Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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See the letter to Henry Waxman (July, 2007), below, in which I reveal what is in CDC's staff members' patents regarding our current crooked blood testing for Lyme.

Also: CDC's Paul Mead bullshits the CT Attorney General.  It's pretty effing amazing that the CDC thinks they can bullshit a State Attorney General.  I mean, see it as an insult, not to mention a crime.

The 5 European Patents owned by CDC staff:

In the descriptions of these 1992 CDC's staff's patents (espacenet ▲link above) with SmithKline in Europe, CDC staff admits that Lyme arthritis is not the only kind of Lyme ▼:

"Summary of the Invention

"In one aspect, the invention provides isolated B. burgdorferi antigens which are regulated and differentiated by growth of the B. burgdorferi in a tick vector. Novel antigens of the invention are listed below in Table I.

"Certain of these antigens are characterized as being B. burgdorferi B31 strain specific and major histocompatibility complex (MHC) nonrestricted. Certain other of these antigens are characterized as being MHC restricted...." 

Letter sent by myself to Henry Waxman (forget Dodd) in 2007:

House Select Committee on Government Oversight and Reform
B377 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC, 20515

July 9, 2007

Regarding the Centers for Disease Controls’ staff’s participation in the scientific fraud of “Lyme Disease.”

As per the introductory phone call I made last week, I am enclosing just a few data items that prove that the CDC has defrauded the American people.

“Lyme Disease” the CDC current blood test definition, is an arthritis in a knee caused by a genetically linked hypersensitivity reaction to OspA as CDC Officer Allen Steere explains in the following reports:

To confirm that this is true, you must subpoena the Dearborn Conference booklet, and a text book entitled “Lyme Disease,” ACP (American College of Physicians) 1998, “Key Diseases Series,” edited by Daniel Rahn and Janine Evans.

In the text book you will find that Allen Steere- a CDC officer- states that the only kind of “seropositive Lyme” is arthritis in a knee.  That means that everyone who does not have a genetic tendency to have an allergy response (or a rheumatological response) will test negative and will not be allowed to be treated- per the CDC’s changes to their website on the diagnosis and treatment of “Lyme Disease.”.

In the Dearborn booklet published by the CDC as a summary of a conference in 1994 in Dearborn Michigan, you will find that none of the labs “invited to participate” by the CDC agreed with the Steere Method, or the current CDC method, or that “Lyme disease” can only be an arthritis in a knee.

This is the CDC's Dearborn method:

“Lyme Disease” was originally called “Lyme Borreliosis,” since it is a permanent, incurable infection of the brain and nerves - is a Relapsing Fever Borreliosis – and the CDC officer and bioweaponeer, Alan Barbour, even states on his website that Lyme is a permanent brain infection. 

Thus, Lyme is not a knee disease, and all the people who have the more severe neurological presentation (are “seronegative”) are told they have some form of  “crazy,” which is “scientific fraud with intent to cause harm.”


Yale committed a fraud against the US Government  (We the People) by owning the only scientifically valid [scientifically valid per the FDA’s rules for a Method Validation (this is what I did for a living at Pfizer)], and has owned that test since 1993, developing it in 1991.   The abstract for this scientific discovery and valid bioanalytical method development is linked here

You can get the full text online if you go to that page.  Yale knows which DNA to use to assess the presence of Borrelia in humans via this same Borrelia burgdorferi specific DNA, but they have never done so in any treatment outcomes study, EVER.

Thus Yale owns “Lyme Borreliosis” and Yale does not release or license or even acknowledge the associated patent (US patent 5,618,533), which means they literally own Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis, and that no one is allowed to have it (either the disease or the scientifically valid test for it).

Yale literally owns a disease, and they are not letting anyone be diagnosed with it because they wanted to sell a bogus Lyme vaccine instead.

The CDC has participated in this crime by owning patents in Europe with SmithKline and in the patents they mention that there are “MHC-restricted” and “MHC-non-restricted antibodies” to the Lyme spirochetes.

This means that the CDC knows that Lyme arthritis in a knee is not the only kind of Lyme.  MHC- means Major Histocompatibility Complex, or HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen), or the well known fact that organ transplantation has to be between individuals of similar “Tissue Type” or the tissue will be rejected as “foreign.”

Or the not-well-known fact that all kids should be screened for immune incompetence to all vaccines, but neither the CDC or BigPharma ever tell anyone.  The CDC just says, ”IT’S NOT THE THIMEROSAL, ” knowing that it is the vaccine antigens themselves causing the brain damage we commonly call the epidemic of autism.

The way to discover these patents and their content is to go to and type in this main patent number:

In the descriptions of their patents, CDC staff admits that Lyme arthritis is not the only kind of Lyme:

"Summary of the Invention

"In one aspect, the invention provides isolated B. burgdorferi antigens which are regulated and differentiated by growth of the B. burgdorferi in a tick vector. Novel antigens of the invention are listed below in Table I.

"Certain of these antigens are characterized as being B. burgdorferi B31 strain specific and major histocompatibility complex (MHC) nonrestricted. Certain other of these antigens are characterized as being MHC restricted...." 


If the CDC has adopted the Infectious Diseases Society of America’s “guidelines," on Lyme Disease” and it looks like they have, that is proof of a conspiracy to defraud the United States  (Title 18, Sec 371). 

The reason is the ID Society say you have to have a positive test for Lyme, knowing full-well [that that test is fraudulent and misses the vast majority of cases], since they participated in the Dearborn conference.   In particular I mean NYMC’s Gary Wormser, who published, and submitted, at the 1994 Dearborn conference, that fact that in his observations, the Steere Arthritis blood test method missed 85% of the cases. 

85% of the people who have Lyme currently cannot be diagnosed and treated because of the deliberate fraud over the testing for Lyme, which the CDC is participating in.

Under the USDOJ RICO charging guidelines, someone who works for a government agency, yet is a participant in a RICO crime, can be charged for the crime as an individual.  This will mean several members of the NIH and CDC could be indicted, including Anthony Fauci, Alan Barbour, Ned Hayes, Allen Steere, Edward McSweegan, David Dennis, Duane Gubler, Barbara Johnson, and the other people listed on the CDC-SmithKline patents in the European database.

This needs a Government Oversight and Reform public hearing since I may have to explain analytical methods validations to Congress, and then you will need to bring someone in from the FDA to confirm what I tell you are their rules for the development of a scientifically valid way to detect something, like Lyme antibodies.  

And that: Yale has such a test,

and that: no treatment studies have ever been performed with this test,

and that: the CDC knows their current blood test method is bogus,

and that Yale never demonstrated that LYMERix prevented Lyme disease, nor “disinfected ticks,” as they falsely claimed, since Yale never applied this proper DNA (flagellin specific DNA that they have owned and acknowledged since 1991) analysis in any of those “studies.”

I hope that’s clear.  If not please call me.


CDC is endorsing this crime, they are participating in this crime of scientific fraud with intent to cause harm, and they own patents with SmithKline in Europe.  SmithKline who manufactured Yale’s bogus Lyme vaccine, LYMErix.


Kathleen M. Dickson


23 Garden Street

Pawcatuck, CT USA

Former Pfizer Analytical Chemist








THE NAME OF THE DISEASE IS "LYME BORRELIOSIS"- it did not become "Lyme disease," until it was falsely decided that "disease" meant "arthritis in a knee caused by OspA, the Lyme vaccine," at the 1994 Dearborn conference.

The CDC's 1994 Dearborn conference was designed around falsely qualifying OspA vaccines.

This is the CDC's Dearborn method:

Notice there is no band 31 (OspA) or 34 (OspB) listed.

Amazing, right?

First Steere said, "Lyme is a disease of too many antibodies to OspA that cross react with knee tissue," and then he said, "Oops, Um, No, I mean Lyme is everything BUT antibodies to OspA, so please take this OspA vaccine, since OspA antibodies is Lyme disease."

And he dares to say *WE* have "some psychiatric illness."


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Imugen found Steere's IgG method to be only 14% accurate, and then later said "Less than 5 bands is negative"- a clear FRAUD

CDC staff will be on the list of indictments for FRAUD  


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