Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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This first chapter of Cryme Disease deals with Scientific Validity and Yale's Valid Antibody test (flagellin).  It contains a primer in the form of a PowerPoint presentation.  This chapter should not be read exclusive of the Primers Shell Game chapter, because together they show that scientific incompetence is not the only phenomenon at work among the Yale/ crooks.  There have been scientifically valid tests for Lyme or spirochetes available since the early 1990s and were used by the crooks when convenient.

The very first thing you need to know about Lyme is that it is technically called Relapsing Fever.
Here is why:   

Click on the larger texted heading, "Borrelia" in the above link.  You will see that the taxonomic categorization of these organisms is based on differences in their flagellin, because that is the genetic species distinguisher - and not OspA or any of the plasmid DNA.

All Borrelia are arthropod-borne.  That is why they are called borrelia.  That is why they're distinct from other spirochetes.  And if they are parasites, they cause disease in some way.


Cryme Disease, Chp 1   (Murphy's Law: It could only have happened in Corrupticut)

Chapter 1, Scientific Validity.

Please see the PowerPoint Explainer on Scientific Validity:

Here is the original 1991 Fikrig/Flavell report that goes with the # 5,618,533 patent:

Look at the graphic on page 3533.

Yale's Fikrig and Flavell are clearly selecting out a section of flagellar DNA that does not cross react with antibodies against flagella from other organisms, which means it is a SPECIFIC test for Borrelia burgdorferi flagellin antibodies, which almost all Lyme victims have.

Why wasn't this test used to assess the outcome of Yale's other, later, patent, the LYMErix vaccine?

Even CDC "officer" Alan Barbour in US patent 5,436,000 proposed such a concept when he patented the flagellar-less spirochete:,436,000


CHAPTER 1, What is meant by "scientifically valid"

This is data the Lyme 180s (Yale/NYMC/ALDF/IDSA/Kaiser cabal) refused to turn over to the Connecticut Attorney General for a year and a half before settling out of court.


FDA Rules on Analytical Validations

FDA Rules on the VALIDATION of an Analytical Method
(only detects one thing)
Accuracy (data from known concentrations is all over the place, but never should detect "none" as is the case with Lyme Western Blotting and the Lyme ELISA, especially)
Limit of Detection (the opposite of Steere's "receiver operating characteristic" below)
Precision  (system has integrity in performance)
Ruggedness  (anyone can run the test with their own equipment and get the same results)
Linearity (concentration range of analyte for which the test is valid) in and out of matrix


As far as we can tell, there are plenty of personal spirochetes for whom humans are allowed to be hosts, as long as we don’t call any of them “Lyme Disease®,” since that’s trade marked concept, is meant to be associated LYMErix®, and is the imaginary autoimmune arthritis in a knee invented by CDC officer Allen Steere while he was in Europe in the early 1990s.  We will get to a more specific description of what exactly “Lyme Disease” is in later chapters, but first one must acquire scientific-validity-speak.

In this book we will freely make up new words.  We’re talking “medicine,” here, and as most people know, new diseases are being invented all the time, with the same frequency as BigPharma and psychiatry expand products and associated diseases, while BigInsurance attempts to narrow the definitions of those diseases.  For example, Pfizer invented “erectile dysfunction,” while BigInsurance invented that the “antiphospholipid syndrome” should replace “Lupus,” raising the bar on how many antibodies one may have in order to have an “illness.”  BigInsurance and BigPharma together invent vector-borne diseases, since Kaiser-Permanente and SmithKline established the “American Lyme Disease Foundation” or the at New York Medical College in New York in association with, primarily, Yale.

Ever since the Bayh-Dole Act, the overall principle of commercialized vector-borne diseases is that:

WHEREAS these are new emerging infectious diseases as a result of global warming, they are, according to CDC’s Alan Barbour, “a rich vein of gold from which to mine virulence determinants.” 

That is, the diseases will only exist if they are a benefit to the “Lyme Disease” cabal at New York Medical College and at Yale.  Treatment for them is not intended, but vaccines and test kits are to be sold.  That is, as each vaccine becomes available, then the world will hear about how serious that disease is.  But in the meantime, the victims will be told they’re crazy and don’t have a real disease.

In order to completely understand the scientific fraud in “Lyme Disease,” one has to understand the concept of “scientific validity.”  IN ALL SERIOUSNESS:  These “scientifically valid” concepts apply to other medical situations one encounters and is an excellent tool to guard yourselves against psychiatric charlatans and the incompetence of the Food and Drug Administration.

The current CDC-promoted Western Blot (gel electrophoresis) testing for “Lyme Disease” does not meet the requirements of the FDA’s rules for a scientifically valid test.  The Lyme ELISA does not even come close to detecting any cases of “Lyme Disease” and will be discussed in later chapters.

A test or method is scientifically valid if:

1) It detects only one species (SPECIFICITY)

2) It is precise (refers to the equipment’s performance)

3) The test does not suffer a matrix ("inert ingredients") effect or any other effect through a range of concentrations (LINEARITY)

4) The test is ACCURATE*

5) RUGGEDNESS – the same results are acquired on different equipment

6) The test must demonstrate its Limit of Detection (LOD) or limit of quantitation.  This last criteria is what analytical chemistry is all about.  We always want to improve the LOD, since we want to detect smaller and smaller quantities of something reliably.  If left to The 180s, in the “Lyme disease” scam we would be going in the opposite direction. If for example, the Lyme 180s were Cancer 180s, you would not be allowed to have a diagnosis of cancer unless it were in the terminal stages or you were already dead.

In most applications of assessing drug potency or outcomes, the method is published in the United States or European Pharmacopoeia.

*In the case of “Lyme Disease” Western Blotting, the Accuracy we will take to mean the percentage of cases that are known to be positive (through DNA testing of EM rash or spinal fluid) that are found to be positive by Western Blotting or through the identification of Lyme- or Borreliae- (no typo) specific antibody bands. 

We, the normal people (and not the Centers for Disease Control or the National Institutes of Health or the Food and Drug Administration or the Infectious Diseases Society of America, not the insurance companies and not the American Medical Association, and not the American College of Physicians and not the American Psychiatric Association…), want to detect every case of a spirochetal infection especially if that person is sick.  We realize this is a revolutionary concept, identifying sick people and trying to understand what is the cause of it and thus to treat it to effect 100% recovery from the suffering from illness, but we’re willing to take the risks and prove the world is round.

Gel electrophoresis is Western Blotting is a form of analytical chemistry known as chromatography, or Separations Science.  A mix of components is given to the analyst he/she is supposed to identify and quantitate whatever is in the mix.

In the case of Relapsing Fever or “Lyme Disease,” we are talking about identifying antibodies that could only have been produced if from exposure to spirochetes.  It is said that Lyme spirochetes are difficult to culture from blood, which may or may not be true.  It is part of the criminal condition of “Lyme Disease” that we don’t routinely use proper DNA or RNA methods to identify “Lyme Disease” in the blood, nor are we necessarily investigating the correct blood components for Borrelial DNA, such as blood cells, since Borrelia are known to be intracellular in blood cells, red and white.  Many scientists in the Lyme crime world do use the proper DNA and RNA when trying to amplify for detecting spirochetes to patent from ticks, but these methods (the proper DNA primers) are not available for everyday use in the detection (diagnosis) of a borreliosis infection in humans (a criminal matter).

As boring as it might seem at first, there is no way around understanding what Separations Science and how that applies to the “Lyme Disease” crimes.  The authors will give three examples:  

1) light and prism-

Everyone understands what happens to light when it passes through a prism.  The density of the glass causes the different wavelengths of light to separate out into apparent bands or colors.

 2) plant proteins-

Many people remember separating plant proteins in grammar or high school.  Mashed plant leaves are placed in a spot on paper and in some sort of solvent (water, methanol, acetonitrile, isopropanol, hexanes, etc.) the various pigments under green separate out.

Imagine trying to quantify those pigments and come up for a number that corresponds to the amount of crushed leaves you tried to spot onto the paper to separate into the various pigments.  That is the world of the analytical chemist – a world of true reality to which all are more than welcome.

 Other types of chromatography:

3) high performance liquid chromatography

4) gas chromatography

5) gel electrophoresis

6) ion chromatography

7) capillary electrophoresis,  etc.


 Detectors and signal amplifiers

For a demonstration of what happens in a real analytical chemistry lab one has to envision the  following


This is (sort of) a schematic of high performance liquid chromatography where the end result is a chromatogram and the various species in the mix are separated out as individual peaks.  In comparison to a Western Blot, which is gel electrophoresis chromatography, each peak would be a band.  One can hopefully envision that these peaks have a more generally even shape.  Each peak represents a band or a species or an analyte that has been separated out.  The equipment (detector and integrator) amplifies the absorbance or the extent to which each entity separated out in the molecular sieve caused the light beam in the detector to modify a signal through it. 

Samples are compared to known standard concentrations of the analyte.  One calculates the difference between the peak area of the standard and that of the sample.

In the real world of the laboratory, the results have to be certain and reported along with a statistical analysis of the degree of certainty of the results.  That is, for each peak or analyte, in the real world of modern laboratory, this determination of peak area or quantitation work is very sophisticated and precise.   The FDA rules for the validation of an analytical method include: Specificity (the TEST identifies ONLY ONE SPECIES), Ruggedness (works on all standard equipment), Precision (refers to perfection of the physical analytical system itself), Accuracy (identifies 100% of all incidents of the analyte and the system responds reliably well), Linearity (system or method detects the analyte in question in and out of inert ingredients through a range of concentrations) and Limit of Detection (what is the baseline limit of noise).  

At the Dearborn, Michigan, CDC conference (CHAPTER 3), it was thought by the invited attendees that they would be standardizing the METHOD (the 6 basic parameters here, as they apply to Borrelia and Western Blotting), but instead they found out that the "interpretation of results" was the goal.


In the beginning of the development of an analysis method, we want to be certain that what we are looking at, each peak (or antibody band) corresponds to only one entity.   In the following graphic (diode array), an attempt is made to demonstrate how we prove one species is being identified as one peak at the specific retention time (a characteristic of the analyte in a certain solvent). 

Retention time is at the bottom axis of the chromatogram.  This is equivalent to the "approximate molecular weight" or the apparent molecular weight or the "kilodalton weight" of the Lyme Western Blot antibody bands. 

The next graphic demonstrates how we choose a solvent and system to identify the peaks in question, and are assured that in the matrix (inert ingredients, or, for example, the syrup ingredients in child formulation oral antibiotics), there is only one peak present.   We scan across multiple wavelengths to assure that at one retention time, only one entity is seen across the wavelengths.  This also helps to select a wavelength that will yield a relatively uniformly shaped peak.

Gel electrophoresis or Western Blotting is ancient laboratory history.  There are plenty of better methods (more precise, accurate, etc) available to determine if a person has antibodies against Lyme disease, and if they are SPECIFIC antibodies.  These better methods are not in use because the profiteers want to sell test kits and not find Lyme or a treatable disease.  As far as healthcare is concerned, Lyme "science" is going in the opposite direction of plain old regular science.  If BigInsurance is taking over medicine as they have formally claimed, then BigInsurance does not want to detect any diseases until the person is in a terminal stage, wherein the State can take that person’s property and Social Security check to pay for their hospice care.   The proof that BigInsurance has the stated intent of taking over American Medicine is in the office of the “US Attorney,” in New Haven, Connecticut, at the time of this writing.

The managed care formula is simple math:  Don’t treat anyone for anything.  When they’re sick enough, then Medicaid or the State takes over.  This formula is also in the interest of the unions, since the more the uneducated bedpan washers there are (union members), the better for the bedpan washers’ union.  Everyone charges Uncle Sam.  In a state like Connecticut, where Yale and the Insurance Capitol of the World, Hartford, reside, we are on the forefront on how to turn humans into hamburger.  There are no rules or regulations.  The US Department of Justice does not care about scientific crime, and the “elected representatives” care even less, since they’re mostly Democrats- who do the unions’ bidding.


The above graphic shows a diode array system in which we can pass an analyte through numerous wavelengths to assure that there is not more than one entity eluting at a certain retention time or that the system is SPECIFIC or specifically identifies only one species.  We choose a solvent and system to identify the peaks in question, and are assured that in the matrix, there is only one peak present at a characteristic Retention time (or kilodalton "weight" in gel electrophoresis or Lyme Western Blotting).   The chromatography columns are basically molecular sieves and often just some modified sand (silica).

Another way to detect underlying peaks or in the case of Lyme Western Blotting, antibodies, is to perform a 2-dimensional Western Blot, or to turn the blot on it's side (90 degrees) and then re-blot.  This was demonstrated by

Dattwyler and others.   (The above graphic will be redrawn so as to avoid copyright issues when this book is finally finished.  So far there are 28 chapters but most of them have already written themselves.)


In the above graphic where the researchers tried to see of there were underlying bands or co-eluting bands, they turned the electrophoretics 90 degrees.

Gel electrophoresis or Western Blotting is ancient laboratory history.  There are plenty of better methods (more precise, accurate, etc) available to determine if a person has antibodies against Lyme disease, and if they are SPECIFIC antibodies.  These better methods are not in use because the profiteers want to sell test kits and not find Lyme or a treatable disease.  It is rather strange that the American Medical Association agreed with Yale that "Lyme is such a serious disease that we needed a vaccine against it every year," but also that "Lyme is so not serious a disease, it does not need to be treated."  [No one among the self-alleged mainstream media journalists approaches the American Medical Association's leadership and asks them about their silence on this question, and none among the New Media (progressives) asks the journalists why they're so incompetent either.]

The take-home message is that each term or each test, should refer to a scientifically valid, discrete, distinct, quantifiable entity.  A thing that is real.  If someone says "OspA is 100% specific to Borrelia burgdorferi," that means it is believed to only occur in Borrelia burgdorferi.  OspA antibodies are seen to occur as band 31 or 31 kilodaltons (apparent molecular weight) in Lyme Western Blotting.  In Lyme Western Blotting, each antibody band is as ACCURATE for diagnosis as its assigned percent specificity:

E.g.., If a Lyme victim has an antibody to band 41, and that band is said to be 70% specific to "Lyme Disease," then the victim has a 70% chance of having "Lyme Disease."   (Band 41 has been made 100% specific by Yale in a true FDA method validation found in the US patent database as 5,618,533.)  If a Lyme victim has an antibody against OspB, he/she has a 100% chance of having Lyme, since OspB is about 100% specific to Lyme.  It only comes from Lyme spirochetes, so OspB is 100% specific.  (Lyme Western Blotting is such a slop-o-metric method that when real methods come along, like capillary electrophoresis, we could be more certain of the retention time or "apparent" molecular weight of 34 kilodaltons in the case of OspB).

A MedLine search query of "Fikrig and OspA" yields

53 reports.

One of the earliest reports, a 1992 study of the efficacy of OspA vaccination in mice:

was an attempt to determine whether or not OspA vaccination prevented Lyme disease in mice using completely improper methods, dark field microscopy and histological (looking at tissues under a microscope) examination for "inflammation."  As we shall see in later chapters, it was already known by 1992 that spirochetes were nerve and brain tropic, that Borreliosis was a disease also of "NO INFLAMMATION" when fatally destructive to human brains, that mice were not the best animal model of the brain invasion in humans (hamsters are better), that recovering spirochetes from the spheroplast form in culture "could take months," and Yale's Erol Fikrig had a DNA method and an RNA method available to him to truly see whether or not OspA vaccination prevented "Lyme Disease." 

The sum total of what Yale University did and said as regards "Lyme Disease" did not make any scientific sense, whatsoever.  It was as if no one at Yale University was reading any of the scientific literature, not even their own previously published reports, no matter what the topic, no matter what the Department, no matter what the subject matter.  

The authors of this book do not know how so many Yale University staff members could have been so arrogant as to go forward blindly and assume they did not have to know anything.

It would seem logical to have researched all the previous science on Borreliosis available to them.  It would seem obvious that they would look at the success or failure of previously-tried lipoprotein vaccines, that they would look at what other researchers were doing and saying and most of all, that they would take a step back and try to see the whole picture.  


We have never seen an example of a Yale University report where they seemed the least bit interested in relieving human suffering. 



Here we see yet another group independently trying to fine-tune a B. burgdorferi-specific flagellin method:



In this next report from 1996, which follows from two previous reports by Erol Fikrig and Lou Magnarelli, we see further development of the recombinant flagellin method.  Note that they used recombinant OspC from strain 2591.  As we will see in chapter 3 on what Allen Steere did in Europe, and subsequently, in the LYMErix trial, strain B31 was used to Western Blot persons who thought they had contracted Lyme disease during the trial (regardless of vaccination status).  Strain B31 has no or low OspC in it.  To this day, Quest labs uses strain B31 to Western Blot persons for Lyme disease.  They're deliberately missing the vast majority of cases by doing so (on top of the ELISA method also missing the vast majority of cases).  OspC is associated with brain invasion.


The "Validation" of the "Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire" which was used in the determination of health status of Lyme victims by Mark Klempner (BU junior provost) was not a validation because it detected two different entities- Lyme and Fibromyalgia.  A validation must not detect 2 or more separate entities- it has to have specificity.

Fibromyalgia is not a scientifically valid disease because no scientifically valid tests have been developed to determine if persons who have FM complaints have an actual detectable illness process going on.  The term itself, Fibromyalgia, is not scientifically defined.

On purpose.

An "impact questionnaire" is not a scientifically valid test.

That's why it is used to abuse FM and similar victims.


Psychiatrists never perform any scientifically valid tests for anything, much less any of their DSM IV declarations, which is why psychiatrists are deployed against these victims of chronic fatiguing illnesses.  These "vague" illnesses terms or signs or complaints are vague because they are never analyzed with any scientifically valid tests, if a psychiatrist is deployed against the complainer.  Therefore, from the psychiatry perspective, all symptoms are vague if they exist only as described by the victim with their mouths.  This is why sick people are routinely sent to psychiatrists by managed care or the managed care drones, such as the likes of what New York Medical College, now controlled by Kaiser-Permanente, churns out at a discount (tuition reimbursement is given if the drone signs on to the Kaiser machine).

It is a managed care protocol to not record any real symptoms or run any real tests on persons complaining of chronic fatiguing illness, especially if they are female, since there is then no real record, no tests, and no malpractice lawsuit.  If an MD determines ahead of time he does not want to deal with a patient, all he has to do is refer them to a psychiatrist and not run any tests.  His rear-end is covered, if there are no real records and no tests have been run.

If these victims of bogus hypochondria labels were subjected to the rigorous classes of testing such as radioimaging, cytokine dysregulation assays, antibody profiles, true microbial panels (not what happens in Lymeland), markers of central nervous system disease, such as gliosis, or the production of brain toxins associated with the immune response to infections (quinolinic acid), etc., then this entire class of double victims- victims of the Lyme crimes and psychiatry, the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the Gulf War Illness Vets, and Fibromyalgia victims, ...

...if these victims of psychiatric quacks, who never use any scientifically validated tests for validated illness markers - entities for which the range of NORMAL has been exceeded by the sick person - were to be finally scientifically worked up with scientifically valid testing, it's likely a real disease process will be discovered.

One cannot use terms like "anxious" or "depressed," to assess any human complaining of chronic fatiguing illness since those are terms which could, instead, mean that the facial and physical expression of the-person-not-being-believed-by-these-psychiatric-sex-perverts is that of, "Are you CRAZY?  Why in the world would I INVENT that I can't live my life any more and persist in insisting that I AM sick, you FOOL!!"  It could be a refection of the abuse.

But such an expression or body-language signs means the sick person is "anxious" and not ill (and furious at the offense of not being believed), according to these highly paid whores of managed care who always blame the victim and never record or even detect anything that might resemble a virture, such as activism or being honest.  There is nothing in the DSM-IV that resembles a protocol for the detection and recording of admirable human behaviors.  Such is not even considered.





Also, plain old regular humans (for all intents and purposes, forget MDs; everyone is on their own as regards medicine) need to - MUST -  realize that "anxious" and "depressed," could have a real medical cause, like cytokine dysregulation (stuff that causes fever, inflammatory responses, hypercoagulation, degradants that could compete for and act as neurotransmitters), or a thyroid problem, etc., but most importantly, that such terms as "anxious" or "depressed" are "opinions," not facts.  A person would obviously be very anxious and depressed if they are very sick and don't know where to go or who to call or what to do for relief.  In other words, just because one person says another is anxious, does not mean there is not a valid reason for the anxiety- meaning the anxiety is not pathological.  This is the common sense lacking in all of psychiatry.  The average human needs to throw out psychiatry since it is simply an abuse system that is responsible for the destruction of the Catholic Church and other members of the clergy, since psychiatry gave the Western world the apologetics that "all sexual tendencies were normal," when all along they were considered depravity outside marriage.

"Anxiety" could be in response to a real abuse situation, such as being called a liar.  "Anxiety" could be what a person looks like who is just plain sick and very uncomfortable.  Such instances of "anxiety" are not pathological.  Rather, the disbeliever himself is being psychiatrically pathological or psychopathological or evil, or whatever you want to call a person who presupposes they have the magical ability to determine that a sick person is not-sick-but-a-liar without performing the scientifically valid scientific medical tests.  For a person to presuppose he/she has magical powers and can know without physical means, that another person is not suffering, is formally defined as "psychotic."

Such abuse of Lyme victims is so readily available to the Lyme criminals because it is the standard "medicine" of Psychiatry's Blame the Victimology.  Soon this will no longer be an option for BigInsurance and the patent profiteers because psychiatry will be gone- off to join leeches in the dustbin of medical history.

Performing scientifically valid tests is meant to get rid of opinions.  Science itself is meant to get rid of opinions.

It seems strange that psychiatrists can't figure out that by starting out believing that what a sick person claims are his/her illness signs really are their illness signs, that that would have the placebo effect of validating a person's illness.  It clearly would upset anyone to be told they're not sick, when they are. 

It seems strange that psychiatrists would not have wanted to assist people with Chronic Lyme disease, since it's a brain disease and Lyme was their last chance to maintain a place at the table of real medicine.  In the abusive remarks from psychiatry that we have witnessed since we'd exposed these "Lyme is a brain disease" crimes, we hear the ringtones of anger, jealousy, and fear:

Am J Psychiatry. 2005 Mar;162(3):433-40. Related Articles, Links
Toward a philosophical structure for psychiatry.
Kendler KS.

Department of Psychiatry, Medical College of Virginia, Virginia
Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, USA.

This article, which seeks to sketch a coherent conceptual and
philosophical framework for psychiatry, confronts two major questions:
how do mind and brain interrelate, and how can we integrate the
multiple explanatory perspectives of psychiatric illness? Eight
propositions are proposed and defended: 1) psychiatry is irrevocably
grounded in mental, first-person experiences;
2) Cartesian substance
dualism is false; 3) epiphenomenalism is false; 4) both brain-->mind
and mind-->brain causality are real; 5) psychiatric disorders are
etiologically complex, and *** no more "spirochete-like" discoveries
will be made*** that explain their origins in simple terms; 6)
explanatory pluralism is preferable to monistic explanatory approaches,
especially biological reductionism; 7) psychiatry must move beyond a
prescientific "battle of paradigms" to embrace complexity and support
empirically rigorous and pluralistic explanatory models; 8) psychiatry
should strive for "patchy reductionism" with the goal of "piecemeal
integration" in trying to explain complex etiological pathways to
illness bit by bit.
PMID: 15741457 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

We will find in later chapters that this first premise is wrong and that that's what's wrong with psychiatry- this is the ERROR:  "psychiatry is irrevocably grounded in mental, first-person experiences;"

How can the source of a true paranoid delusion be discovered if the first premise in psychiatry is that selfishness or self-centeredness or ego is okay or normal?

   "Evil spirit, in the name of Jesus, announce the trap in which you caught Richard/Rita.  I ask this by the authority of the Church, and in the name of Jesus."

"We start with self-growth [psychoanalysis], self discovery.   We tell em, we told Rita, First, you must be yourself, find yourself, know who you are.  They stick their noses in their navel and say: I like my own smell!!" - a conversation with Satan in Hostage to the Devil- Malachi Martin  [Read (almost) the whole book online]

Transposing Love with Sex.
Anything to disfigure beauty.
Transposing the ascension of man from total selflessness to total self-worship.
Twisting life's negative outcomes; victims of evil/hatred (such as Lyme abuse or child abuse) to be the victim's' fault; sowing discord instead of allowing justice. 

That is what psychiatry is all about.

Psychiatrists are a lot like lawyers, as we will see in later chapters.


I don't see in the above abstract the notion of "validating a person's traumas," either, do you?  The non-validation of evil, by psychiatry's very construct of blaming (diagnosing) the victims of evil, is seen in their abuse of Fibromyalgia, Gulf War and similar victims.  Psychiatry is a debasement of everything:  1) they never perform any scientifically valid tests for anything, ever, 2) they never even speak or write of illness of of suffering, nor do they have any compassion (it is as if illness or suffering does not exist, since it is not considered normal and real illness signs and behaviors are not listed in the DSM- as if psychiatry is  completely unfamiliar with medical illness), 3) psychiatry has erroneously framed the nature of a human (maturity is about self-effacement and volunteering; community involvement); not all people are ego centric and not all people think of themselves first, so psychoanalysis should not apply and should not put self-centeredness concepts where they had never resided before, 4) psychiatry has it backwards on "placebo-effects," because if they had it right, they would agree in the beginning that a person is sick if they say they are, and then return them to the medical field where they belong (this, we know intuitively would make a person feel better).

No one who is self-centered is happy, yet this is what psychiatry teaches us we should obsess over. 

There does not happen to be a single thing about humans or reality that psychiatry has captured correctly.

Avoid psychiatry and psychology.  No one can force you to visit a non-medical MD for any kind of evaluation.  If you have been put in this position, send the "evaluator" a questionaire to test their ability to decipher medical jargon and perform scientifically valid tests.  Send the same questionaire you prepare for the psychiatric hair-baller to the State Medical Board and announce that you will not be placed in the presence of someone not qualified to understand modern medicine.  State that you "want all the tests performed on yourself that have been worked up and developed by the 180s (Chapter 10)," since in your mind, "scientific testing is preferable to crystal ball gazing, or listening to the hairball, or reading the tealeaves."

Mark Twain's Jim listens to the hairball, in
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.


State that you "did not spend your tax dollars on the development of these scientifically valid tests only to be sent to a tea leaf reader" because your "insurance company happens to understand the 'scientific' value of the Crystal Ball Brigade."  Send a copy to your state Insurance Commissioner, the Department of Justice, the UN Human Rights Commission, the European Commission, the World Trade Organization, and fax it to the embassies of all the major foreign nations and tell them to watch how America treats its sick people...




Lyme Western Blotting vs. the use of recombinant specific proteins:

In 1991, since it was well-known at that time that the vast majority of people with Lyme Borreliosis or any of the relapsing fevers have antibody bands 41 (against he internal flagellin) and that band 41 was the first antibody to show up in a Borreliosis patients, several entities pursued enhancing this antibody for a test.

Search the National Library of Medicine for Borrelia and Flagellin from January 1, 1975 to December 31, 1991, the year Yale developed their borrelia-specific flagellin method.

You will find the search results well-worth reading since they all allude to the fact that many groups were looking at enhancing flagellin as an antibody test in the late 1980s and early 1990s. At least three groups were wanting to elicit the DNA-encoded structure of flagellin for use as an amplifier or a way to increase the sensitivity of a test, or to make the test more easily detect the cases where the antibody to flagellin is low in concentration.  The FDA Bioanalytical Methods Validations parameter of this "enhancing flagellin, since that's the first antibody and the most frequent antibody in all Lyme cases" endeavor is Limit of Detection.  When we are talking about increasing or improving the system's performance by increasing the sensitivity of the test, we are talking about lowing the Limit of Detection or the Limit of Quantitation so we can detect smaller and smaller quantities of the analyte in question from the mix.,618,533

Yale's Flagellin (band 41) patent, 5,618,533 clearly states that this method is accurate and specific:

"An unexpected advantage of the flagellin polypeptides of this invention is their high sensitivity. They are capable of detecting B. burgdorferi-specific antibodies in ***the vast majority*** of confirmed seropositive samples tested. Another advantage of the flagellin polypeptides of this invention is their high level of ***specificity*** --a minimal number of false positives due to a very low level of cross-reactivity with antibodies directed against treponemes and other bacteria."


Here is the original 1991 Fikrig/Flavell report that goes with the # 5,618,533 patent:

Look at the graphic on page 3533.

Yale's Fikrig and Flavell are clearly selecting out a section of flagellar DNA that does not cross react with antibodies against flagella from other organisms, which means it is a SPECIFIC test for Borrelia burgdorferi flagellin antibodies, which almost all Lyme victims have.

Why wasn't this test used to assess the outcome of Yale's other, later, patent, the LYMErix vaccine?

Even CDC "officer" Alan Barbour in US patent 5,436,000 proposed such a concept when he patented the flagellar-less spirochete:,436,000

"In addition to the reduced potential for elicitation of undesirable autoimmune responses and the ability to be administered as live attenuated vaccines, the novel vaccines possess the additional advantage of facilitating diagnosis of Borreliosis in individuals, mammals, and birds who have been administered the vaccine. As those of skill in the art will recognize, few if any vaccines are one hundred percent efficacious and vaccine failures do occur. Furthermore, when the disease vaccinated against is a disease which, like Lyme disease, elicits symptoms that can be attributed to a number of other pathologic conditions, specific immunodiagnostic assays may be complicated by antibodies elicited against the vaccine. In contrast, when the flagella-less microorganisms of the present invention are used for immunization, one can simply assay an individual exhibiting symptoms characteristic of a selected borrelial pathogenesis, such as Lyme disease, for antibodies to the flagellar-antigen.  In such individuals, the absence of such antibodies will usually weigh against a diagnosis of Borreliosis, and their presence will be suggestive of a vaccine failure."


CDC officer Alan Barbour is saying to vaccinate with a flagellar-less spirochete, but then test for vaccine failure using a Borreliosis-specific recombinant flagellar antigen because we don't want to vaccinate with flagellin, since that causes an autoimmune neurologic disease.

But, according to the Yale Lyme 180s, "No one can HAVE an antibody to flagellin (band 41) and be sick," just like, at the present time, the crooks say, "No one can have band 31 (OspA) and be diagnosed with "Lyme Disease," despite that being the LYMErix vaccine.

Very funny. 


They went with an OspA vaccine because they thought band 41 would be a bad idea to give someone because it causes neurologic disease (and also ineffective as a vaccine since flagellin are internal or are not seen by antibodies), but about people who already have band 41 from Lyme infection, these crooks say, "YOU'RE *INSANE* TO BE SAYING YOU HAVE A NEUROLOGIC DISEASE!!"

Yale's Eugene Shapiro even perjured himself and said he "never saw a case of neurologic Lyme Disease in children..." completely confident that no one understands that "Lyme Disease" is now the knee-only disease caused by OspA (caused by LYMErix; SmithKline was sued over this by Attorney Steven Sheller of ). 

This FRAUD in testing committed by Allen Steere in Europe (CHAPTER 3) leaves OspA and B out of the diagnostic standard, such that after LYMErix was approved, the RICO cabal (Corixa, Imugen, and L2 Diagnostics) could claim that theirs were the only labs qualified to test for Lyme Disease after LYMErix vaccination (which is known as a "monopoly" or antitrust).

By not using the Yale flagellin method, they are allowing people to progress to late neurologic disease and death:


There were two reports by Allen Steere and Louis Magnarelli of the Connecticut Agricultural Station, where they state that if a person has only band 41 (anti-flagellar antibody), and don't have severe periodontal disease or syphilis, they may be diagnosed with "Lyme Disease."

1986 (Allen Steere)

1992 (Lou Magnarelli)

There is no disputing the claim that these Yale 180s are murderers, since this is clearly their own data and it shows that they know what the rules are for developing an accurate test for all cases of Lyme, especially the earliest cases, since the first antibody to show up is band 41 or flagellin.  They, Yale, clearly tried to make band 41 SPECIFIC - an FDA Bioanalytical Methods Validations criterion/requirement - showing that they understand the logic.

As an analytical chemist, I had first described the exact crime of changing the diagnostic standard for "Lyme Disease"
to falsify the LYMErix results and create a national monopoly on testing, patents, and grants, to the Food and Drug Administration, Vaccine Committee on January 31, 2001 (CHAPTER 4).



CDC and NIH Rocky Mountain antibody-gold sphere method as applied to borreliosis:

The Method Developed:

Applied to Borreliosis by NIH Rocky Mountain Lab:

Apparently detects plenty of shed antigen.


CHAPTER 2, McSWEEGAN (naturally, a Corrupticut native) and SENATOR BARRY GOLDWATER


As we Lyme warriors cannot engage any earthly assistance;
As the entire US medical community chooses not to assist sick and abused people and put a stop to this;
As there is not one MD or group in the entire USA who will take these criminals to court;
As there is not one lawyer or Department of Justice official who will do the job they were hired to do and protect us from corporate crime;
As there are no men left among us:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.