Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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2013:  Update, Mark Klempner was kicked out of the CDC bioweapons lab in Boston, and his partner Linden Hu has applied for and received a grant to study the Immunosuppression caused by Lyme and LYMErix.

Chapter 11 of Cryme Disease is about Mark Klempner's antics and bogus non-long-term treatment report (most of his victims had never had IV ceftriaxone before), which he knew were obvious research fraud because:

1) 1992 Mlempner published about the incurability of Relapsing Fever "Lyme" with intravenous ceftriaxone in 1992, due to the intracellularity of the spirochetes and their cyst form.

2) 1997 Klempner published about a significant biomarker called matrix-metalloproteinase 130 which he said was associated with neurodegenerative Lyme

3) 1999, Mark Klempner published about how OspA causes MS, producing autoreactive antibodies to myelin oligodendrocite basic protein (I think he meant OspC, but nonetheless, where was he when they decided to make OspA into a vaccine if it produced MS?) but later said Lyme was a psychogenic production or due to witch craft.

Chapter 11 -  Mark Klempner's bogus "long term" or "re-treatment" "study"

I.     The NEJM Klempner report (no peer review)
II.   "Bogus Articles" (a real and deliberate phenomenon, includes "Negative Data Rule" concepts)
III.  Ceftriaxone Failure/Intracellularity
       Mark_Klempner_Fibroblasts.htm = 1992 Klempner proves ceftriaxone does not kill all borrelia due to intracellularity
IV.  MMP-130 (the study shows Mark Klempner knows we're very sick)
       Retro_Klempnerization.htm  = 1997 Klempner's famous MMP-130 study.  Proves "objective signs"
V.   Dys/Autoimmunity (HLA-DQB1*0602, OspA-induced immune suppression, latent viral, fungal)
VI.  Points of Refutation of the Validity of the Klempner Report:
          A) Dearborn was bogus; we don't know what kind of patients Klempner had
          B) 2/3rds of the patients never had IV ceftriaxone before; this was a standard of care study
          C) Klempner threw out DNA positive victims from the start
          D) Klempner never reported primers (we don't care if we have Borrelia outermongolii)
               Klempner did not look for activated common viruses -activated by the immune suppression
           known to be a result of Chronic Lyme - that are known to be associated with Multiple Sclerosis.
          Mixed Lyme and Epstein-Barr (Czech Republic):
          E) No scientifically valid assessments of outcomes of this standard of care "study" were performed
VII.  The NIAID Nutcase Anthony Fauci and his patented treatment for immune suppression diseases


I. The Dreaded Klempner Report: »  ← In July 2001, the New England Journal of Do-Do publishes nonsense because they have no peer reviewers who are competent to science. That is, there aren't any peers; there aren't people either non-interest-conflicted or  competent to the science and likely both, because as you will see, the NEJM is getting sloppier and sloppier.  We can at this point expect that NOTHING is not ghost written by the Bigs.

Two controlled treatment trials of chronic Lyme....

New England Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine, Boston, MA, USA.

BACKGROUND: It is controversial whether prolonged antibiotic treatment is effective for patients in whom symptoms persist after the recommended antibiotic treatment for acute Lyme disease. METHODS: We conducted two randomized trials: one in 78 patients who were seropositive for IgG antibodies to Borrelia burgdorferi at the time of enrollment and the other in 51 patients who were seronegative. The patients received either intravenous ceftriaxone, 2 g daily for 30 days, [THIS WAS THE ARBITRARILY DEFINED STANDARD OF CARE AT THE TIME FOR THIS CNS BACTERIAL INFECTION- 30 DAYS OF IV CEFTRIAXONE] followed by oral doxycycline, 200 mg daily for 60 days, or matching intravenous and oral placebos. Each patient had well-documented, previously treated Lyme disease but had persistent musculoskeletal pain, neurocognitive symptoms, or dysesthesia, often associated with fatigue. The primary outcome measures were improvement on the physical- and mental-health-component summary scales of the Medical Outcomes Study 36-item Short-Form General Health Survey (SF-36)--a scale measuring the health-related quality of life--on day 180 of the study. RESULTS: After a planned interim analysis, the data and safety monitoring board recommended that the studies be discontinued because data from the first 107 patients indicated that it was highly unlikely that a significant difference in treatment efficacy between the groups would be observed with the planned full enrollment of 260 patients. Base-line assessments documented severe impairment in the patients' health-related quality of life. In intention-to-treat analyses, there were no significant differences in the outcomes with prolonged antibiotic treatment as compared with placebo. Among the seropositive patients who were treated with antibiotics, there was improvement in the score on the physical-component summary scale of the SF-36, the mental-component summary scale, or both in 37 percent, no change in 29 percent, and worsening in 34 percent; among seropositive patients receiving placebo, there was improvement in 40 percent, no change in 26 percent, and worsening in 34 percent (P=0.96 for the comparison between treatment groups). The results were similar for the seronegative patients. CONCLUSIONS: There is considerable impairment of health-related quality of life among patients with persistent symptoms despite previous antibiotic treatment for acute Lyme disease. However, in these two trials, treatment with intravenous and oral antibiotics for 90 days did not improve symptoms more than placebo.

Unaware, perhaps, is the NEJM that Mark Klempner had previously reported (1992) that ceftriaxone failed to kill all the spirochetes due to intracellularity and unaware, perhaps, is the NEJM that Allen Steere published twice that treatment fails to eradicate all borrelial even after multiple courses of treatment in about a third of the cases... in the NEJM.  You could call this stupidity, or, you could call it stupidity on the part of the NEJM, but I call it plain old stupidity because no matter how you look at it, the New England Journal is totally incompetent. 

You know, I don't know what's holding them back - the Massachusetts Medical Society could make a lot more money if they simply promoted themselves as an advertising  agency.



The first thing to know about Mark Klempner is that such a thing as writing "bogus articles" is well-established.

First known bogus article:
1992, Fikrig, as regards OspA vaccinations disinfecting ticks using immunofluorescing antibodies against stuff not expected to be there or washed away:

As we know from Chapter 1, Fikrig had a scientifically valid DNA method to detect burgdorferi or even any of the other spirochetes, since this is what his Flagellin patent, US 5,618,533, is all about and the report associated with the patent was published in 1991.  1991 is before 1992 (this is a science or math fact that should be obvious, except for the part where we have people given MD degrees in America who clearly can't make this mental leap). Why didn't Fikrig use a DNA method to determine whether or not vaccination of mammals disinfected the ticks who later sucked on them?

Second bogus article(s):
Dressler/Steere with the funky strains in Europe (Chapter 3) to come up with the Dearborn standard testing schema.  There is no such thing as "receiver operating characteristic" in the FDA's criteria for a valid bioanalytical method. The CDC's current, published diagnostic schema and standard is a bogus article. The ELISA misses all the neurologic cases in the first step. Any treatment outcomes where this bogus case definition of the disease was deployed can be thrown out as scientific garbage, as is the case with this 2001 Klempner "study."

OspA gene bogus articles:
All treatment outcome articles where OspA primers were used are bogus because all these antigens undergo antigenic variation and we should be looking for all borrelia - not just burgdorferi - by using specific flagellin and specific intragenic spacer RNA.  The Mouse Infectivity Test is the ultimate test because of the difficulty in reculturing spheroplasts without actual blood cells in the media which are spirochete's real food.  People don't care which kind of Borrelia they have.  They don't care if they have Lyme or Relapsing Fever as long as they're not diagnosed as DSM IV/ICD-9 Viagra Deficit Syndrome (VDS),  Hyposexifemzalgiarrhenus or Negapenia.  Over this "OspA is Lyme" business, the Czech Republic called Americans stupid and incomprehensible.

Previous chapters reveal that we know how to perform scientifically valid tests for both identification of the disease itself (yet to come, cysts and the MIT or Mouse Infectivity Test), and markers or signs of illness, meaning we have no use for psychiatrists in the area of chronic illnesses. 

All hospitals should have their own labs and equipment and samples do not need to be sent out to labs, because we have no use for insensitive, invalid, "test kits."  Some labs, like Quest, even charge for test kits used in their labs and then have the audacity to disclaim that test kit test, and refer you to another lab for the real result.  In other words, you may not know it until you read your own lab results, but you may be paying a lab to run a fake test kit test, they'll charge your insurance company or Uncle Sam for that test, but then they literally disclaim the results and literally refer you elsewhere to get a real test for that marker, and no one does a thing about it.  It happens to be fraudulent to be charging someone for an invalid test, because not only is the result invalid, time is lost, and you have to pay for that test again.  I have proof of this, which is why I am naming names:  QUEST Labs.

So, we know how to run scientifically sound tests on people to see in what way they are sick.  We can perform radioimaging (SPECT, MRI), tests, and we can use specific antibody tests, expanded antibody tests (antiphospholipids, antigangliosides, anti-heat-shock proteins), and we can look for dysregulated cytokines in the blood.  We can look for immune complexes in the blood.  We can perform spinal fluid analyses to look for gliosis (destruction of glial cells), cytokines dysregulated monoamines and we can do electromyography.  We can look for matrix-metalloproteinases that should not be there and quinolinic acid in the cerebrospinal fluid (a marker of infection).  We can perform DNA and RNA tests to look for viruses and bacteria.  We can look at cells to see if they are aberrant-looking, etc.  We can perform a whole slew of tests on people to see if they're sick.

Enter Mark Klempner;

WHEREUPON, scientifically valid testing is never done, even to the tune of 4.7 million dollar NIH grants to a guy who found out the reason ceftriaxone failed to cure people was probably due to the intracellular spirochetes.  Mark Klempner also happens to be the guy who found a specific marker of Lyme bacterial infiltration into the central nervous system and said he found this specific MMP-130 marker in no other diseases of the central nervous system.

And then he said we have no disease at all for that 4.7 million dollar grant. 


And then he was promoted to the head of a CDC bioweapons level IV lab in Boston.

So, is Mark Klempner and the Lyme/LYMErix fiasco a result of the Bigs (Insurance and Pharma) in concert with the lying patent profiteers of the CDC or is this a bioweaponeering bumbler situation (cover-up of an accidental release from Plum Island), or is it both?  Or is it yet a third condition to be suspected as a result of the libelous "NAZI" and other bizarre accusations and statements by the Israeli Durland Fish?

Is this fraud due to CDC personal biopatent weaponeering or BigInsurance interfering or is a third party entitled to the information that we paid for but are not allowed to have?  We know it is true from Sibel Edmonds and the State Department's Marc Grossman that Israelis are here in the USA infiltrating the universities and nuclear facilities to steal intelligence (bio and nuclear) despite their self-allegation of being the intellectual elite (why do they have to steal information if they're all brilliant?).  We have seen the Israeli Durland Fish flatter the would-be NIH "scientist" Edward McSweegan to get McSweegan to perform the dirty work for Fish, such that Fish could trash the Lyme Disease Foundation's Karen Forschner because of Karen's discoveries that refute the nonsense the, Yale and CDC cabal spew.  We know who the ALDF's financial backers are (e.g., Mortimer Zuckerman, the AIG Greenbergs, etc.).  The FBI is not interested in protecting us from corporate crime because their focus is porn, unaware are they that they are perceived as, in the words of Henry Kissinger, "dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for political purposes."  The New Haven, Connecticut, FBI cannot even be insulted into reality, confirming the "dumb, stupid animals" allegation.

The evidence is that the crooks want to promote another OspA (trivalent, Baxter) vaccine, but we think that's a cover for the first crime, which was to claim there was no neurologic Lyme disease. This lie was invented to falsely state that there was no neurologic disease outcome as a result of vaccine failure or the immune suppression results (which we think are the same thing) of OspA vaccination.

In a complaint to the Israeli Michael Chertoff in August 2005, it was reported that:

27)  Martin J. Mattessich    President & CEO, Director      “Prior to becoming President and CEO of Agilix, from 1996 to 1999 Mr. Mattessich was the co-founder of two Yale University-sponsored biotechnology companies, L2 Diagnostics, LLC (diagnostic serology) and polyGenomics, Inc. (gene discovery for polygenic diseases) , and a consultant to CuraGen Corporation, a publicly held genomics company (pharmaceutical drug ….”

With the blood he intended to get from the L2 Diagnostics-Imugen nationwide monopoly on testing, they can identify new diseases to commercialize.

We Americans are pretty stupid people, huh?  When will we get it that the "government" is not set up to serve the interests of the people?  How many times do we have to be smacked upside the head before we realize that the only thing we can do is request that other nations kidnap and torture our biowarfare criminals like CDC officers and several members of the NIH?


III. Bearing in mind that ceftriaxone is a meningitis drug - a clue to the fact that Lyme is a brain disease and not a knee disease - Mark Klempner, in 1992, found that the reason ceftriaxone did not kill all the Lyme spirochetes was that they were intracellular.  Intracellularly, these spirochetes are protected from the toxic effects of antibiotics.  Alan Barbour reported that in the presence of antibiotics, these spirochetes reverts to the cyst or spheroplast form, which we all know to not be the end stage but rather a dormant or self-protection stage.  The intracellularity of spirochetes has been well-known for a hundred yearsIntracellular spheroplast dormancy is what characterizes these permanent spirochetal infections.  Klempner went with this stupid 4.7 million dollar study anyway, knowing the reason ceftriaxone failed.  We can tell from his conclusions that this "study" was conducted because that he/they intended not to allow us to be treated with ceftriaxone regardless of the truth.

IV. The second most important study published by Mark Klempner was the matrix-metalloproteinase study where he found that 78% of neuroborreliosis patients had MMP-130 in their spinal fluid, and he found that to be a SPECIFIC marker.  That is, he did not find this particular nerve and brain degrading enzyme in people with other neurological disorders.

This is a pretty amazing report because Klempner later said there was no evidence that Lyme causes cognitive impairment, when his argument for studying MMP-130 was because of the cognitive impairment in Lyme.

If the Lyme criminals claim "chronic bad-knee-Lyme" is an autoimmune disease due to the hyperbinding of OspA to Steere's haplotypes, then why shouldn't people imagine believe there isn't either a binding or a non-binding autoimmune phenomenon going on in neurologic Lyme instead of saying such a thing does not exist? 

But, we're not saying chronic neurologic Lyme is strictly an autoimmune disease, like Steere is saying (fraudulently) that his kind of chronic Lyme is an autoimmune disease.  We're saying, A) there is more than one mechanism of autoimmunity or immune dysregulation, so there does not have to be an either binding or non-binding phenomenon going on; there could be other mechanisms [errant cloning of either B cells or T cells (pseudolymphoma), immune suppression due to tolerance and down-regulation of HLA, disturbed pathways of either HLAs or TLRs, disturbed signals from disturbed cytokine production, cytokines acting as neurotransmitters, activation of latent viruses due to the inhibition of the auto-kill kinases, downregulation of HLA, antibodies acting as neurotransmitters, etc.,...]; and B)  persisting infection is not independent of autoimmunity, no matter what kind of autoimmunity.  It's not either/or.  Chronic borreliosis is definitely persisting infection, but it also could be autoimmune neurologic disease.  It is likeliest immune dysregulation process sets in combination with persisting infection. The immune suppression outcomes of tolerization to shed borrelial antigens renders people susceptible to opportunistic infections and the exacerbation of latent viral and other infections of all kinds which could be the cause of the New Great Imitator outcomes.  The immune suppression's resultant exacerbation of viral and bacterial or mycoplasmal  infections of all kinds could also be the secondary causes of autoimmunity.  The possible mechanisms of illness are infinite.  Instead of trying to discover why people are sick for the benefit of revealing that information to others, this information is being kept private by the cabal.

As we have seen in the chapter on BIOMARKERS, the suppression of the science, here, on immune suppression outcomes of Lyme Disease and LYMErix, has negatively affected all other chronic and fatal diseases.  Their crimes are not just against people bitten by ticks.

QUI TAM and RICO-  Recover the money (temporarily suspend the reality where the government no longer is about protecting the people):

One way to to stop the tsunami of bovine excrement from the Steere-CDC camp is to force them to retract all of their "bogus articles" and start over, particularly with the moneys recovered by those who profited- and attempted to profit from- this spin, like the insurance companies.  So far, the Lyme crooks have not profited in the way they intended since LYMErix was withdrawn, trashing their intended monopoly on testing.   But they have taken fraudulent income from the government, so the individual prosecutions of the Lyme perps will come as separate, individual Qui Tam fraud cases.  The crooks made false claims to the government in order to get more funding to spin out more nonsense tales, like this, Klempner's 2001 "repeat treatment," "study."  Whenever they applied for a grant on the basis of Dearborn being a reality, that is a false claim for grant money.  They clearly also made false claims on behalf of BigInsurance, since Kaiser bailed out the financially failing New York Medical College and they're still there at New York Medical College, training MDs.  That happened at the same time as the establishment of the which was right after the 1989 IDSA Review of Infectious Diseases, a special publication about how serious Lyme is and that the treatment endpoint was unknown.  As stated in the CRYME DISEASE introduction:

The Lyme crymes and the cabal - The 180s - are about an intended monopoly on vector borne diseases "test kits" and "vaccines" and could not have happened without the Bayh-Dole Act.  The monopoly involved Kaiser-Permanente (still) at New York Medical College and the deal was:

No one is allowed to have any illness signs nor is treatment to be paid for, until the alleged "vaccine" is ready, and then everyone will be notified about how serious that particular vector borne disease is, and that they better get the "vaccine." 

This appears to be the agreement between the biotech patent profiteers and Kaiser-Permanente at New York Medical College, which was in financial trouble in 1990 under the leadership of John J. Connolly, leading to the establishment of the false front non-profit called the American Lyme Disease Foundation  Recall that when charging a RICO, one does not have to prove the parties sat down together and made deliberate statements and signed agreements about their intended crime.  There merely has to be the appearance that there was an agreement.

(4) “enterprise” includes any individual, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity, and any union or group of individuals associated in fact although not a legal entity;

This we can prove due to the abundant statements made by the cabal about how serious and dangerous Lyme Disease is when they wanted to sell their bogus vaccine:

"It is well known that Borrelia burgdorferi indeed after asymptomatic infection can lurk or secrete itself in certain areas of the body, perhaps the central nervous system or perhaps the joint spaces, only to reappear months or maybe years later in the form of late stages of illness which are harder to diagnosis and treat.
"It is probably worth noting, since I have learned a lot, that we don't have the clinical luxury in private practice that we had in the SmithKline Beecham trial in which we had baseline sera on all the patients who enrolled so that when they presented with symptoms, we could draw acute and convalescent serologies [recall that that was the old diagnostic standard- see Chp 3] so as to compare them with each other and with baseline to better understand what symptoms they are presenting with.  
Finally, there are indeed many dilemmas in therapy.  In particular, untreated or inadequately treated Lyme disease may lead to the chronic morbidity with which we are very familiar.  Most commonly arthritis and the not common but complex neurological syndromes are what often result and which confront the primary care physician in the office diagnostically and therapeutically.  
These particular outcomes result in much more intensive, long-term expensive therapy, often in the form of long-term intravenous antibiotics.  These are the patients who often are refractory to treatment.  Indeed, these are the patients in whom symptoms seem to persist despite what we have given in terms of adequate antibiotic therapy by any known measure.
In conclusion, we need a vaccine for Lyme disease because it is increasing in incidence and geographic spread.  We need a vaccine for Lyme disease because there are problems in clinical diagnosis, its laboratory evaluation, and its treatment.  We need a vaccine for Lyme disease because preventive measures are unfortunately ineffective.  Lyme disease is indeed vaccine preventable.  Availability of this vaccine would lead to a significant reduction in chronic sequelae and substantive morbidity.  Lyme vaccine is thus a critical new public health approach to the primary prevention of Lyme disease in the United States.  Thank you very much."--    Vijay Sikand, EAST LYME, CT to the FDA Vaccine Committee in 1998

All in all, the original USDOJ July 2003 claim of "scientific fraud and racketeering" was correct.  I researched the crime and the laws thoroughly before filing the RICO complaint with the USDOJ.

It was FRAUDULENT for Mark Klempner to use a check list to assess patient outcomes when he knows there is a very specific marker in the CSF for damage, and a rational person would wonder if the presence of this nerve degrading enzyme was diminished with a month of ceftriaxone treatment.  'Not to mention that it is utterly crazy to try to sell a vaccine for a disease against which Mark Klempner was at that very moment (Klempner's study started in 1997) engaging in a bogus protocol intended to prove Lyme disease- that terribly morbid chronic condition over which Vijay Sikand begged the FDA Vaccine Committee to approve LYMErix - does not exist.

There is no question - thanks to Mark Klempner - that we can validly claim that LYMErix was a placebo vaccine against Lyme hysteria.  It was the world's first ever placebo vaccine and one that Yale said  everyone in the country would need every year.  LYMErix was the first ever vaccine against catastrophizing.

And no one in the Connecticut, New York or Massachusetts boards of health or medical boards said a word.  They STILL haven't said a word about this placebo vaccine against hypochondria...

And the funny thing is, this cabal intends to repeat the exact same ridiculous proposal:


Nature 440, 278 (16 March 2006) | doi:10.1038/440278b

Lyme vaccine demonized by advocacy groups

Edward McSweegan1

  1. 1692 Barrister Court, Crofton, Maryland 21114, USA



As a microbiologist who managed a federal programme on Lyme disease in the 1990s, I consider that any new clinical trials of a vaccine candidate based on the protein OspA, as mentioned in your News Feature "Uphill struggle" (Nature 439, 524–525; 2006), should be confined to Europe, for three reasons.

First, Lyme disease is non-communicable, readily treatable with common antibiotics and geographically localized in the United States. Neurological cases — where treatment can be problematic — are more common in Europe and a new vaccine may reduce the costs and consequences of infection.

Second, European experience with the widely used tick-borne encephalitis virus (TBEV) vaccine may facilitate vaccine-trial recruitment and greater public acceptance of a new Lyme vaccine.

Third, Europe is a less litigious environment and is largely free of organized Lyme-patient advocacy groups. In the United States, activists have turned Lyme disease into everyone's backyard bogeyman. They have demonized experts for their views on treatment and prevention, and hired lawyers to successfully argue the dangers of vaccine-induced autoimmunity (Philadelphia Inquirer B03, July 9 2003).

The activists are already using Internet discussion groups to warn against a new vaccine. One of them recently wrote "I would encourage all Lyme patients to consider writing letters, emphasizing the lack of demand for the last vaccine, and also the fact that any future vaccines can expect a lack of cooperation, protests, legal quagmires, etc."

A careful, hysteria-free trial of the new OspA vaccine [remember now, OspA is a placebo vaccine against hysteria] in Europe may help to undermine the opposition to it in the United States.

You'd really have to be a world class jackass to propose that Lyme is not dangerous while at the same time saying Lyme is so dangerous that we need a vaccine against it.  Here McSweegan says he needs a hysteria-free trial of a new OspA vaccine -- which Mark Klempner says is a placebo vaccine against hysteria because, Klempner said, Lyme is a non-disease cured by "the placebo effect of antibiotics."  We have never seen a more insane set of American scientists continually get their insanity published. 


And, ahem, I add that LYMErix, I said (TO THE FDA VACCINE COMMITTEE in JANUARY, 2001), caused an immune dysregulation syndrome and not autoimmunity:



Ya see, because I am a real scientist, which means I have no preconceived ideas about data.  I let the data tell me what to do, and not the other way around.  I am not a man and do not get all jerked off and whack my pee-pee on my time off (nor post penis data on the Lyme newsgroup, like Yale's Durland Fish), nor do I pretend the whole world happens because of sex or me or my pee-pee.  If anything, the absence of a penis is a godsend, because we women can think so much more clearly than any of these self-alleged scientists or MDs.  Clearly Mr. Peanut is a major distraction even in the world of vaccines.  Yale's Steven Malawista literally declared that the brain should be thrown out because it is "a complicating variable."  He really got that insanity published in a journal:

"I have largely limited the discussion here to Lyme arthritis, the simplest case because the end point (no more arthritis) is so clear, and one does not have to introduce complicating variables such as the blood-brain barrier."  --- Stephen Malawista, Yale University  

I wonder if castration would help in more of the DSM disorders than the sex-OCD so common to psychiatrists?  Clearly McSweegan, Klempner and Malawista are out of their minds, but remain free and unmedicated.  They remain free and on the loose; free to publish scientific insanity that is "dangerous and harmful to others" in the medical journals.  I have said many times that Dante's Inferno needs to be updated to include a new circle of hell for people who try to pass off such utterly crazy shit as medicine.

Yale is the anus mundi. 


V. Dysimmunity and the Other Secret Multiple Sclerosis Haplotype (HLA-DQB1*0602)

The following is the transcript of what Mark Klempner secretly told the attendees of the Non-Diseases of Summer Conference at South County Hospital in Rhode Island on approximately July 21, 2001 (it remains a secret, but blows away all of Klempner's conclusions):

"And, that is, that when you look for the possibility of an autoimmune disease, the best way to look is to see if there is any genetic clustering in HLA haplotypes. The reason for that is the way antigens get presented in the context of who you are, that is, your HLA haplotype.  And we can talk in some detail about that.  Those diseases that I think everybody would agree are so called Autoimmune :lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, and perhaps MS, have some clear genetic clustering that leads us to believe that these are indeed autoimmune diseases, although we do not satisfy so-called Koch’s Postulates of autoimmune disease that we’ve written[?-KMD] about.  And the odds ratio for your having that particular HLA type, in the case of R.A, a DR4,  or a DQB0602 to protect you from type 1 diabetes, are on the order of 3 to 6.  One of the ones that is probably  highest, of course, is B27, in patients with alkyloiding spondolytis and the like.  It turns out that if you look at the first 51 patients with post-treatment chronic Lyme disease, the patient population that participated in our study, there was a very high incidence of DQB0602 with an odds ratio of 770%.  So it may well be that exposure to THAT organism with THAT background of HLA haplotype may lead you to develop chronic symptoms.  That is a hypothesis that needs to be tested.  It would obviously lead to an entirely new form and approach to therapy. "

Hear this very big secret "not for large dissemination" "straight from the horse's mouth."  There were no questions by the MD-crowd at Rhode Island's South County Hospital about this HLA secret.  None of the physicians questioned it.  They just all pretended to understand what Mark Klempner was talking about.  I think pretending to know what a medical scientist is talking about when you are an MD is a mental disorder that should be added to the DSM-V. 

Like, there was no mystery to these Rhode Island MD morons when Mark Klempner said there was no disease at all, but that he discovered this autoimmune neurologic haplotype that they're supposed to "not largely disseminate found at an 8 times higher rate than would be expected due to chance in all these fricking Yuppie disease-wannabee whiners who would otherwise have nothing to talk about cocktail parties and Fibromyalgia is a women's disease related to the boredom associated with low innate intelligence and a frustrated desire to be a soap opera star." 

Not a one of them said, "SO YOU FOUND SOMETHING WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE, DR. KLEMPNER???"  They instead swooned and kissed his butt and asked if he was a victim of us crazy Lyme victim terrorists.  They fed this bastard's ego instead of having a single independent thought among the fifty or hundred or so of them.  Rhode Island is a very, very stupid and backward place.  'Even stupider than southeastern Connecticut if that were possible.


In a follow up study published in 2005, Klempner and Wormser reported that there is no association between haplotypes and Chronic Lyme:


In this report they say that the chronic-knee people generally feel well, except for their arthritis symptoms.  This we suspected just from our limited experience with such rare victims, and also due to a statement from Vijay Sikand at the 1998 LYMErix vaccine meeting where Sikand states that these arthritis people could be considered "immune competent," or are able to make enough antibodies to fight off infection.  They say that this is a blinded study and that:

First, we suspect that this is untrue in that these criminals play a primers shell game, as previously mentioned. Klempner never reported what DNA primers he used in this NEJM nonsense report.  Secondly, this supports the notion that it is the immune suppression-exacerbation of latent common infections (Epstein-Barr, Mycoplasma in the blood, Cytomegalovirus, etc.) caused by chronic Lyme Disease and LYMErix vaccination, due to the tolerization of fungal antigens (downregulation of HLA molecules) and the inhibition of the auto-kill kinase mechanism induced by OspA as discussed in the Biomarkers chapter (10).


Mark Klempner reported that OspA could cause cross reacting T cells to neurologic tissues.  He reported in 1998 that:

"T cells that react to OspA, OspC, and p22 epitopes also recognize MOBP, SST-R1, and IL-R1, respectively, on neurons, possibly leading to encephalopathy and radiculopathy.  T cell recognition of synovial and neuronal proteins can cause chronic symptoms for years after the initial infection.  It is not known whether the spirochete is still present during this chronic stage, or whether symptoms are strictly due to T cell autoimmunity."

Klempner says here that OspA (either from the bug or from vaccination) could cause an autoimmune disease of the nervous system.  This possibility (not fact) was never mentioned in this "chronic Lyme" "treatment" "study," yet clearly this report was published in 1998, when Klempner's "chronic Lyme" "treatment" "study" was ongoing and clearly no new evidence emerged on persistence of the infection.  Klempner also reported in 2003 with a University of Connecticut "ass ociate" (Kaplan) that there was no such thing as cognitive impairment associated with "Lyme Disease." 

[We agree that that's a no-brainer, since there is no such thing as "Lyme Disease."  "Lyme Disease" is an imaginary self-limiting arthritis in a knee that needs no antibiotic treatment, but it does apparently need a bogus vaccine.]

Klempner never reported this information about OspA vaccination possibly being the cause of an autoimmune brain disease to the FDA, nor did he say anything about it after the FDA approved LYMErix.  The guy is the ultimate low-life.

All of this data, including a complete dub, a tape, of this July 2001 Klempner lecture in Rhode Island along with a transcript, was given to the US Attorney in Connecticut who did nothing about it and then was promoted twice in the USDOJ.  CT Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and his staff then had to take over the US Attorney's job for him without the federal pay and the DOJ resources. 

After committing the crimes of LYMErix and this fake long term or repeat treatment "study," Klempner was promoted to the head of a CDC Level IV bioweapons lab in Boston.  This should be seen as a criminal endorsement, such as US Attorney Kevin O'Connor of the District of Connecticut being promoted to Alberto Gonzales' Chief of Staff, and then when Gonzales went down, O'Connor was given the Number Three position at the United States Department of Justice (sic). 

Crooks in government are promoted and whistleblowers get the bag job, since we're talking Republican whores, here, which is the only kind of Republicans.  Is the US not about to undergo a bigger financial collapse than the Great Depression?  Who outsourced us?  Who sold out our rights to the corporations?

About the likes of even the local whores, like Cathy Cook (R-Mystic, CT) and Rob Simmons, former Republican Congressman from Stonington, Corrupticut, we say "We grows da hoes big around he-yuh,... since Pfizer is nearby and we use almost literally use Viagra as fertilizer ta grow duh Republican hoes."


Repeat after me, class:

1) Klempner found that spirochetes are intracellular and resistant to ceftriaxone.

2) Klempner found that Lyme is a chronic infection that causes degradation of the central nervous system (MMP-130).

3) The haplotypes data was not reported in Klempner's Long term treatment report but a subsequent article by Wormser and Klempner indicate an increasing likelihood that Chronic Neurologic Lyme is the New Great Imitator due to the immune suppression-related exacerbation of latent viral and acquired fungal infections of all kinds, rather than neurologic autoimmunity, because, they say, there is no other haplotype association to Lyme symptom outcomes except Steere's HLAs.   Given the fact that OspA is the source of the immune suppression, that alone could be the cause of the cover up (vaccination with OspA and the cover up of the damages- the New Great Imitator outcomes of LYMErix).  While we once thought there must be some association with Multiple Sclerosis haplotypes allegedly secretly found in chronic neurologic Lyme and the tolerance to Pam3Cys-related downregulation of the antigen-presenting cells (and the subsequent cessation of antibodies to these antigens or the person becomes "seronegative"), it now appears there was no association.  It could happen to anyone.
We knew about the immune dysregulation in 1992 from the NIH's, the NCI's and the US Army's Paul Duray when he revealed the mutated lymphocytes and stated that these looked like Epstein-Barr transformed cells.  None of this was pursued because scientific discovery could interfere with the intended propaganda or marketing of LYMErix.

4) Mark Klempner suggested in 1998 that LYMErix could be causing an autoimmune neurologic disease but did not report this to the public, ever, as a reason for concern or a reason to withdraw LYMErix.

5) Klempner was promoted by the CDC to the head of a CDC Level IV bioweapons lab for his outrageous lies to and about the public. 



VI. The following facts refute the validity of the Klempner "long term" treatment "study," published in the New England Journal of Malarkey on July 12, 2001:

A) The CDC positive "case definition" has never been proven to be accurate or valid for late, treated Lyme, which were the patients Klempner claimed to be "studying."  It was never proven to be a valid method to detect Lyme in the first place.  No one knows what, exactly, the Dearborn case "definition" criteria means, since no one agreed with the Steere IgG proposal at the 1994 CDC Dearborn, MI, self-alleged conference, self-alleged to be about "Standardization of Western Blotting."  Steere never validated his IgG Dressler/Steere method according to the FDA rules for the validation of an bioanalytical method.  The participants in the Dearborn conference said Steere's IgG proposal was 8-28% accurate when tested in the field.

When Steere tested his own proposal in the field, he found that 39 of 54 arthritis patients were positive to his IgG panel proposal of 18, 23 (OspA), 28 (porin), 30,  39 (flagellar sheath), 41 (flagellin), 45 (porin), 58, 66 (porin), 93 (Could be 31 times three, or it could be the specific brain invasion antigen that the Europeans claim).  We actually have no idea what Steere observed, since he obtained this "data" with bogus, NIH- and CDC- NOT-recommended strains from Guilford, CT, Germany and Russia, and to boot, they were all "HIGH PASSAGE" (strains FRG and high passage G39/40).  Since we don't know what "Dearborn positive" means in previously treated patients, we have no idea what kind of patients Mark Klempner had.  Even the participants of the CDC's bogus Dearborn conference, (Phil Molloy) said ~ "We have no idea what Dearborn means."  Therefore, the only real result Mark Klempner had from this "study," was that 78 out of 1800 patients tested Dearborn positive after some antibiotic treatment (accuracy of Dearborn Lyme is 4% in treated patients).

B) Klempner's "study" was supposed to be a "repeat treatment" "study" of previously treated Lyme victims, when most (2/3rds) had never had previous IV ceftriaxone treatment.  He already knew the reason ceftriaxone failed to cure.  At the time of the proposal of the Klempner study protocol, the standard of care was 30 days of intravenous ceftriaxone- which was an arbitrary determination in the first place.  The standard of care was 30 days of intravenous antibiotics at the time of the Klempner "study," since that's the standard mode of delivery of antibiotics for brain infections or meningitis and was in use for years. 

Thus, Klempner's "long term re-treatment study," was a "standard of care study," and it showed that 30 days of the IV drug used for bacterial infections of the brain or meningitis was not enough intravenous antibiotics and that the chronically fatigued, neurologically and cognitively impaired victims of Klempner and Lyme should have been given at least 2 months of ceftriaxone.

It was always known that borrelioses are permanent brain infections and Relapsing Fever.  Therefore we would expect that Lyme should be treated as a Relapsing Fever brain infection, and that the treatment of its victims should be relapsing IV ceftriaxone.  No one says these things because they are logical.  What we know now from the Fallon study is that one should start with at least 3.5 months of intravenous ceftriaxone and if patients relapse after that, perhaps add another month.  And if they relapse after that, repeat.  Somewhere along the line it became acceptable to tell people it's okay if they remain chronically miserable, when the same people know of a treatment that brought relief (Dattwyler 12821734).  Amazingly, these bizarro facts have never, ever once made it into any media, much less main stream media.  The MDs don't ask any questions and the newspapers have forgotten the part about investigating unanswered questions.  The media and the AMA and the DOJ totally accept hypocrisy to the point where they're convinced they're the guardians of the corporations rather than the people. I feel like I'm watching that black kid in Florida DCF pediatric prison being beaten to death by several prison guards for being a juvenile thug on a national scale.  This country is so screwed up and the victims are so routinely tortured and we're so used to it, that the next thing we can expect is a new wave of New Roman Coliseum Theatres moving back into the towns with the lions and the blood and guts and gore as a new way to treat sick people... and then we'd have to listen to the animal rights people crusading over the poor lions' diet.  

C) Klempner threw out PCR positive patients and then lied about it.  Klempner reported that no PCR-positive patients were included in his study.  He stated right in the full text NEJM article that he did not accept PCR positive victims in his study. There were PCR positive Klempner victims who were excluded from the "study" because they were positive and this is known to the Lyme community since these rejectees are part of the Chronic Lyme community.  In the audiotape of Mark Klempner at the South County Non-Diseases of Summer Conference in July 2001, Klempner said that out of 2000 patients, none were DNA positive for the Bb DNA in their spinal fluid.  Klempner is a liar.

D) Mark Klempner never published what primers he used to determine "DNA negative" in the spinal fluid of his victims.  As we have seen in previous chapters, one must use genus-specific primers such as multiple Borrelial (from several of the genera) flagellins and intragenic spacers (RNA) that identify Relapsing Fevers (or Borreliae).  Klempner claims to have used a culture method when we all know and knew culture is inferior to DNA/RNA testing or the Mouse Infectivity Test.  When asked directly to reveal what primers he used, Mark Klempner refused to reply.  According to IDSA's Russell Johnson, it "could take months" to recover intact spirochetes from the spheroplast form in BSK media.  Klempner only attempted to reculture spheroplasts from spinal fluid for 3 weeks.

Mark Klempner while saying he looked for other vector-borne infectious diseases, he did not look for the activation of latent viral infections- which have become activated due to the immune suppression of Lyme, like HHV, Epstein-Barr, measles, etc, which have previously been associated with MS.

E) No Scientifically Valid Tests Used to Assess Outcomes, and then he claimed hysteria to be the cause of the illness.  Klempner even claimed that people who got better from treatment were reporting merely "a placebo response to antibiotics."
The Fibromyalgia Impact Questionaire (FIQ) was invalidated rather than validated for use in Lyme victims.  Arthur Weinstein has proposed method validations in the past which are not validations.  In the case of the FIQ, he found that Fibromyalgia and Lyme disease were two different diseases.  If they are two different diseases, the test or the method itself is not valid, since a validation requires that the test is SPECIFIC to the analyte in question.

The second most glaringly ridiculous aspect of the Klempner study next to the ceftriaxone failure is that he never used any of the scientifically valid markers of illness identified by IDSA, when we himself knew there were at least matrix-metalloproteinases in the spinal fluid of most of his seronegative Lyme victims, GFAp and quinolinic acid in the spinal fluid which shows chronic meningitis resulting in the degradation of the central nervous system, autoantibodies to nerve tissue, dysregulated cytokines, brain evoked potentials slowing (QEEG), gadolinium contrast MRIs of monkey Lyme brains show chronic meningitis, and that Lyme results in ALS and MS. 

Mark Klempner knows these things, and he was clearly aware of the parallel study going on at the NINDS where Roland Martin was treating MS-Lyme patients with both antibiotics and MS medicines.  Klempner is the author of the studies where ceftriaxone failed and of the discovery of the MMPs in the spinal fluid of neuroborreliosis patients.

That Klempner would dare to suggest that Lyme victims are responding to the antibiotics due to the "placebo effect" is a sure sign that Klempner thinks all MDs are morons, and he would be right, since none of your authors has an MD degree, yet this is simple science.  Klempner's history is obvious to a person with the curiosity of a 7 year old.


VII. The Nutcase Anthony Fauci


Now recall that in the summer of 2003 Anthony Fauci lied his face off on the CNN Lou Dobbs show about the LYMErix vaccine.  He said on the show the exact opposite of what I told the FDA Vaccine Committee which was that LYMErix was not a scientifically valid vaccine because Yale did not use a scientifically valid test to assess for its efficacy.  The Dearborn method misses 85% of the cases according to the Infectious Diseases Society's Gary Wormser.  Said The Fauc' to Lou Dobbs:

"We've had an effective vaccine, but it's the kind of vaccine that you have to essentially vaccinate people each year. And from the standpoint of it's use, it has not been used as efficiently as it could have been used. So scientifically, we had a vaccine and still do have a vaccine, but it's not really well used."

Note that the summer of 2003 was over a year after LYMErix had been withdrawn from the market.  Note also that the Dearborn standard only allows for the inflammatory kind of Lyme disease to be recognized, diagnosed and treated (granted that Malawista in his article where he recommended that the brain be thrown out said that Lyme arthritis should not be treated either because it goes away on its own in 4 years).  Note also that in a PBS interview for their "Life on Earth" series, Yale's Eugene Shapiro said:

SHAPIRO: What some people would have you believe is that there are two different diseases.

SHAPIRO: Somehow, for that form of the disease,  antibiotics are effective. They do fine. But then  there's some other form of the disease which is, you can't put your hand around it. They don't have objective findings of inflammation, which is the way bacteria cause disease.

So, there is Anthony Fauci, the head of NIAID, agreeing with the Lyme criminals that the only way a person could have a disease is if they have inflammation.  Of course in the previous chapter, we proved that the immune suppression outcomes of Lyme disease due to tolerization to such fungal antigens as LYMErix and the HIV antigens gp120 and gp41 are likely to be the cause of all the New Great Imitator Neurological outcomes, such as Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, and the like, through immune suppression, the anchoring of the auto-kill kinases and the activation of latent viral and infections and allowing for all kinds of opportunistic infections, such as mycoplasmal infections in the blood.

Amazingly, if one searches the patent database, one would find a Fauci patent for the treatment of immune suppression outcomes of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections:,696,079.PN.&OS=PN/5,696,079&RS=PN/5,696,079


"The present invention pertains to a method for activating the immune system of a patient by intermittently administering interleukin-2 (IL-2) to that patient. Such administration of IL-2 can optionally be combined with other therapies, such as anti-retroviral, anti-bacterial or anti-fungal therapies, suitable for treatment of the patient's condition. This invention also relates to an approach to gene therapy that entails administering IL-2 to a patient so as to facilitate in situ lymphocyte transduction by a retroviral vector also administered to the patient.


"....Illustrative of specific disease states in treatment of which the present invention can be applied are HIV infection and other diseases characterized by a decrease of T-cell immunity, for example, mycobacterial infections like tuberculosis and fungal infections such as cryptococcal disease. This method also can be used in the treatment of secondary infections that occur in patients with suppressed immune systems, such as the opportunistic infections that occur in AIDS patients. ..."

It's a patented treatment for the immune suppression outcomes of Lyme disease, which is a condition simultaneously denied by the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases- who owns this patent.

"It is an indescribable experience knowing that what you are doing will have an impact on the lives… of millions of people." —Anthony Fauci, 1993

Yeah, thanks, Ton'.  It's been fabulous.


CHAPTER 12, CROOKS DEPLOY the MUMBO-JUMBO DUMBOS  Deploying scientifically invalid psychiatry is a crime

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.