Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


File List, RICO

1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

Assoc Blogs-n-Webs:




Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000





Inkel Kids' Sexual Violence video interview   You pay for it, America.  Enjoy!!  [This Inkel child abuse interview is most-downloaded ActionLyme file for 2007 and 2006.  You can thank Steve Erickson (  and for a lot of these videos and interviews.]

Note that the Corrupticut Medical Board had no problem with Yale's Robert Schoen giving mine and my kid's medical records to a doctor I had never even heard of, much less legally released them to, the Board had no problem with Yale's Robert Schoen telling me my blood tests would be negative before they were even performed, nor did they have a problem with Yale losing these negative-before-performed blood tests.

Note that the Medical Board and the "US Attorney" have no problem with Yale advising doctors to blow off LYMErix-injured people and not run any tests on them, but if a Lyme test is run, it should be run with the Yale Scientific Fraud and Racketeering method (No OspA-B plasmid in the spirochete batch).  This book was published even before the FDA "approved" LYMErix- Yale's patented vaccine (See the YOUTUBE RICO explainers).


THE FOLLOWING CASE IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC AS A CIVIL ACTION IN FEDERAL COURT AGAINST DCF, WHICH IS WHAT EVERYONE SHOULD DO.  FILE A CIVIL SUIT and make their case well-known on the internet, making sure everyone realizes that the gag order statute gags the DCF and not their victims.

My friend who was born during WWII and lived through the Allied bombings of Germany and grew up in post-WWII German poverty says the Corrupticut State Troopers are "NAZIs" and the DCF are a cult, like a true Satanic cult.  I think the German people ought to speak up and warn America of what will be our fate.


Ritt Golstein's "Under Siege" Complete Phil Inkel testifies about experiencing police brutality at the CT legislature, Dec 1996.  Later, the DCF sexually tortured his children and threw him in jail so he could not testify on behalf of his wife and mother of his children.  DCF did not allow his wife an attorney, nor any witnesses, which happens to be as Unconstitutional as it gets.  DCF waited 4 years to give the mother a hearing on the removal of her first son who she did not want to be force-drugged- which is against CT law.


Entrapment 101.  Note the date- July 3rd, 2006.



I file a police report about the sexual and other violence against the Inkel children, and then the DCF lies to the "judge" about what happened when.

Note that I contacted the police (July 3) and reported these crimes to the DCF on the phone prior to this "judge's" illegal gag order (July 5). 

The DCF never told the "judge" I reported the crimes to the proper authorities.  Instead they tried to bag me for revealing their crimes.


I refuse to be illegally gagged when kids are so clearly being harmed by the DCF and their evil players.  Anyone who does not have the courage to step up to the plate in a clear case of severe child abuse being approved of by DCF are themselves guilty of the same abuse.  Anyone who is a parent and stands by and watches their kids being abused, gets charged with abuse.

Except when it is the DCF allowing the abuse to continue.

Jodi Rell even tried to intervene, here, but because DCF's criminally insane behavior is secret, she could not follow up.

A letter-header to a fax of this material to Alberto Gonzales, requesting assistance with these clear human rights violations.  Ha, ha, I must be crazy to think Gonzales disapproves of human rights violations.



And here this insane bitch Valerie Alexander who knows about the genital injuries to the Inkel children sends me a request to violate the "judge's gag order.





And here is the insane judge Stuart Bear's illegal gag order telling me I cannot be the friend of the Inkel family- dated July 5, 2006, after I went to the police to file the complaint against Annette Anderson.

(Hey Stuey-  Shove this illegal order up your ass.)



And here is the certified mail I send "attorney" Valerie Alexander, answering her request, (giving her the scientific evidence that all psychotropics are brain damaging, etc.) which is dated July 20, 2006, which is 15 days after I didn't get the illegal gag order and 8 days before I actually received the illegal gag order.

They really don't want anyone to know that all psychotropics are brain damaging despite that topic, "The Biology of Movement Disorders" being the stated area of expertise of the Chairman of the Yale Psychiatry Department.

The Corrupticourts assume a person should have psychic powers and know about illegal orders without having received them.


  And here is the statute.  It is the DCF who is gagged.



Calling DCF   DCF okay's sexual torture of children.  Listen to the DCF "worker" try to obstruct my giving the report, interrupting me repeatedly, obstructing the story, and obstructing my reporting the sequence of events.

070429hometemp  No access to either legislators or justice.  Inkel child sexual violence and physical abuse by Annette Anderson- a DCF foster carer and perjurer- motion and video interview of the children who were assaulted.


Town of New London,  Corrupticut                                                                                       

28 July 06

Chief of Police New London, Corrupticut   


Fax 860 447-7971


Regarding Illegal Gag- and Other Corrupticourts “Orders”


I have just now, today, about 11:20 AM, received this “court order” dated July 5, 2006 by a “State Marshall” who did not leave his name.

This is an example of how corrupt are the Corrupticourts.

I have not yet been contacted by the New London Police and the Town of New London as regards the investigation of the abuse of the Inkel children in the “care” of Annette Anderson and would like to schedule an interview, therefore.

The DCF force-drugged Aaron Inkel and would not allow Meredith Inkel a lawyer.  On the basis of Mrs. Inkel’s refusal to force-drug Aaron Inkel, DCF terminated her parental rights 4 years ago but only VERY recently allowed her to have a “trial” while refusing Mrs. Inkel legal representation.

This is clearly unconstitutional and illegal.

As you can see, I was delivered this order today, which was dated July 5th, 2006, but I sent Attorney Valerie Alexander the data she requested – all the scientific journal articles about how all psychotropics are brain damaging and the evidence that the Inkel children were abused and that DCF had this child abuser Annette Alexander perjure herself about these injuries - on July 18, 2006, and received the signed return receipt dated July 20, 2006 a few days ago, from Valerie Alexander.

Valerie Alexander sent me a request for information on the same day as the court order, July 5, 2006, so was that meant to be some sort of entrapment?

Is delivering this to me 23 days after it was ordered meant to be an entrapment?

You bet it was. 

I have the Inkel children in video tape describing Annette Anderson ‘s sexual abuse to these children and the evidence that the DCF not only is covering it up, but allowing this vicious and insane child abuser, Annette Anderson, to perjure herself and blame the severe vaginal injuries to the Inkel girl on Meredith Inkel that Annette Anderson, herself, caused.

THAT is how the Corrupticourts “work.”

Explain that to all your “officers” since “Lt.” Crowley seems to think the “judges” and the DCF will handle child abuse.  You have seen the evidence otherwise.  Fortunately I filed a complaint with the Town of New London Police on June 28, 2006 after DCF bagged Phillip Inkel at the courthouse because he attempted to file a motion to help his wife represent herself in this bogus 4-year old prosecution, wherein, Meredith Inkel was clearly within her rights to not cause her son psychotropics-induced brain damage- now well-documented and in the hands of the DCF since Nov 20, 2003, when I gave these scientific journal articles to Laura Lustig, 1200 Boston Post Road, Westport, Corrupticut.

Lustig illegally is a DCF “contractor,” since she should 1) not be a contractor to train the DCF lying morons to be lying morons, while simultaneously being a contractor to perform psychological evaluations, she 2) does not know the difference between Autism and Asperger’s and I had to explain it to her (they are opposites in cognitive profile; Autism, which I have, is a condition of very superior visual spatial abilities with low verbal-auditory processing, and 3) Lustig said I was insane and “paranoid” to be saying I could not get adequate healthcare for my children who have Lyme disease, when obviously SmithKline and Yale were forced to pull LYMErix from the market due to all the unreported adverse events, 400 of which were adverse neurological events.  That’s somewhat “controversial” since Yale now insists Lyme is a knee-only disease, after Yale performed the autopsy on a congenitally infected newborn, and determined that the cause of the newborn’s death was the congenital Lyme brain damage.

Yale’s Eugene Shapiro said as perjury that he never saw a case of neurologic Lyme disease, when at the 1994 FDA meeting in Bethesda, the fact that if a person waits to see if a Lyme rash shows up after tick bite to seek treatment, it is already too late- the Lyme spirochete has already permanently infected their brain (was revealed).

Since everyone does not know that, nor that Yale would commit such outrageous perjury for the State in order to deny children early and adequate medical care -  A DCF MANDATE – then I should think it would be somewhat “controversial” that the State of Corrupticut Department of Children and Families does not go after Yale’s Eugene Shapiro for international child abuse and neglect, and even assault because Yale knew their LYMErix vaccine did not prevent Lyme even before the Phase III trials began.

University of Corrupticut staff injected Czech children with Yale’s bogus LYMErix vaccine, knowing it would do them no good because not only is OspA the wrong antigen for a vaccine – per the National Institutes of Health, Rocky Mountain Labs – but there is none of this kind of B31 OspA in Europe. It, for them would be a vaccine against nothing and this experiment was only conducted to see how much injury would be caused these innocent Czech children, as guinea pigs.

The Corrupticut Statute 17a-28 specifically states that anyone can give their DCF ‘records” to anyone they want, and that it is the DCF who is gagged.  Since this is undeniably the Statute, AAG Jessica Gauvin has again broken the law, ordering my false arrest with the nonsense she herself invented in the “courtroom.’ 

To wit:  Has anyone ever gotten a mail bomb from me?

Is filing complaints to the US Department of Justice the “Unibomber’s” method of activism?

There’s all the proof you need that the DCF are criminally insane.

Kathleen M. Dickson

23 Garden Street

Pawcatuck, CT 06379

CC: UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michael Leavitt, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (who fund this fraud of a child protection agency, Corrupticut DCF), US Democratic Leadership, Alberto Gonzales, US Attorney General, The New London Day, The Hartford Courant, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, WTNH ABC News, New Haven, Corrupticut.


Pay close attention to the audiofile and the correspondence with the police. 

The DCF clearly lied to this "judge" to get a court order to shut me up, because they knew this foster "carer" Annette Anderson had a violence against children history- as did Dr Dennis Long of Gales Ferry Pediatric Group - but they intended to keep covering it up,  Note that I reported the child sexual abuse to the New London Police before this stupid judge's order.  The asshole cops did nothing. 

The DCF defrauded the "courts," once again.  The DCF falsely criminally charges people who expose their crimes.  We have numerous examples of this behavior.  This is commonplace in Corrupticut.  DCF places children in danger, and they lie their faces off to everyone- but it's all a big SECRET ("to protect the children").  The "elected legislators" don't care, as long as there are 12 full length mirrors in their office, plenty of press photo-shoots, and a guarantee of a board position somewhere once they're out of politics.  They have told us flat out, "DON'T BOTHER ME!!"-  Cathy Cook (R-Mystic), CT.


Does Dennis Long do this for DCF all the time?

He needs to be investigated, too.

All of his records need to be examined to see if he routinely covers up DCF sanctioned child abuse.


DCF says to Chris Kennedy that he is going to charge Chris wuth "SOMETHING."  It didn't matter what, you see.  DCF makes no attempt to hide the fact that they falsely arrest people.

False DCF arrests, Carroll vs Ragaglia.


Docket Nos.     W10-CP03-009076-D

                                                                                    : SUPERIOR COURT FOR
                                                                                    JUVENILE MATTERS CHILD
                                                                                    PROTECTION SESSION
                                                                                    AT MIDDLETOWN
                                                                                    JUNE 21, 2006

            BAKER, AARON
            INKEL, ALEXANDER
            INKEL, ANDREW
            INKEL, ANASTASIA
            INKEL, ORION







Complainant Phillip Inkel requests representation of his minor children to 1) give testimony as a witness, 2) refute the perjury and frauds upon the courts committed by DCF staff, their witnesses, and foster carers, 3) to establish visitation with all the children, 4) defend himself against the testimony of James Connolly, MD, (Vauxhall Street, Waterford) per the statement of Judge Stuart Bear (to wit, Judge Bear stated that Phillip Inkel should testify on Meredith Inkel’s and his own behalf), 5) to establish the severe sexual and physical abuse of his children while in the DCF foster care of Annette Anderson, not reported by DCF staff to the proper authorities despite their awareness of the sexually traumatic injuries sustained.


It is established that after DCF’s removal of the 2 Inkel boys (now aged 4 and 5) and placement in the care of Annette Anderson, both suffered meatitis or inflammation of the penis.  [Exhibit 1, 2- medical reports of Dr. Dennis Long] 


It is established that one of the Inkel boys visited Dr. Dennis Long for meatitis on October 31 2004, and on April 1, 2005 for meatitis.  The records of Alexander Inkel state “DOUBT UTI,” which implies topic injury, and which is consistent with the boys’ accounts of deliberate genital injury.


It is established that the now 5 year old Inkel boy stated that the foster carer Annette Anderson “bit my pee-pee.” [Exhibit 3- videotaped; this evidence is in another state being duplicated]


It is established that the now 4 year old Inkel boy stated that the foster carer Annette Anderson, “she pinched it and it hurt,” meaning his penis was pinched by Annette Anderson. [Exhibit 3- videotaped and in another state being duplicated]


It is established that the Inkel newborn girl (DOB Oct 31, 2003), who was fraudulently removed from her mother and from the hospital under a fraudulent Order of Custody, Nov 3, 2003, suffered multiple urinary infections and “capillary hemangioma of the R buttocks.”  The child was 7 months old at the time of the severe bruise to her buttocks, in diapers. [Exhibit 4A,B]


Dr. Dennis Long also notes café au lait spots on her right leg.  The child has no café au lait spots, so this is suspected to be an old injury.


It is established that in the care of Annette Anderson, the children were physically assaulted.  The now 4 year old Inkel child states that he was hit in the face.  [Exhibit 5]   The photograph of the black eye suffered by this child was entered as evidence in the civil suit 3:04 –CV-69 (Second Circuit Court of Appeals).


The children state that in the care of Annette Anderson, they were physically beaten on their bottoms, were slapped in the face, and subjected to “Mr. Maris Time Outs.”   “Mr. Maris Time Outs” were demonstrated to DCF’s Jo-El Suroviak as isometric exercises of the military type, frozen in a squat position with their arms outstretched.  Demanding the children perform these “Mr. Maris Time Outs” is tantamount to torture.


It is established that Annette Anderson brought a child to Dr. Dennis Long’s office on August 30, 2004 for vulvitis and a urinary tract infection and alleged the child was the Inkel’s baby girl.  The Inkel’s baby girl had been returned to the Inkels, so this was not their child.  It should be determined who this child was, who apparently suffered the same abuse as the Inkel girl.  The doctor’s notes say that the child was returned to the Inkels on August 18, 2004 but then went back to the foster carer.  This statement was untrue.  On August 30, 2004, the child was on the care of the Inkels.  [Exhibit 6]


Exhibit 7 is a record regarding the abuse of yet another child in the care of Annette Anderson with the Inkel girl.  This child was smacked in the head by Annette Anderson, spanked on the bottom, is afraid of Annette Anderson, and “has some fears about returning to the foster home.”





The Contempt of Court charge by William Wholean and the gag order by Judge Carl Taylor are themselves contempts of the courts, since the statute 17a-28 says that the “person” may discuss their case with whomever they want.  Meredith Inkel, the “person,” is not allowed legal representation nor is she allowed to subpoena witnesses, which is illegal.  The case regarding the removal Aaron Baker by DCF is nearly 4 years old, and is therefore only illegally being heard now.  Meredith is not allowed legal representation, per Judge Carl Taylor’s order, but the judge cannot also order that Meredith Inkel to not have the counsel of friends. Meredith Inkel has no control over what her friends post to the internet or complaints that they make elsewhere on behalf of the Inkels.   Meredith Inkel has asked that the records which were on the internet to be removed, but the activists refuse to obey illegal gag orders, as they themselves claim.

 “Such records, of any person may only be disclosed, in whole or in part, to any individual, agency, corporation, or organization or as provided with the consent of the person or as provided in this section."  -- CT Statute 17a-28




In the case of Kathleen Dickson, Ms. Dickson gave the DCF several scientific journal articles which showed that all psychotropics are brain damaging and she demonstrated the mechanism of this brain damage to the DCF court, in a racketeering complaint to the US Department of Justice against the American Psychiatric Association, and in a video she made and placed on her website, citing the references she gave Laura Lustig, 1200 Boston Post Road, Westport, Connecticut, on November 20, 2003, 6 days before the fraudulent removal of her children.


When Ms. Dickson filed a motion on March 25,. 2004, for an Administrative Review requesting law enforcement to be present to arrest AAG Jessica Gauvin, AAG Jessica Gauvin ordered Ms. Dickson’s false arrest falsely criminally charging her with being a terrorist; falsely criminally charging Ms. Dickson with the very insanity which originated in the mind of AAG Jessica Gauvin (being a Unibomber terrorist, etc).  Ms. Dickson filed a scientific fraud and racketeering complaint against Yale University as regards Lyme disease – a permanent brain infection - and Yale’s patented Lyme vaccine, LYMErix, yet the DCF and DMHAS allowed the perjury of Yale staff, who stated that Lyme is not a brain disease.  Kathleen Dickson is a former analytical chemist for Pfizer.  Yale performed the autopsy on the congenitally infected newborn who died of the Lyme brain damage.


The scientific journal articles which demonstrate that all psychotropics are brain damaging are relevant to the Inkel case as regards Aaron Baker because not only did the DCF defraud the court over the removal of Aaron Baker nearly 4 years ago, the scientific data shows that Meredith Inkel made the right decision not so psychotropic drug her son Aaron Baker.  Aaron Baker states repeatedly that he does not want these drugs because they make him feel terrible.   The scientific journal articles submitted by Kathleen Dickson to the DCF court in Middletown in 2004 and that are still on her website are:

1) Genetic animal models: focus on schizophrenia, Gainetdinov, RR., et al. TRENDS in Neuroscience, Vol 24., No. 9, September, 2001   (They have no clue what the drugs targets are, because the drugs' mechanisms are all wrong.  And that's the state of the "art".-- KMD) 

Brain cell loss, well described in this seminal research article from 1993 about how of all these drugs are brain damaging.  What these articles show, is that not only do "depressants" cause brain damage, brain cell death, and total brain volume loss, they make a person more demented and more unconfortable in all ways.

What Psychiatry does in response to the brain damage they cause, is say the drugs' brain damage "unmasked" an underlying psychiatric disorder.    (Blame the Victim)

2)  "Loss of striatal cholinergic neurons as a basis for tardive and L-dopa-induced dyskinesias, neuroleptic-induced supersensitivity psychosis and refractory schizophrenia." 
Miller R, Chouinard G.,  Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Nov 15;34(10):713-

3)  Psychiatric research in the 21st Century; Opportunities  and Limitations, GR, Heninger, Millenium Article, Molecular Psychiatry (1999) 4, 429-436  (Psychiatry is beginning to consider thinking like scientists--KMD)

4)  "The Pathophysiology of Agitation", Jearn-Pierre Lindenmayer, J Clin Psychaitry 2002;61 (suppl 14)

5)  "Akathisia and Exacerbation of Psychopathology; A Preliminary Report", Dunca, et al. Clinical Neuropharmacology, Vol 23, No. 3, pp. 169-173

6)  "Subjective Emotional Experience and Cognitive Impairment in Drug-Induced Akathisia", Jong-Hoon Kim, et al, Comprehensive Psychiatry, Vol.43, No. 6 (November/December), 2002: pp 456-462

7)  "Correlations Between Akathisia and Residual Psychopathology: A By-product of Neuroleptic-Induced Dysphoria", Newcomer, et al. Br J Psychiatry. 1994 Jun;164(6):834-8.

8) "Cardiovascular Effects of Antipsychotics Used in Bipolar Illness", Piepho, Robert W., J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63 [suppl 4]:20-23

9) Movement Disorders Associated With Atypical Antipsychotic Drugs, Caroff, SN, et al, J Clin Psychiatry 2002;63[suppl 4] 12-19

The following abstract is about a treatment for the brain damage.  This means "tranquilizers" cause agitation (which is clearly the opposite effect of what is intended), and that this is so well known, that so, too, is it well known, that it must be treated.   They therefore have created brain damage, this is standard operative procedure and common knowledge.  Among Psychiatrists and BigPharma.

ABSTRACT:  "Gamma-aminoburytic acid agonists for neuroleptic-induced dyskensia", Soares, et al, Cochrane Database Syst Rev 2001; (2);CD000203


10) Van Der Kolk  Assessment and Treatment of Complex PTSD, Rachel Yehuda, 2001 "Traumatic Stress" 

The highest correlate in development of severe Complex PTSD is "Separation from Parents," for ages 7-12.   



On the website of the Chairman of the Yale Department of Psychiatry is the statement that Benjamin Bunney’s specialty is the brain damage or movement disorders associated with psychotropics use.

In the New York Times on May 23, 2006, there was a follow up report on Yale’s Thomas McGlashan who performs psychotropics experiments on DCF’s “no-nexus” children.  McGlashan reveals that Psychiatry still has no idea what they are doing.

Excerpts from that report:

A Career That Has Mirrored Psychiatry's Twisting Path

“In a career that has spanned four decades, Dr. McGlashan, now 64 and a professor of psychiatry at Yale, has with grim delight extinguished some of psychiatry's grandest notions, none more ruthlessly than his own. He strived for years to master psychoanalysis, only to reject it outright after demonstrating, in a landmark 1984 study, that the treatment did not help much at all in people, like Keith, with schizophrenia. Once placed on antipsychotic medication, Keith became less paranoid and more expressive. Without it, he quickly deteriorated.

Dr. McGlashan turned to medication and biology for answers and in the 1990's embarked on a highly controversial study of antipsychotic medication to prevent psychosis in high-risk adolescents. But doctors' hopes for that experiment, too, withered under the cold eye of its lead author. ..”


If Psychiatry has a twisted history and they admit they have no idea what they are doing, there cannot be declared to be any expertise on brain matters in any Connecticut courts, and therefore any evaluations or declarative statements in the courts cannot be considered as valid evidence and/or testimony.



Anderson should be held in contempt for defrauding the court and perjuring herself in statements per the sequence of events regarding the diaper rash of Anastasia Inkel.  Anderson stated that Anastasia Inkel had a severe diaper rash upon arrival into Anderson’s care, however the medical records show Anderson sought care 9 days after she receive Anastasia into her care, on October 16, 2004


Mary Falvy gave false testimony as to Judge Shimelman’s ordering a “show cause” November 3, 2003.  Falvy stated that Judge Schimelman instructed her to change the order of “show cause” to an Order of Temporary Custody.  In fact Schimelman did not order Temporary Custody.  This is supported through DCF documentation, hospital documentation, and court records.


Attorney Valerie Alexander concealed the unlawful abduction of Anastasia Inkel by DCF.   Valerie Alexander concealed the sexual assaults of Alexander and Andrew Inkel.  Valerie Alexander was present when the sexual abuse of the boys was disclosed to Jo-El Suroviak of the DCF.  There are other examples of misconduct which can be addressed.



DCF worker Jean Corsini submitted false affidavits regarding the removal of Anastasia Inkel in November 2003.


DCF social worker Colleen Lenney made multiple false declarations in verbal testimony, under oath, and in affidavits, and specifically but not limited to “family’s whereabouts were unknown,” falsely declaring that several children were abandoned by the Inkel parents.  Lenney also provided false medical evidence to medical care providers.  Lenney falsely stated that reasonable efforts were made to prevent the removal of the children on but not limited to April 1, 2002 and November 7, 2003, and made other false declarations and conduct.


Jo-El  Suroviak made numerous false declarations in verbal and written testimony.  One example was the false testimony over the sequence of events regarding Anastasia’s diaper rash and as regard ear infections which had not occurred.   Jo-El Suroviak present false testimony as regards the home invasion of the Inkel family at 107 Warner Road, East Haddam. On October 5, 2004.

Complainant Philip Inkel motions to be heard in the courts as regards the fraudulent testimony given thusfar, the fraudulent removals of his children, the illegal gag order, and most particularly, the undeniable criminal sexual abuse of the Inkel children in DCF’s care and the DCF’s cover-up of this severe sexual abuse, for the purpose of identifying those responsible for these abuses and frauds upon the courts, for the court to make a finding of contempt.



This is to certify that a copy of the above was mailed or faxed on  _________________

2006, to the following parties:


Meredith Inkel

30 Bogel Rd.

East Haddam, CT 06423


Assistant Attorney General William Wholean

978 Hartford Tpke

Waterford, CT 06385

Fax 860-440-5845


Valerie Alexander

212B Thomas Street

Groton, CT 06340

Fax 860-449-0664


Michael Maggiacomo

PO Box 772

Danielson, CT 06279

Fax 860-946-3833


Attorney Scott Magowan

 87 Boston Post Rd.

Waterford, CT 06385



Attorney Kristine Quaratella

32 E. Anthony Rd.

New London,  CT 06320

Fax 860-439-0850





                                                            PHILLIP INKEL

                                                            PRO-SE Respondent parent

                                                            30 Bogel Rd.

                                                            East Haddam, CT 06423


  Andrew- inflamed penis acquired in foster "care."

  Alex- inflamed penis acquired in foster "care."


Inkel baby, already 9 days in the care of foster carer, "rash started this AM."  Foster carer stated under oath that she got the baby in this condition 9 days before- blaming the mother for these genital injuries.

The nurse of Dr. Dennis Long suspected sexual abuse on the part of the foster carer, as she wrote in the notes.

All of Dennis Long's victims should have their records looked at by the FBI to see if this is a pattern of covering up for brutal DCF foster carers.


"Capillary hemangioma R buttocks, Cafe au Lait spot, R leg"

No such thing.  This baby has no cafe au lait spots.  My sister and two of her kids have Neurofibromatosis, so I know what cafe au lait spots look like.

I have seen a million cafe au lait spots in addition to all manifestations of NF including NF-associated autism, since 5 people in my own family are affected, including myself.


Uhhh, ya can't fake consistently "very superior" visual spatial abilities (Block Design; Performance IQ).  That only happens in autism.  Autism and Neurofibromatosis co-confer at 150 times the rate than if they were independent genetic events:

One cannot fake very superior visual spatial abilities in one's father, either.  (US Patent database.)  This is high functioning autism- common in scientists and engineers

Autism and NF1, on MedLine

Block Design and High Functioning Autism, on MedLine


To continue with the Inkel Appearance data...



Andrew's black eye, received in foster care.





  Apparently some other baby who foster carer is passing off as an Inkel but who has the same genital injuries.  Inkel parents claim they had their baby back by this date.  So, either the date is wrong or the baby is wrong, but in either case, here is the same foster "carer" back in Dr. Dennis Long's office with a baby with a sore bottom.  

Jeepers, it sure looks like severe child abuse or neglect to me, to more children than just the Inkel children, as the next report demonstrates.


Another child in therapy, afraid to go back to Annette Anderson, reported by Amy Sizer, New London Child and Family.

You can't actually believe anything the DCF says about any parents, and the same is true for Valerie Alexander the kids' alleged attorney, since she knows all about this abuse, and tried to entrap me, in cahoots with the DCF, lying to the "judges," as usual.

Attorney Valerie Alexander is every bit as guilty as Dennis Long and the DCF for trying to bury this extensive evidence of child abuse by Annette Anderson, a DCF foster "carer."



Cheney embarks on Middle East Mission-   Translation:  Cheney sets up another false flag operation by giving out his itinerary, in particular, that he will be on the air craft carrier Stennis, such that we can have an event that we can blame on Iran in order to attack Iran.  'No-brainer foreign policy brought to you by Likudnik morons who stroke easily detectable psychopaths, much in the same way Durland Fish strokes the psychopath Edward McSweegan ("Dear Eddie-  How can I get more money cuz you da man...")

NYT on Gonzales' focus (Back up a bit, NYT. To Enron's troubles in Afghanistan) -->ARREST BUSH-CHO  070112 Torture Gonzo Insano

Gonzales' TORTURE "opinion"-

Iran says US planned 9/11 attacks   Tehran, Iran, Jan. 12 – Iran trumpeted a stunning accusation against the United States on Friday, claiming it had planned the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York and the Pentagon outside Washington, D.C.  The Chairman of the Guardians Council Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati described 9/11 as a "puppet show", adding that it had been orchestrated by the Americans themselves...   [You got it, Bro']


While Yale's Durland Fish illegally conspires to stalk, harass, wiretap, and discredit the Lyme Foundation, by ordering NIH's Edward McSweegan to find "more than rumors to attack," the assinine cops spend there time doing nothing but being incompetent to the real crime in Corrupticut.


Despite the fact that the former Chief State's Attorney Jack Bailey died of Lou Gehrig's Disease, when there is nearly a 50% association between Lou Gehrig's Disease and Lyme Disease.

You just can't make this shit up.


Same report on MedLine:   2334308

"Of 19 unselected patients with the diagnosis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) living in Suffolk County, New York (an area of high Lyme disease prevalence), 9 had serologic evidence of exposure to Borrelia burgdorferi."

47%;   9 of 19 men with Lou Gehrig's Disease in a Lyme-endemic area were exposed to borrelia











Today my friend from WWII Germany says the psychopathic prison guards, who are all racists, "would otherwise be put to work in the woods, cutting down trees, so that at the end of the day they would not have enough energy left to hate."  He also said in NAZI Germany, "every bit of the human being (in reference to The Meatgrinder State, where everyday-life-is-a-crime, and DCF-Rowlandgate, where the State employees feed off the bodies of the children) would be used up- the skin, the gold teeth..."  He said, "The people should keep a close eye on their leaders, and if they get out of hand, they need to kick them out (which is much like what Lee Iacocca said- THROW THE BUMS OUT!!), "Those leaders better watch out because the people will only take so much shit, and when the shit boils over, they better look out."

I had told him about how at CVH the State "mental health workers" were actually decent human beings and who could diffuse a situation by themselves just by acting calmly, whereas in the prisons, 12+ guards pounce, call a code, the prison goes on lock-down, and all the guards get 72 hours of overtime that week.  Same situation, different response-depending on the level of psychopathy among the union members.--

Spitzer, the moron unions, and "The Bell Curve"   end entry 10 May 07


DARFUR-  Look back a few years: A must-read; how Yale circumvents US law.

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"This anti-interventionist movement has been building on the Right for quite some time, ever since Pat Buchanan bucked his fellow conservatives and came out against the first Gulf War. Buchanan's book A Republic, Not an Empire and the magazine he co-founded with Taki Theodoracopulos, The American Conservative, have been enormously influential – and, I might add, so have various writings posted on this Web site, including in this space. has always made a conscious effort to present conservative critiques of the Bushian foreign policy precisely because of the strategic importance of splitting the War Party's Republican base. We have always argued that the ostensibly "conservative" principles of the GOP – limited government, fiscal responsibility, and a realistic recognition of the limits of power – are ill served by a foreign policy that aims at exporting our system all over the globe at gunpoint.

"To the neocons, the Republican Party was just a means to an end, not a cause unto itself: it was their vehicle to power, and once they had arrived, its fate was irrelevant to their central concerns. A parasite, after all, cares nothing for its host."