above, possibly transmitted by ticks), which is responsible for most of the Great and the New Great Imitator outcomes of Relapsing Fever, Syphilis, or mycoplasmally contaminated vaccines, or inhaling molds (which is also responsible for the epidemic of asthma in children).

There is absolutely no moving forward for BigPharma, for the CDC or the NIH or all of Western Medicine, until Yale admits what OspA is/does.

Should we have expected the nonscientists at Yale to have understood the concept of structure-activity?

Or is it okay that the ALDF.com/IDSociety.org of Israel all knew OspA vaccination produced a chronic Lyme-like, chronic fatigue-like, Multiple-Sclerosis-like outcome back in the mid-1990s, but had intended to lie about these outcomes, which is why Steere went to Europe alone to falsify the diagnostic standard, leaving OspA and B out of the CDC's diagnostic standard and falsely stating that "more antibodies are more diagnostic," when that is hardly how science is done?

The reason people with Chronic Mononucleo-Borreliosis continue to be tortured today - besides the fact that "MDs" are brainless automatons - the Manchurian Candidates of the CDC and BigPharma, the Medico-Fascist-a-moes - is that the entire Western medical establishment is paralyzed by the decision to turn the likes of the Yale crooks in to the USDOJ for scientific fraud and racketeering. 

So far, stupid crooks like Crazy Eddie McSweegan and his girlfriend, Psycho Durland Fish, Fairy Wormser, and the rest of the Yalie Dark Side - the perverts who have no other topics besides perversion and mysogyny - have more "human" value than the millions of sick people or the $ billions $ to be made by BigPharma once they grab this Fungal-Viral synergy, Order of Infections, and chronic infection - Dave Persing's own "Target Imbalance" and Clifford Harding's explanation of it (shed HLA-antigen complex) driving HLA-autoimmunity.



Backed against a wall.

We wait.

It's not enough to laugh at that dang foo Anthony Fauci having to admit that the failed HIV-LYMErix vaccine did the exact same thing LYMErix did, and having to admit it 6 years after we forced LYMErix off the market. http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMp0806162  ◄We got a lot of mileage out of that, but it's 3 years now, since that idiot said, "We have to go back to the drawing board." 

That "LYMErix as an HIV vaccine did not produce antibodies." 

That "LYMErix-HIV as a TLR2 agonist made its recipients more susceptible to other infections, especially fungal ones..." because that's the thing about chronic TLR2-agonism-induced tolerance to fungi.  And chronic fatigue and fungal viral synergy, and TLR2 agonists activating viruses... and Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus, and seronegative TLR2 agonist fungal and viral infections, and the dysimmunity of HLA-antigen shedding - the partial recognition of an HLA molecule as an antigen, because it is a new antigen in complex with antigen -, ... and TLR2 tolerance and mycoplasma and the deadly ALS outcome of Lyme...

So.  We absolutely have to just sit back and wait until someone says, "The last thing that could ever have been a vaccine was LYMErix and the last thing Relapsing Fever is, is 'an auto-immune-bad-knee only.'"

That Mark Klempner knew it all along.  And that Mark Klempner's "Long Term Treatment Study" with the Standard of Care of "Lyme" - 4 weeks of IV ceftriaxone - where the outcome is "no outcome" (because the Standard of Care is not enough treatment and was arbitrary in the first place and based on the many-weeks dividing time of spirochetes), doesn't jive with his 2005 statement with Gary Wormser, that the HLA-linked hyperimmunity of "just a knee" (explained by Clifford Harding in December 2010, and never by Allen Steere or this idiot gang) comes with "NO OTHER SYMPTOMS":


They knew that in the beginning, which was why Steere pulled his Strains-Stunt in Europe to falsify the CDC diagnostic standard in 1992.  And no one agreed with him at Dearborn.  Not even Gary Wormser.




  • PressTV - Ahmadinejad calls for new world order

    This ▲ is the same thing the Vatican is after (read Malachi Martin). They have long competed with Russia, and the West's NWO. This guy Ahmadinejad amazes me, because he gets everything right.  Everything Ahmadinejad says is true.  The USA does not have such a leader.

    But the West and Israel will not relent. They're next going to have the "alien" roll-out. The AntiChrist will be a demon selling himself as an alien, and all the New Agers out there are these demons' fools, doing their work.  Before that, it was psychiatry, these seven heads of the beast being numerous false ideologies.  Thank God, however, psychiatry is done, GAME OVER, and known to be world-class unscientific fools.  So, psychiatrists got their day to be exposed as intellectually worthless jackasses, know-nothings, a national embarrassment - just like CT, Yale and Pfizer - and wallowing in unenlightened filth, for all to see:

    NIH: "Holy Chit, these psych drugs are not drugs. We're tired of it, and we're going to do our own BigPharma":  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/23/health/policy/23drug.html

    And PigPharma Out of Ideas - NYT (110307) Pfizer tired of no-idea "scientists," fired all the CT ones (1100 of them!!)

    These outcomes are all because, well, for all of psychiatry's self-obsession, diabolical brainwashing (called psychoanalysis), sex-obsession and penis-obsession, and for all their socially immoral behavior, ... for all their whoring for the self-alleged courts and for all their whoring for BigPharma, there were never any very smart people in their group.  Psychiatry's pseudo-intellectual brainscramble would only be attractive to certain, below-average minds.  Even to this day, there are 4 distinct types of "schizophrenia."  And even the NYTimes now talks about definitions and knows definitions are a ruse.  Tobacco Science:  Defining an Illness Is Fodder for Debate

    I am quite pleased to have lived to see the day that psychiatry was trashed, worldwide, and even in the US mainstream (corporate/fascist) media.  Trashed and fired and unfunded and publically slammed by the NIH...

    In psychiatry's place however - and even among them, as hard to believe as that is, that there could be New Ager psychiatrists - is the practice of channeling demons (; deep breathing) and  pretending you are part of God (Kabbala), or God is you, and you "are becoming" a God, and all the usual trappings and thrills of the bizarre... and wishing really hard there was actually something special or unique about you, and that you could possibly be the owner of Secret Knowledge...

    And the New Agers out there, as you might expect, are as vicious as psychiatry ever was.  Which is a sign.  Their sign.

REAL SCIENCE & The Wonders of Pam3Cys, the Non-Lyme Vaccine

NEWS/Update: PigPharma Out of Ideas - NYT : "The Hurricane of the LYMErix-OspA-induced immunosuppression and dysimmunity - Yale's 'Lyme' lies and cover-up - is making landfall.BigPharma is yet another casualty of the LYMErix/Fungal-Viral Synergy Lies, as was Fauci's failed LYMErix-HIV vaccine.  Yale totally blew up all of Western Medicine, yet they had in their hands the key to nearly all diseases..  Too bad certain people "had to have it their way" - the abuse of whistleblowers being Standard Operating Procedure in pussy-ass, stupid, cowardly, evil America.

OspA as the key to nearly all diseases, in 7 reports:
1) Radolf and Clifford Harding: http://www.jimmunol.org/content/167/2/910.full ("No antibodies will be produced")
2) "OspA Inhibits the auto-kill kinases and messes up mitochondrial membranes": http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16889623
3) "Lyme activates latent viruses" http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12630667
4) "TLR2 agonist like LYMErix and the chronic shed blebbing of Chronic Lyme synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by  Epstein-Barr"  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20089650
5) "Chronic Lyme results in Epstein-Barr-like transformed cells":  Duray.htm (in Steve Schutzer's 1992 book)
6) Clifford Harding: "Other fungi shed Osps and in complex with shed HLA molecules," which is Allen Steere version of "Just a Knee," but this was never understood or explained by Allen Steere, himself, despite allegedly researching this phenomenon for 36 years: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20837713
7) 1995; Yale's Robert Schoen and Corixa's/Mayo Clinic's Dave Persing said vaccination with OspA results in a chronic Lyme-like illness "Additional uncertainty may arise if the vaccines are not completely protective; vaccinated patients with multisystem complaints characteristic of later presentations of Lyme disease may be difficult to distinguish from patients with vaccine failure."

The Yale Lyme Crime Gang knew in 1995 that vaccination with LYMErix produced a chronic-Lyme-like illness.  I told the FDA Vaccine Committee about this on January 31, 2001:

Imagine all those year-lives-dollars lost because of a bunch of penis-obsessed morons.

Thanks for the International Women's Day article, NYT.  Timely.  It's timely for the Times to be thanking the penis-obsessed morons at Yale for ruining all of human health for the last decade and a half.  Because penises, after all, did not rule. 


"Contrary to zymosan, Pam3Cys [LYMErix] is a water-soluble bisacyl-lipopeptide and a selective TLR2 agonist.1821 Here we report that intravitreal application of Pam3Cys is sufficient to induce glial activation, to transform mature RGCs into an active regenerative state, and to significantly stimulate axon regeneration into the injured optic nerve. Thus, intravitreal application of Pam3Cys may be a potential therapeutic strategy for optic nerve repair."

Therefore, Pam3Cys may be also a suitable and superior agent to stimulate axonal regeneration not only in the optic nerve but in other regions of the CNS as well. Thus, Pam3Cys may be a useful compound for the development of future strategies for optic nerve repair and to improve recovery after CNS injuries in general.

Why does the anti-apoptotic, immunosuppressive TLR2 agonist LYMErix cause this phenomenon?

We can only tell you who not to ask

The penis-worshipping crybabies of Corrupticut.

If it were me, I would wonder how it is that lithium promotes BCL-2 class molecules, inhibits apoptosis, and is therefore neuroprotective [as is Pam3Cys, as does Pam3Cys promote BCL2 ("FRP upregulated Bcl-2 transcription via a PI3K-Akt-NF-kappaB pathway." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20530739 ), ...  and also, Pam3Cys promotes this:  "
astrocyte-derived ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF)" http://www.iovs.org/content/51/1/459.long 

See, if I were me, I would be wondering why LYMErix vaccination seemed to cause a Chronic Lyme-like/New Great Imitator-like illness.

I would be wondering why Chronic Lyme resulted in "Epstein-Barr-like immortalized, immature B cells."

But the crybabies at Yale would like to blame their incompetence on a lack of funding, rather than their scientific un-reality being, um, really kinda, um, un-fundable.

----  March 4, 2011.


Update, March 5 (More on Clifford Harding explaining Allen Steere's and Dave Persing's "Target Imbalance" "Just a Knee")-

HLA-linked hysteria in response to shed spirochetal blebs or Alan Barbour's "Spirochetal OspA Stealth-Bomber" - the  autovaccination with OspA which causes-, and is caused by-, Lyme or Relapsing Fever being chronic:

J Clin Invest. 2011 Mar 1. pii: 44261. doi: 10.1172/JCI44261. [Epub ahead of print]

Mycobacteria release active membrane vesicles that modulate immune responses in a TLR2-dependent manner in mice.

Bacteria naturally release membrane vesicles (MVs) under a variety of growth environments. Their production is associated with virulence due to their capacity to concentrate toxins and immunomodulatory molecules. In this report, we show that the 2 medically important species of mycobacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis bacille Calmette-Guérin, release MVs when growing in both liquid culture and within murine phagocytic cells in vitro and in vivo. We documented MV production in a variety of virulent and nonvirulent mycobacterial species, indicating that release of MVs is a property conserved among mycobacterial species. Extensive proteomic analysis revealed that only MVs from the virulent strains contained TLR2 lipoprotein agonists. The interaction of MVs with macrophages isolated from mice stimulated the release of cytokines and chemokines in a TLR2-dependent fashion, and infusion of MVs into mouse lungs elicited a florid inflammatory response in WT but not TLR2-deficient mice. When MVs were administered to mice before M. tuberculosis pulmonary infection, an accelerated local inflammatory response with increased bacterial replication was seen in the lungs and spleens. Our results provide strong evidence that actively released mycobacterial vesicles are a delivery mechanism for immunologically active molecules that contribute to mycobacterial virulence. These findings may open up new horizons for understanding the pathogenesis of tuberculosis and developing vaccines.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21364279


March 3, 2011 -  No news, today, folks.

Other than that Steve Schutzer is both a spook and a liar.  (Same thing, obviously.  To Wit: the CDC.)

SPOOK: Planning for exercises of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) forensic capabilities.

LIAR:  Steve Schutzer at the 2001 LDF Conference on the Serology Roundtable:  "CFIDS folks have some Lyme antibodies"   110302_SCHUTZER_LDF_LIAR.htm


Oh, Sorry,  There is "news":
Cannabis use linked to psychosis riskhttp://www.presstv.ir/detail/167959.html

The Last Taboo: Violence of Oppression [Medical and Financial Abuse, Neglect, Child-Abuse, Human Experimentation(Yale), Neglect and Outright MURDER by the Dot Guv Unions ("CPS" whores) Torture, Social Ostracism] Against Sick People in America ("Lyme Disease" Oh, and BTW, Brucellar-LYMErix is also Immunosuppressive):

We saw it with Yemen, and now we're seeing it again with Iraq: the Obama administration is conspicuously quiet when friendly Middle East regimes use ugly tactics -- including violence and imprisoning peaceful demonstrators -- to quell growing protest movements in their countries.

Made me even sicker to watch Hilary at the UN yesterday.  Such outrageous hypocrisy.


Bush's Wars Were Nuts - Robert Gates

And one must assume that if such an adventure is crazy today, Gates is suggesting that it was crazy back in 2001 and 2003. Indeed, he clearly was reflecting on those bitter experiences in reminding the cadets of Gen. MacArthur’s foresight.

But the worrisome fact remains that many of America’s opinion leaders and politicians, who needed to have their heads examined last decade, have never been forced to sit down with a psychiatrist.

And that would be because a psychiatrist would be unable to detect such lies, hypocrisy, human experimentation, Blame The Victimology and brutal abuse, since that's what they do for a living.


"Yale's Ugly Past - Human Experimentation"   - CT/Yale Continued Experiment on CT's "Mental Patients"

TAPS at Norwich State Hospital (haunted by a "doctor"):


Bill Gates & Education (WaPo); Cynicism can't be put back into the box

What a joke.  The likes of Bill Gates thinks he has remedies for everything when he is no more than a thief, incompetent
to the visual model of learning, and an adherent to the Rockefeller Business Model of calling fraud, "It's just business."

American Pussies (IOM Lyme Tuskegee) - MSNBC (ain't that a Bill Gates company?) and the AP and the entire main stream media refuse to publish the Tuskegee Lyme Story:

On Chris Christie
- It's not "the common foe," but the legitimacy of the argument:   The dot guv unions should be organized against their corporate pimps, instead of us, the victims of the unions and their corporate masters.  The Police State Abuses and the "Child Protective Whores" who kidnap, murder, and brain-damage children for a living:

Christie would likely say that he is only speaking the hard truths about the future of his state and what must be done to get costs under control. But a big reason why his message works so well is that he's found another adversary for voters fretting over their finances. And all the swagger and simp

The unions know what they are doing to the rest of us - cannibalism for a buck - is wrong.


NEWSFLASH - List of CIA and Mossad Agents, Worldwide:





Now all these people - your street whores - will be lucky to get out alive. 

And they are whores.  Why?  Because 9/11 was so transparent.  They know what they're doing is wrong.

A Crazy Prophet- Uri Avnery  Don't call yourself a revolutionary if you have no intention towards action. 




Date: Feb 24, 2011 11:03 AM



Yes, well, when defending against not-reporting the adverse events caused
by the non-vaccine, OspA, one should
(Still an active lawsuit ^^ by Steve Sheller)

always make the case that: "The outcome of a large dose of a large bolus of Gary
Wormser's immune-suppressing
( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10865170
"The magnitude of modulation was directly dependent on the quantity of OspA. OspA
interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of
cell cycle phase progression." )

"OspA, sticking to itself, and not free antigen, as shown here in the report
about how Western Blots were unreadable in the Blot-Smudging OspA trials

"in addition to the shedding of Osps, known as "blebbing" (which is autovaccination
with OspA, which is why no one tests positive to Lyme late in the disease),

..."causes no disease."

"None of that science was either performed or funded."

"No disease ever existed in the first place, against which one should have
gotten the OspA vaccine:"


Just keep saying over and over again (because lying and lying and lying
some more makes stuff true!!) that "Lyme does not cause a disease."

"Lyme does not cause a disease, and neither does LYMErix or OspA.

"Now, the immune suppression spoken about by myself, Gary Wormser, that
doesn't happen either.

"So you get neither hypersensitivity nor immune suppression/New Great Imitator
outcomes from a tick bite."

"Tick bites are nothing, and neither is anything else.  Nothing is anything."

"There is no human disease at all, anywhere, ever.  And there is no medicine.
So stop asking for it."

Keep saying that.  Year in and year out.

"There is no disease."

"There is no disease."

"No cancer happens as a result of Epstein-Barr and no Lupus or MS, either."

"Joe Tully never worked at Yale or the Rockefeller Institute of Bioweapons:
"There were never any cows or Iraqi scientists studying cow-infertility
as a result of mycoplasma."

"We never exported fungi or other tick-borne type goodies to Iraq,
and the proof is that there is no Iraq":

"No Iraq, no Plum Island, no spirochetes,
no Joe Tully, no Rockefellers, no nothing."

"No British MDs in Africa or World War II":

"No Imitators, Syphilis, arsenic silver bullets, Paul Ehrlich or Willy Burgdorfer:

"Paul Duray never worked with Steve Hatfill at Fort Detrick, because there is no
Fort Detrick":

"Nor is there a NASA for whom Paul Duray developed rotating (centrifugal gravity)

"Nothing happens as a result of spirochetes or Epstein-Barr or mycoplasma or fungi of
any kind. Tuberculosis and Leprosy were, also, always imaginary and psychiatric."

"There is no such thing as dark-field microscopy or spheroplast forms to
identify with dark field":

"There is no Clifford Harding who said TLR2 agonists could never be vaccines":

"We don't know what there is, we only know what there is not."

Meanwhile, nothing is psychiatric or real or a drug in that arena, either:

That's one thing we know.

The NIH wants more money because they give up with these Nutcases of No and



Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato (Bbsl) infections, which are transmitted by Ixodes ticks, cause a wide
variety of clinical manifestations and are of public health importance in parts of North America, Europe
and Asia. A literature review of pertinent articles published up untill July 6th 2010 was performed on the
use of antimicrobials in the treatment and prevention of Bbsl infections. The clinical outcome with 10-28
days of antibiotic treatment is generally excellent, but in view of the experience with other infections, future
studies might address whether the duration of antibiotic therapy could be shortened.


The People Can't Get Past the Porkers; Repugnicants no longer want to pay for their Police State (Christie)  

There is NOOo frickin end to it (1999 Conflict of Interest Complaint to the so-called "government").   
"Meanwhile, we Lyme Patients and the doctors that help us try to keep the infection under control until a cure is found, are the worthless by-products of their endeavors" --- 1999, 1999, 1999, 1999!!  And vaccines and lawsuits came and went but these assholes still want to play "doctor" and have "schedules" for "vaccinations" against they have no clue what.


The sick people of America have declared that we are no longer giving any mind to anything the DHHS.gov has to say about Vector Borne Diseases or even mechanisms of illness ("vaccines").

Because of LYMErix' fungal-antigen-induced immunosuppression, the activation of Epstein-Barr, the tolerance to fungal infections in the blood, and Clifford V. Harding's mechanisms of both Tuberculosis-vaccine-failure and HLA-linked hypersensitivity (shed HLA-antigen complex, misread as a separate antigen by the body), it is clear that the entire DHHS.gov knows dique, is not interested in science or health, only work for the Bigs (Newt Gingrich whores for the Bigs' AHRQ.gov), and have no capacity to reason.

The DHHS.gov, the NAZI Supremes (The Mussolinis Junior, Alito, Roberts, and Scalia), and the USDOJ.gov, fail to see that the Declaration of Independence and the autonomy and self-ownership of man is the same concept as No Vaccination Without Representation.

Repugnicants no longer want to pay for their Police State (Christie)   ◄ We don't have time for emotional males running science - or anything else - who are so over-concerned about their God-damned reputations (penis-envy among men) that they couldn't tell us if it was the light of day or a full moon.


"It is a mixture of realism and opportunism and a desire to intervene without being seen to intervene. It is a low cost foreign policy."  

"US reaction to events unfolding in the Arab world reveals the emergence of more insidious approach."


I am still wondering why I was likened to "Ted Kascynski." I am not "anti-technology," just anti-Yale's scientific fraud, "Lyme Disease," and the FRAUD of psych "drugs," - which even the NIH now admits, aren't drugs:

"Dr. Charles J. Epstein, best known for his work on Down syndrome, was seriously injured in a 1993 mail bomb attack by Theodore J. Kaczynski, the Unabomber."

Just recently the NIH said, "Holy Chit, these psych drugs are not drugs. We're tired of it, and we're going to do our own BigPharma":  http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/23/health/policy/23drug.html

http://www.actionlyme.org/BRAINDAMAGE.htm <-- the PUBLISHED SCIENCE which shows that all psychotropics are brain damaging.  Go ahead and take some of those articles, since I got them out of the Yale Medical Library, LOL.

The Yale's Psych Department Chief, Ben Bunney, advertised that he specialized in the brain damage caused by psychotropics "The Biology of Movement Disorders" (the Parkinson's-like brain damage caused by psychotropics) on his own website.

Of course, the evil REtard who called me that - "Unabomber Chemist" - was a friend of the dude who was abused by Allen Steere - Dr. Michael A. Schwartz.

What a bunch of fricken REtards over there, at Yale.  Stupid people ought not to have "MD" after their names. 

It messes up the real technology.

There ought to be a law where stupid people don't get to earn the title "MD."

110224; KMD

SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL?? -- "the average New Haven [Police] officer leaves the job at age 49 with an average pension of $74,400.  Municipal employees do not pay into, and do not receive, Social Security. The typical Social Security check in Hartford County is $16,148."
Public Employees Union To Rally In Solidarity With Wisconsin Workers   More about the psycho unions - the highest paid cannibals in the world - below.


Check it:  The Great Whore, Babylon, APPLAUDS murderers:

The cannibals expect us to pay them 74,000 dollars a year since the age of 49 for having abused and tortured us for 20 years, and then they are so arrogant as to expect us to support them when this big money-for-abuse is threatened.  The "educators" expect us to support them in Wisconsin, when the entire country is internationally notorious for its stupidity...

That's very funny.  This was predicted.  It was predicted that even the Elect would be deceived - the Evangelitards even support Israeli abuse, brutality and murder of Palestinians.  The Veto from Hell - Philip Giraldi on selling out to AIPAC

The corrupt, frickin incompetent empire, AmeriTardia, ruined numerous economies worldwide, and the whole world suffers as a result of our policies, but the Protestants out there (Facebook) defend the notion that "America is not Babylon" and "the petrodollar is not the mark of the Beast" - that "mark" we force on other people, with which to calculate (in their heads) and with which to trade (in their hands).

America worships and respects ignorance (not knowing the difference between facts and opinions) and wallows in death ("Foreign Policy," which is really Resource Policy and not People-Policy), but the idiot Protestants on Facebook blame the world's troubles on the Vatican. 

That's very funny.  Everything about America is funny.  Stupid is funny, like the Three Stooges, Wile E Coyote, the fake personage of Colbert, ... but Americans ferociously defend the notion that we are not Babylon.

Because it is predicted that Babylon would not see herself for what she is:  No regrets.  No remorse. ...  "After all, I am a 'MEEeee' and that's all that matters!"

"Now then, listen, you wanton creature, lounging in your security and saying to yourself, 'I am, and there is none besides me. I will never be a widow or suffer the loss of children.' --



The Tea Party and U.S. Foreign Policy

Keep Reading and Watching- Catherine Austin Fitts slams the NWO gang without using that specific phrase:

"The likes of IBM and Lockheed Martin will have all your wealth and health data - just like the NAZIs and with the same extermination intent." (basically)

Keep reading and watching - Joel Skousen slams the RETARD Sarah Palin and her ilk:

Says the Palinites ought not to be so ignorant.  Whoever supports her, must be unaware that Palin has no facts or specifics.  Says also that Newt Gingrich is the Repugnicants' choice for 2012.

Newt Gingrich supports the non-treatment of humans for medical conditions, through the BigInsurance-run AHRQ.gov, which, like Catherine Austin Fitts says, is not really a dot-guv entity - like the entire DHHS.gov.  (We knew that.)

Now, the cowardly, selfish government employees who cannibalized the rest of us for the past decade and more, will not have our  support when their jobs and benefits are cut, because they abused the rest of us, knowingly and willingly.  You have to do a Wendell Potter- quit and blow the whistle - in order to be considered sincere.  Saying you have to continue to cannibalize Americans in order to "feed your own family" is not good enough.

You can't be such a coward and call yourself an American.


Keep reading (below, next) about the stupid, lame "educators," who have not advocated for education all these years, but for themselves, like every other dot guv union.  What is the proof that educators failed?  The likes of Sarah Palin, for one thing.  For another is the Pam3Cys as a vaccine for Lyme, when it didn't work as a Tuberculosis vaccine, and of course, did not work as an HIV vaccine.  It wasn't until the summer of 2008 that Anthony Fauci finally stopped dead in his tracks and said, "Holy Chit, we don't know dique about medical science":  101016.htm (Fungal Viral Synergy)

Just recently the NIH said, "Holy Chit, these psych drugs are not drugs. We're tired of it, and we're going to do our own BigPharma":

I, for one, wonder where this "controllers," NWO gang think they're going to get the so-called intellectual elite to run the globalists' Earth.com, LLC.  We can't do medicine.  We lost the Iraq Oil War.  Af-Pak is a total disaster.  Germany wants to manage the New York Stock Exchange because Americans are too incompetent with their "accounting."  The USDOJ has no clue that their job is to prosecute larger, complex crime, like the insurance companies trying to manage medicine - and in fact, flat out declaring that "BigInsurance will be running medicine from now on and the MD groups will just have to get used to the idea," wrote John J. Connolly (this exact data was submitted to the USDOJ in the Fall of 2003, yet still it sits there, in New Haven).

Consider how well that John J Connolly schemed worked out, with RETards like Allen Steere, Crazy Eddie McSweegan and the psychopath Durland Fish running that operation?  They entirely blew up not only US Medicine, but exposed the essence of US Bioweapons - the mechanisms of Stealth (Fungal-immunosuppression) Disablers.

So, I wonder for what reason we should support "educators," in particular?

Consider:  Lyme was meant to be a stealth disabler with a new fungal antigen added - Pam3Cys - and Allen Steere ran an illegal,. unethical study to look at the antibody profile of untreated Lyme victims - EXACTLY like Tuskegee, ran it AFTER Tuskegee was exposed and including not-treating children:

What does that say to the rest of the world?

Steere has not been prosecuted.


- - - - - - - -


110221; Fricken Dumb "Educator" Hysteria

Well, with all this education hysteria, why are people so frickin dumb? Why do people go through life thinking they don't have to understand science and that math is somehow its equivalent?  Math is a tool, not a science. A calculator can do math. An accountant can do math. It doesn't make him a scientist. Rather, the opposite.
This guy (below) supposedly studies "education leadership."  That's a bit of an oxymoron, isn't it?  I mean, this is 2011 but in what university is it taught that Lyme is borrelia or Relapsing Fever?  100 years after cyst/spheroplast reversion and the incurability of spirochetes even against arsenic was well-described in Africa by British scientists, today, "scientists" take orders from BigInsurance, yet stand around and cry when they're sued and defunded....  They act all indignant when even a handful of lawyers call them liars. 
Jim Horn is Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA. He is also an education blogger at Schools Matter and has published widely on issues related to social justice in education.

Consider:  Allen Steere Deliberately Did Not Treat Children With Lyme; 1994 FDA Vaccine Meeting Minutes

Consider:  Allen Steere was FURIOUS at Dr. Michael A. Schwartz for ruining his non-treatment-of-Lyme experiment

Where are all the "educators?" 

Where is the psychiatrist Michael A. Schwartz?

Who says anything, anywhere in the world, about why Allen Steere falsified the diagnostic standard for Lyme (in Europe with bogus high-passage strains and recombinant OspA-B, without the lipid attached), and deliberately did not treat children as well as adults so he could later say IgM antibodies do not refer to active disease?

Allen Steere's Non-Treatment Experiment - It Was About IgM Antibodies.

Lyme is the only disease in the world where IgM type antibodies don't refer to active, ongoing infection, yet even Allen Steere aid they did, in 1986, when he first described Lyme bloodwork, that was adopted by the CDC in 1990.

Yet, where is the hysteria by self-declared "educators?"

Or MDs like Michael Schwartz?

Americans are so frickin cowardly and incompetent, they just want to open their mouths and yak and squawk without any sense of obligation to say anything.

The New York Times has never run the story of what was behind the Blumenthal lawsuit against IDsociety.org for scientific fraud and racketeering.

How can anyone in America dare to talk about "leadership" in anything?  

That's a real shocker to me.  A bunch of so-called educators squawk when people are fed up that Americans don't know their asses from the elbows, literally.

Educators are so fricken stupid, they don't even know what literally means or even what mean means.  The CHILDREN tell me, flat-out, to-my-face, that everyone is entitled to an opinion, and that that opinion does not have to be based on facts, because opinion alone is what matters.  And that they learned this is school (Stonington, CT).


The History of Relapsing Fever, IDSociety's Well-Described Incurable Brain Infection:

1911: ANDREW BALFOUR: "If a well-infected chick be given a dose of salvarsan (ARSENIC; Paul Ehrlich's "COMPOUND 606," THE SYPHILIS SILVER BULLET), the peripheral blood is soon cleared , or nearly cleared of spirochaetes. If then a drop of liver juice be examined by the dark-field method, it will be found swarming with spirochaetes and with highly refractile granules. The source of the latter is soon apparent, for attention will be directed to spirochaetes which are not moving in the usual way, but are in a state of violent contortion, or are, so to speak, shaking themselves to and fro. Indeed, I cannot give a more apt comparison than by likening their movements to those of dogs which have been in water and are shaking themselves vigorously to dry their coats. The object of the spirochaetes, however, is to rid themselves of the bright spherical granules which can be seen within them and which may or may not be aggregations of the so-called chromatin core. "

And for non-Americans who are interested in learning something, particularly about CDC's lies (Allen Steere, Alan Barbour are CDC officers which is the Military-Medical wing of the DHHS.gov), today we can cover two topics.

We can cover the additional topic of the Russian Scientists publishing scientific garbage on behalf of the Israeli New York Medical College:  BOGUS_RUSSIAN_NYMC_ARTICLES.htm

We can talk about how HLA-linked associations to diseases like chronic mycoplasmal infections (TLR2-agonists like OspA or LYMErix) in the joints (? Even SmithKline asked, "Why only in the joints?"), is not caused by Allen Steere's non-proposal of the mechanism of autoimmunity (he's never described how his theory of "Lyme Disease" - the current case definition occurs), but rather, as described by Clifford Harding, who has reported several times, that OspA could not be a vaccine, because in addition to being shed with the HLA molecule attached (scientific news, Dec, 2010), OspA suppresses the immune system.

When released as a complex, perhaps this HLA-antigen complex is seen by the body as an entire new antigen.  Then you have cross-reacting antibodies.  But for how long is that driven?  We know in some diseases, these dysimmunity functions are further driven out of whack. 

We know children die of Lupus - after they have been kidnapped by DCF and who are then responsible for the UConn-induced murder of these children (Larry Zemel made the false allegations to DCF).


How does that happen?

Americans will never know because no one asks.

SmithKline at the Jan 31, 2001 FDA Vaccine Meeting:
http://www.fda.gov/ohrms/dockets/ac/01/slides/3680s2_02_lobet.pdf :

"How can this Steere proposal of what Lyme is work?  Why only in the joints?"

"It's never been resolved whether spirochetes are not chronic and driving this." -- SmithKline's Yves Lobet (a Belgian and not American scientist.)

That was 10 years ago!!

Who has asked since?

Who, among the so-called advocates for children and education, says a word about Steere's experiment where he deliberately did not treat children with a known spirochetal infection, just to see how bad would be the outcome"?

Who, among the so-called advocates for children and education says a word about UConn's experimenting on Czech children with a vaccine that they knew was falsely qualified and did not work in adult humans?

You all can see right through this.

These so-called educators are not in it for the children.

They're in it for themselves.

These meatgrinders called States where the Dot Guv employees cannibalized the rest of us for years, now want our support. 



110221; KMD

Military/Israeli FBI Gang Plan to Deploy Another 911-Stunt/Sting Operation
FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

Get ready...  FBI, in their embarrassment over the Anthrax Fiasco, will now justify their existence by creating the next scam.  They'll no doubt employ our Lyme Israelis - the Psycho Durland Fish and Crazy-Eddie McSweegan/Kaiser-CDC gang, the ALDF.com. 

Why do I say that?  Because the Lyme criminals - Eugene Shapiro, Allen Steere, Robert Schoen, Gary Wormser, Lenny Sigal, Mark Klempner, JJ Halperin, John Nowakowski, Larry Zemel, Henry Feder, Durland Fish - are Israelis.   And so are their "supporters," the AIG Greenbergs and Mort Zuckerman.

And if you look at how aggressive they've been - Lyme is the only disease in the world where the "Guidelines" are about the "Non-treatment of" this accidental-release African Relapsing Fever (hermsii/anserina) with the fake OspA (Pam3Cys or the E. coli Lipid A toxin or the Brucella arthritis toxin in it); this new fake Relapsing Fever they renamed "Lyme Disease" - it's all about their own stupidity

Allen Steere's Non-Treatment Experiment - It Was About IgM Antibodies.

From the get-go, from the outset, when Allen Steere deliberately did not treat people to see what the outcome would be (see Allen Steere Deliberately Did Not Treat Children With Lyme; 1994 FDA Vaccine Meeting Minutes for the 1994 FDA Vaccine Meeting Transcripts and the testimony of AAPP's Michael Schwartz re his abuse by Allen Steere) was all about denying that the presence of IgM bands (which normally mean persisting or current or ongoing infection) was so that they could later say that in "Lyme Disease" (autoimmune, HLA-linked arthritis, only, as redefined by Allen Steere in Europe for the fake Dearborn "consensus conference"), "cases," the IgM bands persist, but it means nothing.

[Look closely at what Allen Steere told Michael Schwartz about Schwartz ruining Steere's experiment by treating himself with antibiotics - Allen Steere was FURIOUS at Dr. Michael A. Schwartz for ruining his non-treatment of Lyme experiment - in Schwartz' letter to the Bransfield gang.  Schwartz is a psychiatrist and he pretty much described Allen Steere as a psychopath.]

This is the only disease where it is claimed that ongoing IgM antibodies do not mean current infection.  But see what Allen Steere said about IgM antobodies in the beginning (1986) - it is the complete reverse of what he says now, here.  From the get-go, this gang was all about not treating this chronic spirochetal infection, just for the fun of a do-over of Tuskegee, this time run by Israelis.

Look back at the history for the past 100 years RICOCHRON.htm  No spirochetal disease was ever curable.  Ever. 

The RICO monopoly set up by Allen Steere, Imugen, Robert Schoen (L2 Diagnostics), and Dave Persing of Corixa (see more about what they knew when, here and here) was all about creating a monopoly on blood and the goodies in the blood to look for genetic susceptibilities to bioweapons.

But no one was ever to be treated for anything.  You can't tell what the bioweapons/genetic susceptibilities to disease are in a treated population.  The same thing happened with the LYMErix experiment, where Durland Fish went nutso on the Lyme Disease Foundation (lyme.org) for publishing an article on how soon after tick attachment infection/dissemination occurs. See: 110209_FTC_USDOJ_DURLANDFISH_RICO.htm

So, if the FBI/USDOJ want to create some new stunt/hysteria to justify their existence, it is because of their famous incompetence in all matters.  Especially as regards what the Israeli spies have done to America.

Don't forget, now, in very late Lyme disease or neuroborreliosis or the New Great Imitators (past one year), the only antibody band you're likely to have is 41 or flagellin because 1) you become tolerized to Pam3Cys or TLR2 agonists, and 2) you won't be making the same antibodies to antigens fresh out of a tick, because the spirochetes undergo constant antigenic variation, since that is the nature of the relapse in Relapsing Fever.

As I demonstrate next (Feb 17th) post, the mechanisms of OspA-induced immunosuppression and the activation of Epstein-Barr is these Israeli Lyme crooks' own data, mostly.

Why do you want to look at it?  Because Lyme is so clearly seronegative and creates even more seronegative infections against which you won't create antibodies.  Since we know this now, even from the work of Raymond Dattwyler on the 1980s, fungal infections create seronegative disease, and OspA is a fungal antigen (TLR2 agonist), we have to throw out all negative-antibody associations to diseases.  For instance, vaccine studies in children and the relationship of Epstein-Barr with everything.

110217; Remember, people: America sucks and is going down.  The "government employees" are too incompetent and careless, and refuse to do their jobs.  Prices are going up, the U.S. will remove their warmongering from the Middle East and move it to the Pacific (to contain China), Germany will take over management of the New York Stock Exchange, and the dollar will soon be dumped (France and the IMF).

The Justice Department refused to do their jobs, no matter what the topic.  The NRA has no balls for all their gun hysteria and refuse to go after Wall Street and the Bigs.  So, it was never about freedom and rights for them, but instead it was about gun-obsession as a replacement for penis-obsession (it's all about THEM).

The Medical Community in America refused to learn about the mechanisms of Pam3Cys or TLR2/1-induced immunosuppression, despite the facts:

1) UConn's Justin Radolf published about seronegativity:
Toll-like receptor 2-dependent inhibition of macrophage class II MHC expression and antigen processing by 19-kDa lipoprotein of Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

2) Ray Dattwyler and JJ Halperin published about seronegativity and the ALS outcomes of Lyme/Pam3Cys:
STEERES_SERONEG_LYME_ASSAY.htm (really Dattwyler's)

3) Paul Duray published about the activation of Epstein-Barr or the transfer of Mouse Epstein-Barr from tick attachment, resulting in half of the New Great Imitators, like NIH's Roland Martin's MS-outcomes of Lyme:
Duray.htm [1992, at the Crooks' Cold Spring (Clue) Harbor Conference]/
IDSA_CLINIPATH_DURAY.htm (1989 in the Crooks' Infectious Diseases Journal)

"On occasion, these atypical-appearing large lymphocytes have been misinterpreted in biopsy by several laboratories as cells of a malignant lymphoma or leukemia.  Bb antigens, then, may stimulate growth of immature lymphocytic suibsets in some target organs, as well as in the cerebrospinal fluid (Szyfelbein and Ross 1988).  Usual bacterial infections do not produce such lymphocytic infiltrates in tissue.  These immunoblastoid cells in Bb infections at times resemble those found in Epstein-Barr virus infections.  Does Bb reactivate latent virus infections in tissues?  Do some tick inocula harbor simultaneous infectious agents (ixodid ticks can harbor Rickettsiae, Babesia microti, and Ehrlichia bacteria, in addition to Bb), producing multi-agent infections in some hosts?  Further studies can clarify these issues by mans of tissue-based molecular probe analysis."  - Duray, 1992

From the Fungal-Viral-Synergy Page (101016.htm):
See also Murine Gammaherpesvirus 68:
Wondering whether a new/other/animal herpesvirus could be causing these "Epstein-Barr-like mutation" and illness signs?? Garth Nicolson also alludes to this possibility.

Lyme activating Epstein-Barr:

2003, Hulinska, Interaction of Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato with Epstein-Barr virus in lymphoblastoid cells.

Since the possibility of interruption of latent EBV infection has been suggested by the induction of the lytic virus cycle with chemical substances, other viruses, and by immunosuppression, we hypothesized that the same effect might happen in B. burgdorferi sensu lato infection as happens in Lyme disease patients with positive serology for both agents. We have observed EBV replication in lymphoblastoid cells after superinfection with B. garinii and B. afzelii strains after 1 and 4 h of their interaction. We found that viral and borrelial antigens persisted in the lymphoblasts for 3 and 4 days. Morphological and functional transformation of both agents facilitate their transfer to daughter cells. Association with lymphoblasts and internalization of B. garinii by tube phagocytosis increased replication of viruses more successfully than B. afzelii and chemical inductors. Demonstration of such findings must be interpreted cautiously, but may prove a mixed borrelial and viral cause of severe neurological disease.

4) And Roland Martin (who went back home to Germany because America sucks and is a criminally insane nation) after he found out that the MS-version of Lyme was not due to T cell autoimmunity, but the immunosuppression caused by Pam3Cys or LYMErix and the activation of Epstein-Barr:

Roland Martin and the Immunosuppression caused by chronic Lyme and LYMErix:

2006; Borrelia burgdorferi Induces TLR1 and TLR2 in human microglia and peripheral blood monocytes but differentially regulates HLA-class II expression.

The spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi is the agent of Lyme disease, which causes central nervous system manifestations in up to 20% of patients. We investigated the response of human brain microglial cells, glial progenitors, neurons, astrocytes, as well as peripheral blood monocytes to stimulation with B. burgdorferi. We used oligoarrays to detect changes in the expression of genes important for shaping adaptive and innate immune responses. We found that stimulation with B. burgdorferi lysate increased the expression of Toll-like receptors (TLRs) 1 and 2 in all cell types except neurons. However, despite similarities in global gene profiles of monocytes and microglia, only microglial cells responded to the stimulation with a robust increase in HLA-DR, HLA-DQ, and also coexpressed CD11-c, a dendritic cell marker. In contrast, a large number of HLA-related molecules were repressed at both the RNA and the protein levels in stimulated monocytes, whereas secretion of IL-10 and TNF-alpha was strongly induced. These results show that signaling through TLR1/2 in response to B. burgdorferi can elicit opposite immunoregulatory effects in blood and in brain immune cells, which could play a role in the different susceptibility of these compartments to infectionhttp://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16783164

5) Yale, Allen Steere and the Lyme-Lupus Result, and the Lupus-Epstein-Barr result:

Allen Steere's anti-phospholipid antibodies (now known to be caused by activated Epstein-Barr, as reported by Allen Steere's own Lyme/Lupus reporting team member, Joe Craft at Yale),

Full Text: LYME_AND_LUPUS_STEERE.htm (Steere and Joe Craft, Yale, 1988)

Joe Craft, Yale, 2004:  Defective control of latent Epstein-Barr virus infection in systemic lupus erythematosus.

EBV infection is more common in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) than in control subjects, suggesting that this virus plays an etiologic role in disease and/or that patients with lupus have impaired EBV-specific immune responses.


And once infected with Lyme or vaccinated with Pam3Cys or LYMErix - a TLR2 agonist - you no longer can use antibody testing for determination of infection with Epstein-Barr (or of course, Lyme and mycoplasma in the blood and CNS), because the body is now tolerized to these infections (See Justin Radolf, et al, here at Fungal-Viral-Synergy:

Epstein-Barr virus induces MCP-1 secretion by human monocytes via TLR2.

Toll-like receptor agonists [like Chronic Lyme and LYMErix vaccination] synergistically increase proliferation and activation of B cells by epstein-barr virus.

Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) efficiently drives proliferation of human primary B cells in vitro, a process relevant for human diseases such as infectious mononucleosis and posttransplant lymphoproliferative disease. Human B-cell proliferation is also driven by ligands of Toll-like receptors (TLRs), notably viral or bacterial DNA containing unmethylated CpG dinucleotides, which triggers TLR9. Here we quantitatively investigated how TLR stimuli influence EBV-driven B-cell proliferation and expression of effector molecules. CpG DNA synergistically increased EBV-driven proliferation and transformation, T-cell costimulatory molecules, and early production of interleukin-6. CpG DNA alone activated only memory B cells, but CpG DNA enhanced EBV-mediated transformation of both memory and naive B cells. Ligands for TLR2 or TLR7/8 or whole bacteria had a weaker but still superadditive effect on B-cell transformation. Additionally, CpG DNA facilitated the release of transforming virus by established EBV-infected lymphoblastoid cell lines. These results suggest that the proliferation of EBV-infected B cells and their capability to interact with immune effector cells may be directly influenced by components of bacteria or other microbes present at the site of infection.


So, despite all the bullshit published in recent days about Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it's still all bullshit and real scientists outside the United States are watching....

Lyme and LYMErix seem to activate Epstein-Barr, or else people get an extra dose of Mousie Epstein-Barr with a tick bite.  One or the other or both.

But regardless, you can't use antibody testing for anything any more, especially when one of the antigens is a fungal antigen (TLR2-agonist), as explained by Ray Dattwyler in the late 1980s and Justin Radolf more recently.

Americans are stupid and are doomed.



Traitor Marc Grossman to Shore-Up US-Pakistani Relations (LOL, Why Not?) 

Look out Pakistan - You're going to get a new Military Dictatorship like Egypt-and-Mubarak in exchange for more stolen U.S. weapons secrets.  This seems to be "Be Kind to Israel Week."


This will piss off Russia because of Henry Kissinger's hysterical trip to Moscow after Putin visited Bushie in Kennebunkport and revealed that he knows all about the 911 stunt.

See the 9/11 Rockefeller and Bushwinkle Show.  Kissinger secretly zoomed over to Moscow after the Kennebunkport meeting to inform Putin about the danger of stolen weapons by "terrorists," when all along Israel was stealing them, LOL.

More on Stolen US Weapons :


There is definitely something wrong with lawyers' minds. They cannot think in pictures and have even told me that "scientists should think more like lawyers."   They don't care about how lies affect other people. This is the very definition of a personality disorder.

"Israel Stole Bomb-Grade U-235 from US"  [Inside AL:  110216_ISRAEL_STOLE_U235.htm)

See, Israelis, not being very intelligent, have to steal the intelligence and then re-sell it to whoever.  Pakistanis, Russia, Turkey, etc.  Instead of talking about the "Jewish Head," they should clarify and talk about "Jewish Hands."  Regardless, the USDOJ [Lawyer/Psychiatrist Personality Disorder, (LP-PD)] thankfully for Israel, is even dumber than the weapons-and information stealing Israelis.

Now, of course, what you should do is run these top two articles together.  Israelis steal bioweapons and other weapons, and other weapons-secrets.  And the Anthrax Case was never solved by the USDOJ because they're retarded, retardation being the definition of a liar or an intelligence thief.

And that's why I have built this website, demonstrating how 1) LYMErix was falsified at Dearborn and 2) how Pam3Cys or OspA or LYMErix caused the immune dysregulation that caused seronegative stealth Lyme that can end up as any or more than one of the New Great Imitators... and no one associated with any USA university or division of the USA dot guv has done it.

Because that's the thing about liars.  They have no real "light."  They have no sight.  You'll never solve any equation unless you take yourself out of the equation....

See more at 101016.htm (Fungal-Viral Synergy) and ANTIGEN_FLOPPERS_AND_HYPERBINDERS.htm  for more on...

The Theory of HLA-Linked AutoImmunity (Clifford Harding):

2010, Dec, Clifford Harding: Mycobacterium tuberculosis synergizes with ATP to induce release of microvesicles and exosomes containing major histocompatibility complex class II molecules capable of antigen presentation.

Major histocompatibility complex class II (MHC-II) molecules are released by murine macrophages upon lipopolysaccharide (LPS) stimulation and ATP signaling through the P2X7 receptor. These studies show that infection of macrophages with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or M. bovis strain BCG enhances MHC-II release in synergy with ATP. Shed MHC-II was contained in two distinct organelles, exosomes and plasma membrane-derived microvesicles, which were both able to present exogenous antigenic peptide to T hybridoma cells. Furthermore, microvesicles from mycobacterium-infected macrophages were able to directly present M. tuberculosis antigen (Ag) 85B(241-256)-I-A(b) complexes that were generated by the processing of M. tuberculosis Ag 85B in infected cells to both M. tuberculosis-specific T hybridoma cells and naïve P25 M. tuberculosis T-cell receptor (TCR)-transgenic T cells. In the presence of prefixed macrophages, exosomes from mycobacterium-infected macrophages provided weak stimulation to M. tuberculosis-specific T hybridoma cells but not naïve P25 T cells. Thus, infection with M. tuberculosis primes macrophages for the increased release of exosomes and microvesicles bearing M. tuberculosis peptide-MHC-II complexes that may generate antimicrobial T-cell responses.

This reminds ▲ me of the Oct 4, 2003 Lyme RICO datapackage stolen of off AG/Senator Richard Blumenthal's desk by the crazy psycho DCF lying bitch Jessica Gauvin, because in it was an explainer about HLA-antigen kinetics and graphics from the murdered bioweapons scientists Don C. Wiley who predicted that H5N9 Swine Flu was likeliest to be the pandemic strain....  It is also seen in the Video on Biomarkers (October 4th, 2003 dataset)

So, consider how useful that crazy DCF psycho bitch Gauvin is to humanity.  That was 7+ years ago when I filed that RICO complaint with the USDOJ.  Consider how many more dead and disabled people there are in America, alone:

CDC_PSYOPS  ◄ Half a million a year times 7 years.  3.5 million extra dead and disabled people.  Blood on the DCF's and especially Jessica Gauvin's hands.

Well, if you knew her, it would not surprise you in the least that this chick Gauvin is a mass-murderer.

"His [Obama's] budget proposal includes $40 million for training math and science teachers in elementary, high school and college classrooms."

And how much for training "university professors?"
President Obama will roll out a $3.7 trillion budget blueprint Monday that would trim or terminate more than 200 federal programs next year and make key investments in education, transportation and research in a bid to boost the nation's economy and reduce record budget deficits.

The vaccine, OspA or LYMErix or ImmuLyme, is Pam3Cys, and is actually responsible for the New Great Imitator outcomes, due to the immunosuppression and activation of latent opportunistic infections including latent viral infections and mycoplasma (responsible for the fatigue, cancer and ALS outcomes, due to fungal antigen tolerance); Lyme is the Yuppie AIDS.
‎Maybe someday soon we will get rid of the CDC because it obviously no longer serves its Medical Lies purpose.  All that this chronic lying does is provide the Chinese good reason to, as Donald Trump says, lie all the time.  Americans taught them all they know.

Chain GunAmerica is the only country in the world that deliberately seriously abuses very sick people.  Note that the Lyme Cryme story - the science behind the Blumenthal lawsuit for scientific fraud and racketeering - has never made it into either the mainstream or even the alternative media.  This is a global mass-murder crime that does not get any press at all. 

Feb 14, 2011:

"a conduit for filthy waste"

Gutter-People: "Sanjay Gupta, NYT, WSJ, ... & Philip Morris" (Wendell Potter; We knew that)
The story of Lyme Cryme-gate and the Gutter People; from the Sluts of the USDOJ to the Wall Street Journal to CNN's Sanjay Gupta to the street-sluts of duh DCF.   They all show their true colors...  Dirty and debased.

 The "USDOJ" O'Connors lived right next door to John Rowland on Bantam Lake (CT), while Rowland got all the cabin improvements so that Tomasso could get the "National String of Pediatric and Adult
Prisons across the country in rock quarries

DCF fed this gang the pediatric bodies who would occupy the early and late jails.  This was a guaranteed outcome, especially with DCF drugging these kids out of their minds:

Poutyhttp://www.actionlyme.org/DCF_GRADUATARDS_SPEAK.htm :

"The drugs made me dumber."

"The foster carers did everything they could to get us drugged up, because the State pays more to a foster carer of 'special needs' children.  So, they used to lie about us to get us on more and more drugs."

"Now I can't even read any more..."

We used to be horrified by cannibalism.  Now Westerners clearly embrace it.  From "representative" Nancy Johnson [R-New Britain, CT] who sold out old people to BigPharma to the lower-tier street sluts of the drunken DCF feeding bodies to TREA - the national kiddie-supermax exterprise, destroying children's minds for the money.  For Hot-Tubs and Liquor and Jails.  For the DCF National Sluts' RICO. 

From the USDOJ to the WSJ, CNN, Sanjay Gupta, and the New York Times..

"I could get whatever I wanted from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.  All I had to do was wine-and-dine them."-- Wendell Potter, CIGNA whistleblower.

(We know they can't be shamed.  I expose this garbage for the likes of Russia and other folks we/UK/Israel opposed, suppressed and brutalized over the years.  They might find it interesting that cowardly Americans are getting what they deserve.  We are devouring ourselves, and especially our children.  Hatred is a boomeranger.  USA learned it too late.)


Ya'll can go to MedLine, now, and see applications of the Pam3Cys/TLR2-agonist science.  Here we have a Japanese group who discovered that in Mycobacterium leprae, the organisms hijack lipid metabolism in nerve cells for their own use:
Modulation of lipid droplets by Mycobacterium leprae in Schwann cells: a putative mechanism for host lipid acquisition and bacterial survival in phagosomes.

This is all simply more evidence that LYMErix or OspA could never have been a vaccine and therefore the Lyme crooks must have been lying on how to diagnose it.  Dearborn was all about falsification of the testing for Lyme to miss the vast majority of neurologic cases on behalf of Big Insurance.  When one wonders about the role of Paul Duray (not a crook) - the Ft. Detrick bioweaponeer - one tends to think the Lyme crimes were either a commercial enterprise performed by Israelis (ALDF.com) or a bioweapons enterprise performed by Israelis and not US soldiers, like Paul Duray.

CDC officer Barbara Johnson, we know to be just plain stupid.  She said at Dearborn not to use strain G39/40 to Western Blot Lyme victims because it does not express enough antigen (and she said not to use high-passage strains at Dearborn, also), yet High-Passage G39/40 and the German strain FRG (Federal Republic of Germany, were the very strains Allen Steere used (alone, in Europe), to come up with his falsified Dearborn diagnostic proposal.

Crazy Eddie and Durland Fish we know to be just plain stupid thugs.

So, my recommendation in the future for all Lyme activists is to continue to focus on the Dearborn Lyme testing crime and what OspA is/does.  The latter demonstrates that LYMErix could never have been a vaccine, if it is a fungal antigen so well associated with immunosuppression.  Usually one makes vaccines out of substances that produces antibodies.  Neither Lyme nor its shed OspA-like antigens (see CDC officer Alan Barbour on the autovaccination of spirochetal blebbing) create antibodies after a time, due to the well-known mechanism of immunity known as tolerance.

Once tolerize to fungi in the blood, then you no longer see the mycoplasma or eperythrozoons attacking red blood cells and end up with chronic fatigue without anemia.

Stupid people ought not work for the CDC.  And if the CDC can't find any smart people to employ they should be deleted from the USA federal budget.

It seems to be a fact that lying bioweaponeers are no longer needed, because our competition, the Chinese, Russians, and others seem to be very, very familiar with the US practice of trashing whistleblowers.  Whatever crooks vigorously disclaim - especially via persecutions - is a sign of its significance to their criminal operation.

One can't help notice that for the last 20 years, the likes of Allen Steere et al have focused only on what "Lyme Disease" is not.  They only seem to know what "Lyme Disease" isn't. 



Americans Are Not Prepared for Collapse- Video  "Wealthy people are in for a much ruder awakening than poor people....  Cultural Collapse = completely failed family structure, families did not share food, etc.,...  Elite's power stranglehold; has a militant denial of reality. ... They'll have to be physically removed from their offices.  If you have a reality bead on the future, you'll be ostracized (sounds familar). ... "Russian Military ate the national budget."   "People like State Employees will run around and kill each other, trying to hold on to a structure that doesn't work...."

Roulette http://www.actionlyme.org/110213_CDC_PSYOPS_TECHNORATI.html ◄More detail of why the CDC is completely useless because they've been beaten at their own Medical Lies/PsyOps Bioweapons game...

110213 KMD

Brave Egyptian People Win; US Loses and Tortures Americans, too, some more:
NYT: Torturing Whistleblowers (Gubbamint Employee Moldy-Homes Disease)

USA Govt/The Corporocrats are BTV-Killers;

Leaks reveal Chamber of Commerce plan to discredit liberal bloggers  (Obvious low-lives have nothing in their pants)

China Hacks Big Oil; Israelis pulled the 9/11 stunt, Ripped off the Military, Spy on Americans, etc.

Ron Paul - American Govt = 200% Incompetent

But USA Govt ALWAYS responds to their own incompetence by punishing the American people.

Heavy Defense.mil Traffic to ActionLyme.org,... Then a General Flips Out

Or HERE on ActionLyme.   Don't forget, Corixa got an 11 million dollar "NIH Biodefense"
contract, which of course, I faxed all over the known universe a while ago (2006):
http://www.actionlyme.org/EMBASSIES_CORIXA_TLR_13_JULY_06.htm :

"What all of this means is that the US, Yale and SmithKline know that Lyme Borreliosis is a “stealth disabler,” they know the mechanism of immune suppression (or the lack of antibodies produced- rendering the infection “stealth” or as having bioweapons potential), and that is via TLR-2 antagonism by these mycoplasmal or fungal or triacyl or diacyl lipopeptides which render the HLA or antigen-presenting molecules incompetent." 
(or newer page, here)

Yes, correct, General.  Tell them to shove it up their own asses.  I did.  Then again, who taught me all I know about "ass-shoving" talk?

Bernie Sanders on these piglets.

Technorati on Lyme-Tuskegee (110210) Very good.  Only flaw is that among the submissions to the CDC's 1994 Dearborn, MI, conference - which was advertised as a consensus conference - is that no one agreed with Steere:  Imugen said 14% accuracy, Gary Wormser said 15% accuracy (Wormser said the current diagnostic standard missed 85% of cases), Wisconsin said 22% accuracy, Igenex said 8% of the cases were detectable with the current/Dearborn/Steere-in-Europe falsification standard...

On average the submissions to the Dearborn conference were about 15% accurate.  That means 85% of all cases are not detected with the current CDC diagnostic standard.  Probably this percentage of positive patients (15%) to the falsified standard (bogus strains FRG and G30/40, and recombinant antigens OspA and B with no lipids attached) represents the people who are "immune competent," according to Vijay Sikand, and it probably represents the frequency of the Steere-Arthritis-Haplotypes in the general population. 

Now we know the haplotype link - not ever scientifically defined by Allen Steere (and feel free, go head and research his work on MedLine), thanks to Clifford Harding (Ohio) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20837713 and Dave Dorward (RML, NIH http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC184538/?tool=pubmed ), is probably generated by HLA-antigen-vesicle release as a free antigen, and not antibody-antigen or T-cell autoimmunity.  If there is any autoimmunity at all to a partial mimic of the HLA molecule, it probably comes from the body seeing the whole thing - the free HLA-antigen complex as a unique antigen.  In other words, most of the main medical mysteries about immunity and autoimmunity have been solved

But thanks only to the criminal behavior of the Lyme criminals.  We knew these assholes were lying, because we know we're sick and not lying.  And not hysterical.  Hardly.

Don't forget, now, CDC are a wing of the US Military, and they participated in this crime, personally, with their European patents with SmithKline - a British company.  Barbara Johnson, the same idiot bitch who ran the Dearborn conference:  http://www.actionlyme.org/Dearborn_Who_Approved.htm ◄ Look at her un-recommending the same strain Steere used in Europe to falsify the Dearborn/CDC testing - G39/40.  Is that STUPID or what?  Barbara Johnson says not to use the very strain Allen Steere used in Europe (alone) to falsify the diagnostic standard, because, she said, it doesn't express enough antigen, LMAO!!!!!!!!!~~~!!!!!!!!!

Stupid, crazy, lying bitch!!  She can shove her strains and her patents up her ass, too!!

So, the bottom line on that Technorati story is that it is very, very well done, but the accuracy of the testing is about 15% and in 1998, when Robert Schoen gave some % reported numbers to the FDA Vaccine Committee he was talking about 1/10 or 1/12 physicians reported cases they identified.

That means this number is the real number:  30, 000 reported cases per year (times 10 or 12, according to Robert Schoen), and times 85% unreportable.  So:  30,000 Times 10 = 300,000  and from that 300000 we extrapolate the reportability of it to (divided by the percent reportability, or 15%) be 2 million new cases per year.

The % of people who become chronically ill is the same for that of syphilis patients, which according to the 1976 Textbook, The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes, is 1/6 to 1/3rd will become chronically ill, with one result or another:  ALS, MS, Lupus, Cancer, or the pre-Lupus/pre-MS/pre-Cancer diseases called "Chronic Fatigue or FibroFemino-Not-Enough Sexitis."  -

'The Infectious Diseases Society's New Great Imitator Outcomes, that they so well explained in 1989.

If you actually took a look at all the Lyme criminals and MDs who still claim women have Not-Enough Sex Disease, you would understand why.  Very creepy and deformed-looking, like the DCF hoes.  (I am pretty ugly, too, myself, but I don't make a big deal out of it. You get what you get from the gene pool.  Just because you're ugly and deformed, you shouldn't make everyone else pay.  This is a competence, courage and character issue.  Some people get much less, like cerebral palsy or blindness or paralysis of one sort or another...  Think.  Thinking is only painful to lazy people.)

So, say a quarter of that 2 million new cases per year (500,000) will become chronically ill according to the CDC's (Dearborn) and Yale's own data. 

Add to that, the people who acquire Chronic Fungal Immunosuppression from moldy homes and the like.

Add to that the children who are becoming more and more frequently brain damaged from Fungal-Exposures-and- Vaccines.

110211; KMD~~~~

AntiTrust Health (NYT: FTC, USDOJ) Kaiser and NYMC/Yale|

Same Report Inside ActionLyme:

▲ That's the model for the healthcare RICO.  They're not prosecuted because they're Israelis.  And no one doubts that the likes of the criminal thug and crooked restaurant inspector Durland Fish will threaten to blackmail the US Govt if he is prosecuted.  The only problem for Fish is that there are no more bioweapons secrets.  Everyone outside the United States knows what OspA is/does.  Everyone outside the USA knows that the chronic harassment of a human with fungal antigens is an Infectious Disease Trojan Horse.

That's the Brainwashing- Their Doctrine (NYT; Psychology Liberals) 
Corrected Link on Michael Schwartz' abuse by Allen Steere: 

Each day in a Mairka is "funnier" than the one before.  These people are utterly terrified by what
could be scientifically real and scientifically true.  Humans have had thousands of years to consider
these matters, but here again, today - once again - these self-selected geniuses are wondering what it
means to be human.

Ectoplasmosis = Psychoanalysis; the process by which the soul leaves the body, and is replaced
by the diabolical.  People are attracted to this business because of The Fear of Being Intellectually
Less-Than Another.

Watch "Bashar" growl (about 30 seconds into the video):
That's who possesses him.  (More about that at the bottom of the page; this is the end result of Me-Worship.)

110208; KMD


Military Israeli Complex, Kleptocrats (PCRoberts), and CT Hysterical over losing Pfizer Research 

Or HERE within ActionLyme

That Bioweapons information (above) is only for countries who aren't USA, UK, or Israel.  Everywhere else - where they have actual GOOD PEOPLE who deserve this information - should pay attention to these details of US-Israeli Crimes and Intellectual/Scientific Incompetence.

There is nothing to worry about because no one in America is going to know what I am talking about, anyway.  Other countries have actual scientists and similar people with actual brains in their heads.  In the USA, we don't even have a single investigative journalist.

Outside the US, this will be read and understood.  Within the United States, no.  No one will even understand it, much less consider it "a threat to our security."  So this has amusement value, in addition to health and safety value to all other nations who are interested in learning how to care for their people and capitalize on the Global Medicine market.

And, to all the real scientists out there, Let's Get Back to Work.  The topic is clearly the Order of Infections, Vaccines/Immunosuppression, and the fact that funky lipids not only adhere to mitochondria, but result in no antibodies and a malformed spectrum of immune cells, in a time of POLLUTION (and not Global Warming, only because the terminology, Global Warming, benefits the NWO gang) Opportunistic Fungi.

To investigate the mechanism of M. fermentans antiapoptotic effect, the reduction of mitochondrial transmembrane potential (delta psi m) was measured. M. fermentans total proteins LPMf and MALP-2, but not AqMf, inhibited the reduction of delta psi m. In addition, M. fermentans total proteins LPMf and MALP-2, but not AqMf, downregulated the formation of active caspase-8. NF-kappaB was transactivated in cells treated with M. fermentans lipoproteins, and was essential for host cell survival, but not for the inhibition of TNFalpha-induced apoptosis by LPMf. Our results suggest that the inhibitory effect exerted by M. fermentans on TNFalpha-induced apoptosis in U937 cells is due to the membrane lipoproteins of these bacteria. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16889623

"The modulation of host cell death pathways by bacteria has been recognized as a major pathogenicity mechanism. Among other strategies, bacterial pathogens can hijack the cell death machinery of host cells by influencing the signalling pathways that converge on the mitochondria. In particular, many bacterial proteins have evolved to interact in a highly specific manner with host mitochondria, thereby modulating the decision between cell life and death. In this Review, we explore the intimate interactions between bacterial pathogens and mitochondrial cell death pathways."

"Differentiated tissue macrophages arise from monocytes recruited from the blood [1]. Once differentiated, macrophages become long-lived cells and develop specialised functions. Cell numbers are maintained by resistance to constitutive apoptosis [2], by recruitment of further monocytes from the blood and/or replication of local intermediates depending on the prevailing stimulus and anatomical location [3], [4].

"Macrophages exhibit marked phenotypic heterogeneity [5]. Functional diversity results from a differentiation programme that is subject to environmental imprinting [6]. Exogenous stimuli such as micro-organisms further modify the selection of phenotype."

"Recent studies of the role of fungi in human health point to the growing importance of proteases not only as pathogenic agents in fungal infections but also in asthma, allergy, and damp building related illnesses. Proteolytic enzymes from fungi are widely used in biotechnology, mainly in food, leather, and detergent industries, in ecological bioremediation processes and to produce therapeutic peptides. The involvement of fungal proteases in diverse pathological mechanisms makes them potential targets of therapeutic intervention and candidates for biomarkers of disease and exposure"




Stuff ya don't hear about from Yale. 

Because they would have to talk about how OspA could never have been a vaccine.  And if OspA was never a vaccine, then Yale would have to talk about how it was falsely qualified, which is a mass-murder crime.

And now

1) UConn and Yale were defunded:
Yale Lyme cabal to not get another 9 million from the NIH   and 
HEEeeyyy!! Look at all the millions in grants NOT going to Yale or NYMC...
Yale Lyme Cabal Not to Get Another 9 $$$ Million (Goes to UTSA for Borrelia research)

2) They
didn't get their $100 million grant for a new hospital;
UConn Loses $100 Million Grant Because Ohio has Clifford Harding- Ha-Haaaa 

3) Pfizer Central Research left the State (but will develop IVIG for cancer and infectious diseases, duh, and like Luc Montagnier)
Glaxo to be sued, BIGTIME (LYMErix?), Pfizer joins earth - will develop IVIG (NYT) 

Nobel-winning AIDS Luc Montagnier to help develop IVIG (antibodies) treatments

4) The Lyme crooks were sued for scientific fraud and racketeering by Senator Blumenthal.

5) The Lyme crooks didn't get their vaccines and test-kits Dearborn/RICO empire.

6) The NIH will now do their own Pharma development.
(NYT) "Federal Research Center Will Develop Medicines"
7) Yale lost Plum Island.

8) JPMorgan invests $$70 Million in Chinese Medial Research,

Because you can't have a fungal-antigen vaccine, like LYMErix/HIV gp120

Yale, UConn and Pfizer lost it all over the Lyme Disease/LYMErix lies.


Sunday Morning Quarterbacking - The Order of Infections:

"Differentiated tissue macrophages arise from monocytes recruited from the blood [1]. Once differentiated, macrophages become long-lived cells and develop specialised functions. Cell numbers are maintained by resistance to constitutive apoptosis [2], by recruitment of further monocytes from the blood and/or replication of local intermediates depending on the prevailing stimulus and anatomical location [3], [4].

"Macrophages exhibit marked phenotypic heterogeneity [5]. Functional diversity results from a differentiation programme that is subject to environmental imprinting [6]. Exogenous stimuli such as micro-organisms further modify the selection of phenotype."


Compare to:

DEC 14, 2010

"Some examples of bacteria that inhibit apoptosis are Chlamydia (20, 22, 79), Shigella flexneri (11), Brucella (28), Porphyromonas gingivalis (56, 58), Neisseria meningitidis, and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (4, 23, 31, 42, 50, 55, 62, 65, 73). Our group and other workers have reported that live N. meningitidis and purified meningococcal porin inhibit apoptosis (15, 49, 50, 62, 75), potentially via multiple mechanisms. While meningococcal infection induces NF-κB-mediated upregulation of antiapoptotic genes, purified PorB and PorB from live bacteria directly interact with mitochondria and modulate their membrane potential, preventing release of cytochrome c.N. gonorrhoeae and purified gonococcal porin PIB induce NF-κB-mediated upregulation of antiapoptotic genes (4, 5, 23, 33, 55, 65), which could also contribute to prevention of apoptosis."

It seems that pathogens reliably, almost, deploy strategies that not only ensure their own survival in human hosts, but tend to invite others.  "Lyme" is not limited to burgdorferi and its ticks' co-infections.  "Lyme" and the criminal enterprise that put out Pam3Cys as vaccines gave us a new view of human illness.  Rather than stimulus-response (antigen-antibodies), we now know a human to be a sum of their exposures, and that sum is somewhat dependent on the sequence in which a person becomes infected with each infection.

We learned that all results based on antibody testing for the last 50 years have to be thrown out.

The whole sci-med world has been turned upside down because of this Pam3Cys business.  The NIH found out the hard way that LYMErix was not a vaccine when they tried it as an HIV vaccine, it appears to me.  They really were embarrassed and let me quote Anthony Fauci on that (2008, NEJM):
2008, Aug, "An HIV vaccine--challenges and prospects." PubMed ID: 18753644

"The failure of the first T-cell vaccine to affect the risk of infection or viral levels has led to a reexamination of the direction of the HIV-vaccine field and, in particular, of the balance between fundamental-discovery research and more empirical development efforts. Since an empirical approach is less compelling for HIV than for other human viruses, from which it differs so fundamentally, this reexamination has pointed to a need to emphasize fundamental questions of HIV-vaccine discovery and discovery-related research.5

Sunday Morning Quarterbacking (Pfizer's Mike Dunne):



Connecticut can't get over Pfizer Research leaving because they had nothing going on - intelligence-wise. They dropped the ball on *all* diseases. LMAO!!!

Were $60 Million Of Incentives For Pfizer Worth It?  (Israeli Tribune-owned Courant)

"A decade ago, Pfizer Inc.'s corporate campuses in New London and Groton stood as highly visible symbols of job growth in the lucrative drug industry — and public agencies were eager to throw money at the company to make sure it wouldn't leave.

A Painful Reckoning For Malloy, State  (Israeli Tribune-owned Courant)

"The redevelopment agency spent tens of millions of dollars to acquire and bulldoze the neighbor for Pfizer and the creation of paradise. Today it is vacant, a bitter monument to government's delusions."


It's a Lie that Vaccines Don't Cause Disease and Disability (Johns Hopkins MD's brain damaged child and the mitochondria case??)

People can email me if they want more advice re their personal cases of vaccine injury in their children.  Unlike Bill Gates, I am an actual BigPharma scientist. janmusinski@earthlink.net

Go here if you want to read the report and summary within ActionLyme:

If a Johns Hopkins MD won a lawsuit against vaccines manufacturers over a "mitochondrial disorder" and fungi modify mitochondrial membranes, and that has a antibody-production effect, that means some kids are not going to make antibodies, and will instead
GET these viruses from the vaccine vial.

Think:  An MD won a lawsuit over this, when his own child became brain-damaged from vaccines.

Think:  There is an epidemic of asthma in children.  What about kids at the other end of the immune spectrum?

Whacking kids with vaccines in a polluted - fungal-explosion - world??  YES, immune incompetence causes dementia.  Fungi activate viruses.  The term for no-spots-disease is "subclinical." 

YES, it is fair to say that an NWO agenda is to make people dull-minded.  And you even see a vast majority of people who claim to be sick from Lyme smoking pot.  As if getting even STUPIDER is going to help the activism, and spread the word...

These druggies are PLAYING for the NWO gang without even knowing it.

That's what we're up against.  People are willingly participating in the Rockefeller plan to make people


"Then in the spring of 1943, they perfected the right mix of marijuana and tobacco to produce a 'state of irresponsibility' in the subject."

How can they fight when they're stoned, or in the case of Lyme, Double-Stoned?


Israeli Blackmail and Mitre.org (part of the original Lyme Cryme gang - AIG/Israeli ALDF.com)  110205

Related News (NYT) :  Merkel and Cameron on Human Rights/Morality Basis for Govt:

My friends and I (sick and disabled people with Chronic Lyme-Plus-Whatever) are looking for a country to which to emigrate that has respect for
Human Rights.  USA seems to be chronically resistant to the idea and getting worse every year.  I think it is ironic that in the media we see re-runs of the Kennedy Ask-Not speech, lately.  We should be asking for the Govt employees stop asking what the Govt can do for them, and start acting like public servants.  We sick people solved the crimes of Lyme and LYMErix, yet the Govt tortured us and our children for this volunteerism.  Consider how big Lyme is:  LYMErix caused all the Great Imitators.  LYMErix was the key to most chronic, degenerative neurologic diseases.  But the USA state and federal and even local governments continue to terrorize, abuse, harass, falsely arrest, and otherwise brutalize the very sickest people.  I was literally declared "insane to be a human rights activist," in a Connecticut "court" and no one objected.  (As I recall, Jesus Christ was a human rights activist).

I was falsely arrested for reporting the criminal behavior of AAG Jessica Gauvin to the USDOJ (see USC Title 18, Secs 241, 242, 245). She committed numerous crimes, including
stealing Senator Blumenthal's USDOJ Lyme-RICO complaint mail right off of his desk and gave it to Yale staff who said this Yale-RICO data meant I was "a dangerously intelligent chemist, like Ted Kascynski," the Unabomber (a terrorist).  Gauvin defrauded the "court" numerous times over my children who have undeniable congenital Lyme.  AAG Jessica Gauvin obstructed the Lyme/LYMErix scientific fraud racketeering prosecution.  She participating in allowing several hundred thousand more people to become disabled and die, worldwide.  Now, as per the link at the top of this homepage, Mitre.org, the Israeli company, wants a contract to do a do-over of the Yale RICO crime, only this time taking advantage of the genetic susceptibilities of US soldiers for Bioweapons Blackmail against the United States.

While stupidity and crime are general characteristics of Govt employees, this is the one thing about which the people should be intolerant.  In the end we know that America (Great Whore Babylon, as per Revelation, Lucia at Fatima and Malachi Martin) will devour itself.  The Govt employees will go after each other.  There is something about Greed that is self-feeding. It's like fungi and maggots; it feeds on death.

Real Scientists are interested in mechanisms of illness;  they want to know what is the PROCESS by which a cellular/immunologic abnormality is produced?

They want to know HOW STUFF WORKS.

But as you can see, regardless of the hundreds of thousands of times one explains these things to so-called journalists, they still refuse to open their minds to this superior style of thinking:

Connecticut is going hysterical about losing Pfizer Neuroscience research jobs.  Pfizer's leaving because of the crime and the deception of LYMErix.  Pfizer is leaving BECAUSE of Yale and UConn.  ["Evil Pfizer’s Timeline of Disgrace Nigerian Drug Trial" (Trovan *is* a drug.) ]

The key to nearly all chronic diseases, and especially neurologic chronic diseases like ALS, MS, Lupus, and dementia, is Fungal-Viral Synergy, or the mechanisms by which OspA or Pam3Cys suppressed the immune system.  OspA suppressed the immune system, activated Epstein-Barr, and tolerized to mycoplasmal infections (renders these organisms undetectable, yet they still do damage, especially to blood cells - to immune cells).

Fungal-Viral Synergy is LYMErix Disease... and ALS, and MS, and Lupus, etc:

Bioweapons Attributes - Please see the content of the Congressional Hearing about the "Dual-Purpose Bioweapons"  "exported" to Saddam Hussein prior to the first Gulf War ► MIDDLETOON.pdf.  See also 2) "US Army says ticks could be used to spread diseases," here, and 3) the chapter of Cryme Disease on Allen Steere, where the US Army has a manual for soldiers re avoiding inhaling dried animal urine, as it might contain spirochetal cyst forms, here.  See also 4) where Durland Fish tells me not to "mess with Yale and the Fed Govt," here (Fish Don't Mess).  This is in addition to 5) Double-Oh McSweegan illegally visiting an Israeli Bioweapons Facility, (or see a copy of it here) and 6) Israelis stealing US Weapons information and selling them to the terrorists (Sibel Edmonds).  And of course 7) Durland Fish performing vector-pathogen competence studies on Plum Island and being involved with "Off The Record Research," (international spy ring), an Israeli/AIG ("ALDF.com" the main Israeli Lyme racketeering entity)/ Kroll Associates gig - same fellas who pulled the 9/11 stunt.

And, the other division of the same AIG-Kroll-ALDF.com cabal, Mitre.org (see more about that below).

We know "Chronic Lyme" isn't just IDSA's dozens of reports on "persisting spirochetes past treatment."  We now know these diseases sets to be the non-inflammatory outcomes of mycoplasmal-hijacked O2 and mycoplasmal-hijacked sugars from RBCs (erythrocytes), resulting in Chronic Fatigue without anemia, plus, the activation of Epstein-Barr (which can be called secondary-inflammatory).  These bad outcomes of OspA-vaccination (or the autovaccination of spirochetal blebbing) are IDSociety.org's "new Great Imitator" outcomes (ALS, MS, Lupus, etc). 

The bad guys are correct to say "Lyme Disease" has only a temporary bad-knee outcome, because "Lyme Disease" is like a flea-circus.  It's a show - an illusion - that the bad guys made up themselves to go with OspA as a vaccine. 

The Israeli Lyme criminals did this - falsified the diagnostics for OspA-Borreliosis - to set up later events, namely a monopoly on all vector borne diseases (funding- see Crazy Eddie and his girlfriend, Durland Fish) as a "Vaccines and Test Kits" "enterprise."  You can be assured of this because OspA and B were left out of the diagnostic standard imaginated at Dearborn (Steere in Europe).  You never test for the outcome of a vaccine with the same vaccine antigens used in the vaccine.

Israeli Lyme Fdn's "US Race-Specific Bioweapons" Stunt Coopted by Israeli-AIG Mitre.org :

Look carefully at their patents, now, like I recommend, because you will see their intentions:

The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 :

The present invention provides a method useful to detect a B. burgdorferi infection in a subject. The method provided by the invention is particularly useful to discriminate B. burgdorferi infection from OspA vaccination, although it is sufficiently sensitive and specific to use in any general Lyme disease screening or diagnostic application. ***Thus, the method of the invention is particularly appropriate for large scale screening or diagnostic applications where only part of the subject population has been vaccinated or where the vaccination status of the population is unknown***."

TRANSLATION:  With all the free grant money and having Americans PAY THEM for their blood, the Israeli Lyme Foundation (the ALDF.com, including the AIG/NWO Greenbergs, Zuckermans, et al), at Yale will have access to all our genetic information for their PNAC.pdf "race specific bioweapons."


This same Israeli gang wants to do a do-over of the LYMErix RICO.  They want the government to PAY THEM (rather than take out a loan like all other businesses) for their monopoly on genetic susceptibilities to diseases - in soldiers - this time.



Feb 4, 2011

    How About a Clean Break – with Israel?  - Phil Geraldi

ISRAELI RACISM - Very dangerous to us all, as you will see:

"Pupils in some of the most religious schools, Mr Rachlevsky pointed out, are taught that Jews sit above nature, which comprises four categories: “inanimate”, “vegetable”, “animal” and “speakers” -- or non-Jews, who are considered no more than talking animals." http://www.countercurrents.org/cook091210.htm

"Although Moses commanded that if a woman have intercourse with a beast, both should be killed (Leviticus 20:16), and that a priest must not marry a harlot or woman who is profane (Lev. 21:7), the Talmud teaches that "unnatural intercourse does not cause a woman to be forbidden to marry a High Priest," since then "you will find no woman eligible … ." (See Exhibit 157, from the Talmud book of Yebamoth, Folios 59a-59b)"


Israeli Mitre.org /AIG/Kroll  9/11 and Lyme Cryme Crew (this same dangerously stupid Israeli AIG Lyme Cryme gang wants a Govt Bioweapons contract; they already had an NIH bioweapons Monopoly-On-Blood contract - Corixa/Steere/Schoen)

The Contract Mitre.org (Mossad/AIG/Kroll/ALDF.com) Wants:

"DoD Office of Health Affairs
1. Determine which phenotypes are of greatest relevance to the DoD.
2. Cooperate with health care professionals to collect and store these data.
3. Use bioinformatics tools to correlate genetic information with phenotypes to discover
linkages between the two datasets that will ultimately allow genotype information to be used

"MITRE corporation (computer software)

"MITRE – major defense contracting organization headed by former Director of Central Intelligence Jew James Schlesinger.

"Ptech was with the MITRE corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9/11. Their specific job was to look at inter-operability issues the FAA had with NORAD and the Air Force in the case of an emergency.

"This software was installed on the computers of most U.S. government agencies. Including the military...

"Precision guided plane anyone?"

Just so nobody thinks I am fooling around.  This is the same gang who screwed up research in every disease, with their lies about Lyme and LYMErix.  This is the same AIG-Israeli gang who pulled the 9/11 stunt.

Israeli Lyme Fdn's "US Race-Specific Bioweapons" Stunt Coopted by Israeli-AIG Mitre.org

This is the same gang who previously used defecting Russian scientists to obtain the same race-specific bioweapons information, while having them lie about "non-intracellular intracellular spirochetes."  You can see Jorge Benach's graphics with spirochetes in an L-form, which he calls spheroplasts, as does Russell Johnson, when in 1989 in IDSA's journal (now hijacked by these Israelis because nothing is more important to Israelis than race, as we all know), he published that it takes months instead of weeks to reculture intact spirochetes from the cyst or L-form or spheroplast form (different from what Klempner tried to pull).

The ALDF.com is the Israeli Lyme Foundation.  They tried to hijack US Bioweapons but they screwed everything up and exposed their crimes at the same time. 

Check it - the deadly, undetectable ALS version of Lyme Disease and OspA-induced tolerance to Mycoplasma?  This is clearly a murder charge.  Dearborn/Steere changed the disease definition to make all neurologic Lyme cases undetectable, and therefore untreatable, and no one agreed with Allen Steere at Dearborn, as you can see.

"Almost all ALS patients (30/36 or approximately 83%) showed evidence of Mycoplasma species in blood samples, whereas <9% of controls had blood mycoplasmal infections (P<0.001). Using PCR ALS patients with a positive test for any mycoplasmal infection were investigated for the presence of M. fermentans, M. pneumoniae, M. hominis and M. penetrans in their blood. All Gulf War veterans with ALS were positive for M. fermentans, except one that was positive for M. genitalium.  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12383408
full text: http://www.actionlyme.org/GARTHNICOLSON.pdf


"CONCLUSIONS: There is a strong link between suffering from a chronic infection due to Mycoplasma and developing ALS. Intracellular pathogenic agents such as Mycoplasma can play a role in the genesis of neurodegenerative diseases."  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16138281

Mosquitoes with Chronic Fatigue and Brain Fog from Mycoplasma/OspA-like-induced tolerance to fungal infections:

Drosophila melanogaster as an experimental host for study of multiplication and biology of the mycoplasma inducing the "lethargy of coleoptera". 

"The infected Drosophila flies presented a reduced life span and fertility (like the cows on Plum Island). Infection of the cephalic nervous system seems to be responsible for death."


Now Pfizer has bagged 2400 researchers in the UK and 1100 in Groton, CT (see more below)....


The Israeli Lyme crooks not only dropped the bioweapons ball - it's more about fungal antigens activating Epstein-Barr and tolerizing people to fungal antigens (ALS) in nearly all neurological and chronic diseases, and it's about the Order of Infections more than HLA-linked disease susceptibilities - these assholes at Yale and UConn dropped the ball on everything

They had to have their way, didn't they? 

It's been very funny.  I must say.  Now the US has nothing.

The whole thing blew up on them, not only for the NIH, but for U.S. BigPharma, LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can't stop the Truth.  No matter how Alzheimery and Perverted you may want to be.  No matter how much getting away with malpractice means to you.  No matter how many lives you've ruined with your criminally insane actions.  No matter how many times and ways you try to get someone to SHUT UP.  No matter how much effort you dedicate to slandering and libeling the people about whom you've always been insanely jealous. No matter how painful it is for you to realize that after 40 years in "practice" your world has been turned upside-down and it's you who is afraid of Reality and not your victims...  Your personal will cannot overcome the Truth.

That's a hard lesson, ain't it?  To learn you've exposed a large part of humanity to death, torture from severe illness, personal economic disasters, because you were AFRAID of the outcomes of your own vain, self-aggrandizing actions?



Check it:
 No sci-med brains.  Economic brainlessness.   Lost wars.  Lost control of the Middle East to their own people.  Stupid Israeli faggots go hysterical.  US states going bankrupt.  Tea-bag suckers want states to declare default and ignore retirement commitments to the incompetent, lazy and vicious gubbamint employees...
TSA Whoobie-OCD perverts at the airlines and next at Walmarts, banks, and theatres.  Violent and insane police.    Hysterical tea-sucker tards want to repeal healthcare.  BP Spill pollution >>> flopped Gulf Stream...

Aaa-HAaaa -haaaaa..   OMG, too funny REtard nation.  Fails at everything!!!

NEWS: NYT "Child Protective" Drunks and Whores will have to invent a new reason to blame vaccines-induced subdural hematoma on parents


Pfizer says they don't want Ass-Kissers, Do-Overs and Me-Too Drugs.
They want science, LMAO!!!

As a result of R&D cuts, Pfizer will look to create medicines for fewer diseases. Read also said that there would be more accountability in the research departments to avoid disasters, such as what happened with its inhaled insulin medicine, Exubera.
Despite massive bucks spent on the drug, when it eventually came to market it was not popular with the public.
"We need a focus at each stage. We need individuals to stand up and take accountability. If we don't have the data, we won't continue to invest,” said Read.
He added that the company would not continue to develop products with “big bets” even though the science wasn't “solid”.
Meanwhile, the multinational also announced plans to shut its plant in Sandwich, England, resulting in the loss of almost 2,400 jobs.


Pfizer Bails Tard-Central (Corrupticut) 

Pfizer leaving CT because: "Top notch education is part of the answer" Sheridan said.

OMG!  2 funny 4 words!

Pfizer Sued by USDOJ, Who Actually *NEED* Their Drugs, Neurontin/Lyrica 
UConn Murderers Squawk About Their Terrible Reputation (COURANT).

UConn Loses $100 Million Grant Because Ohio has Clifford Harding- Ha-Haaaa 
(See 101016 for CV Harding and Dave Dorward on how OspA could never have been a vaccine, and how Steere's
Knee-Disease is likely to be free HLA-antigen complexes instead of antigen-antibody complex.  This refutes the theory
that any remaining DNA would be from dead animals, especially if it responds to Steere's long term antibiotic treatment
of Just-A-Knee.  Everyone needs to be scared because these ALDF.com and IDSociety.org Israeli Bioweaponeers are
not very intelligent.)

JJ Halperin and the ALS-Lyme Murder Charge
Glaxo to be sued, BIGTIME (LYMErix?), Pfizer joins earth (NYT) 
Clueless Lyme Vaccine Statements (Pfizer to make IVIG, NIH to Create Meds - Gives-Up on BigPharma)
       See Statement by the NIH: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/01/23/health/policy/23drug.html

STARI is Cow Relapsing Fever; Exceptionally Scary U.S. Stupidity
Israeli Lyme Fdn's "US Race-Specific Bioweapons" Stunt Coopted by Israeli-AIG Mitre.org 
Jonah Goldberg: "Right" Exploits Empty Heads Like Palin, Bush, and McSweegan 
Lyme, LYMErix and the Plague (TLR2/CD14 and Immunosuppression) [I AM LMAO !!] 
WaPo: China Slams US, JP Morgan Invests, Peter Orszag (Citigroup) Wants America Destroyed 
CDC: "Arthritis of Knee Rarely Deadly; OspA & Relapsing Fever Cause Deadly ALS, etc" 
Lyme strain B31 (used by Quest & SmithKline) does not express OspC (band 23) 
Vaccines-Autism Link *Not* an "Elaborate Fraud" - it's the same Chronic-Fatigue/Lyme link
Psychotropic Drugging - The New Child Abuse (Peter Breggin, Dec 17, 2010, HuffPo) 
A Fraud-Tactic Used by Yale/UConn (Tribune-owned Courant)
Fraud-Tactic UConn (Inside ActionLyme), The BTV-Killers (Blame The Victim)
Yale's Congenital Lyme/Syphilis Brain Damage Explained by the NIH (It's Caused by Pam3Cys or LYMErix)
Antibiotics Okay for Pigs, but Not Cattle and Other "Talking Animals" 
Nader; Pfizer Didn't Lose with the Neurontin Fine - Lyrica Does the Same Thing 
OspA (LYMErix) "contributes to vascular leakage" - New on MedLine :))) 
ERROR: Lyme/LYMErix cause lymphoma (Crooks Check-Mate the DHHS and BigPharma)

Chronic Fatigue is Fungal-Viral Synergy (NYT)   ep - erythro - zoon

The Zoons and the Yale/UConn Toons. 

Pfizer's leaving. 

No talent in Corrupticut.



Pink Israeli Elephant in the Livingroom

Pat Buchanan: "The Arabs say we support despots who deny them the rights we cherish. They say we preach endlessly of human rights but imposed savage sanctions on Iraq for a dozen years before 2003 that brought premature death to half a million children. They say we use our power to invade countries that never attacked us.

"They say we have provided Israel with the weapons to crush the Palestinians and steal their land, and that we practice a moral double standard. We condemn attacks on Israelis, but sit silent as Israel bombs Lebanon for five weeks and conducts a war on Gaza, killing 1,400 and wounding thousands, most of them civilian."

"After losing Turkey as an ally, Israel has just seen Hezbollah come to power in Beirut and the Palestinian Authority stripped of its credibility by the WikiLeaks exposure of its groveling to America and Israel. Now Israel faces the near certainty of a more hostile Egypt.

"As for America, if we are about to be thrown out of the Middle East, it would be neither undeserved nor an unmitigated disaster.

"After all, it’s their world, not ours."


And the Other Pink Israeli Elephant in the Livingroom

1) Arch Immunol Ther Exp (Warsz). 2011 Jan 22. [Epub ahead of print]

Serodiagnosis of Borreliosis: Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay, Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay and Immunoblotting.

Lyme disease is an infectious, multi-system, tick-borne disease caused by genospecies of Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria sensu lato, characterized by remarkable heterogeneity. In this situation choosing an optimal antigen array for diagnostic tests seems problematic. The serological tests for borrelia routinely done in laboratories often produce ambiguous results, which makes a proper diagnosis rather complicated and thus delays the implementation of an appropriate treatment regimen. Thirty-seven outpatients and eight inpatients with suspected borreliosis diagnosis hospitalized at the Clinics of the Pomeranian Medical University (Szczecin, Poland), participated in the study. In order to detect the antibodies against Borrelia sensu lato three kinds of serological tests were used: indirect immunofluorescence assay (IIFA), enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA), and immunoblot. The IIFA and immunoblot tests conducted on 45 patients (100%) produced positive results for both the IgM and IgG antibody types. In the case of ELISA, positive or borderline results were observed in only 24 patients (53.3%). The immunoblot test for IgM most frequently detected antibodies against the outer surface protein C (OspC) antigen (p25), and, in the case of IgG, against the recombinant variable surface antigen (VlsE). The IIFA screening test used for diagnosing Lyme borreliosis produced the highest percentage of positive results, which were then confirmed by immunoblot, but not by ELISA. Therefore using only ELISA as a screening test or for diagnosing Lyme borreliosis seems debatable.

2) Large differences between test strategies for the detection of anti-Borrelia antibodies are revealed by comparing eight ELISAs and five immunoblots.

We investigated the influence of assay choice on the results in a two-tier testing algorithm for the detection of anti-Borrelia antibodies. Eighty-nine serum samples from clinically well-defined patients were tested in eight different enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) systems based on whole-cell antigens, whole-cell antigens supplemented with VlsE and assays using exclusively recombinant proteins. A subset of samples was tested in five immunoblots: one whole-cell blot, one whole-cell blot supplemented with VlsE and three recombinant blots. The number of IgM- and/or IgG-positive ELISA results in the group of patients suspected of Borrelia infection ranged from 34 to 59%. The percentage of positives in cross-reactivity controls ranged from 0 to 38%. Comparison of immunoblots yielded large differences in inter-test agreement and showed, at best, a moderate agreement between tests. Remarkably, some immunoblots gave positive results in samples that had been tested negative by all eight ELISAs. The percentage of positive blots following a positive ELISA result depended heavily on the choice of ELISA-immunoblot combination. We conclude that the assays used to detect anti-Borrelia antibodies have widely divergent sensitivity and specificity. The choice of ELISA-immunoblot combination severely influences the number of positive results, making the exchange of test results between laboratories with different methodologies hazardous.

No-bod-eee in da vorlt beleeved da Israeli Lyme Foundation's Bullshit about 2-Tiered Testing, la, la laaaa...

TEN YEARS (Jan 31, 2001) AGO, I EXPLAINED THE ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC CRIME TO THE FDA VACCINE COMMITTEE (Dearborn = Fraud, Pam3Cys >> Immunosuppression) AND GAVE THE FDA COMMITTEE ALL THE RECORDS OF THE STEERE/DEARBORN FRAUD (30 pages of documentation - legal records of the Dearborn/Steere event - and not 11):


AND YET, even today, we learn anew that not even the MALP-2, much less the MALP-3, would work as either a vaccine or an adjuvant:
Failure of mycoplasma lipoprotein MALP-2 to induce NK cell activation through dendritic cell TLR2.


"St. Paul’s words, 'God chose the weak of the world to shame the strong, and God chose the lowly and despised of the world, those who count for nothing, to reduce to nothing those who are something,' he explained."


Jonah Goldberg: "Right" Exploits Empty Heads Like
Palin, Bush, and McSweegan

We are going to talk about how we ended up with these ▲ tards.  We are going
to discover how the NeoCons find retarded Americans to play "Cowboy Fascist
Action Hero" for us...

The Israeli Lyme Golem, Edward McSweegan, chosen by Durland Fish because he's is stupid and a psychopath, inadvertently reveals that Bioweapons and Fungal-Antigen Induced Immunosuppression are the same thing, along with
his criminal gang, the ALDF.com.

Sweeg's letter HERE to Senator Goldwater is the start of the ALDF RICO, where McSweegan slams the US Navy - his employer -  in order to hand the DNA-profiteering bootle (NIH grants) to his buddies, the Israelis of the ALDF.com, making Sweeg a traitor to America. 

You have to spell ▲ these things out because the DoD is as retarded as Sweeg claims in his letter to Senator Goldwater.  However, Sweeg wasn't any smarter if he believed there could ever be a vaccine for Relapsing Fever, due to Antigenic Variation.  Meanwhile, other nations have been all over this Bioweapons Attributes thing, while the DoD and USDOJ tards stand around and hold their asses in their hands.

That's why I am writing this in LARGE FONT.  Recently, one of the Dot Mils was visiting my website.  Maybe the Dot Mils can hire someone from China or India or Brazil - where they have smart people - to read this to them.

When you write big words like "tripalmitoyl cysteine" you have to write them
in large font, cuz this is America.

Israeli Lyme Fdn's "US Race-Specific Bioweapons" Stunt Coopted by Israeli-AIG Mitre.org :

Look carefully at their patents, now, like I recommend, because you will see their intentions:
The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 :

The present invention provides a method useful to detect a B. burgdorferi infection in a subject. The method provided by the invention is particularly useful to discriminate B. burgdorferi infection from OspA vaccination, although it is sufficiently sensitive and specific to use in any general Lyme disease screening or diagnostic application. ***Thus, the method of the invention is particularly appropriate for large scale screening or diagnostic applications where only part of the subject population has been vaccinated or where the vaccination status of the population is unknown***."

With all the free grant money and having Americans PAY THEM for their blood, the Israeli Lyme Foundation (the ALDF.com, including the AIG/NWO Greenbergs, Zuckermans, et al), at Yale will have access to all our genetic information for their PNAC.pdf "race specific bioweapons."

They'll get it - Mitre.org will get the contract - because it is true, as Sweeg says, Government employees are Special Eddies, like himself.

NYT: Sheriff, Prosecutors Charged in Whistleblower Case - Bioweapons Interest to Other Nations ???

Non-USA-allied nations can profit from ▲this information.  No one will respect any American business endeavors and especially not any any self-alleged "Freedom!" agendas, like all the wars for oil and mineral resources. It's all bullshit.

The following is a working summary, but the New Agers on FaceBook are to aggressive and refuse to look at all the data, that I promised I would make it a homepage. 

The World Outside America can know that some of us are capable of the Big, Comprehensive Picture, but such will not be seen demonstrated by the main stream media or any of our leaders, because they're all already working for the Dark Side.  There will probably be 75-100 links, -references - in all when I approach a basic summary of Occult/Paranormal and Revelations from the Divine (or forced from demons during exorcisms; see:

"(g) The teachings of the Church are rejected, as are the messages of the Blessed Virgin from the apparition sites, as are also the revelations of privileged souls. The tears, the tears of blood of the Mother, are rejected. Now the Blessed Virgin is trying yet another means of revelations through Demons.[122] But these also are in their turn being accepted only in those places where there exists, at the least, a small spark of good will.

"(h) The revelations of the demons are themselves a favour from Heaven, a testimony to the loving solicitude of the Blessed Virgin.

"(i) The Blessed Virgin said at the Marriage Feast of Cana: “Do whatever He tells you.”[123] But today what He tells us is not being done. The Blessed Virgin is telling us again today, in pressing terms: “Do whatever He tells you.” She is telling us, even through the medium of demons, so that we may be saved and that we may save others. ' "  )


ON CONFRONTING EVIL (Ray McGovern - Torture at the Justice Department):

"It was not until the mid-80s, when I completed a Certificate in Theological Studies with the more up-to-date Jesuits at Georgetown, that I learned that the Do-Good-and-Avoid-Evil proposition was only half correct. Jesus of Nazareth called us to do good, certainly. But not to avoid evil; rather to confront it.

"This shows through clearly in the first chapter of the first gospel written (Mark 1:16-28). After recruiting his fisherman freshman to enroll in Discipleship 101, Jesus brings them into the synagogue at Capernaum and provides a vivid illustration of what his followers are called to do in the face of evil - confront it. 

"His message: No confronting of evil, no true discipleship.


KMD, 110125)

Unscrambling the Occult - All false beliefs are attractive because they promise some mystical or other power to the believer in the false doctrine.

This is as old a story as Adam and Eve, and in each instance - in each of the devils' campaigns, all throughout human history -,  the devil asks us to mimic the behavior that resulted in his own downfall:  "there is something special or unique about Meeeeee"

From "Deep Breathing" ("Mind-Body Medicine") to Qi.  From Ying-Yang to Pleiadians.  From Wiccan to Mayan.  From Nostradamus to Psychoanalysis...  You will find logical and moral ERROR.

IMPORTANT:  Recall that I am not an Authority on these matters, but while the New Agers accept verbatim doctrine from the demons (aliens) through paranormal communications, they simultaneously claim that Christianity is "a myth."    That is just so incredibly brainless, there aren't even words for that degree of Stupid...

And no one should go dabbling in the occult or try to make contact, in either direction.  All we have is ritual, faith, and Rx'd sacrifices (attendance, adoration, prayer, penance). 

The whole point of this is to reveal that you open yourself up for possession through the ritual and "sacrifice?" (which is always some kind of a crime or sin) from the Dark Side if you mess around with the occult, and that includes this New Age crap.



GEORGE GREEN (contacted by "Pleidians"):

GEORGE GREEN, asking people to chant the "I AM" chant, which is meditation and which is for inviting demonic possession


DAVID ICKE (“I had a series of paranormal experiences”):

Somewhere else (I''ll look for it later) David Icke admits he was contacted by an alien intelligence and that that's what started him on his campaign to warn the world.  But his remedy is for all of us to ask/invite the demons/aliens in to help us fight against the Bigs and the Banksters and the dudes who mess around with technology in the underground bases, who, according to James Casbolt and others, are the "bad-alien" "reptilians."  They're ALL fricken demons, who are attempting to hijack the Second Coming of Christ, so that we'll all think the Jesus Gang are actually the "bad aliens."

Komurosan (Channels "Pleiadians")
The doctrine is the same as what George Green and David Icke are getting.

Watch all of Bashar (demon/alien channeler), not just this particular video. You can catch him actually GROWLING from time to time (this is a demon): 

Terrance McKenna = possessed.  Very similar to the story of "Carl" the New Age guru in Hostage to the Devil.  Did automatic writing (a sure sign of a demon taking over).


EX-ILLUMINATI (They reveal what goes on in these satanic covens):

1) Bill Schnoebelen (2 hours)
2) Svali:
3) Doc Marquis
4) James Casbolt
James Casbolt writes his story "Agent Buried Alive" (What's going on in the underground bases)
5) Leo Zagami
Leo Zagami, Project Camelot

6, 7) Ted Gunderson (& Linda) reads from the book of "The Craft":
Child sacrifices, some estimates on the numbers of satanists in America.

Search for the term "covens" in "Hostage to the Devil"

There are minor and major covens.  Svali, Doc Marquis, etc, belong to the larger ones.

The movie Avatar (Scottish Freemason James Cameron) is actually told by the demons' point of view.  They intend to possess us.  We're already Avatars, from the demons' point of view:
http://www.ewtn.com/library/NEWAGE/BEGONESA.HTM 1935, 1 exorcism

The words of encouragement from the Little Flower gave a new impetus to the priests. Now they knew that victory was not far off. During the latter days the devils betrayed great fear lest they be forced to return to hell. Father Th. insisted upon their departure again and again. They pleaded pitifully: "Anything but that, anything but that." To be banished to another place, or into another creature would have been more bearable. They did not want to be driven back to hell.

"But you are already in hell."

"True, true," they groaned, "we drag hell along with us. Yet it is a relief to be permitted to roam about the earth until (at the last judgment) we shall be cast off and damned to hell for eternity."

They already possess people like George W. Bush, Henry Kissinger, Robert Schoen, Eugene Shapiro, Larry Zemel, Henry Feder, Allen Steere, Durland Fish, Edward McSweegan, and several people who work for the State of Connecticut.  You can tell from their viciousness and callousness (and also see it in their eyes).

In cases of perfect possession, their souls are already in hell (references)

Freemasons enter and corrupt the Vatican (Vatican II) Rites ... in order to make the Mass illegitimate and to introduce, basically, the free-for-all of Protestantism (where everyone gets to make up their own rules):

HOSTAGE TO THE DEVIL (2 of 5 possession cases were New Agers, one a priest):

Malachi Martin
speaking in this section (27, below) of The Arrivals about "covens" of Satanists in America (same gang Svali and Doc Marquis talk about); also includes Roger Morneau (a former cult member):

Masons get a lot of their doctrine from a mish-mosh of Kabbalah and Egyptian demon-worship - rites performed to gain favors from hell.

Whereas Christianity says to do good works and serve others at a sacrifice to yourself or your own advantage, demon-worship or the sacrifices to Satan always involve committing some sin.  The worse sin, being, obviously, the murder of children (abortion, the brain damaging of DCF's kidnapped children, destroying families, causing the trauma that leads to possession, as we have seen with James Casbolt, Svali, Sirhan Sirhan, etc, and of course, the DCF by their example of their RICO, where they wanted to build adult prisons next to the pediatric prisons, so sure are they are of their own outcomes.  See Kristine Ragaglia, Chief Whore of the DCF-Rowlandgate Cabal, named "TREA.").

Protestants don't know what they're talking about.  There are thousands of sects, because Protestants somehow think they have the right to make it all up as they go along, and believe in whatever they want to believe in.  Such thinking comes from the Superiority of Me.  You will see more of this later, where the devils taunt over this.

However, at the present time - far removed from Martin Luther who knew better - Protestants, being ignorant of the Doctrine and the history that the Catholics are not ignorant of, are, according to Heaven, are in some ways more innocent - because they're ignorant- than the evil, Freemason, Modernists among the Catholics:

From an exorcism in the 1970s:

E: Judas, Iscariot, continue to speak on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, and say nothing but the truth!

J: Before long, they are actually nearer to Protestantism; the fact is that Protestantism is in some ways even better than the modern Catholic Church.

E: Tell the truth, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

J: The protestants know nothing else; I speak the truth - they know nothing else because these things are part Protestantism, but... Catholics!

E: Continue to speak, Judas Iscariot, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin!

J: Deservedly, the Protestants are soon going to be nearer God than modern Catholicism. They know nothing else, as I have just said; I wish to add that they would, in a certain way, know it well. The intelligent ones might recognize that the Catholic Church - the good Church, you understand - could be the true Church and many might be converted. But at this point where the Catholic Church is today, I - or rather, all of us in Hell '- would say that Protestantism will soon be in a better position.

Malachi Martin on the New Age Movement (It comes from Kabbalah covens and is the New World Order Religion:

Malachi Martin on the Third Secret; See the pictures of the event, which can't be denied;


Note:  Something about this work produces reliably huge headaches.  Hmmm...

The Exorcism of Annaliese Michel (10 parts):

More at EXORCISM_ANNALIESE.htm if you want some snippets of content from this dialogue.

Another Exorcism Transcript:
(Search for "Protestant" in all of these pages)


The demons say that the Catholic Church has become like the Protestants, but the Protestants are in some ways better, because they don't know any better.  They Protestants are less guilty than the post-Vatican II Church because Catholics know better.  Get it?

However, it is very difficult to communicate these matters because people jump the gun, don't read the whole thing, and are in the habit of bashing the Catholic Church - the only group allowed to be hated and it not be "hate-speech" or bigotry.  Lots of people really hate the Catholic Church and like to jump down my throat and rip my lungs out for me, because they don't like to hear true stuff, in general.  Why?  Think.  1) It's not about them, and 2) they're not the authors of it.


Malachi Martin: Says Martin: "The demons taunt us with changes in the Church",
(Same as in Annaliese Michel’s case and the other Exorcism, above)

The Warrens (See All):
The Warrens, The Demonologist (a book I also bought and read):

A page in The Demonologist which is scanned in, on apports (there is more about this in the book):
(Apports are hot to the touch; they have also been caught on tape materializing on A&E’s Paranormal State)


Paranormal, Documented (on TV, etc)

Animal Planet's "The Haunted":

(more to be added)

A demon (not a ghost) at the Ram Inn (UK) is a summoned and who ended up stuck there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zux1BYC0U6U&feature=related
Listen carefully to what he says:
"Further back than you can possibly imagine, summoned was my ...fate.
"In the land of Canaa (Israel) where they had learned, they had started the books, the texts,(Kabbalah) that brought me to Britain."



Qi Master, who, through meditation (New Age is a mixture of Kabbalah, Hindu, Buddhist, Etc, the Occult) becomes possessed
and as a reward for his subservience, he is given this "gift..." which is not really a gift, but energy from demons (demons can manipulate energy).

At the end of the video about this Qi Master, we find his "Ascended Masters" were FURIOUS at the guy, which tells you where they come from. The preternatural, not the Supernatural.



Madame Blavatsky (Theosophy), the mother of the New Ager's Religion who says:
She regularly contrasts "Aryan" with "Semitic" culture, to the detriment of the latter, asserting that Semitic peoples are an offshoot of Aryans who have become "degenerate in spirituality and perfected in materiality."[33]
Theosophy was actually the beginning of the New Age movement.  Include in your studies, all these Eastern Religions, their “gods”, etc,  Aleister Crowley’s experiences, the fact that Madame Blavatsky says she met Count Saint Germain (who was known to Freemason Voltaire), who may be the AntiChrist, but he has not emerged as a figure on the international scene yet.


Research everything you can about Count Saint Germain.  Voltaire apparently met him.  He was into Alchemy.  See more about Alchemy, also, and how the modern Germans were also into it (as was Nostradamus, and allegedly Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein; it seems a lot of scientific discovery was at least prompted by the devil, because so much of it ended up as weapons/destructive instruments, much like all modern technology, today).   With the exception of OspA/Pam3Cys and Lyme disease, since that’s just morons with too much free grant money, pretending to be scientists.


Nostradamus, whose grandfather was a Jewish Occultist who taught him from the Kabbalah.
Read all of Nostradamus because the devils reveal what they intend to do and this is already in the New Testament, Daniel, Revelation, and the revelations of the saints up until that time (LOL):

Nostradamus, speaking on behalf of the demons he conjured about the End Times:
"Some of those most lettered in the celestial facts Will be condemned by illiterate princes [and NAZI princesses, like Sarah Palin]: Punished by Edict, hunted, like criminals, And put to death wherever they will be found."

Nostradamus, referring to the fake-Christian Sarah Palin and how she mongers for the Globalists/Israel:
"Alas, how we will see a great nation sorely troubled and the holy law in utter ruin.
Christianity (governed) throughout by other laws, when a new source of gold and silver is discovered
[oil, and the fake Christian Sarah Palin, doing the Oil God's bidding]"

Nostadamus, about the Great Apostasy in the Church influenced by the Freemasons (Vatican II):
"When those of the cross are found their senses troubled [the diabolical perversion of psychiatry/freemasonry- the pseudoscience - infiltrating the Vatican with their "Modernist" thinking at Vatican II], in place of sacred things he will see a horned bull, through the virgin [refers to the Catholic Church] the pig's [Satan] place will then be filled, order will no longer be maintained by the king."  [all confirmed by dialogues with demons, historical and accepted  Catholic prophecies, Fatima, Annaliese Michel and the exorcism in Germany in the 1970s:


Revelation: (tells us that the demons were present as angels, and when they were shown what would happen in the future on earth - Jesus and Mary - they rebelled:
This is where people get mixed up with the “Ancient Aliens” lies.  While these folks purport that aliens planted all this information (Mayans, Egypt, Hindu stuff), these soon-to-be fallen angels were in Heaven, were shown what was to come (Mary and the Risen Son), and it was at that they rebelled.  See next:

Demons say: http://www.fortea.us/english/teologicos/maria.htm
(I recorded it, although this link is down; this is what was on the page, no more, no less):

"In the instruction of the beatification of St. Francis de Sales, one of the witnesses ...was a female religious who knew him in the first monastery of the Visitation in Annecy. She referred that on one occasion a young man, who had been possessed by the devil for the last five years, was brought before the Bishop of Genevre (Msgr. Charles Auguste de Sales, St. Francis' nephew and successor in the bishop's seat) to be exorcized. The interrogations of the devil were carried out next to the mortal remains of St. Francis. During one of these sessions, the devil cried out, full of fury: "Why should I have to leave?". A religious of the Sisters of the Visitation was present, who, when she heard this, invoked the Blessed Virgin: "Most Holy Mother of God, pray for us…" When the devil heard these words, -as the nun explained in her declaration-, the devil cried out even louder: ***"Mary, Mary! For me there is no Mary! Don't pronounce that name, which makes me shudder! If there were a Mary for me, like there is for you, I would not be what I am! But there is no Mary for me." Shaken by this scene, some of the people present began to cry. The devil continued: "If I had just an instant of the many that you people lose…! One lone instant and one Mary, I would not be a devil!".*** (Taken from Federico Suárez, "The Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ", pag. 219-221)"

Now, go back to The Arrivals Episode with Roger Morneau and see how the demons spin this:
"Heaven did not abide/ tolerate the mistakes of the demons" say the demons.

Get it?  The evil spirits did not get a second chance.  We humans do, which is why the demons despise us.  Read Hostage to the Devil to see all their language about how humans are scum and "shit-cannisters."  They're very very jealous of we dumb humans, because we have to suffer the indignities of our human bodies and the blindness of living in this physical realm - yet Heaven gives us a chance to redeem ourselves:

Zechariah 14 (3 Days of Darkness):
Sounds like an Earth pole-reversal.
 "6In that day there will be (J)no light; the luminaries will dwindle...   13It will come about in that day that a great panic from the LORD will fall on them; and they will (AA)seize one another's hand, and the hand of one will be lifted against the hand of another. ..."


Catholic Visionaries, 3 Days of Darkness, Visions of Hell

Jeremiah 51 (Dimitru Duduman); America = Great Whore, Babylon:

The Two Witnesses - Enoch and Elijah
Enoch and Jude:

Note what Enoch and Elijah are about.  They're about the likes of pervert psychiatrists and their me-centric dogma.  'Me-Worship.  'Secret Societies which tempt men with secret knowledge. 

No one would be tempted to join the likes of the Freemasons unless they thought there was something superior about themselves.  Freemasons don't like to mention Jesus Christ because they put Reason (the Intellect of Man) above Jesus Christ in their hearts.  There would be no reason for secrecy or secret societies if men respected Jesus/Truth.  The Truth is the Truth is the Truth, whether we're talking about Super/preternatural (will) or the scientific truth.

Humans either put themselves above, or below, God. 

You're either going to use your free will to serve God or yourself.

Documented (photographed, numerically large witness substantiations) Apparitions

Fatima (photographic and newspaper records, tens of thousands of people)
and you can find other pictures and newspaper articles written at the time all over the internet

Zeitun (photographs, ½ million witnesses)



Howard Storm:
http://www.near-death.com/storm.html ◄Text of Howard Storm's Near Death Experience
Howard Storm on the Future of the United States

38 yr old college art professor, Howard Storm
Part II.  "When I had been a loving kind, person, considerate of others, it made God happy."
Part III   "What they were trying to convey to me was that my whole purpose was to love God and love my neighbor."  

Mickey Robinson, plane crash

Bill Weiss:


A two dimensional object apparently generated by the Resurrection.



See the 110124.htm homepage for the new data on the NIH and how psychiatry and their drugs are utterly brainless.

See all the links from BRAINDAMAGE.htm,

Rockefeller's BRITISH_PSYCHIATRY.htm (from whence, Hitler and his Eugenics)

SATANS_SICKOS.htm  Where the devils admit that psychiatrists "work for me"

DIABOLICAL_PERVERSION_PSYCHOANALYSIS.htm  Psychoanalysis is a process of brainwashing, where all the brainwashees are indoctrinated with Me-Centrality, and can't recognize it when a person acts on behalf of others.  They simultaneously can't see where delusions are the ERROR in Me-Centrality and thus have no idea what "mental illness" is.  The victims of possession or oppression are also diagnosed as "disordered" because psychiatrists have no clue what they're doing, nor what is scientifically or morally sound.

"The Descent of the Modernists"



"The Protestant Reformation created a need to interpret the scriptures without the aid of church authority"

The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey  A long time ago, Satan said the same thing he said to psychiatrists as he said to the Protestants/Calvanists; "I taught you all you know.  You work for me."  

"I will expel thee in the name of God," said the preacher, solemnly.

"You!" said the devil mockingly. "You will not expel me either in the name of God, or in the name of the devil. Did you ever hear of one devil driving out another?"

"I am not a devil," said the preacher, angrily, "I am a servant of Christ."

"A servant of Christ, indeed!" said Satan, with a sneer. "What! I tell you, you are worse than I am. I believe, and you do not want to believe. Do you suppose that you can expel me from the body of this miserable wretch? Ha! Go first and expel all the devils that are in your own heart!"

In the absence of Church Authority (records, access to history, the revelations of the saints, data learned from exorcisms), who is an authority?  It is obviously anyone who self-declares himself an authority.

See also: The exorcism of Emily Rose and the one in the 1970s, Germany, HERE:
http://www.tldm.org/news4/warningsfrombeyond.2of3.htm ◄ Search through all three pages for references to Vatican II and how that made the Church like the Protestants.  A mish-mosh of uneducated garbage. 

The only thing Protestants know for sure is that they hate Catholics and that they think the Pope is the AntiChrist, when the AntiChrist comes from the psychiatrist/freemason/Kabbalah/Jewish mysticism clan.



TALMUD, ORAL LAW, CORRUPTED  [ELIJAH and the Jewish Priests of Baal (a demon)]

http://www.naderlibrary.com/lit.terrorismilluminati.1.htm  (◄ read all the pages)

KABBALAH_SACRIFICES.htm  More data here re Jewish history and their history of having adopted the practices of the Canaanites, Egyptians, and demon-worshippers in Babylon.   Remember that the point of this betrayal of Heaven is to obtain favors from Satan, like destroying one's competition, elevating oneself to the likes of a judgeship or a lawyer, or to move in the circles of wealth.  One way or another, the way to succeed in life (according to the Capitalist model of it), you must harm others.  Lie,  Slander, Perjure, etc.  Abuse other people, any way you like.  Then you become hardened to sin, and more easily blame your victims. 

WICCAN   Wiccan again is witchcraft, and all the craft comes from the Kabbalah.  The whole point of it, is to become deeper and deeper involved in rituals that damn the soul by worshipping false powers.



1998:  Gossip, slander and drunkenness were think and many who hated the Lord were given authority then. The Lord’s Name was mentioned often.  But only by those who held to a form of godliness, although they had denied its power.  When one of the Lord’s watchmen came, they cried,. “FOUL, CRAZY!  A VIOLENT MAN!!  Better to hear diviners, who call themselves prophets.” 
And I told the people that the spirit of Elijah was at work, calling them to repentance and to a proper relationship with God.  And that after Elijah would come Elisha, with a double portion and fullness of the Spirit of God.   And the Lord said to me behold the number I will show you, and I looked and I saw the number 144000. 144.  And I spoke to the people and told them to harken and prepare their hearts.  For in the days of Elisha, the two bears would again be called down as a curse.  These being the bears of Wall Street and the Great Russian Bear.  And behold the bull will run while the bulls are champions, and when the Jordan is finally removed, the bear will devour what the bull has taken. 
For the Jordan is a necessity, if one is to succeed.  The Jordan and the Cross are the necessary provisions for one to enter into the Promised Land   And I looked and beheld a vision.   I saw the Red Sea parted and God’s people passing through on dry land. And I saw an army of angry men on horseback coming behind them with murder in their eyes.  And I said to myself, “Surely they will die, those who attempt to destroy God’s people.” 
And the Lord said, “Behold, just as I did Pharoah, have I done to their leaders. Their hearts are hardened and your labors shall be increased. Behold the sealing of God’s true servants has begun. 

And I heard the thundering voice of the Lord.

Woe be to you, all you enemies of the Cross. To all you who say, ‘We do not want this man to rule over us.’  Woe be to you.  Woe be to you who merely take my name to cover your sins, yet you refuse my Cross, My bread, My robes of righteousness, yes, even Me,” says the Lord.

 “Woe be unto you embrace covetessness and refuse correction.  Who turn my house into a social order and not a house of worship.  Woe to you who have drawn my watchmen come to merely tickle your ears.  When the strong message comes, instead of contrition, you embrace murder to protect your idolatrous hearts.  And how you murder my servants.  Though they come to you in love and in the spirit of hope, instead of repentance, you have opted for murder, you sons of Cain.  My wrath is even now being kindled against you.  You take my Name and bring reproach upon yourselves in the sight of all, and for all to see.

”And behold, here is your judgment, even now: Because you have have chosen to make my house a social order and not a house of worship and prayer. And because you have chosen to shout and not bow down before me, behold your prophets shall hear a mixed word.  For none draws close enough to hear with clarity My still small voice amid the din and uproar of your congregation. 

“It is true that the gifts are without repentance but unleavened mixed word does not bring the light you think it does.  It only leads to lukewarmness and that I shall not tolerate.

“A contrite heart and a broken spirit I shall not despise.  But shouting luke-warmness and pride, I shall reject,” says the Lord.

“Behold the day is coming when you shall look and behold a righteous man will not be found among you.  And only words mixed with vain imaginings from your lukewarm prophets shall be heard. Words that do not bring life.

“Woe be to you who are at ease in Zion! Woe be to those who say ‘Rapture! Rapture!’ and refuse to pay the price of bearing their cross.  You who refuse to lift a finger yet lay heavy loads for others to bear.  The spirit of the Pharisees is among you.  And you, likewise, will perish if you do not repent. 
”Woe to you who have assumed charge of My household, yet you beat my messengers who have come to you for you correction.  Do you not know that I will come upon you in an hour you know not, and will cut you to pieces and assign you a place with unbelievers as your reward.

“’Peace and Safety!’ you shout.  And in so doing deceive yourselves from any preparation.  Woe to you who seek the deeper things and embrace Jezebel and not Me,” says the Lord.  ”My path will lead you to the cross.  The true treasures of the Living Word lie through and beyond the Jordan, the place of death itself.  Jezebel will lead you to circumvent the cross and not go through it.  Have I not said, that I am the Door to the sheepfold and all who enter in, must enter in through Me.  And anyone who does enter in through me is a thief and a robber.  There is no other way whereby you can partake of the true Heavenly treasures, but through Me, and through the cross of death, where you will indeed find life.

”Pray, Pray that you will understand this. But woe to you who have twisted the cross and made it a dainty thing.  For it is not a dainty thing, but an instrument of death.  In very the spirit of Rome you have carelessly romanticized the cross, and taken away its use.  Woe be to you.

“Oh, my people. Oh, my people it is not My desire that any man should perish.  And therefore I have made provisions for you, but you must accept the path I have chosen.  My path will lead to life, but that life comes through death.  When you let the cross do its work in your life, you shall then know the power and the life that is hidden from the crowd.  Won’t you hear My voice?  Draw near to me, and I shall draw near to you.  Look therefore to me, and not to any man.  Draw near to Me and hear My still small voice
Behold the day is coming when the proud shall be swept away.  Therefore humble yourself before me, and in My time I shall exalt you, says the Lord




DEARBORN_WHO_SAID_WHAT.htm   No one agreed with Steere.


1) Testing and Scientific Validity (Yale owns the Flagellin Method, Dearborn was a FRAUD,
2) Biomarkers (IDSA's own)
3) Klempner (Scientific Fraud; A) Dearborn was a lie, B) Klempner reported biomarkers and C) treatment failure)
4) Patents (tell what Lyme/Relapsing Fever really is and that OspA caused illness outcomes like Chronic Lyme)
5) Persistence Data (IDSA's own treatment failure data)