Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

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CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000





Charging the Lyme RICO in 5 Points

BACKGROUND:  Go to MedLine and look up Borrelia in the taxonomy database.  How many borrelia are there?  
Does anyone care if they have -burgdorferi or -outer mongolii or -frenchfrii or -barbouri

Go there and read all the reports associated with how they categorize Borreliae.  You will see that all these spirochetes are differentiated by flagellin.  That means this is how they should all be tested for- a test developed by Yale in 1991 and patented in 1993.  The specific antibodies to all Borrelial flagellins should be the only antibody test for Relapsing Fever in America.

Note that by ignoring all these other borrelia is a technique of the negative data rule.

Fukunaga Phylogeny  This report is no longer available free-full text on the Taxonomy database.  I recommend reading this one and the one by Picken.

The Borrelia Flagellin Master Prober: Picken, 1992:

Burgdorferi is most similar to



You will see that this will end up as homicide charges against Yale, over their scientifically valid test, US Patent 5,618,533.

FALSE CLAIMS ACT CASE AGAINST THE INSURANCE BIGS, because they deploy psychiatrists to deny us disability income ("psychological evaluations"), because the Long Term Disability Carriers do not pay Long Term Disability for a diagnosis of "CRAZY."

And this is weird because I told Yale's James Phillips all about this abuse, and then he turned around and did it himself to shield himself from a malpractice lawsuit, since he really is that much of a moron.  I gave him all of mine and my congenitally infected Lyme children's medical records in the Summer of 2000, and explained that Lyme and Yale were a problem for us.

You can see that all of the dates and the records jive, because that's what happens when people are telling the truth.

1) WHAT IS SCIENTIFIC VALIDITY?  HOW DOES IT APPLY TO STEERE'S DEARBORN CASE  DEFINITION (a false claim to the United States Government) (and LYMErix), AND WERE THE  CROOKS AWARE OF IT?  This section of the charges is to include the Primers Shell Game.

2) BIOMARKERS OF DISEASE- PUBLISHED BY THE CROOKS (this is to include the 1989 IDSA Reviews, and the known ALS and MS and Lupus outcomes of testing negative to the Dearborn criteria)...


SLANDER, STALKING, ANONYMOUS INTERNET HARASSMENT, LIBEL, ETC; AB-USE OF OR DEPLOYMENT OF IDIOT PSYCHIATRISTS who never run any scientifically valid tests and are allowed to guess;  This is scientific fraud with intent to cause harm.  As you can see, even if a person has a "co" psychiatric disorder with their delirium, they are to  be treated medically first. 

So, no matter how you look at it, this is scientific fraud with intent to cause harm:

denied real medical care for a real disease by falsely declaring a sick person to be a hypochondriac, that is malpractice in that it denies them real medical care for a real medical condition:

given psychotropics for a real medical condition, this is doubly brain damaging, according to the American Psychiatric Association's own guidelines on the treatment of a delirium. 

It is doubly brain damaging, and double malpractice for the crooks to deploy psychiatrists and psychotropics, especially since we know they know otherwise, because the crooks are themselves the discoverers of the scientifically valid markers of brain and nerve destruction caused by Lyme Borreliosis alone.

Psychiatry, is just set up that way - these idiots never entertain testing for any scientifically valid diseases, nor do they mention that there is no such scientific thing as CFIDS and FM, because to reveal that these diseases need to be worked up SCIENTIFICALLY, would end millions in grants for the psychiatrists who abuse them with ever- new theories as to the victims motivations for claiming they're sick.  Psychiatrists are well-known by the Bigs, to be complete and total idiots.

The APA is not likely to renounce their guidelines just to protect James Phillips (88 Noble Ave.,  Milford, CT) from being charged criminally when this overall crime is charged as mass homicide.  Phillips was given much of this data and knew about the crime.  Or, at least he pretended to understand it, which may be even a worse moral crime- one that everyone should look out for:  psychiatrists pretending to understand what you're saying.





 Claims or Qui Tam and Mass Murder (not negligent homicide and not manslaughter,
 because we have clearly proven INTENT to cause harm).

Then there's the proof of very vicious deliberateness to cover up their crimes by falsely
 accusing, slandering, stalking, malpractice, wiretapping, libeling, obstructing justice,
 theft of mail, frauds upon the court, and perjuring against the victims of their crimes:

McSweegan Harassment, MainPage

Hartford Courant story from 1997 about LDF's harassment by Edward McSweegan

"Bogus Articles" and setting people (LDF) up to later call them crazy


Anonymous Internet Harassment and Stalking- as re sic-ing the Child
 Protective Morons
against Lyme victims.

The Harassment of Rosie O'Donnell and her kids re Lyme
 (I now
 think this Frank90222 @ character, who later became
 Chuck P Adams, is Durland Fish)

"Clairvoyance" (wiretapping the Lyme Disease Foundation and stating
 at the depositions that McSweegan learned his dirt on the LDF due to
 "clairvoyance" or "wishful thinking.")

The "Clairvoyance" Lawsuits

- There is no doubt McSweegan is obsessed with
 Lyme victims.  This whole Quackwatch page shows he's furious at
 people like me who exposed the LYMErix crime to the FDA
 Vaccine Committee

McSweegan's "Obsession"  (more slander and libel)

SWEEG_STALKING  Janice Beers as one of Sweeg's victims.  All
 these people Sweeg mentions are the very people he, himself stalked
 and slandered and otherwise persecuted.

Durland Fish is caught with a "hit list" by the Hartford Courant, and in the same paragraph proves he is completely insane like the Neocons:
Durland Fish- Hilarious Courant Interview

An Anonymous Internet Disinformation Campaign (Sweeg's book,
 Deliberate Release

"Anonymous Internet Disinformation Campaign Using a Remailer"
What a coincidence: "Chuck P Adams," and the famous hero of NIH's
Edward McSweegan's stupid and unsophisticated novel (that we paid
for while he was doing nothing at the NIH) is named "ChristoPher

McSweegan Calling Europeans "STUPID"

McSweegan Calling the US Navy, STUPID and INCOMPETENT

McSweegan Calling the FBI STUPID and INCOMPETENT
 (However, I would have to agree with him on that)

"The Man With No Work" - On TV (CBS NEws) and in the national newspapers,  McSweegan trashes his employer, the NIH

Posting as fake Lyme victims

"I hear [Edward McSweegan] is hung like a horse AHHHH" -Pretending to be JWissmille posting as JWismille
 @ aol, when "Chuck" (Durland Fish, probably) discusses  McSweegan's penis trip to Akademgorodok, SIBERIA, RUSSIA.

See all the posts under the same fake "georgia" (Wissmiller) name - he is clearly obsessed with me

Is this appropriate for either a Yale entomologist or an NIH microbiologist?  Is this behavior the reason why this cabal lost a billion dollars worth of grant handouts in the past 8 months?  (400 million from the NIH and 600 million from the Howard Hughes Foundation)

Nancy+gulp+slurp+   The "BLOW JOB" Libel against Nancy
 Berntsen and Dr. Steve Phillips, Ridgefield

IP Locates to New Haven (Durland Fish)

IP Locates to Crofton Maryland
(McSweegan's other home)


Durland Fish tells me not to "mess with the Federal govt and Yale"  ???

"Don't mess" IP locates to New Haven

McSweegan's Anonymous Internet Harassment of myself after my
 FDA presentation on LYMErix

Perjury, James Phillips and Kenneth Marcus over what the APA's
 guidelines say

"Frauds Upon the Court," Yale's Patricia Leebens defrauds the
 court and then "leaves the country" so she can't be cross-examined
 (are these people low-lives or what?)

False Criminal Charges

Obstruction of Justice by DCF regarding Congenital Lyme

Stealing Richard Blumenthal's RICO mail off of his desk and giving it
 to Yale's James Phillips and the former Yalie, Kenneth Marcus, the
 incompetent head of CVH who is dangerously incompetent and
 needs to be committed, according to the United States Department of

 Justice.   This is a "fraud upon the court" and mail theft, in addition to
 perjury and malpractice.


Yale's James Phillips (88 Noble Ave, Milford, Corrupticut) was given all the proof that I have this disease, gave it to my children, that I was treated with 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone, got 100% better, but relapsed  as my brain SPECT scans show and as I told the CT Attorney General in his first Lyme hearing in 1999.

James Phillips perjured himself to avoid a very winnable malpractice lawsuit, making him the
 world's biggest hypocrite, because he also pretends to be a religious person and philosopher -
 while being a complete and total sex-obsessed pervert in private (God as my witness, James
 Phillips is a Freudian pervert and 100% obsessed with sex to the exclusion of all other topics),
 but also pretends to be a philosopher- despite what happened to his buddy Dr. Michael
 Schwartz who established the AAPP
 hands of Allen Steere.

Is this guy, Phillips, the world's biggest puke or what?

What kind of a woman could sleep with such an abusive, low-life pervert?  I bet his wife, Wendy
 Stewart, does not even know what kinds of things he says to his victims.

As you can see from my testimony at CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme  hearing, I improved 100% on 3.5 months of IV ceftriaxone after 9 years of the living hell of Lyme disease:

(I start on page 336 of the actual .pdf file)

Since,  I  NEVER  LIE...

  ◄The brain damage known as akathisia or psychomotor agitation- the head of the Yale Psych Department's very specialty  The brain damage called akathisia  = Bunney's "The Biology of Movement Disorders")    (Although Karen asked me not to publish it, the Corrupticut State's Attorney's office did not do their job and prosecute the guilty, here, Yale's despicable James Phillips and DCF's despicable AAG Jessica Gauvin.  No one here does their job.)


I recommend avoiding, completely, these psychiatric pukes because they will turn on you in a
 heartbeat, and they always blame the victim.


Karen Forschner speaks about the malpractice and brain damage:


FALSE CLAIMS  - This is why  (STEERE's HLAs) SmithKline was sued in two class actions over Yale's bogus
 OspA vaccine
Allen Steere knows Lyme arthritis or acrodermatitis are genetically-linked hypersensitivity reactions, or
 allergy reactions, to OspA or other Borrelial antigens, and therefore Steere's IgG antibody case definition of Lyme does not
 represent all manifestations of Borreliosis.


This, what Steere did in Europe, or the Dearborn Result is the basis of all the FALSE CLAIMS made to the government in order to get research grant money and set up a monopoly on blood (contains goodies like  bioweapons-insider data as well as new diseases to patent). 

Mark Klempner made a false claim to get a 4.7 million dollar grant- under the assumption that the Dearborn  Case Definition was real or scientifically valid.

The Dearborn Case Definition was Steere's False Claim that Lyme was only a bad knee.  He made these false  claims in Europe in European journals, with bogus "high passage" strains (G39/40 and FRG) and with the  bogus scientific premise that we look for the HIGHEST QUANTITY of something (antibodies) in order to  detect or "diagnose" it.

Arthur Weinstein published as second or a back-up false claim that blot "objectivity" or higher
 antibody concentration was a true characteristic of method validity.

That's why I call Weinstein the Master-Validator.
And Lenny Sigal the Master-Debator.
And Simon Wessely the Master-Imaginator.
They're all experts at jerking off all over us.




FOUR TIMES, this criminal gang reported that they could not read their Western Blots

in LYMErix vaccinated people, yet both gangs, the Gary Wormser Gang, and the Robert Schoen
Gang, reported that they had vaccines, despite not being able to tell whether or not LYMErix
prevented Lyme.  See the purple fonts, below.  Those are the four reports/patents.

See also:  OspA, What's bad about it?


'Storing Spirochetes in rodent brains, Oscar Felsenfeld.  The crooks always use the mouse model of
brain infection, but that's not the best model.


See also, The Central RICO patents, since the central RICO patent, owned by Dave Persing, goes with this Schoen
 report (next) where Schoen and Persing demonstrate that they know which primers to use to detect Lyme.  This proper
 DNA or RNA has never been used to assay human patient treatment outcomes except where Gary Wormser in 1992
 showed that antibiotic treatment of a tick attachment failed to prevent Lyme disease in 2/9 cases.  (That was the only
 exception.) These crooks only use the proper DNA to detect spirochetes... when on their way to the patent office.


1)  SCHOEN   Yale and all the Lyme crooks know how to detect any kind of borreliosis and they

 have known since the early 1990s:  Use Borreliae-specific RNA or DNA primers encoded on the chromosome
(and don't use any varying plasmid DNA, like OspA genes)
This is also the RICO report that went with the RICO
This is the report where Yale's Robert Schoen admits he could not read Western Blots in LYMErix
vaccinated people and that he knew that in 1995, at least.













In this report - and this is the RICO report associated with the main RICO patent - Yale's Robert
Schoen demonstrates that they know how to diagnose any kind of Lyme or borreliosis anywhere in the


Later (2002) Yale's Durland Fish demonstrated that he was aware of which RNA primers to use when assessing treatment
outcomes in mice.  These primers have never been used in any human treatment trial outcomes except in Wormser's
experiments where he was assessing tick bites for Borrelia genetic material after treatment (see data and links below in
Number 3) in 1992.


2) Go Here to see Schoen instructing doctors in 1998 to blow off LYMErix injured persons while
at the same time revealing their plans for a monopoly on blood based on this study and the amazing event
where OspA and B were left out of the diagnostic standard after Allen Steere said Lyme Disease WAS a
disease of too many antibodies to OspA and B.

This is the central report that explains the RICO monopoly because Persing EARLIER claimed this as a patent
because they admit they can't read their Western Blots in LYMErix-vaccinated people due to the blot

The CENTRAL RICO patent, Dave Persing's

RICO Patents Movie Autoplays here


3)   The RICO Monopoly Patent on testing and LYMErix 
The Dave Persing, Mayo Clinic FRAUD Patent-6,045,804  Note the date on the patent. 
May, 1996.

"The present invention provides a method useful to detect a B. burgdorferi infection in a
 subject. The method provided by the invention is particularly useful to discriminate B.
 burgdorferi infection from OspA vaccination, although it is sufficiently sensitive and
 specific to use in any general Lyme disease screening or diagnostic application.
Thus, the
 method of the invention is particularly appropriate for large scale screening or
 diagnostic applications where only part of the subject population has been vaccinated
 or where the vaccination status of the population is unknown. "

 (Or, appropriate for a monopoly on vaccines and testing to go to Imugen and Yale's L2
 Diagnostics.)  Everyone in the world ought to read this full text report,
 because it seems like what I told the vaccine committee was more true than I even knew at the time about LYMErix
 appearing to activate latent infection in people who had Lyme previously and believed they had recovered.  I was just
 observing the empirical data (the victims of LYMErix called me, very ill, looking for help)


4)  Dave Persing and Lenny Sigal on the BLOT SMUDGING
- Unreadable blots in OspA vaccinated people, alleviated by using a strain of Bb with no OspA-B plasmid in it.  Here
Persing is talking about LYMErix, when in fact, his co-author, Lenny Sigal ran the ImmuLyme trial, did not report blot
smudging, and Persing already knew about the blot smudging since that's the RICO patent that Persing developed with
Schoen and the reason OspA and B were left out of the diagnostic standard!!  See 1) above for the journal report that goes
with the Persing RICO patent.





Here is proof that Gary Wormser knows that the current (Dearborn
IgG) testing for Lyme only detects 9 of 59 patients tested positive
according to Steere's IgG criteria: (9/59) = 15% ??


Read carefully what Wormser says in this report:

Wormser says he is assessing Steere's IgG recommendation for the CDC to adopt (Dearborn), and that it was
 NO GOOD.  Yet it was adopted by the CDC anyway.  Who approved this standard, even though none of
 the labs agreed?

For Wormser to report in the IDSA guidelines that one has to have a positive test for Lyme, means he has
 published scientific fraud.  Similarly, CDC says their testing for Lyme is "valid," when it is hardly valid, if only
 15 % cases of Lyme are indentified by IgG.


As I told the FDA 6 (now, 10) years ago, the testing for Lyme is deliberately bogus, and none among the invited (to the 1994
 Dearborn Conference) labs agreed with Steere's way to diagnose Lyme... 

  Imugen Labs, Norwood, MA at Dearborn Conference says Steere's IgG criteria misses 86% of the cases (is 14%




  Wisconsin:  Steere's method misses 78% of the cases.





Igenex's report for Dearborn:  The CDC's IgG Lyme test is only at best, 25% accurate


A) New York Medical College, the ID Society, and the ALDF dot com's Gary Wormser and the CDC report that 1/3 of
patients are seronegative. And in this report, they also note 1) which primers are to be used - which have never been used
to assess patients in treatment outcomes except for 2) here, where Wormser shows that 2/9 persons treated with a dose of
antibiotics were still PCR positive:








Go to the report to see which primers they used, and who participated in this 1992 study.  You will see that Wormser
 reported that 2/9 persons treated for  tick bite, were still positive for spirochetes.  That's pretty damned criminal, since
 Wormser now recommends not to treat on tick bite, AFTER they said TO treat on tick bite AFTER they said NOT to
 treat on tick bite, since Yale wanted to have a bogus LYMErix trial.

Which is why Sweeg and Durly harassed the Forschners.


'See how incredibly stupid the Corrupticut US Attorney's office is?  Any one of these individual crimes, alone,
is worthy of prosecution.



Here are three published journal articles, including 2 by Yale and
one by Allen Steere, which show that
Lyme congenitally confers:





YouTube 12:50 mins   The Lyme and LYMErix RICO Patents -  write down the patents to verify independently or go

RICO Patents

 The Monopoly was set up around Yale's bogus LYMErix (OspA) vaccine. 

Steere left OspA out of the CDC's standard because they (L2 Diagnostics and Imugen Labs) were
going to be the only labs licensed to use the patented test using an OspA-B less spirochete.  This
 was necessary because OspA-B in the bug resulted in unreadable Western Blots.  Yale never told the FDA that they could
 not read their Western Blots in LYMErix vaccinated people, so they simply lied to the FDA about LYMERix's efficacy
 and deliberately did not report adverse events.

LYME_CORRUPTICUT follow the money- this was the biggest medical crime in the history of modern medicine.  It was a
completely bogus vaccine and is a completely bogus description of what Lyme really is.

Here is Yale discussing how they could not read their Western Blots in LYMErix vaccinated people in 1996, but they did
 not stop the vaccine trial, because they clearly knew about it much earlier: