Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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This Introduction to Cryme Disease was written in November, 2007 and published March, 2008.  It mainly has to do with retarded people who are also vicious, a common phenomenon among government employees and seems to be an outcome of such.

Update, Dec 26, 2013 - Seems there is no end of stupid-slut antics of the "ChIlD ProTecTivE SerVices."  The UN Commission on Human Rights, Rights of the Child Declaration states that these vicious stupid sluts are supposed to be "competent," but they're even more delusional than psychiatrists, who just got their asses kicked to Kingdom Come by the NIH as being "scientifically invalid" (means "CRAZY").  I mean, what is the point of even calling them all STUPID if they don't know what STUPID means.  (Even Forrest Gump knows what STUPID means - these vicious bitches are all stupider than that, if that were possible.)


The Lyme crymes (started in 1986 with Sweeg's trashing of his employer, the US Navy to steal their funding) and the cabal - The 180s - are about an intended monopoly on vector borne diseases "test kits" and "vaccines" and could not have happened without the Bayh-Dole Act

In the movie, Under Our Skin, it wasn't so much that this gang "hoarded" their findings, but falsified it, and also  trashed their competition in order to continue to get all the grants, funneled to them by McSweegan who had later become the head of the NIH "Lyme Program."

The monopoly involved Kaiser-Permanente (still at New York Medical College training MDs) and the RICO deal was this:  

"No one is allowed to have any illness signs nor is treatment to be paid for, until the alleged "vaccine" is ready, and then everyone will be notified about how serious that particular vector borne disease is, and that they better get the 'vaccine.'" 

The vaccine, OspA or LYMErix or ImmuLyme, is Pam3Cys, and is actually responsible for the New Great Imitator outcomes, due to the immunosuppression and activation of latent opportunistic infections including latent viral infections and mycoplasma (responsible for the fatigue, cancer and ALS outcomes, due to fungal antigen tolerance);
Lyme is the Yuppie AIDS.

CRYME DISEASE - The Layman's Biotech Crime Decoder
(Fall, 2007)


"Corruption is like a sinister mountain which obscures everything, makes everything reek, spreads darkness over everything, infects everything, when evil is once there, it is like an epidemic which carries off throngs of people. Virtue, on the contrary, has much more difficulty flourishing. It is not so easy, not so attractive, not so widespread.[75] " -- Allida, an angelic demon, from the Choir of Archangels.


First know that Connecticut is a ridiculous place.  We know it as "Corrupticut."  Connecticut was where this disease was first identified, epidemiologically, by Polly Murray, but Connecticut is also a place of great evil and tomfoolery.  It is a place of great incompetence and selfishness.  Selfishness is the source of the incompetence.  Why do I bring you the news that Lyme is a crime, instead of the CT State Department of Health? Instead of the Department of CHILDREN and Families?  'Instead of the CT State Police or the FBI or the USDOJ which is so closely aligned with Washington and is the birthplace of the current president?  

Under the first Bush president, this crime began, in 1990.  Under the second president Bush, this crime was handed over in its entirety to the US Department of Justice.  Under this second president Bush, this crime was first described to the US Food and Drug Administration who was supplied with all the necessary evidence of the "Lyme disease" - the new, 1994 "case definition" - crime:


"Lyme Disease" is a false term, formally adopted by the Centers for Disease Confabulation in 1994 after a Dearborn, Michigan, conference on the "standardization of testing." 

The new but false term "Lyme Disease," is actually the diagnostic test re-invented by CDC "officer" Allen Steere in Europe in 1992-1993.  Steere's deliberate falsification of the blood test for "Lyme Disease" was meant to exclude all neurologic Lyme cases and 85% of all cases.  The former formal name of "Lyme Disease" was "Lyme Borreliosis."

At the present time, therefore, there are two types of diseases, 1)  "Lyme Disease," or Steere's alleged autoimmune arthritis in a knee - which some individuals claim needs no treatment - and then there's 2) "Seronegative Lyme," which are all the neurologic cases, and which the same individuals also claim needs no treatment.  The new, 1994, "Lyme Disease" has been linked by Allen Steere to a genetic predisposition to having a reactive (allergic) arthritis to OspA (a palmitoyl 3-cys triacyl peptide like the main HIV antigens, the kind found in mycoplasma and mycobacteria, and E. coli).   

◄This is Page 3 of the formal RICO complaint to the Moron Corrupticut US Attorney Bushie Sycophant.  The whole crime is self-explanatory on this one page.  This is all anyone needs to see to see the crime, but one suspects that since Republicans, like all lawyers and psychiatrists, can't see the truth.  It's not about them.  In later chapters, we will discuss the deeper nature of stupidity-personified when we unscramble the delusional American Psychiatric Association.


Allen Steere had originally (1986) observed that the blood testing standard should be a reflection of Lyme as a Relapsing Fever organism with observable "changing and expanding IgM type and IgG type antibodies over time."  Steere's 1986 standard

  ◄The CDC had formally adopted and published Steere's first testing criteria of performing repeated or sequential Western Blots to look for changing and expanding IgM antibodies in 1990.  Since the falsification of the standard testing in 1994 in Dearborn, Michigan, "Lyme Disease" has been quite correctly called the "New Tuskegee 'Bad Blood'  Syphilis Experiment" performed by the CDC on ignorant black men to see exactly how damaging was untreated syphilis. 

Says Allen Steere and Yale:  "The appearance of a new IgM response and the expansion of the IgG response late in the illness, and the lack of such responses in patients with early disease alone, suggest that B. burgdorferi remains alive throughout the illness."

What they found is that patients treated with antibiotics still produced new IgM antibodies, meaning treatment failed to cure.

"Lyme Disease" victims now refer to the new, 1994, bogus blood testing or diagnostic standard "Steere's Disease," or "Steere's Imaginary Autoimmune Bad Knee Disease," or "Dearborn Lyme" or "Dressler/Steere."  We know it is truly imaginary and totally scientifically invalid according to the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA's) criteria for the validation of a bioanalytical method.  Steere invented for himself that there is an FDA Bioanalytical Methods Validation Criterion called "receiver operating characteristic" which negates the FDA concept of "Limit of Detection" or detecting the lowest quantities of an analyte reliably in a system.  Lyme Disease is not difficult to diagnose. 

See CRYMEDISEASE_CHP3_B.htm for an expansion of exactly what Allen Steere did in Europe that is deliberate research fraud and compare to the FDA's rules for the validation of an analytical method.  You can see that there is no such thing as saying that "to detect the highest concentration of an analyte makes it more valid" or "receiver operating characteristic."  In real science, we strive to detect the lowest quantities of anything.

What Allen Steere did in Europe with the bogus "high passage" strains and this craziness about "receiver operating characteristic" is the crux of the crime- creating the false CDC Dearborn diagnostic standard which only detects late Lyme arthritis in a knee.



There are valid tests available and which have been patented by the same perpetrators of this fraud.   To the extent that the data which went into to applications for the patents are not also falsified, detect 95% of all Lyme cases and detect it in the earliest stage.

The real name for "Lyme Disease" is Relapsing Fever, or Lyme Relapsing Fever or Lyme Borreliosis since all tick borne spirochetes are Relapsing Fever organisms.  What's different about this Relapsing Fever is that the spirochetes adapted to hard bodied ticks (with the addition of the OspA antigen), whereas they were once thought to be mostly vectored (delivered by) by soft-bodied ticks.  That the spirochetes are 100% un-eradicable "from the eye and brain" was "well-known" to the microbiology scientific community in 1975, the same year Allen Steere stumbled unto the scene, fresh from draft-dodging the Viet Nam war as a CDC "Epidemiological Intelligence Service (EIS)" "officer." 

Think of the CDC's EIS as the CIA of bioweapons. 

The OspA antigen allows these spirochetes to invade the actual body of the tick, as opposed to remaining in the tick's gut, according to Willy Burgdorfer.  OspA hijacks tissue degrading enzymes allowing it to penetrate chitinous or collagenous tissue.  OspA is a "sticky" antigen, according to CDC officer Alan Barbour who owns the patent for the OspA vaccine that did not make it on to the market, ImmuLyme.

More mug shots of the perps to be kidnapped and rendered into some sort of AbuGhraibish naked pile of electrocuted diarrhea followed by the Palestinian hanging and other Israeli torture techniques until they tell the truth about "Lyme Disease."

 Anthony Fauci's Amazing Patents for Immune Suppression Diseases!!

  ◄Lawrence Altman, CDC officer, medical writer for the New York Times who for years abolished the truth about Lyme disease.  We gave the NYTimes the truth about Lyme a hundred million times.   It never got published because Lawrence Altman is a CDC officer.

◄ Mark Klempner at Boston University

◄ Yale's Eugene Shapiro

◄UConn's Bozo Zemel

◄Arthur Weinstein (Georgetown, Washington)

  ◄Gary Wormser (New York Medical College)

Crazy Eddie McSweegan = "awfully damned intelligent"

   ◄Durland- "I-need-more-than-rumors-to-attack"- Fish (Yale)
  ◄John J. Connolly (works for Kaiser in a front company,

  ◄Palestinian Hanging

Other Israeli Torture Techniques:


"But as useful as hypocrisy can be, itís apparently not quite as basic as the human instinct to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Your mind can justify double standards, it seems, but in your heart you know youíre wrong."


A formal, self-declared "entrepreneurial" cabal was formed at New York Medical College (Valhalla, New York) in 1990, called the "American Lyme Disease Foundation."  A formal scientific fraud and racketeering complaint (Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations or RICO) was filed against this "Lyme Disease" cabal in the summer and fall of 2003 with the United States Department of Justice upon the recommendation of Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's three staff lawyers.  AG Blumenthal's lawyers heard and understood how the testing for "Lyme Disease" changed in 1994 at the CDC's Dearborn, MI conference, and were shown the two sets of standards, the 1990 standard, and the 1994 Dearborn Conference booklet published by the CDC.  The booklet showed how the new standard was developed and acquired.  None of the laboratories invited to the Dearborn, MI, conference to "participate in the proceedings" agreed with Allen Steere's new testing recommendations, yet it was approved anyway by the members of the cabal, who were also on all the CDC's Dearborn committees or "work groups.

Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal's staff lawyers said, "This involves companies outside Connecticut.  You have to take this complaint to the US Attorney's office." 

That was the correct answer. 


"The entrepreneurial trio are Durland Fish, Ph.D., former director of the College's Lyme Disease Center and now a research scientist at Yale; Gary P. Wormser, M.D., still professor of medicine and pharmacology and chief of the Division of Infectious Diseases at the College; and John J. Connolly, Ed.D., former College president and current chairman of the board of the American Lyme Disease Foundation, Inc., which had its genesis on the Valhalla campus in 1990."



However, the US Attorney's Office in Corrupticut had been corrupted by the addition of a "DCF-Rowlandgate" insider, US Attorney Kevin O'Connor.  "DCF-Rowlandgate" was about plan for a "national string of prisons and juvenile detention centers" in keeping with the American Enterprise Institute's concept of "Custodial Democracy," based on the Charles Murray book "The Bell Curve" model of incarcerating as many African Americans as possible in order to keep them from procreating. 

"US Attorney" Kevin J. O'Connor, now promoted to the USDOJ position 3, as the top Bushie low-life-lawyer whore and injustice promoter.  'Bantam Lake neighbors of DCF-Rowlandgate Party and Whoring gang for the "national string of pediatric jails" enterprise for black children, mostly, since this is Corrupticut and we totally HATE black people, here.

You can read more about O'Connor in the Corporate Crime Reporter:


◄DCF's Chief Whore and Drunkard, Kristine Ragaglia

DCF, or the Department of Children and Families, is an entity that is outside the court system that is worse than what happens under the PATRIOT Act, with the illegal spying and wiretapping; where children are fraudulently ripped away from their parents, since ugly fat stupid lying whores have to have a job.  No one would marry them, since usually they're fat, ugly and/or and stupid lying whores and this is well-known.

Overheard at one party
 Brother A - surveying the crowd - "Man, what a herd of porkers"
 Brother B - "But they <blank>, man, they <blank> !"


The parental victims of DCF are not allowed a trial, nor are they allowed to confront or even know their accuser, nor are the parents allowed to know about all the evidence used against them.  Anyone can file false allegations and DCF and the "courts" have stated that they do not know the procedure for prosecuting false allegations, since "it has never been done before."

That means, despite DCF's announcement at the beginning of the recording message where anyone can call in a fake complaint against some parents they hate, anyone can call in false allegations without repercussions from any kind of law enforcement.

Whenever possible, the DCF-kidnapped children are placed in an institution for the purpose of wrecking their minds and creating adult criminals, to "keep them off the streets," since they are considered hopelessly retarded by the AEI (Daniel Pipes, Charles Murray, the Bush Family, etc).  DCF hands the children over to Yale psychiatrists for the purpose of psychotropics experiments and this can be confirmed anywhere online by googling Yale and Thomas McGlashan and DCF and "borderline personality disorder."

The intent of the DCF-Rowlandgate gang was discovered mostly by the newspapers, who noticed the former governor of Connecticut apparently taking bribes to steer the DCF national string of pediatric and adult jails-building contracts to his friends, the Tomassos.  A doodle was found in possession of former Connecticut Governor John Rowland's Deputy Chief of Staff, Larry Alibozek with the initials, "TREA," which were hypothesized to mean, Tomasso, Ragaglia (Alibozek's co-adulterer girlfriend, the head of the DCF), Rowland's Chief of Staff, Peter Ellef, and Larry Alibozek.  Tomasso and Ellef went to jail, but the DCF's Chief Adulterer, Kristine Ragaglia, and her alleged "boyfriend" (we doubt it), Larry Alibozek did not because they both lied about their relationship.

Ragaglia was, instead of being prosecuted or fired by the State of Connecticut, given a job as the head of the Medicaid Fraud Unit, earning her the title, "The Fraud Broad."

The US Attorney Kevin O'Connor was given the job as District of Connecticut US Attorney because his wife, Kathleen O'Connor, worked in the office of John Rowland's legal counsel during the DCF-Rowlandgate Jails Enterprise crimes.  Mrs. Kevin J. O'Connor recommended her husband for this position in the USDOJ.  One assumes Kathleen O'Connor knew what was going on with the DCF-Rowlandgate crowd, or suspected it, since the O'Connors live next door to the Rowlands on their Bantam Lake cottage retreat- where Rowland accepted the Tomasso home improvements and the ever-infamous hot tub.  John Rowland was at one time considered the rising star of the Republican Party. 


Jonathan Bush

The Bush family still lives in Connecticut.  Prescott Bush still lives in Greenwich, and Jonathan Bush, George H. W. Bush's brother, managed the infamous Riggs Bank, or the CIA "spook bank," which was sold after being prosecuted for laundering money for Chilean dictator Pinochet and other banking violations, lives in Killingworth, CT.  Jonathan Bush now owns the private investment company called "JBush & Co" based in New Haven, CT. 

George Walker Bush's cousin, John M. Walker, also lives in Killingworth, CT, and was the Chief Justice of the Second Circuit, which includes Connecticut and Vermont. 

A class action lawsuit against the State of CT over "Lyme Disease" and various deprivations of rights was filed in the District of Rhode Island to avoid this Bushie /Yale / US Courts entanglement.  Both Jon Bush and John M. Walker are still associated with Yale in some way.  Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's staff lawyer, Assistant Attorney General John Tucker misrepresented himself as being eligible to defend the State of Connecticut in that civil class action, since he would have been a witness and a defendant.  The civil class action complaint (5-328T) never saw a real judge, because Rhode Island is as corrupt as Corrupticut.


We will attempt to create a manual to decode the crime of "Lyme Disease" with technical explanations for the spin used by the "Lyme Disease" cabal so that the reader/victim can understand the crime.  The ultimate goal is to achieve access to relief of symptoms, since "Lyme Disease" is extreme physical, chronic, torture with dementia or delirium signs.  If you're very, very sick, you can't think clearly as anyone with a current bad flu knows. Unfortunately, on top of the chronic physical agony of "Lyme Disease" and the abuse of psychiatry (stupid people), the "Lyme Disease" victims themselves have to carry on the fight against the abuse, lies, perjury, fraud,. false criminal charges, and all forms of harassment of Lyme victims and their physician treaters. 

There are two main classes of chronic Lyme victims.  One set is either too sick to assist with the activism, and the other set, I am thinking, are really not too sick, or else they would be fighting harder for care for the others.  I assume that perhaps the reason this second set do not perform any activism is because they anticipate being found out that they actually have no illness signs at all, once the scientifically valid tests that have been developed are available.

I offer that maybe they're not really sick, like Nancy E. Martin (21 Redstone Way, Farmington, CT, USA), who pretended to have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so she could defraud her employer (AETNA) and go back to college instead of work.  Nancy E. Martin wanted to become a "counselor," which means, "professional gossip," instead of work for a living.  It's amazing that a person with an obvious thought-disorder could be given a degree by Trinity College in Hartford, CT, but that gives some insight, in itself, into the talent in this "profession," at large. ("The smallest sin is enough to damn anyone delighting in it who does not repent."- St. Birgitta)

The third set, the ones who are too sick to fight but also angry enough to fight, are in the super-minority. 

That's me.  I am a parent of children with congenital Lyme, am very disabled from it myself (only a crazy person would deny all these scientifically valid tests) and one has congenital Ehrlichiosis, so I would have to be CRAZY not to be a Lyme activist.  If I have all of this brain and nerve damage from Lyme Disease, and used to be an every kind of athlete, obviously I am going to be an activist so that my kids don't suffer it too, and so that I can get treated again, since I got 100% better in 1997 after 3.5 months of antibiotics, but then relapsed, as I told the CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal at his 1999 Lyme Hearing.  If my kids have this disease, of course I am going to be an activist, so that my children don't have to suffer this disease and the associated harassment.

It never occurred to me to set up a business and CHARGE for all this time listening to sick people as a support group leader for Lyme Disease, yet that's just what my crazy sister did.  Nancy E Martin first falsely claimed she was sick with "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" so she could get out of work and go to Trinity College for an MFT ("Masters in Family Therapy")  despite Nancy's three husbands and no children - making her very non-expert on husbands and children - so she could counsel sick people with her truly air-headed "deep breathing" exercises, which is another way of validating hypochondria.  If it worked for Nancy, methinks, Nancy was never really sick, but one of the few true hysterics out there.  This girl is dangerously stupid and it should have been detected by Trinity.

I offer, if Nancy E. Martin is an hysteric and not really sick because deep breathing helped her get rid of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome," perhaps there is some vindication here, to my claim that Nancy E. Martin's parents are insane and violent?


Physicians, regardless of what "camp" they're in, are too greedy and self-centered to change the status quo. 

Physicians at Yale 1) are paid to review patient records for HMOs and consult without ever seeing their victims, which is fraud, since Lyme is still to be made via "a clinical diagnosis," requiring the victim to be actually present for his physical examination.  "Clinical diagnoses" means on the basis of the stated and observable symptoms and not on the basis of a blood test.  This is why there can be no such thing as a "Clinical Psychiatrist," since they're all supposed to perform scientifically valid tests before diagnosing anything "psychiatric."  The American Psychiatric Association is apparently unaware of this obvious conflict in logic and common sense, since they're the self-alleged brain experts- that being the part of vanity resulting in stupidity.

Yale physicians also 2) are aware that they never had a Lyme vaccine, and they do not want to be prosecuted for research fraud.  Therefore, everyone who is employed by Yale holds that Lyme is caused by OspA- their vaccine.

Only in Corrupticut - the home of the world's stupidest people - would it fly that the vaccine is the cause of the disease.


The "Lyme Disease" cabal the "American Lyme Disease Foundation" ( at New York Medical College in Valhalla, New York, in 1990, changed that diagnostic criteria in 1994 (Dearborn Conference) order to:

Facilitate bogus vaccine trials and falsely qualify test kits (as I told the New York Legislators in 1999 and then the OPMC in December,  2000),

Defraud the US Government into giving them all the research funding (the role Edward McSweegan played and which began with his trashing of the US Navy to Senator Barry Goldwater after the Bayh-Dole Act) by redefining "Lyme" as only a bad knee (keep the funding in Rheumatology) at Dearborn,

3) Consult
for insurance companies at the rate of over 500 dollars per hour while not ever see the patient in doing so (reviewing records to deny care), and which is FRAUD, especially if the consulter is consulting for any Government insurer, like Medicare or Medicaid,

and Monopolize all the DNA (blood) for the particular new infectious diseases and the HLA data, which has bioweapons value.

The cabal intends to own the all the DNA for the identification or diagnosis of any new disease, and then not use that DNA criteria to qualify subsequent test kits or vaccines outcomes or identify patients who need to be treated, which is Scientific Fraud with the Intent to Cause Harm by Medical Negligence, Slander, Libel, and Profiteering.

The cabal intends to monopolize access to all grants, all the potential vector-borne diseases victims' blood, and all the DNA by creating a bogus test, for which the perpetrators of the false scientific test are the only ones licensed to use the method (narrowing the disease definitions).

Yale's Robert Schoen participated in all of these crimes; denying care for sick people by illegally consulting for insurance companies, by being a participant in the development of the No-OspA-B RICO method to diagnose Lyme, and by instructing MDs to either blow off LYMERix injurees or send their blood to Yale:
◄This page is in the "Lyme Disease Key Diseases ACP series" book, published in 1998, which is also the "Lyme is caused by Munchausen's" - which is obviously libelous.


The cabal was formed at New York Medical College in 1990 after the release of the Infectious Disease Society of America's journal, "Reviews of Infectious Diseases," Supplement 6, in October 1989, wherein numerous experts gave their views on the science and the status of the disease.  This supplement is still available in medical libraries. 

The status of the treatment of "Chronic Neurologic Lyme" at that time was that the treatment endpoint for this chronic bacterial infection of the central nervous system was unknown and failed in half the cases.

Soon after the establishment of the cabal, the spin began, and persons with Chronic Lyme Disease were harassed, as were their treaters.  The self-declared "entrepreneurial trio" of Gary Wormser (still at NYMC), Durland Fish (now at Yale), and John J. Connolly (now of were listed by Arthur Weinstein as the group who founded the

One wonders from whom John J. Connolly got the money to establish, the fake BigInsurance publishing company, since it was probably Kaiser, since they are still at NYMC training MDs or Kaiser Klonies.

At that time, the two "camps" were established.  One camp, the Allen Steere camp, consisted of the cabal who at one time published frequently about "Chronic Lyme Disease," but then did a 180 on their position towards it.  (We will call them "The 180s" from now on.)  The other camp always maintained that Lyme was a persisting infection and a chronic illness, since that's what all the published data said and what the newly established cabal had previously published.  It does not make sense of course, for an entire clique of university-based physicians to do a 180 on what the "is" is about an epidemic disease, but one has to only follow the money.   The Steere camp includes all the people who at one time published about how Lyme was a chronic or persisting infection and proved it with numerous studies where the spirochete persisted past multiple courses of antibiotic treatment with evidence from either by DNA testing or by staining.  And then there is the Sane camp- the ones who believe the original Steere camp's  persisting infection data. 

There is now a third camp, or Camp C, which is the actual science camp, to which no MDs belong, since actual science is not something they understand.  BigPharma tells MDs everything they know, and this is well-known and a popular Chinese-Food-and-Other-Gratuities-at-Lunch topic, even in the New York Times.


The Lyme crymes and the cabal - The 180s - are about an intended monopoly on vector borne diseases "test kits" and "vaccines" and could not have happened without the Bayh-Dole Act.  The monopoly involved Kaiser-Permanente (still) at New York Medical College and the deal was: No one is allowed to have any illness signs nor is treatment to be paid for, until the alleged "vaccine" is ready, and then everyone will be notified about how serious that particular vector borne disease is, and that they better get the "vaccine." 

At the time of this writing (fall, 2007), recent news includes Yale's Durland Fish's refusal answer to a civil subpoena issued by Connecticut Attorney General, Richard Blumenthal in the fall of 2006.  In refusing to answer the subpoena as to what data went into the development of the new and bogus "guidelines" on "Lyme Disease" produced by the cabal, we quote Durland Fish in the Hartford Courant newspaper:

"He proceeds down the list, name by name: "Totally bogus." "He killed one of his patients." "They tried to shut him down." Words like "crackpot," "wacko," "buffoon" and "fraud" pepper his discourse.

"A little later, he stops to ponder a question.

"I don't know," he says after a moment's thought. "I don't know why they hate me so much."


Who in the world thinks he can get away with being caught red-handed as a stalker, and then complain about being complained about by his victims?  Even Ted Bundy had more class.

Such behavior on the part of Yale' Durland Fish is very reminiscent of the neocons who blame everyone else for the disaster in Iraq, and like Doug Feith, dare to claim they never said attack Iraq, first, and then "roll-over" Iran.  That plan was straight out of Richard Perle's "A Clean Break, Securing Israel's Realm," and Feith was in the Office of Special Plans, which was the Imagination Factory for the 9/11 follow up against Saddam- a plan clearly in the works by September 2000.

Durland Fish and NIH's Edward McSweegan had stalked and harassed Karen Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation ( for years because Karen had found that the Lyme infection transferred and disseminated (spread throughout the body) in under 9 hours of initial tick attachment.  These criminals did not want it known that everyone should be treated upon tick attachment to prevent brain invasion. In order to suppress that information, they trashed, stalked, and harassed the Lyme Disease Foundation to discredit them.  There were lawsuits and counter-suits.  McSweegan harassed the Forschners on the internet in concert with a formal "anonymous internet disinformation campaign" about "Lyme Disease."

McSweegan is worth a book unto himself, but for an introduction, the "controversy" over "Lyme Disease" is, in fact, research fraud and the biggest medical crime in human history.  The crime is basically is about the testing for Lyme.  As stated previously, "Lyme Disease," is now an imaginary entity, since the blood test definition of it was changed at the 1994 Dearborn conference to suit the false positive outcome of LYMErix, Yale's bogus OspA vaccine. 


OspA and B were left out of the new 1994 Dearborn standard since they cause a cross reaction in the testing for Lyme in OspA vaccinated people.

Yale, themselves, published that LYMErix would not work due to the antigenic variation - or the fact that Lyme is a Relapsing Fever Borreliosis  - 4 days after applying for the patent for LYMErix.  "Antigenic variation," "Relapsing Fever," and "changing and expanding IgM and IgG antibodies" all describe the same phenomenon.  The relapsing or changing surface antigen phenomenon means "no vaccine is possible."  It means antibodies against these Borreliae are useless, especially since the spirochetes are often covered in a slime layer, hide intracellularly, and/or go into a dormant or spheroplast stage.  Any in vitro studies published by the cabal a to be taken with a grain (a ton is perhaps more appropriate) of salt. 

People can be infected with different kinds of borrelia. Usually the ticks harbor all sorts of infections, not just Borreliae, and not just burgdorferi- this is a very essential scientific fact that will be discussed later but is all-important to the crime.  The current commonly used media, BSK, for Barbour, Stoenner, Kelly, does not support all the borrelia in ticks.  One of CDC officer Alan Barbour's business partners is John Hardham who now works for Pfizer, developing more culture methods.  That is because it is well-known that the best way to demonstrate persisting infection is the Mouse Infectivity Test.  The Mouse Infectivity Test is the transfer of spinal fluid from an infected mouse to an uninfected mouse.  If the first mouse has been treated and the spinal fluid transferred to the second mouse also transfers the infection, then treatment failed.  The Mouse Infectivity Test is the gold standard.  It is better - demonstrates a higher infection rate or treatment failure - than culture or DNA analysis of infected and then treated mice.

Such tests have never been performed in non-human primates, naturally.  Not having performed the obvious tests is in keeping with the cabal's Negative Data Rule.  Like congenital Borreliosis, once established as a fact by a handful of studies, the Lyme criminals stop seeking grants to support more evidence of the kind they don't like, and, with members of their cabal also in charge of handing out CDC and NIH grant money, more research into facts they don't want exposed will not be funded.

What's really new and different about "Lyme disease" is that if it really is the result of the re-invasion of deer into suburbia, why wasn't it first recognized further north than the Connecticut shoreline?  If Lyme spirochetes are the result of being "blown over from Africa to North America on sea birds and hurricanes," which is the other nonsense hypothesis, why isn't it called Miami Disease?

Lyme science is typical Tobacco Science.  It's all a pile of crap produced by incompetent morons from the former self-alleged intelligence community.  Allen Steere is the prototype of Attention-Deficit "Intelligence" and Attention-Deficit Medicine. 

Space-Alien Doodle found in Allen Steere's High Security T-Cell Freezer

Either that or he was abducted by space aliens and given a brain transplant.  Why not an alien abduction story, too, to go along with "Lyme Disease?"  That's the only tall tale missing, here, as the reader will come to see.