Written and sent Aug 2005. Of course I did not know Chertoff was part of the 911 stunt at that time.  I had not by this time seen the free-fall of the WTC7 building video.


August 4, 2005


Michael Chertoff, Director

US. Department of Homeland Security

Washington, DC, 20528


The Lyme disease scientific fraud and racketeering complaint involves the following collection of related- and possibly-related conditions, which we would like investigated.  Monies may be recoverable for the government from medical scientific fraud, healthcare fraud, the usual international banker shenanigans, and racketeering.  A legal remedy is necessary to Homeland Security.


1 )  The Yale Corporation is in New Haven, Connecticut; and it manages Yale’s investments.  Presidents Bush I and II attended Yale, as did Jonathan Bush and John M. Walker.


2)  L2 Diagnostics is a private biotechnology firm spinoff from Yale’s former Lyme and Lupus Clinic, which was funded by the Medical School Endowment Fund.


3 )  Allen C. Steere is now working at Harvard, and who is who masterminded the current and fraudulent Centers for Disease Control’s IgG blood testing standard for Lyme.  This scam involved using the high passage Lyme spirochete strain G39/40, which lost plasmid DNA expression.  A result of being high-passage, or cultured too many times in a Petri dish, before being recycled through an animal host, which would allow the organisms to maintain the expression of virulence factors or antigens.  Thus, high passage G39/40 lost expression of OspA and B.  OspA and B are encoded on the same plasmid (small, extrachromosomal DNA, which is vectored by bacteriophages, or viruses that infect bacteria). OspA is the vaccine LymeRIX and ImmuLyme.  ImmuLyme was not approved by the FDA for use in humans.  Yale owns the patent for LymeRIX.  LymeRIX was removed from the market due to the unreported adverse events, which took place during the vaccine trial, but were not reported to the FDA during the vaccine trial.  Adverse events were later reported, but not until the vaccine was on the market.  Osps A and B were left out of the CDC’s blood testing standard for Lyme, as a result of this scientific fraud by Allen Steere.  LymeRIX  A) never prevented borreliosis is lab animals, and  B) never should have gone to human trials, C) it did not disinfected ticks but rather made the infection expand in ticks, and D) LymeRIX did not prevent asymptomatic Lyme infection- it apparently made asymptomatic Lyme symptomatic.  Every single claim Yale and SmithKline made about LymeRIX was false.


4 ) L2 Diagnostics, in partnership with Corixa Corporation (Washington State), Imugen (Norwood Mass), and SmithKline (now Glaxo-SmithKline), share rights to the diagnostic test for Lyme which is now the current CDC IgG standard:  Corixa’s David Persing patented a test for Lyme from a Lyme spirochete which was missing the OspA-B plasmid.   The “partnership” involves Imugen and L2 Diagnostics getting all the national testing for Lyme disease, since they are the only ones licensed to use this fraudulent method, while sending this free blood to Corixa Corporation, which looks for new tick borne diseases to patent for more vaccines and test kits.  During the vaccine trial of Yale’s Lyme vaccine, SmithKline used strain B31, which does not express much, if any, OspC, the neurotropism-associated antigen.  Neurotropism means the ability to specifically be attracted to nerve tissue.  This left OspA, B and C, the “primary, immunodominant antigens,” out of the standard for the assessment of LymeRIX.  These antibodies, if a person had them and was infected with Lyme, would not be reported and recorded as a case of infection, as explained to the FDA LymeRIX vaccine committee in Bethesda Maryland, in January, 2001.  The internet link to this FDA presentation is below, on the FDA’s website is:



This is scientific fraud and a monopoly on testing and vaccines, apparently orchestrated by Allen Steere and Yale University.  It is organized crime, because this testing is fraudulent, and misses the vast majority of cases, and yet meanwhile Yale’s Erol Fikrig and Richard Flavell own a patent for an early and accurate test for Lyme under US patent number 5,618,533 (application date, Dec 10, 1993).   The accuracy of Fikrig’s early and accurate test for Lyme was 17/18 cases detected, or 94.4% accurate.  The accuracy of the Steere fraudulent method is between 13 and 25%, depending on the spirochete strains used in the testing, when, in the course of the illness, the test is performed, and the patient’s own immune competence to borrelial antigens.  Some people can be infected and test positive and have no symptoms; a few rare people can be infected and have an inflammatory response - which was what brought this particular borreliosis to the attention  of  Mrs. Polly Murray – arthritis; but most often, people are testing negative and have neurologic Lyme symptoms because borrelia are stealth infections, and in the bioweapons class of “chronic disablers.” 


If known “chronic disablers” are not detectable on purpose, this is obviously a national security risk.  Someone could deliberately release a chronic disabler in a Lyme endemic area, and due to the fraud of Lyme disease, a serious WMD disease could be spread undetected and unchecked.


5)  If Lyme is not detectable, it is not treatable, and thus, Lyme is “controversial,” which is a political word meaning fraud, and which we learned about from the USDOJ lawsuits against the tobacco companies.  The tobacco companies’ claim was that it was also “subject to opinion” rather than fact, that nicotine was addictive, while these tobacco companies were meanwhile allegedly spiking cigarettes with nicotine.  For the 2001 American Lyme Disease Foundation’s GALA, “a memorial tribute was made to S. Donald Ripley, former Secretary Emeritus, the Smithsonian Institution, by his daughter, Rosemanry Ripley, Vice President of corporate Business Development at Philip Morris Companies. “  


6)  Alan Barbour, owner of the patent for the ImmuLyme OspA vaccine wrote a book called “Lyme Disease, The Cause, The Cure, the Controversy   It is unreferenced garbage and typical “tobacco science” (spin).


7) Yale University had an accurate and early test for Lyme disease in 1991, yet this was not deployed in their vaccine trial.  In fact, Yale’s Durland Fish conspired to discredit the Lyme Disease Foundation (LDF) when the Lyme Disease Foundation discovered that people should be treated with antibiotics upon tick attachment in 1995.  He, Durland Fish, conspired with the NIH’s Edward McSweegan to send the Lyme disease Foundation “a bogus article” to discredit them, as a result of the LDF’s finding that tick attachment should be treated, and people should not wait for the rash to show up to treat with antibiotics.  If people are treated upon tick attachment, as a matter of standard health protocol (which it now is), then during the fraudulent vaccine trials, it would not be known whether or not persons who were bitten by ticks had their potential Lyme disease prevented via the vaccine or the antibiotic.  Therefore these “researchers” withheld this information from the public for 9 years, allowing untold hundreds of thousands of people to become infected with this permanent brain infection, when it may have been avoided in the cases where people knew they were bitten by a tick.


8) The dimensions and range of death and disability caused by this fraud is unknown, but must be addressed by the USDOJ/FBI as medical negligence and likely, homicide, given Yale’s and the other RICO entities’ insistence that Lyme magically disappears after 30 days of antibiotic treatment and the disease suddenly becomes psychosomatic, which is according to the plans of this scientific medical scam, first laid out by Allen Steere in “The Overdiagnosis of Lyme Disease,” in 1993.  In 47% of the cases of Lou Gerhig’s disease in a Lyme endemic area, the victims had evidence of exposure to borrelia.  (This is a scientific fact.)  Thus, borreliosis is deadly.


9) The looser partnership or associated companies in the Lyme disease racket also includes Kaiser Permanente, Yale, CastleConnolly.com, and the American Lyme Disease Foundation (Somers, NY), whose chairman was the late David Weld, the brother of former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.  Under the USDOJ racketeering statutes, one only has to have the appearance of collusion, and not an actual record, documentary evidence or audio-taped evidence, that these companies sat down together and said, ”Okay, Here’s how we are going to cheat people out of treatment for Lyme:  First we’ll make it almost undetectable, by changing the blood test.   Then we’ll call them crazy and destroy their credibility.  We can get away with it, because central nervous system Lyme causes physiological depression, which we know from all the brain damage in Lyme we discovered.   General practice physicians will readily buy into an opportunity to declare people crazy and that their patients’ complaints not legitimate because of their innate and acquired arrogance, we teach them at medical school.   Besides, Lyme patients are whiney, nobody wants them, and they never stop being sick once the disease has progressed.  Uncle Sam can pick up the tab.  They’re easy to fool…. Meanwhile, all the doctors who currently treat Lyme?   We’ll get them for malpractice or something, and take them out of commission….”


10)  William Weld, while Governor of Massachusetts, wanted to “reintroduce prisoners to the joys of busting rocks.”  The company who was financially responsible for cleaining up after the Big Dig filed for bankruptcy after moving assets to Bermuda.


11) The Rowlandgate scandal involved Rowland’s Chief of Staff, Peter Ellef, and Deputy Chief of Staff, Lawrence Alibozek, both of whom were former CIGNA employees.  Rowland’s family owned an insurance company (presumably, insurance sales).


12) Mr. Peter Ellef had visions of building a national chain of high-end garden centers and a national string of prisons and juvenile detention centers in old stone quarries.  Mr. Ellef Junior, a defendant in the federal indictment against Ellef, Alibozek, Ellef and Tomasso, owned a landscaping company.  Landscaping companies buy, sell, and use rocks for ornamental stone retaining walls, borders, driveways, and the like. High-end garden centers also sell rocks.  If Mr. Peter Ellef Senior had access to rocks at a discount, since the consummate ideology of the Welds and the alleged Rowlandgate criminals appears to be to put prisoners to work (slave labor) busting rocks, Senior Ellef’s vision, in combination with Mr. John Rowland bragging about being a national security advisor to Mr. President George W. Bush, and given the close association of the Bushs and the Welds to Yale, gives the appearance that all of them are fond of incarceration as a solution to poverty, and even chronic illness, especially given the racial profiling, which cannot be denied.


13) August 1, 2005, the present CT Governor Rell announced the closure of the scandal- and abuse-laden pediatric prison known as CJTS, “managed” by DCF.  The new proposal is for more, but smaller incarceration units, when the real solution is to get rid of the DCF.  If a child commits a murder or something that serious, they belong in protective custody, like a hospital  (childhood is an undeniable condition of incompetence) until the condition which bread the violence is worked out.  In the majority of such cases, the child was treated violently previously. Thus child murderers are usually doubly mitigated, and triply mitigated, if they are also DCF victims, and again, quaduply mitigated if they were given psychotropics.  Yale provides these psychiatric “services” for DCF-traumatized children (Thomas McGlashan, MD, Patricia Leebens, MD).


14) The Lyme disease racketeering crime involved insurance companies’ denial of care for chronic Lyme, which was also masterminded by Allen Steere when he defrauded the public by stating that late chronic nervous system Lyme was “some psychiatric disorder,” and wrote the “bogus article,”  “Overdiagnosis [sic] of Lyme disease.”  In this “bogus” (a word used by Yale’s Durland Fish in correspondence with the NIH’s Edward McSweegan) scientific report, Steere also used the bogus high-passage strain G39/40, to not find Lyme.  Not finding Lyme saves insurance companies a great deal of money, since the relapsing-remitting treatment for this relapsing borreliosis, Lyme disease, which results in a Multiple Sclerosis-like syndrome according to Allen Steere (1991 Rheumatology News) costs $12,000 a month, minimally, as is the wholesale cost of the drug (the discounted price, where the pharmacy makes no profit).  The spin is to say Lyme victims are just CRAZY and don’t have a real illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia are considered psychosomatic illnesses).  However, the malpractice treatment of late nervous system Lyme, which is treatment with psychotropics, increases the dementia. This malpractice is even clearly against the American Psychiatric Associations’ Guidelines for the treatment of a delirium, since these guidelines clearly state  “Medications for psychiatric disorders can be both the cause of delirium and exacerbate or contribute to delirium from other causes.”


15) The (President) Bush’s family (G. H. Walker & Co.) sold an investment firm to the Weld family (Weld White).


16)  A federal judge in Connecticut is John M. Walker, and who is related to the Walker-Bush family and who is a Yale graduate.  He is the cousin of the first president Bush, Mr. George H. Walker Bush.

17) The President Mr. George W. Bush’s uncle Mr. Jonathan Bush was a member of the Yale Corporation, and his investment firm was associated with the Riggs Bank.  The Riggs Bank was fined 25 million dollars by the federal government for money laundering and hiding the assets of the Chilean Dictator Pinochet, in addition to holding funds for 150 Saudi families.  Osama bin Laden is a Saudi, whose family owns a construction firm, and it is believed that bin Laden’s own money was contributed to the terrorism executed against the United States on 9/11/01.  Judge Walker and Mr. Jonathan Bush live in Killingworth Connecticut.  Riggs became involved in Equatorial Guinea in 1994, and recently: “Riggs closed its Equatorial Guinea accounts last year, shortly before getting out of the rest of its embassy and international businesses.”

This Washington Post article said Riggs was not found to be involved in holding money for any Saudi families who were involved in wrongdoing, yet : From Wikipedia: “The Washington Post, published on Saturday, May 20, 2004, on page E02, an item about Jonathan Bush which states: "President Bush's uncle, Jonathan J. Bush, is a top executive at Riggs Bank, which this week agreed to pay a record $25 million in civil fines for violations of law intended to thwart money laundering." The accounts in question were Saudi.   "Riggs Bank was also the bank that Princess Haifa of Saudi Arabia used to send money to San Diego that ended up in the hands of two of the 9/11 hijackers." [2]  In 1991, Bush was fined $30,000 in Massachusetts and several thousand in Connecticut for violating registration laws governing securities sales. He was barred from securities brokerage with the general public in Massachusetts for one year.”

Mr. Jonathan Bush owns a company called JBush & Co, and from their website:

“J. Bush & Company manages $700 million in assets for high net worth individuals and families, corporate benefit plans, and foundations. We seek to build wealth for our clients by investing in high-quality, growth stocks.”


Jonathan Bush organized the funding for George W. Bush’s first failed oil company, donated $100,000 to his presidential campaign, and  He also is an ex-chair of the New York Republican State Finance Committee”. – Pioneer Club


18) President George W. Bush did not attack Saudi Arabia for funding terrorism.  He instead attacked Iraq, and we later found out that  A) “the facts were being fixed around the policy,” that B) Dr. David Kelly of Great Britain and British Intelligence laughed at the notion that Iraq could place a biological warhead on a weapon in 45 minutes since there were no such WMDs in Iraq, and that C) Mr. Karl Rove was one of the leakers of the CIA agent whose husband, Mr. Joseph Wilson, revealed that Iraq was not trying to buy yellow cake uranium from Niger, rendering all of the hype about the dangerousness of Iraq to be clearly fraudulent.


19) On or about 9/13/01, Mr. Paul Wolfowitz suggested lopping off the lower portion of Iraq to the Bush administration.  Iraq is an oil producing country close to Israel.  It has the second largest oil reserves in the world and had a human rights- abusing government, as does Saudi Arabia.  Perhaps it would look a little better if we invaded Iraq for their oil, since Saddam committed genocide against the Kurds (but we overlook Darfur and Rwanda), and the US is alleged to have sold Iraq some WMDs to be used against Iran.  Mycoplasmal infections carried by ticks can infect livestock, such as cattle, goats and sheep, rendering them sick with pneumonia, lameness, or unable to produce milk.  Mycoplasmal infections are usually resistant to antibiotics (except macrolides), and treating mycoplasmal infections are said to make these infections worse by killing off other bacteria, allowing the mycoplasmal infection to spread, however, it might be likelier that mycoplasmal infections simply suppress the immune system, allowing the other infections to spread.  This appeared to be the case with the illnesses caused by Yale’s LymeRIX vaccine, which was of myco (fungal, like leprosy) origin. 


20) A Plum Island Director at first denied working with mycoplasmas on Plum Island, but then when shown the evidence that we knew that they had worked with mycoplasma, she retracted that denial.   If it is true that the Iraqi scientist who was given these mycoplasmas to take back to Iraq from Plum Island was killed by the Israelis (he was run over while changing a tire, much like the Don C. Wiley case), and these Israelis were from the Mossad  (who also are accused by some as being responsible for the Kennedy assassination by some groups, because of Kennedy’s stance on Israel having nuclear weapons), one can suspect the reasons Mortimer Zuckerman attempted to attend the ALDF’s 2001 “GALA” at the Pierre Hotel in New York City.  Zuckerman was also a candidate for ambassador to Israel.  Israel depends on US Military might for protection from people who believe Israel has no rights to the Holy Land.  Because of Yale and their fraud on Lyme, which involves Zuckerman (who owns Newsday and the US News and World Report), one would suspect that any information Yale and the ALDF have about vector borne disease and animal diseases, which are also bioweapons and chronic disablers like Lyme disease, may have been given or sold to Israel as well as Iraq.  Some have long suspected that the reason George H. W. Bush did not finish off Saddam in 1991, was because of the bioweapons he knew Iraq had, because we sold them to Iraq to use against Iran. 


Whatever we have, as “chronic Lyme,” that the people named in the RICO case insist we don’t need treatment for, may be some accidental release of an animal disease other than Lyme, carried by ticks.  All one has to do, is study the work of Tully TG on MedLine.  Most vector borne diseases are readily detectable, easily detectable, but these profiteers wanted to sell “test kits” when test kits are never as sensitive as the real equipment.  The test kits developed for Lyme miss approximately 80-90% of the cases, and this is intentional.  Borreliosis is a “stealth disabler,” as are most mycoplasmal infection.


21) Mr. Paul Wolfowitz is also a chemist, and chemists understand the principals of thermodynamics:  Energy equals Power, and in order to be the world police, the United States must have jet fuel.  Oil is also essential to the US auto-motorized economy.


22) Mr. Paul Wolfowitz was an instructor lecturer at Yale.  Mr. Lewis Libby, the other CIA Plame name-leaker, was a student of Mr. Wolfowitz’.   From Wikipedia:  “From 1970-72 Wolfowitz taught at Yale University where one of his students was Lewis Libby who would become a long-term political associate.”


23) The State of CT made an “illegal loan,” according to Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, to ENRON, while former Governor Rowland was a member of the Yale Corporation, and should have known how to invest for the State better.  Yale earned 8 billion dollars during the 10 years of the Lyme scam, from $2.5 billion to $10.5 billion, for the Yale Corporation.  The illegal loan was for 220 million dollars, but to the best our knowledge, AG Richard Blumenthal was able to recover a significant percent of those losses.  Connecticut could have invested in Equatorial Guinea or the Sudan, for example, instead, and had a significant stake in oil and timber assets, etc., globally, as the Yale Corporation now does.


24)  Mr. William Weld’s brother Mr. David Weld was chairman of the American Lyme disease Foundation and which is the central RICO entity involved in the fraud in “Lyme disease.”


25) Hartford is known as the insurance capital of the world.  Since Kaiser-Permanente knows Lyme is a permanent brain infection, requiring repeat treatment with ceftriaxone, one can assume other insurance companies do as well.   One of the founders of the American Lyme Disease Foundation (1990), the former president of New York Medical College, Mr. John J. Connolly, now owns CastleConnolly.com, which publishes an internal HMO industry newsletter.  In 1989, the Infectious Diseases Society of America published that Lyme is a permanent nervous system infection, like other known spirochetal infections, and the treatment endpoint was not known.   New York Medical College was failing financially, and Kaiser is now there training General Practitioners.  We believe with Kaiser’s assistance in New York Medical College’s financial crisis, the ALDF was founded as part of the bargain.  It could have involved these other bankers associated with Yale, and on the board of the ALDF, also. The New York Office of Professional Medical Conduct, had until recently gotten their experts on Lyme from this Insurance Industry source - Kaiser at New York Medical College - to declare the perjury that Lyme is cured with 30 days of antibiotics, and that the CDC’s case definition, which is Allen Steere’s fraudulent blood test definition of Lyme disease, is the only kind of Lyme disease there is, in an attempt to remove the medical licenses of Lyme treating specialists.


26) Yale’s Ms. Janine Evans, of Yale, is one of the entities involved in the fraud of Lyme disease, and was or is the Yale Physicians Group’s managed care liaison.  Yale is often sent patient records by insurance companies for second opinions on whether or not a person should be treated for Lyme.  It even occurs that people who have the false positive criteria of Allen Steere are denied treatment, since Yale can say this is post-Lyme, since it is all IgG antibodies (late occurring) and not active, treatable Lyme.  Part of Steere’s fraud was to leave out the vast majority of IgM antibodies in the standard for Lyme, although he earlier included them as evidence of active infection, and specifically reported that this was his reasoning, in 1986, in the earlier testing scheme for Lyme disease.

27)  Martin J. Mattessich    President & CEO, Director      “Prior to becoming President and CEO of Agilix, from 1996 to 1999 Mr. Mattessich was the co-founder of two Yale University-sponsored biotechnology companies, L2 Diagnostics, LLC (diagnostic serology) and polyGenomics, Inc. (gene discovery for polygenic diseases) , and a consultant to CuraGen Corporation, a publicly held genomics company (pharmaceutical drug ….” 

With the blood he intended to get from the L2 Diagnostics-Imugen nationwide monopoly on testing, they can identify new diseases to commercialize.

28) It appears former Governor John G. Rowland benefited from the ENRON transaction by being made the president of the Republican Governors’ Association.


29) Vice President Dick Cheney is a former CEO of Halliburton, whose industries include the dismantling of nuclear power plants and oil recovery.


30) The specific documentation of this scientific fraud in Lyme disease is in the office of the US Attorney Kevin O’Connor, in New Haven, CT.  Mr. Kevin O’Connor had to recuse himself from the federal investigation of the crimes in the Connecticut Governor’s (Rowland) office, because Mr. O’Connor’s wife worked in Rowland’s legal office apparently while the crimes took place.  The crimes involve the CT Department of Children and Families’ (DCF’s) policies of abuse rather than assistance to families.  What the DCF calls “services,” is actually organized trafficking in humans (regarded as “removals”), for the A) federal tax dollars brought into the State of CT,  B)  for the alleged criminal entity known as “TREA,” a limited liability corporation, C)  into the salaries of DCF “workers” and corrections officers, D)  for foster care parents, many of whom provide foster care just for the money.  Mr. O’Connor, to our knowledge, was a former State of Connecticut New Britain prosecutor, and has a record for the most death penalty convictions in Connecticut.  The Assistant US Attorney Nora Dannehy and Deputy US Attorney John H. Durham likely experience discomfort working under Mr. Kevin O’Connor and around Mr. Christopher Morano, the Chief State’s Attorney, and in regards to all of the sitting judges who were appointed by Mr. John G. Rowland.   Mr. Morano was asked to stay out of the way of the investigation of the corruption in Mr. Rowland’s office. 


31)  Check out who is/was on the Board of Directors of the American Lyme Disease Foundation (a “front”, and bogus non-profit):  The criminal Richard E. Gray, and Anthony J. Walton, an international banker, including “Director of Multinational Banking for Europe & the Middle East in London.”  Thus, these international banks may or may not have access to information which we don’t, which involves data which leads to decent treatment, but an expensive one.


32)  We think it makes more sense for Americans to be treated for Lyme, or whatever we have, than for Zuckerman and Wolfowitz, et al to have access to Yale/ALDF’s banker’s/Kaiser’s/Plum Island insider information regarding vector-borne diseases, bioweapons, and data related to genetic susceptibility to diseases.  This information is being kept from us.  The same haplotypes that produce an incompetent immune response to leprosy (worse disease) are found in chronic “seronegative” Lyme, but we were never told (*1501 and *0602 for the MS presentation of Lyme were both found, and are both represented in the more serious cases of leprosy- a mycoplasmal infection).  Was Zuckerman and the rest of the ALDF told?  The Lyme activists secretly recorded Mark Klempner revealing this HLA data in 2001, but otherwise we would not have known.


Only 78 of Klempner’s 1800 patients recruited and tested, were “seropositive,” speaking to the validity of the Steere-CDC test for Lyme.  4 % were positive.   Why wasn’t that “4%” data the headline news?   The test only catches 4% of late Lyme.  This was intentional and is scientific fraud.  This fraud was orchestrated and conducted on Yale’s behalf, primarily, since they owned the patent for the Lyme vaccine LymeRIX.


Yale and Yale’s associates have a hazardous degree of influence and control of the state of Connecticut and federal government though insider financial and bioweapons information.  This misused information has put our country under serious economic and health risks.  We’re interested in putting an end to what information they can acquire that puts citizens of this country at a disadvantage.  Yale’s colleagues and employees have scammed us on Lyme, bioweapons protections, and on the Iraq war, and now Wolfowitz is head of the World Bank.  He has no loyalty to this country and neither do any of the other “lackeys for US multinationals” (Lou Dobbs).


We don’t believe insurance companies should be structuring medical policy, nor designing evidenced BIASED protocols, which was the case with Mark Klempner’s “chronic Lyme study.”  We demand to know the real results obtained from the blood Klempner took from 1800 participants.   That is, we want ALL the data, and not for it to be given to a privileged few. 



China, Russia, Iran, Brazil, India, and Venezuela are now in a geopolitical alliance. Venezuela and Iran have clearly thumbed their noses at us, China was insulted by us, and Russia and China are doing military exercises with each other.  I am more concerned about this alliance than bin Laden.  Canada did not want us placing anti-ballistic missiles on their land.  They don’t want to be a target.  “Whoever isn’t with us is against us” (Kissinger), works both ways, obviously.


Remember Yukos?  Putin needs the State to be in charge of those oil assets in this time of a long anticipated oil crisis  (national security.)  Similarly, if Uncle Sam has been scammed on biotech by these profiteers, we could always take their assets.  Kaiser, SmithKline, Aventis-Pasteur (Connaught), Oxford, Corixa, Yale, Blue Cross, CastleConnolly.com, perhaps some of Zuckerman’s empire, these investment firms who are represented on the ALDF’s board…


Many of the patents for biotech related to Lyme were registered in Europe first, and are dually patented.  There are some strange partnerships, particularly with Sweden (usually a neutral country).  Allen Steere’s sister lives in Sweden; Barbour’s ImmuLyme patent is shared with Sven Bergstrom (Sweden) and the State of Connecticut (Lou Magnarelli)..


It’s nearly impossible to unscramble all of these connections (and there are probably several that I missed, like the exact relationship between the Welds, the Walkers and the Bushs), yet for the US Attorney’s office in New Haven to just sit on the abundant evidence of scientific fraud for two years, wasting everyone’s time, makes no sense other than “political.” “Political means:  The wealthy multinationals, Halliburton, et al, and their big international banking buddies, some of whom are familiar with The Weld’s Bermuda Triangle, rape everyone, and then say 1) the Democrats are acting “partisan” when they complain 2) welfare is bad, because black people do drugs (former CT Police Commissioner Arthur Spada), even though that benefits the moron “social workers,” “corrections officers” and cops, enough of whom are racist enough to be happy to participate in the fun, and 3) Social Security is bad, because these bankers would rather have our money to play around with, than for it to be in the hands of the US Treasury, … and then we all know where it goes…


The bottom line is that we definitely have been duped on Lyme disease and related health matters, for a great many years, and big bucks are recoverable under the law.  Edward McSweegan advises me:  “Don’t mess around with Yale and the federal government.”   I think it goes more like, “Yale should not mess around with the federal government,” since Yale is not us, we are the government. The same goes for the other US multinationals who have defrauded us into attacking a country which had the net result of an alliance between Russia, China, India, Iran, Brazil and now Venezuela.  The two more powerful among them are playing war games while our economy bleeds and we made the UN a joke by attacking Iraq without UN’s approval.  Iran must be laughing at the EU-3 scrambling to have a meeting because Iran tossed the Nuke Inspector’s seals and will proceed to make usuable uranium, because there isn’t any doubt Hugo Chavez is.


I personally told the CIA that Bush should not destabilize the Middle East before March 2003.  If he had just gone there and loomed, and then ordered the Saudi’s in there to bust up Saddam, the Saudi’s could have paid for this war, if we had to have it.  The Saudi’s would have paid us for our assistance, and they would have paid for the war and the reconstruction of Iraq.  Nobody would be mad at us, and any “terrorists” could have terrorized Saudi Arabia, but then, it appears that that’s where they came from.  The Bermuda bankers could have still kept their disloyal arrangements.  That wasn’t the goal.  The goal was for Arab Oil to be ours.  Now it will be Russia’s, for what it is worth after WWIII.



CC:  Eliot Spitzer, Richard Blumenthal, Jeane Milstein, Jodi Rell, Nora Dannehy, John H. Durham, Kevin O’Connor, Hon. Christopher M. Droney, Hon. Robert Chatigny, James Comey, Robert Mueller, Whitman Knapp, Alberto Gonzales, Patrick Fitzgerald, Christopher Christie