Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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Required reading-  PLUM STUPID; Dearborn and what Allen Steere did in Europe to falsify the testing for Lyme.


The essence of the crime:  LYMErix was bogus because the (Dearborn) testing for Lyme is bogus and you can't use a test that does not detect Lyme to assess whether a vaccine prevented it.   

This is what I told the FDA and which is on the FDA's website from Jan, 2001.  Missing from this 30 page datapackage, only 11 of which were scanned into the FDA's website, were the last 19 pages of my submission to all 15 members of the Lyme vaccine committee.  The missing pages from the FDA's website were pages out of the CDC's 1994 Dearborn booklet, demonstrating that no one who came to the Dearborn meeting agreed with Allen Steere's "Steere in Europe" (falsified via scientific fraud) idea of a Lyme test.

If you look very closely at what Allen Steere did in Europe to come up with the Dearborn/Dressler-Steere antibody panel, you can see it was completely contrived and based of flat-out research fraud ("high-passage strains," and recombinant OspA and B -encoded on the same plasmid - with no lipids attached, the lipid portion of Pam3Cys being necessary to produce antibodies), but there is not a single MD in America competent to understanding this.

Naturally, the FDA did not scan in any of the actual data - any of the actual published reports that I supplied the FDA, because it would then look like I was doing the FDA's job for them, and which was true.  I was.

Porton Down recently (March, 2012) admitted to a member of the House of Lords that Lyme, as an accidental release from Plum Island, was "given over to industry."  It is not, then, surprising that SmithKline - a British company -, and the CDC falsified the diagnostic standard for Lyme in order to falsify OspA vaccines outcomes.  CDC staff and Yale were the owners of Lyme DNA for potential vaccine candidates despite the fact that this is scientifically retarded.  Relapsing Fever spirochetes cause a relapse due to "antibody selection pressure" selecting for the next mutation in plasmid-encoded surface antigens.  Vaccines producing antibodies against Relapsing Fever is then a ridiculous idea.

SmithKline and Kaiser-Permanente were partners in crime in other cases besides the Lyme and LYMErix hoax, and were fined by the USDOJ together for fraud at other times.  (It is always handy to be a foreign company when defrauding Uncle Sam together with Kaiser-Permanente, the fake non-profit.)   In the Lyme SKB-Kaiser case, the, the commercial entity masquerading as a non-profit (and which then infiltrated, was founded at New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY.  The is Kaiser and SmithKline, the various "MD" (Lyme crooks) whores for Yale and the CDC, and their Israeli investors, like the AIG Greenbergs and the NAZI Mort Zuckerman.

The whores for the OspA gang were people who wanted to appear to be intelligent but who were not because they had no clue what OspA was, had no clue what a spirochete or relapsing fever was or did, did not ask either question, and conducted medicine via harassment of their victims.

Kaiser bailed out the financially failing NYMC in the early 1990s, in exchange for being the host for the forward base for this death-industry, Kaiser-Permanente.  Kaiser now writes physician training modules for NYMC. (Really.  Literally.)

In the LYMErix experiment, the crooks (SmithKline and Yale) claimed that they used the (falsified) Dearborn case definition to determine the outcomes, when we know that Western Blots are unreadable in OspA vaccinated people.  The Western Blots in LYMErix victims come out as one great big smudge, probably due to the fact that OspA (Pam3Cys) is sticky, sticks to itself, and as shown in the Korean HIV-SIV Pam3Cys experiment, :

  ◄ As you can see, the Korean scientists who blew up the HIV version of OspA showed us what we already knew from the Western Blot smudging in OspA vaccinated people, discussed by the Lyme criminals later, in 2001.

Corixa's Dave Persing with Lenny Munchausen's Sigal, are next, here, explaining and demonstrating that the Western Blots in OspA vaccinated people were unreadable in 2000:

So:  You can't read Western Blots or do chromatography when the junk is Pam3Cys.  Is this the reason for all the strokes and vascular events revealed in the Phase IV trial, reported by Robert Schoen?  Great blobs of OspA stuck together were circulating in peoples' blood, clogging arteries?  Killing people?  (Yes.)

The Lyme criminals could not read their Western Blots in either OspA vaccine trial, but both OspA vaccine groups reported "safe and effective" vaccines.  They trashed, stalked, harassed, jailed and took the children away from Lyme and LYMErix victims.  They falsely reported Lyme specialists to medical boards.  Now we know that those physicians who treated Lyme long term were right.  Lyme is permanent and incurable.  But we also knew this from the 1992 Klempner report in which Mark Klempner reported that ceftriaxone failed to kill all the spirochetes:  MKLEMPNER.htm

Re: Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi in Rhesus Macaques following Antibiotic Treatment of Disseminated Infection

Relapsing Fever was always known to be incurable, even with arsenic.  See the 1911 report.

The Lyme crooks falsified the testing standard (Steere in Europe, alone and the lie of Dearborn being a consensus conference), they lied about being able to read their Western Blots to the FDA, and they threw out OspA vaccine data they did not like.

And now they look like the complete idiots they are because the whole world knows what OspA is (Pam3Cys), and that it (TLR2 agonists) failed as MRSA, HIV, and TB vaccines.

Tuberculosis, Lyme, MRSA (deadly hospital infections, over which global medicine is in a panic), and HIV... - all failed because of the mid-1990s lie of LYMErix.

That's quite an abysmal record for self-alleged infectious diseases "experts."  HIV, Tuberculosis, and MRSA, too, they effed up by not telling the truth about this type of antigen as a vaccine.

Funnily, the Lyme crooks continue to lie and stand behind their "guidelines," which are based entirely on the intentionally falsified OspA experiment.  The disease definition (the current and Dearborn blood test standard) was falsified entirely around SmithKline's and Kaiser's wishes:

A vaccine against Lyme, while claiming, on behalf of Kaiser, that there is no disease for which OspA was the intended vaccine.


And not a single MD was there at the FDA meeting, calling this fraud a fraud??

And now we see the face of the lunatics behind it all, self-revealing what is the character of the, um, humans (?), behind this scam:

Captain Stupid and his side kick, "No-Work" (Crazy-Eddie) McSweegan !!

This is the stalker Durland Fish - author of "bogus articles," according to himself -, reacting to the (handful of) protestors at the October, 2011 Boston, IDSA conference.   No one is sure of what he's doing by this gesture.  I have heard that there is a video...

◄Durland Fish - the self-admitted crooked restaurant inspector - is caught with a "hit list" by the Hartford CourantDurland Fish- Hilarious Courant Interview 

Now you know what we have been dealing with.  This insane idiocy from a man who has never told us what OspA was.   What do you suppose he was doing?  Trying to provoke the Lyme Cryme protestors so he could later call us crazy?


Update/Clarification 120310; KMDickson

CHAPTER 4 - The January 2001 FDA Hearing on LYMErix Adverse Events

This is data the Lyme crooks (Yale/NYMC/ALDF/IDSA/Kaiser cabal) refused to turn over to the Connecticut Attorney General for a year and a half before settling out of court.

The Lyme criminals could not even read their Western Blots in LYMErix or ImmuLyme-vaccinated people, yet they claimed to have used the Dearborn Method to assess their vaccines outcomes:

Here are those 4 "we can't read our OspA vaccine results" reports:

1) SCHOEN and PERSING, with JOHN ANDERSON,1996 - the RICO report:

The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 

4) Yale's ROBERT SCHOEN in the 1998 Munchausen's Book, instructing MDs to blow off LYMErix systemically injured people ("but send the post-vaccination blood to the Yale L2 Diagnostics RICO lab if you must bother to be a physician").

This ▲ is a FALSE CLAIM or a QUI TAM or FRAUD on the GOVERNMENT:

They, Yale, Schoen, knew they could not read their Western Blots in LYMErix-vaccinated people, but they wanted all the national bloodwork sent to their labs (L2 Diagnostics and PolyGenomics), so they could patent, and pharm, and be the only ones with access to the new vector borne diseases to patent, and be the only ones with access to - nationally - genetic information about disease susceptibilities (this has bioweapons applications).

The reason we can't have this, is because Yale is too stupid to be managing diseases and disease susceptibilities, because they missed out on the real reason Pam3Cys or LYMErix, or HIV vaccines did not work, or why Lyme was the New Great Imitator- IMMUNE SUPPRESSION due to tolerization to fungal antigens.

Yale employees were never smart enough to be in charge of such data.

The 1998 Vaccines Reports (ImmuLyme and LYMErix):

LYMErix results (76% "safe and effective"):

ImmuLyme results (92% "safe and effective"): 

From the LYMErix trial, "categories of outcomes:"


The essence of the crime:  LYMErix was bogus because the testing for Lyme is bogus and you can't use a test that does not detect Lyme to assess whether a vaccine prevented it.   This is what I told the FDA--on the FDA's website.

In the spring and summer of 1999, after LYMErix was approved by the FDA (December, 1998), I began getting calls from people who were sick with Lyme disease and wanted a referral.  Some told a story where they had gotten sick with Lyme again from the vaccine and others did not at first associate the vaccine with the induction with the Lyme-like illness.  They all knew it was "Lyme" since they had had it before but had gotten better from antibiotic treatment (only about a third of all Lyme victims go on to the chronic stage).  Since there were 8-10 of them, I thought that was a pattern.  Karen Forschner of the Lyme Disease Foundation was advertising LYMErix on their website and were being criticized on the Lyme newsgroup for this.  I drove to Hartford to see Karen and asked why she was advertising LYMErix when it was causing so many problems.  She did not know about the problems and told me I had to get these adverse events (AEs) reported!

As I did not know how to get these adverse events reported, I called Dr. Dennis Parenti at SmithKline to question him about the matter.  Parenti gave me instructions about the VAERS or FDA's Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System online and with online forms which could be printed out.  ActionLyme started a national campaign to get all adverse events reported to the FDA.  A year later (2000, fall), the FDA had received around a thousand reports through the VAERS and granted us a hearing.  It was scheduled for January 31, 2001.  By the time of the meeting there were around 1100 AEs reported.

From among the online groups, and with questioning personally many of these double victims, I had acquired the notion that there were different types of adverse events.  I asked about any other positive bands besides 31 (the vaccine).  Almost all of the had other bands.  This led me to believe that LYMErix was activating latent Lyme.  We had as many as could, sign up with the FDA (Nancy Cherry) to be heard at the public hearing.


The FDA did nothing about our complaints heard at the January 31. 2001 Hearing on LYMErix until Karen Forschner of the found a Tufts patent describing OspA as a superantigen.  But the real deal was the immune suppression outcomes of LYMErix (Chp 16 on fungal vaccines), since Lyme is not really a bad-knee.  Those knee-disease cases are the rarest cases.  Lyme is not typically "an inflammatory disease," but rather the new Great Imitator, imitating or producing outcomes that could clinically be diagnosed as ALS, MS, chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia, the latter two of which are fake diseases that are Lyme- and LYMErix-like and for which no scientifically valid tests are run.  These are mostly diseases (keyword "syndromes") that women suffer and men are always looking for excuses to believe women are obsessed with their, um, extra member. That alleged obsession with male members is alleged to be what is causing women to falsely claim illness signs.

Again, because Lyme is an immune suppressing disease caused by shedding antigen (blebbing) to which most people become tolerized (whereas the Steere-Knee-HLA people continue to have the opposite allergy response) and thence incompetent to similar antigens from different infecting organisms (and also suffer changes to lymphocytes, etc., as will be seen in later chapters on the real pathologies produced by this disease, Relapsing Fever), not only will they end up testing negative to the Dearborn criteria, a huge insult/injection of this same at-first hyperimmunostimulatory but later immune suppressing antigen, LYMErix, is bound to produce the same terrible effects as the disease itself.

It's not as though LYMErix actually gives people the infection, it just gives them the worst part of the disease process itself.  LYMErix vaccination is like a mimic of 75 bahzillion spirochetes all this shedding this very toxic antigen (could be considered an endotoxin) at once in a single human.  It would seem that these criminals would have looked at the sum total of all their own reports on the pathologies known to be associated with Relapsing Fever and given pause to their intention of going ahead with a vaccine that especially Allen Steere said was the cause of his version of the disease.  Allen Steere has many hypotheticals about what is the cause of his version of autoimmune-knee, but one of the later ones is that OspA gene code has a mimic somewhere in the body that the T cells go after because his particular HLA- T cells mistake human tissue for OspA.   Others are "superantigen," "cross reacting antibodies," or "toxic, free or bound immune complexes."  Whatever are Steere's 4 hypotheses as to what are the mechanisms of autoimmunity-only, his hypotheses are "autoimmune-only" and never persisting infection needing expensive, long term or repeated treatment. That itself should be a clue as to who Steere is working for: BigInsurance, grants from arthritis groups, grants from NIAID (when Lyme belongs to either parasitic tropical diseases or neurology or both), and possibly whoever among the CDC bioweaponeers who might want the "stealth neurologic disabler" aspect of Borreliosis to remain a secret.  If the arthritis patients groups had a brain cell among them, they would request an investigation of Steere, such that they might find arthritis has a bacterial cause (it does often- mycoplasmas and others) for which antibiotics offer the best, the quickest, and the least damaging relief.

Not only is LYMErix supposedly the cause of the "disease, there is the question of whether or not the vaccine "mixture was properly micellized, since the blots looked like OspA molecules could have globbed together in the vial before being injected into humans.  (Actual LYMErix-Smudge-Blots are on the HOW RICO WILL BE CHARGED page.)  OspA is a sticky molecule that also sticks to itself.  Spirochetes have even been observed in vitro sticking to each other, presumably due to these sticky Osps.

  This theory that the blot-smudging in LYMErix and ImmuLyme vaccinated people was due to the fact that single, free, OspA molecules were actually impossible to inject into people was later proven by the Korean chemists who blew up (Mass Spec) the gp120 and gp41 glycolipids in the HIV virus.  "these molecules... tendency to aggregate."


Note:  No males reported these crimes to the FDA, and in particular, no male MDs did, speaking to the soundness of the theory that male-self-and-self-penile obsession (arrogance) is the source of their inherent, native male stupidity.

My revealing the entire crime to the FDA Vaccine Committee made Edward McSweegan, present for the meeting, go ballistic:
NIH's Edward McSweegan's Near-SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION-Experience

So, not only do we never hear anything out of the AMA which demonstrates their slightest inclination to investigate the RICO and scientific fraud crime of "Lyme Disease and LYMErix," they say nothing about the chronic harassment of very sick Lyme victims and their treaters.

That's how much we women love penises.

The male-member is clearly associated with intellectual and moral incompetence no matter how you look at it.


From the LYMErix trial:

As you can see, the victims were required to have the scientifically invalid Steere version of Lyme Disease via Western blotting. (No one agreed with Steere at Dearborn by a long shot.)

Later we learned they could not even read these Western Blot, so it looks like they all would be "Unconfirmed Lyme." 

The results were (and this is in the public domain because it was given in multiple copies to the FDA Vaccine Committee members on January 31, 2001, by myself to go along with my slide presentation):


You can see the shift of sick people into the "Unconfirmed Lyme" category, so we said, in 1999, after hearing about all the LYMErix injurees, Okay, What was the testing for Lyme like?

That's when we (the Lyme Disease Foundation, ; Karen and Tom Forschner and myself) ordered the CDC's Dearborn booklet and found the testing schema was a hoax and would only detect about 15% of all cases.

Later, still, we found out they could not even read their Western Blots in LYMErix or ImmuLyme-vaccinated people:

Here are those 4 reports:

The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804 

4) Yale's ROBERT SCHOEN in the 1998 Munchausen's Book, instructing MDs to blow off LYMErix systemically
injured people.


So, I told the FDA what happened at Dearborn and I told them what was the previous blood-testing standard for Lyme Disease, which was Steere's 19986 standard (Chp. 3) and the CDC's earlier, 1990, standard, which was to look for changing and expanding IgM bands via Western Blot, as explained in the previous chapter.

If you look at the totals down the columns,

    Vaccine Placebo  
Definite Lyme 22 43  
Possible Lyme 44 56  
Unconfirmed Lyme 515 468  
    571 567  

Hmmm.  In the first year, more people got sick with "NO-LYME/LYME" in the VACCINE GROUP.

Let's suppose those 571 people dropped out after the first year of two vaccinations (SmithKline and Yale do not reveal what happened to these people in their report, but certainly 339 is less than 515, so it looks like they dropped out of the trial).  If people were going to become sick, it appeared to take two injections to finish them off, and then they quit the trial (logically) and did not take the injection the second year ??  We don't know because SmithKline did not report the percentage of people who after the first 2 injections, had this mysterious "Unconfirmed Lyme" - which we will in later chapters discover is the same immune-suppression disease as chronic Lyme - hung around for a third round of this OspA criminal abuse.

In the second year:

    Vaccine Placebo  
Definite Lyme 16 66  
Possible Lyme 35 81  
Unconfirmed Lyme 339 326  
    390 473  

I would say they had no data.  If you notice, the people who became ill after 2 injections (in the first year), seem to have joined the SICK group (otherwise, wouldn't the 2 years' worth of outcomes be summed?). 

      Vaccine Placebo  
Year 1 Unconfirmed Lyme 515 468  
Year 2 Unconfirmed Lyme 339 326  
      854 794  

Hmmm.  More people had this mysterious "Unconfirmed Lyme" in the vaccine group.


There is no data in the report about how many of the vaccine-injured after two injections dropped out, but if they all dropped out, SmithKline should have looked at why (this is what I also told the FDA Vaccine Committee).  Because the "possible Lyme" group had some "seroconversion," we now wonder what they could mean, since vaccination rendered the blots unreadable. It was thought at the time by myself, that LYMErix activated latent infections, because the LYMErix victims I knew all had some other bands besides OspA (band 31) after vaccination in addition to complaining that they "had Lyme again."

My perception at the present time (2007-2008) is that this was just a totally bogus report and they just juggled ideas and numbers and "categories of disease" concepts around until they got a result they liked.  They admitted 4 times that they could not read their Western Blots in either the ImmuLyme or the LYMErix trials, so we wonder what they mean by "later seroconversion?"

If they say there is a group called "possible Lyme" with bands, but later reported that their blots were unreadable (and they said that in 1996; Schoen and Persing), then we wonder what the blots looked like of the "Unconfirmed Lyme" group?

If they could not read their blots, they had no data no matter how you look at it.  If after two years, more people were sick among the Vaccine group, we wonder how in the world they could say they prevented any disease.

All that we knew at that time from reported and independent empirical evidence is that 1) people became ill from this vaccine, 2) that it was a Lyme-like illness from the vaccine and that 3) the victims were discredited when they tried to report these adverse events to the Yale vaccine administration team of "physicians" 4) in the same manner that all chronic Lyme victims are discredited.

Naturally, we thought that since these LYMErix victims were so mistreated by the cabal, they must be telling the truth.  They must "have Lyme again."  THEY would know!!


There were NO ASYMPTOMATIC LYME cases in the vaccine group.  To us that was the biggest clue.  Instead of "LYMErix prevents symptomatic Lyme" as SmithKline claimed, it instead appeared that "LYMErix made asymptomatic cases symptomatic."  That's also what we observed empirically and what is known about Lyme becoming latent or "going into remission" and not ever cured.

The essence of this scam is that Yale and SmithKline really did not care about the victims of either LYMErix or Lyme Disease.  Once SmithKline was threatened by the FDA to either remove LYMErix from the market or have the FDA pull it for them, SmithKline voluntarily removed it, but they made the public assertion that it was removed due to "poor sales." 

The poor sales were due to LYMErix and the Lyme criminals' terrible reputations.  People know right from wrong.  Especially those who graduate medical school.  These crimes were not oversight and not carelessness.  They were committed out of greed and the Lyme criminals' indisputable hatred for humanity.

We claim that the science says a Pandora's Box of immune-suppression-related results are the outcomes of long term Lyme infection.  The adverse events were all over the place.  All kinds.  We claim that LYMErix seemed to have brought out outcomes like Lyme itself.  The blots were unreadable due to the smudging and the likelihood that free OspA molecules did not remain free in the vial.  It would have made sense to have found out what OspA actually did, rather than state that "no one knows what it does" (CDC officer Alan Barbour- owner of the ImmuLyme OspA patent and approved of the Dearborn standard, naturally to promote the false positive outcome of his patented product),  while hyperventilating over the money they thought they'd make and the monopoly on all vector borne disease funding and testing... and insanely ramming this thing onto the market destroying people in their way and in their wake.  It would have made more sense just to slow down and think about what they were doing.  Because of the kinds of people these Lyme criminals are - true Mafioso-type thugs - who harassed Lyme victims (John Nowkowski, Durland Fish, Edward McSweegan, UConn's Larry Zemel and Henry Feder), they never should have gone into the healthcare field, and perhaps they'll serve as a lesson.  Perhaps we need personality disorder screening as part of medical schools' admissions criteria.


We know that people were deliberately blown off when they tried to report adverse events and due to these same characters' previous abuse of Lyme victims, activists and their treaters.  Because they had a reputation for being such liars, we believe the victims whose adverse events were not reported to the FDA until this later public hearing in January, 2001 rather than any bullshit report by Yale and SmithKline.

According to the crooks (and this is now well-known, due to the AG Blumenthal lawsuit and due to Klempner's infamous, uncompleted, Arbitrary Standard of Care study), nobody EVER has "Lyme Disease."

If no one ever has Lyme Disease - by Allen Steere's design in Europe - then 1) LYMErix would not be a failure and there 2) would be no one for whom expensive antibiotics should be given.


We know for sure these LYMErix conclusions can be thrown out because Dearborn was scientifically invalid, in addition to the non-readable Western Blot business, reported well-after LYMErix was on the market (2000), and even before, in 1996, by Schoen and Persing in their RICO report and RICO patent.  This is what I told the FDA. (on the FDA's website):


Because we pay beaucoup bucks to FDA staff no one there did their jobs.  That happens to be the very definition of "civil servant." 
The FDA later formally disclaimed their obligation to look at the data BigPharma sends them.


Upon a very close look at what happened at Dearborn, we learned that this crazy criteria - especially when you can't have band 31 and have a case of Lyme Disease, [remember now, you have to have 5 out of 10 bands, but if one of the five is either band 31 (OspA- the vaccine) or OspB (band 34, its twin)], you are not allowed to count those bands as a positive test.

In other words, if you had 6 bands, and two of them were OspA and B, you would not be allowed to have a case of "Lyme Disease," even though OspA was specific enough, allegedly to prevent Lyme Disease.  You could have been a genuine Steere Elephant, and still not be allowed to have "Lyme Disease."


Since there were about a thousand people who filed VAERS reports to the FDA as a result of our campaign (Fall 1999 through Fall 2000), and an additional 100 more, by the time of the FDA Hearing (Jan, 31, 2001), not to mention 2 class actions against SmithKline, there were quite a few people who were sick from the vaccine, immediately.

How could that be?

It was a fiasco that continues, as long as the FDA, the CDC, the NIH, and the USDOJ continue to refuse to do their jobs and prosecute these bastards for all of their crimes.  That they could not even read their Western Blots is all the proof anyone needs that Yale committed scientific FRAUD- a false claim to the United States about the testing for Lyme and the outcome of LYMErix.

Included in my 30 page submission to all the FDA Vaccine Committee members on January 31, 2001,  is the Dressler/Steere Dearborn report which is the basis of the current bogus IgG testing for Lyme. 

The first 11 pages (I made the .pdf on the FDA's website a .jpg  are here: CHP_4_DICKSON_LYMERIX.htm


PAGE 12 (not uploaded to their website, by the FDA)- the fake invitation to the fake Dearborn Conference:






This is a "bogus article."  Note that Steere went to Germany to determine what would be the testing for Lyme in the US.



Here is the bogus part about high concentration (ROC area) equaling greater accuracy.  It does not.  This is where Steere claims that high antibody concentration associated with Lyme arthritis is a validation of the method, when we know the specificity of each antibody is the accuracy of the test in a human.  If a person has OspA antibody, they have a 100% chance of having Lyme, and the goal in Methods Development and Validations is to validate a method that detects the LOWEST concentration of something, reliably.

These idiots say this Lyme test is "sensitive" when obviously is does not detect LOW concentrations of antibody, if the area of the darkened (absorbance) means MORE AREA EQUALS MORE (higher) CONCENTRATION OF ANTIBODY.  This Dressler/Steere article is the exact opposite of the truth!  This is a bogus validation and "a bogus article."


continued on CHP_4_B_DICKSON_LYMERIX.htm


As we Lyme warriors cannot engage any earthly assistance;
As the entire US medical community chooses not to assist sick and abused people and put a stop to this;
As there is not one MD or group in the entire USA who will take these criminals to court;
As there is not one lawyer or Department of Justice official who will do the job they were hired to do and protect us from corporate crime;
As there are no men left among us:

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.