Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

5 Dec 2016


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Crymes on Video

Occam's Razor (it's really about EBV/CMV)


IDSA: "Vaccines are too many, not vetted and babies too young"

Exported Fungal Antigens Inhibit Apoptosis

CDC whistleblowers explain CDC is 200% corrupt [SPIDER]

Immunosuppression-its-a-thing/ - blog (There is no NIIID ?
Ans: Autism vaccines.)

Lyme Cryme: How it all Went Down

Fb DOJ protest group

CDC knew OspA caused disease


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs



Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Predicting all of GW Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000






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