Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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Lyme  Crooks Report Treatment Failure in about 20 reports 

GO HERE for other older references published before the Great Whore of Medicine, Allen Steere, emerged onto the scene, and when the disease was known as Relapsing Fever.

Associated Chapters: - Russian Cysts, and  IDSA and the MIT

The Biomarkers Chapter and Pam3Cys chapters (will be combined for the actual
print version of the book, CRYME DISEASE) are about the immune suppression
outcomes of the New Great Imitator, OspA-Diseases, or Pam3Cys Diseases.

This data, below, is 20+ reports of persistence past treatment and in the brain by the ALDF/IDSA crooks, themselves (the Lyme crooks; Yale/NYMC/ALDF/IDSA/Kaiser cabal), that they refused to turn over to the Connecticut Attorney General for a year and a half before settling out of court.

Says CDC officer Alan Barbour:  "We treat spirochetal diseases with other spirochetal diseases to cause a fever because antibiotics don't work."

This seems like an amazing! choice of treatment for a disease that does not exist or is easily cured by antibiotics, and especially, for a disease that has no brain residua.
By CDC Officer Alan Barbour, in 1986, The Biology of Borrelia Species.

1)  In 1975 there was apparently an international conference on spirochetal diseases.  The following year the conference was summarized in book form, by Russell Johnson and was entitled, The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes.

Dr. Jay Sanford of the "Uniformed Services Military Hospital" in Bethesda, Maryland, reported:

"The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1).  The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently requires additional study  (3,5,10,11)."  -Jay Sanford, US Military Hospital, Bethesda, MD   

Russell Johnson later published for the 1989 IDSA Reviews, special supplement on Lyme and spirochetal diseases that:  "Although spirochetes can often be detected in culture media after 3 weeks of culture, some isolates may not be visible for several months."


IDSA says we need to culture these suckers for several months.  Did Mark Klempner do that in his bogus long term treatment "study?"    NO.

By CDC Officer Alan Barbour, in 1986,
The Biology of Borrelia Species:

"The propensity for borrelia to go to the brain of infected mammals suggests that the relationship between these spirochetes and neural tissues is not trivial.  Further study of this attraction and the interaction that follows may reveal the basis for the significant nerve and brain involvement in Lyme borreliosis"--

This is self-explanatory.  We have previously seen that rodent brains so reliably were a home for spirochetes that they were actually the culture media.  We also acknowledge that ceftriaxone for brain diseases was a treatment IDSA themselves used and offered and still use, so Lyme must not be a self-limiting knee disease as Allen Steere and Yale's Steven Malawista claim.


And here we have in the same CDC officer's 1986 report that there are, gasp, "gemma:"

3)   Russell Johnson's patent for the very first Lyme vaccine

US PATENT 4,721,617

"The chronic forms of the disease such as arthritis (joint involvement), acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans (skin involvement), and Bannwart's syndrome (neurological involvement) may last for months to years and are associated with the persistence of the spirochete. A case of maternal-fetal transmission of B. burgdorferi resulting in neonatal death has been reported. Domestic animals such as the dog also develop arthritis and lameness to this tick-borne infection. For every symptomatic infection, there is at least one asymptomatic infection. Lyme disease is presently the most commonly reported tick-borne disease in the United States." --

The patent also says:

"The infection may be treated at any time with antibiotics such as penicillin, erythromycin, tetracycline, and ceftriaxone. Once infection has occurred, however, the drugs may not purge the host of the spirochete but may only act to control the chronic forms of the disease. Complications such as arthritis and fatigue may continue for several years after diagnosis and treatment."



4) At the time of the writing of this book, CDC officer Alan Barbour has on his website, the following statement:

 "We are taking a multi-discipline approach, including methods of genetics, cell biology, and immunology, to study in depth two spirochetal diseases: Lyme disease and relapsing fever. These tick-borne infections are notable for multiphasic antigenic variation through DNA recombinations in the case of relapsing fever, the occurrence of chronic arthritis in the case of Lyme disease, and invasion of and persistence in the brain in the case of both diseases.   ---Alan Barbour


*5)  In 1994 Alan Steere and other published a report entitled:

The Long-Term Clinical Outcomes of Lyme Disease: A Population-based Retrospective Cohort Study

right arrow Nancy A. Shadick; Charlotte B. Phillips; Eric L. Logigian; Allen C. Steere; Richard F. Kaplan; Victor P. Berardi; Paul H. Duray; Martin G. Larson; Elizabeth A. Wright; Katherine S. Ginsburg*; Jeffrey N. Katz; and Matthew H. Liang
15 October 1994 | Volume 121 Issue 8 | Pages 560-567

In that report:

"Patient 12 had had high fever, meningeal symptoms, and subsequent arthritis in 1982. She was noted to have a positive serologic test result for Lyme disease 4 years later and was treated with 2 weeks of parenteral penicillin. She later developed a progressive speech disorder, bradykinesia, and abnormal ocular motor function. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed scattered white matter lesions in the hemispheres and pons, and she was diagnosed with supranuclear palsy. Lumbar puncture showed no selective concentration of antibody in the spinal fluid. Nevertheless, she was re-treated with 2 weeks of parenteral ceftriaxone in 1989 that had no effect on her neurologic symptoms. During the time of observation, this patient died. At autopsy, lymphoid mononuclear cells were observed surrounding the intracerebral vessels in one section. Using Dieterle silver stain, a spirochete was present in the cortex and another was exterior to a leptomeningeal vessel."

One of Steere's multiply-treated patients died anyway with spirochetes in her brain.  How amazing that that suddenly doesn't happen any more, despite no new breakthroughs in antibiotic treatments or their delivery.

The Primer's Shell Game is where these Lyme crooks use the wrong DNA (or RNA) primers (they use the variable Osp primers instead of the non-variable chromosomally encoded) to test Lyme victims.   These same crooks use the correct DNA primers when they want to find Lyme or borrelia in ticks (to patent).  It's a shell game. They all know that all that they can use for treatment outcomes is non-variable DNA or RNA. 

Mark Klempner never reported his primers in his Chronic Lyme "study," and he would not tell me, either, in an email correspondence I had with him.  Therefore, the Lyme crooks have never validly reported on the presence of borrelia in humans, with the exception of Gary Wormser's study of EMs in which he found 2/9 patients who had EM, who had been treated with antibiotics still had spirochetes in their tissues.  This data can be found on the HOW RICO WILL BE CHARGED PAGE

- - -

Clin Microbiol Infect. 2008 Jul;14(7):653-8.

Comparison of PCR methods and culture for the detection of Borrelia spp. in patients with erythema migrans.

Cerar T, Ruzić-Sabljić E, Glinsek U, Zore A, Strle F.

Institute of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Medicin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The sensitivities of two PCR assays and culture were compared for the detection of Borrelia spp. in skin specimens of 150 patients with typical erythema migrans. In addition, the accuracy of the methods for the identification of Borrelia spp. was compared by analysing culture isolates and material obtained directly from skin biopsy specimens. Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato was isolated from 73 (49%) of 150 skin biopsy specimens. Using a nested PCR targeting the rrf-rrl region and a PCR targeting the flagellin gene, 107 (71%) and 36 (24%) specimens, respectively, were positive. With both PCRs, positive results were more frequent with culture-positive samples (67/73 (92%) and 24/73 (33%) for the nested and flagellin PCRs, respectively) than with culture-negative samples (40/77 (52%) and 12/77 (16%) for nested and flagellin PCR, respectively). Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis after MluI restriction identified 69/73 (95%) isolates, of which 58/69 (84%) were Borrelia afzelii and 11/69 (16%) were Borrelia garinii. After MseI restriction of PCR products amplified from the intergenic rrf-rrl region, B. afzelii was identified in 73/107 (68%) samples, B. garinii in 22/107 (21%) samples, and both species in 11/107 (10%) samples. The corresponding results for culture-positive specimens were 41/69 (59%), 14/69 (20%), and 7/69 (10%). Comparison of the results for specimens positive according to both approaches revealed complete uniformity in 80% of the cases. Overall, nested PCR was the most sensitive method for the demonstration of Borrelia spp. in erythema migrans skin lesions, followed by culture and PCR targeting the flagellin gene. The congruence of identification results obtained by analyzing culture isolates and material obtained directly from skin biopsies was relatively high but incomplete.


The Borrelia Flagellin Master Prober: Picken, 1992:
Burgdorferi is most similar to


Mark Klempner, in his fake long term retreatment study, did not reveal which DNA primers he used to discover no-lyme in the CSF of previously terated Lyme victims, even when asked directly.  The NEJM had no problem with Klempner not reporting his Methods and Materials in the Methods and Materials section of his report.

Klempner states in his report that people who were positive were excluded from the study because it would be unethical not to treat patients who were DNA positive for Borrelia, and so they were excluded from the start.  We know of at least one patient who joined Klempner's study because she/he was Borrelia burgdorferi DNA-positive.

For Klempner to claim publicly that there were no Bb DNA positive patients at all, is research fraud.


Recall from the Russell Johnson Culturing article published in the 1989 IDSA Reviews special supplement on Lyme and spirochetal diseases, it could take months to regrow intact spirochetes in BSK media from the cystic form:



*6, 7)  In 1994 and in 1996, Steere and Nocton published a reports of treatment failure and brain invasion using RNA and DNA methods and they found treatment failed in a third of the patients with their OspA primer sets.  In the first report, in 1994, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that they used 4 primer sets.  Three were for the OspA gene (which we know undergoes antigenic variation and therefore these are the wrong probes).  The fourth set was for 16S RNA intragenic spacer (remember now, for Borrelia burgdorferi, ignoring all the other possibilities).  These were rather valuable reports, overall, since they prove that Allen Steere and the ALDF cabal is saying something much different today about the what the disease actually is (brain infection) and about treatment outcomes.

Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA by polymerase chain reaction in cerebrospinal
fluid in Lyme neuroborreliosis.

"of 73 patients with Lyme arthritis who were untreated or treated with short courses of oral antibiotics before testing, 70 (96 percent) had positive PCR results. In contrast, of 19 patients who received either parenteral antibiotics or long courses of oral antibiotics, only 7 (37 percent) had positive test results after treatment (P<0.001). In the 29 patients for whom serial samples were available, all pretreatment samples were positive."


About a third of the patients still had spirochetes in their knees after antibiotic treatment.

- - - -


The following is not a treatment outcomes assessment, but merely demonstrates that Allen Steere acknowledges the brain disease called "chronic neuroborreliosis" and that he previously had proven with the synovial fluid DNA post-treatment analysis, that treatment failed in a third of the cases.  As I do not have the full text of this report, and the probes were not reported, I can't comment on whether or not they were the correct ones.  As the correct ones by this time had been used by Gary Wormser and Robert Schoen when assessing tick bite treatment outcomes and whether or not the spirochete missing the OspA-B plasmid belonged to this new New England deer tick relapsing fever group, respectively, we can guess that Allen Steere maybe knew which primer probes to use:  16S and 23S RNA, but better from more from the genera:

Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA by polymerase chain reaction in cerebrospinal fluid in Lyme neuroborreliosis.


: J Infect Dis. 1996 Sep;174(3):623-7.

Nocton JJ, Bloom BJ, Rutledge BJ, Persing DH, Logigian EL, Schmid CH, Steere AC.

Division of Rheumatology/Immunology, New England Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts02111, USA.

A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay that detects Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was evaluated as a diagnostic test for acute or chronic Lyme neuroborreliosis. In one laboratory, 102 samples were tested blindly, and 40 samples were retested in a second laboratory. In the first laboratory, B. burgdorferi DNA was detected in CSF samples in 6 (38%) of 16 patients with acute neuroborreliosis, 11 (25%) of 44 with chronic neuroborreliosis, and none of 42 samples from patients with other illnesses. There was a significant correlation between PCR results and the duration of previous intravenous antibiotic therapy. The overall frequency of positive results was similar in the second laboratory, but concordance between the laboratories and among primer-probe sets was limited because many samples were positive with only one primer-probe set. Thus, PCR testing can sometimes detect B. burgdorferi DNA in CSF in patients with acute or chronic neuroborreliosis, but with current methods, the sensitivity of the test is limited.

PMID: 8769624 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


Perhaps the best way to prove antibiotic efficacy is with monkeys treated with ceftriaxone and then subject to the Mouse (monkey) Infectivity Test.



*8, 9)   

As reported in the previous chapter, and in the introduction of this one, Mark Klempner says the IV drug ceftriaxone, which is used for meningitis (and not knee-only diseases), does not kill all the spirochetes (click here for full text journal article)  


"Fibroblasts protected B. burgdorferi for at least 14 days of exposure to ceftriaxone. Mouse keratinocytes, HEp-2 cells, and Vero cells but not Caco-2 cells showed the same protective effect. Thus, several eukaryotic cell types provide the Lyme disease spirochete with a protective environment contributing to its long-term survival." HERE on Medline (same report as above)

Mark Klempner here describes a special nerve and brain degrading enzyme, Matrix-metalloproteinase 130 that he found in chronic Lyme patients.  Be sure to read why he performed this study.  


10) In 1999, Mark Klempner reported with Denise Huber at Tufts, "Autoimmunity; Is is Me or Thee?";jsessionid=47122A0C58C911613E8BDE31ED7C9609

Same report:  Klempner reported that OspA or LYMErix could cause brain disease  as if that needs an explainer.

"T cells that react to OspA, OspC and p 22 epitopes also recognize myelin basic protein, SST-R1m and IL-1R, respectively, possibly leading to encephalopathy and radiculopathy..."


We're not too impressed with the T cell data to support that hypothesis, but we are impressed with Mark Klempner's non-reporting the possible association between OspA vaccination and brain damage, since in 1999, LYMErix had come onto the market.  We're also impressed with the fact that in 2003 Mark Klempner said there was no such thing as cognitive impairment associated with Lyme infection.  We claim that myelin has something to do with brains and nerves, and that the spinal fluid was from whence Mark discovered the very special MMP-130.

NINDS' Roland Martin did not prove T cell autoimmunity, and so he went home to Germany.  Martin failed to prove that the Multiple Sclerosis version of "Lyme Disease" is caused by T cell autoimmunity, just as Allen Steere failed to find T cell autoimmunity was the cause of the knee kind of Lyme.  If Lyme-Knee and Lyme-Brain are not really T cell autoimmunity diseases, then what are they ya think?

Read more about that on this page: 

See Mark Klempner's nice flow chart (more detailed version, HERE):


*11)  Yale Pathology and the Congenital Brain Infection of Newborn Resulting in Death   "The death of the newborn was probably due to respiratory failure as a consequence of perinatal brain damage." 

The child and mother were seronegative, they were treated, and there was remarkably "no inflammation."  Yale's Eugene Shapiro claimed in PBS' Life on Earth Series that the only way you can have a disease is if you have inflammation.

The baby died of congenital Lyme brain damage, anyway.  This is not the only such report, and they report on several babies who died from congenital Lyme.




12) When trying to strike fear into the hearts of the New England Munchausers, hypochondriacs, trophy-wives who co-suffer Viagra-deficit syndrome, Fibrofemzalgiacs, "what I call Lyme Paranoia, " antibiomaniacs, members of the "Lyme internet cult," and other delusional newsgroup posters, Yale's Robert Schoen said about the LYMErix vaccine:

In late-stage disease [a disease now called Munchausen's by proxy, etc], the central nervous system [which we know to be a complicating variable and should be thrown out] may be involved.  A new diagnostic test [not ever to be used, since it is a scientifically valid marker of real illness and we Lyme crooks never go there, preferring the services of the professional, perpetual pee-pee whacking Voo-Dooists of medicine, psychiatry] measuring glial fibrillary acidic protein in the cerebrospinal fluid may prove to be a useful tool in measuring such involvement.

"Oh," we say.

"My, my.  A new disease for us bored housewives to wear. GFAp-itis.  We can talk about it at cocktail parties..."


*13) Having had the nearly dead dumped on him repeatedly, the very famous and brilliant (truly) Kenneth B. Liegner of Armonk, New York, and having had the experience and training to go with the bodies, decided to send samples of multiply-treated human bodies to the crooks, to have THEM determine whether or not Lyme infection persists past treatment and VIOLA!

CDC participates in (Liegner) autopsy and identifies persisting DNA in samples of patients treated many times for Lyme, which therefore proves antibiotic treatment does not completely eradicate the Lyme infection.   

SUNY, Tulane, CDC, The Mayo Clinic...

All reported "POSITIVE FOR BORRELIA" either by staining or by DNA methods.

And then the New York Medical Board tortured Ken what else is new.

Kaiser supplies the New York Medical Board's "experts" from New York Medical College.  It's sorta like the George Bush, Karl Rove, US Attorneygate, Alberto Gonzales and John Yoo scenario.  Stack the deck, then commit the crime.


14) Again, in a repeat of Robert Schoen's scare-mongering of the already mortally scared of having nothing to talk about at cocktail parties, East Lyme, Connecticut's Vijay Sikand said at the 1998 FDA LYMErix Vaccine Meeting

 "...the specter of asymptomatic infection is something that troubles me a great deal and troubles a great number of my colleagues who need to treat Lyme disease.  The obvious analogy with syphilis infection with Treponema pallidum is there to consider.  It is well known that Borrelia burgdorferi indeed after asymptomatic infection can lurk or secrete itself in certain areas of the body, perhaps the central nervous system or perhaps the joint spaces, only to reappear months or maybe years later in the form of late stages of illness which are harder to diagnosis and treat."  ---Vijay Sikand



"Scare me!

"Do that again!!!"

<squeal of delight>

["Harder to diagnose and treat?"  I thought Lyme was "easily diagnosed and cured?"  Sikand sounds remarkably like myself when I say "TROJAN HORSE."  Or maybe it's the other way around.]


15) The combined National Institutes say:    --  

"8.    Infectious diseases of the CNS mediated through immune mechanisms, including acute and chronic Lyme disease and neuroAIDS;"


Heavens!  Who are we to argue with all of the combined National Institutes?


16) Early Brain Invasion by Lyme crook, Jorge Benach. 

Benach later sent a letter to the editor of the New York Times stating that Allen Steere was right, that we Lyme victims are delusional, and that "Allen Steere has the science on his side," when you can clearly see that we have Jorge Benach's science as well as Allen Steere's on our side.


17)  Early Brain Invasion by Ray Dattwyler-

Dattwyler is now the author of the new IDSA "guidelines," where Lyme is a non-disease.

But this is what he told to the FDA in 1994:

Hence, Lyme is not a knee disease, and the Klempner report is bogus, so there is no data to support the new IDSA guidelines on Lyme as an imaginary, self-limited disease that is cured by the placebo effect of antibiotics as Mark Klempner asserted.

This has other indictment value as regards Steere and what he did in Europe, since clearly we want to diagnose the earliest case of Lyme to possibly prevent brain invasion.  (I know.  Steven Malawista and the Yale Psychiatry Department would not agree with me.)


18)  Pachner_Brains_1990  Antigenic variation in the brain. 

This means you can't use the Dressler-Steere antibody  method to determine late Lyme in the brain and neither can you say what Mark Klempner now says.  This is just one more well-established report on Lyme as a brain disease by a well-acknowledged authority.  This report adds nothing as regards permanence of the infection, since it is not a treatment study, but it's simply the pursuit of the obvious to anyone who cares about reality.


*19)  IDSA REVIEWS 1989  IDSA reviews demonstrate that the REAL expert, Russell Johnson claims that some spirochete cultures could take months to re-grow intact spirochetes from the spheroplast form (serum-starvation or survival in harsh conditions form).  This negates the Klempner report.

"Treatment fails in more than half the cases"-  Dattwyler, Luft, Sigal and Steere.

RUSSELL JOHNSON, CULTURING  "spheroplasts could take months to revert to intact spirochetes in BSK media"

NEW "GREAT IMITATOR,"  PACHNER  (We have enough data to work this up now.  We had it over a decade ago.  The creeps kept the lid on the truth and now American scientists are known as "stupid and incomprehensible" in Europe.  The CT Attorney General had to sue the bastards, they refused to turn over their own self-incriminating data to him, and the settlement looks very much like they want to avoid criminal charges.  They threw a fit when we laughed at their response to the settlement with Richard Blumenthal.  We laughed some more.  Now they say nothing, except for Edward McSweegan who has become more virulent against myself, in particular, which is in itself a clue as to what he doesn't want the world to see.  We say "Grow the Eff up and accept responsibility for what you have done, since there's no better example of a coward than he who blames the victim and the world is obviously watching...")




"Recent evaluations of ceftriaxone for early syphilis therapy are promising; however, the optimal dose and duration of therapy are unknown."


Thirty days of IV ceftriaxone was in the first place, an arbitrary decision by the crooks, themselves,
and that was because they thought it was a brain disease, and the same for syphilis.

Then, again, came Mark Klempner.


20) John Dunn at Brookhaven et al, say that Lyme is  "the perfect stealth pathogen" that can "mistaken for MS, Lupus, can cause excruciating headaches."


It's always nice to have the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy on your side :)))


*21) Alan Barbour on what happens if you wait long than 7 days to treat Lyme very aggressively

Remember, now, there is the issue with mice not being the best human brain example [fill in the blank self-ass-biting comment]:   8913478

Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 1996 Nov;40(11):2632-6

In vivo activities of ceftriaxone and vancomycin against Borrelia spp. in the mouse brain and other sites.

Kazragis RJ, Dever LL, Jorgensen JH, Barbour AG.

Department of Medicine (Infectious Diseases), University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio 78284, USA.

Borrelia burgdorferi, the agent of Lyme disease, and B. turicatae, a neurotropic agent of relapsing fever, are susceptible to vancomycin in vitro, with an MIC of 0.5 microgram/ml. To determine the activity of vancomycin in vivo, particularly in the brain, we infected adult immunocompetent BALB/c and immunodeficient CB-17 scid mice with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae. The mice were then treated with vancomycin, ceftriaxone as a positive control, or normal saline as a negative control. The effectiveness of treatment was assessed by cultures of blood and brain and other tissues. Ceftriaxone at a dose of 25 mg/kg of body weight administered every 12 h for 7 to 10 days eliminated cultivable B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from all BALB/c or scid mice in the study. Vancomycin at 30 mg/kg administered every 12 h was effective in eliminating infection from immunodeficient mice if treatment was started within 3 days of the onset of infection. If treatment with vancomycin was delayed for 7 days or more, vancomycin failed to eradicate infection with B. burgdorferi or B. turicatae from immunodeficient mice. The failure of vancomycin in eradicating established infections in immunodeficient mice was associated with the persistence of viable spirochetes in the brain during antibiotic treatment.  PMID: 8913478 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

See the Chronology of the Lyme crimes for the older references


Identify the disease early and treat it aggressively, but always remember the Trojan Horse, so avoid psychiatry, because they, in their hysteria and hissy-fitting response to this website and the proofs that Lyme is a permanent brain infection, dared to say, "There will be no more spirochete-like discoveries."

To which we reply, "We think it's a free-for-all, now, and anyone can make up any diseases they want, as long as you psychiatrists claim to have the magical ability to diagnose us with anything without the use of any scientifically valid tests."

I say, "RETROCHONDRIA!!" in your general direction.

I say, "The AMA has FLACCITUDE!"

"Your ideas are Steereborn!!"

We say, "Meet me at the Yale Center for the Study of Erections, and we can have a discussion about all your uncomplicated variables ."


22)  An independent study on spirochetes in the brain from dentists and they say:

Molecular and immunological evidence of oral Treponema in the human brain and their association with Alzheimer's disease.  medline link to verify

Riviere GR, Riviere KH, Smith KS.

Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Oregon Health and Sciences University, Portland, OR 97201-3097, USA.

The purpose of this investigation was to use molecular and immunological techniques to determine whether oral Treponema infected the human brain. Pieces of frontal lobe cortex from 34 subjects were analyzed with species-specific PCR and monoclonal antibodies. PCR detected Treponema in 14/16 Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 4/18 non-AD donors (P < 0.001), and AD specimens had more Treponema species than controls (P < 0.001). PCR also detected Treponema in trigeminal ganglia from three AD and two control donors. Cortex from 15/16 AD subjects and 6/18 controls contained Treponema pectinovorum and/or Treponema socranskii species-specific antigens (P < 0.01). T. pectinovorum and/or T. socranskii antigens were also found in trigeminal ganglia and pons from four embalmed cadavers, and 2/4 cadavers also had Treponema in the hippocampus. These findings suggest that oral Treponema may infect the brain via branches of the trigeminal nerve.

PMID: 11929559 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]


"PCR detected Treponema in 14/16 Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 4/18 non-AD donors."

"Cortex from 15/16 AD subjects and 6/18 controls contained Treponema pectinovorum and/or Treponema socranskii species-specific antigens."


We wondered why this information never makes breaking headline news as regards new developments in Alzheimer's but then we remember the American Psychiatric Association has become like the Pope in his treatment of Galileo.  Such is heresy against the dogma that "no more spirochete-like discoveries will be made."

Despite the history and syphilis and the insane asylums and Ehrlich's Compound 606, the arsenic bullet and so on and so forth...


23) Mousehausen's is now official  CDC admits ceftriaxone fails to eradicate all spirochetes.

Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi Following Antibiotic Treatment in Mice

Emir Hodzic, Sunlian Feng, Kevin Holden, Kimberly J. Freet, and Stephen W. Barthold*

Center for Comparative Medicine, Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616

The effectiveness of antibiotic treatment was examined in a mouse model of Lyme borreliosis. Mice were treated with ceftriaxone or saline for one month, commencing during the early (3 weeks) or chronic (4 months) stages of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. Tissues from mice were tested for infection by culture, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), xenodiagnosis, and transplantation of allografts at 1 and 3 months after completion of treatment. In addition, tissues were examined for spirochetes by immunohistochemistry. In contrast to saline-treated mice, mice treated with antibiotic were consistently culture-negative, but tissues from some of the mice remained PCR-positive, and spirochetes could be visualized in collagen-rich tissues. Furthermore, when some of the antibiotic treated mice were fed upon by Ixodes scapularis ticks (xenodiagnosis), spirochetes were acquired by the ticks, based upon PCR, and ticks from those cohorts transmitted spirochetes to naïve SCID mice, which became PCR-positive, but culture-negative. Results indicated that following antibiotic treatment, mice remained infected with non-dividing but infectious spirochetes, particularly when antibiotic treatment was commenced during the chronic stage of infection.


Ya gonna argue with the CDC, now?

spirochetes were acquired by the ticks

Culture negative means nothing, as we know.  It could take months in vitro.  They should have completed the Mouse Infectivity Test.


24) -
 CDC on intracellular nerve and brain borrelia spirochetes

We all wonder how the hell the CDC can talk about this phenomenon and not come right and say "Lyme is a relapsing fever organism and is incurable due to their intracellularity and the formation of dormant cyst or spheroplast forms, which are also inhalable," - since this is all either their own data, or the NIH's data, or the US Army's data.



25)  Willy Burgdorfer discussing the cyst or the spheroplast form.  Combine that with the reality that CDC officers discuss intracellular spirochetes (Mark Klempner and the one above).  While Willy Burgdorfer is discussing European articles, however - disclaimed as invalid by the CDC except when Allen Steere does it (Chapter 3) - recall that Willy Burgdorfer was himself recruited by the NIH Rocky Mountains Bioweapons Lab (which had a moat dug around it hmmm strangely like a mini island, like a mini Plum Island) from Switzerland, and the NIH also recruited the German scientist Roland Martin to head up the NINDS-Multiple Sclerosis group.

So, everyone can discount CDC's discount of foreign research since obviously no matter what they say, it's a lie.


SAY THE IDSA GUIDELINES (GARY WORMSER, et al, or the Original "entrepreneurial trio"   gang of:

"The  entrepreneurial trio  are Durland Fish, Ph.D., former director of the College's Lyme Disease Center and now a research scientist at Yale; Gary P. Wormser, M.D., still professor of medicine and pharmacology and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the College; and John J. Connolly, Ed.D., former College president and current chairman of the board of the  American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc.,  which had its genesis on the Valhalla campus in 1990."  ◄ "The 2006 IDSA Guidelines"

"The notion that symptomatic, chronic B. burgdorferi infection can exist despite recommended
treatment courses of antibiotics (tables 2 and 3) in the absence of objective clinical signs of
disease, is highly implausible as evidenced by (1) the lack of antibiotic resistance in this genus
[39, 40, 310], (2) the lack of correlation of persistent symptoms with laboratory evidence of
or with the eventual development of objective physical signs [223, 257, 288, 289],
and (3) the lack of precedent for such a phenomenon in other spirochetal infections [

[Lyme is a "STEALTH DISABLER" and as shown in the Yale Congenital Lyme Autopsy report, there was "NO INFLAMMATION."  SEE THE BIOMARKERS and the MARK KLEMPNER CHAPTER;  NOT CAPTURING THEIR OWN IDENTIFIED BIOMARKERS of disease and instead, deploying the invalid mumbo-jumbos (psychiatry) is a research fraud crime.]

"Additional compelling evidence against the hypothesis that persistent symptoms are the result of
persistent infection is the fact that the concentrations of antibodies against B. burgdorferi in
many of these patients diminish to undetectable levels [257, 286, 288, 318]. The panel is unaware
of any chronic infection in which antibody titers diminish despite persistence of the causative
[VERY DAMNING statement.  This phenomenon is related to the "stealth disabler" mechanisms of fungal or mycoplasmal or mycobacterial antigens- no antibodies are made against the infection due to TLR2 tolerization and the downregulation of HLA or antigen-presenting molecules   Wormser is aware of the immune suppression aspects of OspA vaccination, since he reported about it:

Gary Wormser reporting the blunting of the immune response in vaccinated animals:

"OspA interferes with the response of lymphocytes to proliferative stimuli including a blocking of cell cycle phase progression."

"In syphilis, patients who are regarded as having treatment failure typically have persistent or rising titers of antibodies [319].  [THE IMMUNE SUPPRESSING PlumIsland PAM3CYS LIPOPEPTIDE OSPA IS NOT FOUND IN TREPONEMA PALLIDUM]  

"Finally, Lyme disease lacks characteristics of other infections that justify longer treatment courses, such as infections in immunodeficient hosts, [YOU ARE REALLY GONNA BE SHOCKED when you see the Plum Island Mycoplasmal-immune suppressing data, the activation of latent viruses data (auto-kill turned off) the HIV Pam3Cys immune depression data, and the Fungal Vaccines data]  infections in which a pathogen is inhibited but not killed by antimicrobial therapy or in which available antimicrobials are minimally active in vitro [JOHNSON CULTURING FROM SPHEROPLAST COULD TAKE MONTHS], infections caused by an intracellular pathogen [KLEMPNER- "cef fails"], infections involving a biofilm, infections on a heart valve, or infections involving a clinical site in which there is ischemia, a foreign body, a sequestrum***, or frank pus [170]. The “cystic” forms of B. burgdorferi that have been seen under certain growth conditions in vitro have not been shown to have any clinical significance [320]. [INTRACELLULAR CYSTS are the KEY TO LATENCY, well-known historically, and this is an application of the NEGATIVE DATA RULE, which is another research fraud crime indictment point;  THE MOUSE INFECTIVITY TEST HAS NOT BEEN PERFORMED ON TREATED MICE OR MONKEYS]

CDC and NIH Rocky Mountain antibody-gold sphere method as applied to borreliosis:
The Method Developed:

*** Applied to Borreliosis by NIH Rocky Mountain Lab:
The Dorward/Garon Gold Test Apparently detects plenty of shed antigen.  And it looks pretty sequestery to me, not to mention we could never determine sequestery sites in a human unless we had a lot of brains to biopsy, although the dentists did a pretty good job detecting oral treponemes sequestering in the brains of Alzheimer's patients- See Item 23, below.


1975 at an international spirochetal diseases conference for which Willy Burgdorfer was present;  "The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1).  The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently requires additional study  (3,5,10,11)."  -Jay Sanford, US Military Hospital, Bethesda, MD   


As you can see, Gary Wormser, ad IDSA et al, are trying to deny everything that Lyme actually is.  Lyme is stealth (no antibodies late in the disease), latent, intracellular, is resistant to antibiotics (goes into a self-protective spheroplast form upon exposure to antibiotics  which is not an "end stage" as the crooks claim), it goes into a "dormant" or serum-starved or spheroplast mode (known to the crooks themselves as a "Trojan Horse"), Lyme belongs to the class of diseases where there is typically no inflammation.  It does not belong to NIAID or Anthony Fauci's division, but the parasitic diseases division - but it's not going to belong to either the CDC or the NIH at all after not too long, because when they're done being investigated we will find that that NIH and the CDC are the same as the NEJM "peer-reviewers" - not a one of them isn't interest conflicted. In fact, we will find out what is the exact relationship between the CDC and Kaiser or else the NAFTA-eers of Canada and Mexico will discover it and prosecute it.

At this time I recommend that Russia and China infiltrate Canadian and Mexican business structures such that when the NAFTA NationRape of the North American Continent takes place, Russia can return the favor for the Israeli Oligarchic NationRape Escapade under Yeltsin.


More of these clear rebuttals below and in the RICOCHRON.htm page.

Remember, the IDSA keywords: "INFLAMMATION" and "OBJECTIVE SIGNS"  (meaning they are still referring to "Lyme Disease" as the Dearborn definition of "autoimmune bad knee" as seen in the RICO graphics), because that later comes in in Congenital Lyme ("lack of inflammation") and the Biomarkers chapter as regards the description of the immune suppression outcomes of Lyme, which is the key to all of their crimes, especially as regards this fungal vaccine, LYMErix or ImmuLyme, or rOspA and the activation of latent viruses of all kinds. 

The crooks' own treatment failure or persistence articles are below.

The IDSA statement about the cysts or the spheroplasts is yet another criminal matter, since they all referenced Dave Nelson's "reversion to intact spirochete form from spheroplast within one minute of the addition of rabbit blood" report, Russell Johnson said it could take months in culture for the cyst form to regenerate in media, and the Mouse Infectivity Test has never been tried as a treatment efficacy trial, ever, to my knowledge in lab animals.  They cannot make the claim that the cyst form hasn't any clinical significance, since here we have again the Crooks' Negative Data Rule.

At the present time, there are a whole slew of Russian scientists now studying these intracellular serum-starvation ("Stringent Response") forms at New York Medical College.



It's pretty hard to find a cohort nowadays of non-HIV infected syphilis patients.  From the 1989 IDSA reviews chapter on syphilis, it does not sound at all like syphilis is under control or even given much concern

The serology of syphilis and borreliosis can hardly be compared anyway due to the fact that Borrelia infect all kinds of mammals and undergo great antigenic variation.  These IDSA criminals deny the validity of the Borrelia-specific flagellin assays, when they're the only valid assays.

Anything Wormser says at all needs to be challenged.  It's quite self-evident that nothing about the seriousness of this disease will Wormser tolerate as a fact to stand out or rise to the surface or be memorable.  Clearly that attack pattern worked in the past as regards the Tuskegee Bad Blood experiment and it worked for a while as regards the abuse of Gulf War Illness Veterans, and it works fine as long at the Lyme Disease Association's Pat Smith insists her drones do nothing other than worship Pat Smith and pretend to be Stepford Wives - as if it were admirable to be a brainless-but-pretty robot.  But here is an era where all of these types of abusive medical criminals' former barriers have come down. 

We all know psychiatry is not a medical practice and that the entire genre is in an embarrassing shambles of BigPharma pay-offs and incredibly stupid, self-indicting statements every time they're in the news.  They undid themselves because they went exponentially overboard with their relationships to BigPharma.  The Lyme criminals can no longer deploy psychiatry as they have in the past.  Roy Meadows was himself a fulcrum for change due to the obvious ridiculousness of the Munchausen's accusations.  Sooner or later it would have happened that someone mentioned the word science in the context of health, when talking about children and death.

The survivors of the Munchausen's Terror can take comfort in the fact that God allowed this horror to occur, like He allowed the Child Protective Services to happen. God intends to send at least 2/3 of all the humans to hell.  If you're a survivor of these Terrors, you've been chosen to send dozens of people to hell for your suffering.  In your suffering, you are suffering with Christ, and He is pleased with such people the most.

When Jesus said, "the gates of heaven are narrow," and that few would make it, He would not be lying, would He?

Anyone who has dealt with the Child Protective Services has no doubt that it is their personal will to torture parents and children and that they take great pleasure and derive great satisfaction in destroying people and causing great suffering  You can see it in their queer, sneering, half-cocked smiles.  When you know the CPS, there is no question in your mind that these entities are demonic.  The vast majority of them are either possessed or are far along the way towards possession.  (The only time a possessed person acts out is when they are attempting to reject the possession.  The rest are asymptomatic, like the CPS and psychiatrists.)

And given the magnitude of this epidemic of Lyme there had to be an instance where a tick would bite a real scientist.  Perhaps it only happened once, but it happened.  A real scientist is someone who shouts "BULLSHIT!!," in addition to being highly sensitive to bullshit's occurrence- which would only happen if said scientist is also a female.  We have no other data on that because none exists, or else, by definition we would hear about it.



Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.