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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

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CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
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Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




The History of Relapsing Fever (More of the same on incurability by the Lyme Crooks, here)


GAME CHANGER (May, 2014):

THIS JUST IN (From the CDC, 1964):  How to dessicate and weaponize your Borrelia :)

And now you know why the NIH Rocky Mountain Bioweapon Lab recruited Willy Burgdorfer, a spirochete expert from Switzerland - so he would sign a piece of paper keeping his mouth shut when he ran across this :)

Add that to the other data we have and of course all their Effin LIES about the viability of the cyst form :)

This was a bioweapon, little doubt now.

See more at:


Says CDC officer Alan Barbour: 
"We treat spirochetal diseases with other spirochetal diseases to cause a fever because antibiotics don't work."

This seems like an amazing! choice of treatment for a disease that does not exist or is easily cured by antibiotics, and especially, for a disease that has no brain residua.
By CDC Officer Alan Barbour, in 1986,
The Biology of Borrelia Species:

"The propensity for borrelia to go to the brain of infected mammals suggests that the relationship between these spirochetes and neural tissues is not trivial.  Further study of this attraction and the interaction that follows may reveal the basis for the significant nerve and brain involvement in Lyme borreliosis"--





--Paul Ehrlich and Compound 606,  Syphilis, salvarsan (arsenical)




--1911, Andrew Balfour, MD, Karoum, "Infective granules"   Read-  He talks about intracellular spirochetes

The British Medical Journal April 1, 1911
The Infective Granule In Certain Protozoal Infections, As Illustrated By The Spirochaetosis of Sudanese Fowls

PRELIMINARY NOTE: At the first meeting of the Tropical Medicine Section of the British Medical Association in London last year I advanced the view that, in all probability, what might be called the " infective granule " would yet be found to play an important part in certain protozoal infections, and more especially in spirochaetosis and trypanosomiasis.  I based this belief on the work of Leishman as regards the changes undergone by Spirochaeta duttoni in Ornithodorus moubata, and on the allied changes which I had found to occur in the Sudan fowl spirochaete when ingested by Arga pericus.  I have been continuing the work on fowl spirochaetosis and have recently arrived at some most interesting and significant results, which may yet have
considerable bearing on the view we must take of the pathology of this and other spirochaetal diseases, and possibly also on their treatment. ...
    ...It will perhaps be remembered that one found intracorpuscular forms in this fowl spirochaetosis, and that following Sambon, one had to come to the conclusion that these endoglobular bodies represented a stage in the lifecycle of the spirochaete -- constituted, in short, its stage of schizogony in the fowl.  Sambon, however, who expressed this view from the study of a few slides I gave him, did not indicate how this red cell invasion occurred.  For a long time I believed the spirochaetes themselves entered the red cells and broke up, or coiled up, within them to form these remarkable bodies.  As the parasites can and do enter and leave the erythroblasts of the fowl, there was good ground for this supposition.  Now however, I know better.
    By the use of the dark-field method, and more especially by practising liver puncture on chicks at the crisis or on chicks which have been given a sufficiently large dose of salvarsan, I have found that in the liver in particular, also in the spleen and lung, the spirochaetes undergo an astonishing change.  They discharge from their periplastic sheaths spherical granules, and it is apparently these granules which enter the red cells, develop in them and complete a cycle of schizogony. The appearance is very remarkable.  If a well-infected chick be given a dose of salvarsan, the peripheral blood is soon cleared , or nearly cleared of spirochaetes.  If then a drop of liver juice be examined by the dark-field method, it will be found swarming with spirochaetes and with highly refractile granules.  The source of the latter is soon apparent, for attention will be directed to spirochaetes which are not moving in the usual way, but are in a state of violent contortion, or are, so to speak, shaking themselves to and fro.  Indeed, I cannot give a more apt comparison than by likening their movements to those of dogs which have been in water and are shaking themselves vigorously to dry their coats.  The object of the spirochaetes, however, is to rid themselves of the bright sphereical granules which can  be seen within them and which may or may not be aggregations of the so-called chromatin core.  They are forced along the periplastic sheath and suddenly discharged , so that they become free in the medium and dance hither and thither as tiny, solid, spherical, brilliant white particles.  In process of time the spirochaete loses its activity, becomes difficult to see, and eventually all  that is left of it is the limp and lifeless sheath drifting aimlessly in the fluid and liable to be caught up and swept away by some still vigorous parasite. Such a sheath may still retain one or two of the granules which it has been unable to discharge.
    As may be imagined, the process is most fascinating to watch, and my observations have been confirmed by Captain Fry and Mr. Buchanan, of these laboratories and Captain O'Farrell, R.A.M.C.   I may also say that the first-named had previously seen a shedding off of granules by trypanosomes in the peripheral blood of experimental animals, a phenomenon which he is now studying.
  It is these spirochaete granules in the liver, spleen and lung, and possibly also in other internal organs, which I believe, invade the red cells.  I think I have seen the penetration occur, but require to make further observations in order to be certain as to the mode of entry.  Such a chain of events fully explains all the puzzling features which this intracorpuscular infection has hitherto presented, and moreover, brings it into line with the infective granules found in the ticks, for these very closely resemble those seen in liver-juice films both when examined by dark-field method and when stained by the Levaditi process.  There are various other points more especially as regards the peculiar staining reactions of these granules, into which I need not enter beyond saying that the fact that, when free, they do not appear to take on the Romanowsky stain may explain why they have not previously been noticed.  The work is also not yet complete as it is necessary to find out if the spirochaetes ingested by ticks behave in a similar manner and thereby produce the granules of Leishman.  
    I see that Jowett in South Africa has recently discovered what appears to be an identical form of fowl spirochaetosis, and I trust he will employ  the dark-field method and endeavour by liver puncture and the use of salvarsan, for the purpose of creating an articficial crisis to follow out the curious cycle I have indicated.
    From these observations and others which will be fully detailed at a later date I have come to the conclusion that this fowl spirochaete must be classed as a specific entity and I am proposing for it the name
Spirochaeta granulosa penetrans, which, though lengthy, suitably indicates its more important peculiarities.  At the same time it is quite possible--nay, even probable
--that other pathogenic spirochaetes behave in a  similar manner.  I have found these granules to be resistant forms and their presence in countless numbers in the tissues might explain part of the mechanism of relapse and the difficulty of curing completely some of the more chronic spirochaetal infections, as, for example, syphilis and yaws.  
    In conclusion, I must thank Professor Erlich for most kindly placing at my disposal an ample supply of his new and valuable remedy.


--1932 Tuskegee "Bad Blood"  (Typical CDC Handiwork)



--1944   Relapsing Fever Borrelia, Lancet, RAMC, WWII, Lybia, Borreliosis is incurable

1944, relapsing fever during WWII, Lancet, Sept 30, 1944, page 436


Ronald Bodley Scott, DM, OXFD, FRCP


    THE campaigns in the Lybyan Desert yielded cases of relapsing fever of a type not previously known in Egypt.  They were due to a infection with Treponema recurrentis, whose immunological characteristics have not yet been determined, transmitted by the bite of an unnamed argasid tick of the genus ornithodoros, bearing a close resemblence to O. erraticus, the vector of the Tunisand strain of treponema (Adler, 1942).  This tick probably inhabited the burrows of desert rodents and infection was commonly acquired in caves, slit trenches and tombs.
    Characteristic of this fever was the high proportion of cases in which the central nervous system was invaded.  Most descriptions of the disease include the comment that nervous system sequelae occur and that they are more common in the tick-botne than in the louse-borne fever; but theirt frequency and variety are not generally recognized.  This paper is concerned with a small series of cases seen in 1941 and 1942; its observations consequently apply to the disease of the north-west Africa coast.  It is likely, however, that this reservation is not absolute" the characteristics of Tr. recurrentus are so labile that strains from the same locality, and even from different relapses in the same case, may show immunological variations (Ashbel 1943).  This the clinician is probably justified in discounting the importance of differences of strain and in regarding the tick-borne relapsing fever as an entity, however heretical the immunologist may consider this view.


    In the animal the neurotropism of this treponema is well-established.  Ashbel (1943), investigating 17 strains of Tr. persica, found that organisms could be isolated from the brains of guinea pigs 117-398 days after apparent recovery from the infection.  In some cases this cerebral invasion proved fatal and post-mortem examination showed small perivascular hemorrhages [SHOWN IN LIEGNER AUTOPSIES] and infiltrations with lymphocytes, monocytes and macrophages.  The neurotropism of various strains has been shown to be equally great in other animals (Heronimus 1928).
    The predilection of the treponema for nervous tissue in the animals raises the question of whether it is similarly neurotropic in man.
    Data are not plentiful; but as long ago as 1874 Ponfick reported petechial hemorrhages [LIEGNER] in the brains of cases dying in the Berlin epidemic.  Belezky and Umanskaja (1930) have recorded the findings in 8 fatal cases: clinical observations are scanty in their paper but only one had symptoms of disease of the nervous system.  In all instances microscopy showed a patchy perivascular infiltration of the pia with monocytes, lymphocytes and plasma cells, and in places the cerebral vessels were encircled by a similar cellular halo.  In 3 cases treponemata were found in the brain substance, diffusely distributed and in no constant relation to vessels.
    More recently, Ungar has described the case of a woman dying in the puerperium with relapsing fever and cerebral symptoms.  The post-mortem findings included a cholesteatoma of the lateral recess edema of the cisternal pia-arachnoid and hemorrhages in the caudal part of the pons and the floor of the 4th ventricle.  Sections showed the Virchow-Robin spaces distended with erythrocytes, lymphocytes and monocytes; treponemata were recovered from the cerebrospinal fluid and from the tumor...


-- 1945 Trying to cure brain relapsing fever with intracranial infusion of penicillin:


1946; HAMPP:

-- 1951: :



1951: Relapse Phenomena in Rats with a Single Spirochete

Felsenfeld and Barbour talking about the Single Spirochete Phenomena:


--  1961, JULY


-- 1963:

   US scientists discussing spheroplast forms (click to enlarge)


--  1965 

Felsenfeld, Comprehensive Review of the status of the Genus Borreliae, 1965



--  1971 Russian Scientists on the viability of intracellular cysts:



--1975, Polly Murray finally gets someone's attention.  (It's a bad accident, Draft Dodger, CDC EIS Officer, Steere.)


-- 1975  Jay Sanford, Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, Bethesda, Maryland, Page 391,
The Biology of Parasitic Spirochetes,

"The ability of the borrelia, especially tick-borne strains to persist in the brain and in the
eye after treatment with arsenic or with penicillin or even after apparent cure is well known (1). 
The persistence of treponemes after treatment of syphilis is a major area which currently
requires additional study  (3,5,10,11). 
(on the right hand page below the chart)


--1976 Borreliois is an incurable brain infection.  US Military Hosp, Bethesda, MD: Borrelia persist in the brain past treatment

States in this book that 1/6 to 1/3 of all Lyme patients are permanently neurologically impaired, as in neurosyphilis:



--1982, Willy Burgdorfer:

Discovers the spirochete and discusses cyst or spheroplast or starvation forms

"Ever since it was demonstrated that the body louse (Pediculus humanus humanus) and the African O moubata were the vectors of the relapsing fever spirochetes known today as Borrelia recurrentis and B duttonii, respectively, intense studies have been carried out on the development of these microorganisms in their vectors, and on the mode of transmission to humans. Thus, in 1912, the French worker Charles Nicolle and coworkers studied the behavior of B recurrentis in lice and noted that the spirochetes had disappeared from the midgut 24 hours after they had been ingested; they were no longer detectable until days 6 to 8 when they suddenly reappeared in the hemolymph.

A similar "negative phase" had previously been reported for B duttonii in O moubata by Dutton and Todd (1905-1907), Leishman and other investigators (1907-1920), Fantham (1911-1915), Hindle (1911), and later also by Hatt (1929) and Nicolle and associates (1930). According to these investigators, ingested spirochetes invade the gut epithelium where they lose motility and after 3 to 4 days develop into cysts (blebs, vesicles) that contain granules or chromatin bodies (Fig. 4). Duton and Todd postulated that these spherules are formed by protuberance of the spirochetes periplasmic membranes; they may occur at any point along the spirochete. At some time during their development, these spherules or cysts were said to burst and release their granules. By the 10th day after infectious feeding, Dutton and Todd no longer found morphologically typical spirochetes, but instead large numbers of granules from which eventually new spirochetes developed provided the ticks were maintained at temperatures above 25° C.



Figure 12

Thus, RML scientists Dave Dorward and Claude Gron using silver staining, transmission and scanning electron microscopy investigated the nature of naturally elaborated membrane blebs on the surface of cultured B burgdorferi or free in the medium, and found both linear and circular DNA (Fig. 13). The fact that his material was packaged within the membrane-derived vesicles suggested that it might play a role in the protection of genetic markers. In vivo and in vitro exposure of B burgdorferi to antibiotics (penicillin G, ceftriaxon) were shown by Preac-Mursic and associates to produce cytomorphic atypical but motile spirochetes with numerous membrane-derived vesicles (spheroblast -- L-forms) (Fig. 14).[1]


In their recent publication, Brorson and Brorson reported on the "In vitro Conversion of Borrellia burgdorferi to Cystic Forms in Spinal Fluid, and on the Transformation to Mobile Spirochetes by Incubation in BSK-H Medium."[2] Accordingly, B burgdorferi converted rapidly to cystic forms when transferred to spinal fluid. No normal spirochetes were left after 24 hours of incubation at 37° C; all were converted to cysts. When these cystic forms were transferred to a rich (BSK-H) medium, the cysts were converted back to normal, mobile spirochetes after incubation for 9 to 17 days.

These most recent findings do confirm the development of membrane-derived cysts, blebs, spherules, vesicles and the potential transformation to motile, helical spirochetes, not as part of a complex developmental cycle -- as postulated by Dutton and associates -- but rather as a "survival mechanism" of spirochetes to overcome or escape unfavorable conditions. Such conditions prevail during early phases of infection when spirochetes ingested into the midgut of ticks or lice become exposed to the vectors' digestive enzymes and tissue barriers (peritrophic membrane, gut epithelium). As a result, most detectable spirochetes produce numerous cysts often filled with granular material.

Other in vitro and in vivo factors shown to induce development of cysts include unsatisfactory culturing conditions, presence of antibodies and the effects of antibiotics.

Using silver impregnations and immunochemical staining, cystic material has been demonstrated in every animal and human tissue infected by B burgdorferi. As yet, it is not known whether these forms of Borrelia represent products of degenerated spirochetes or of surviving organisms capable of transforming to typical spirochetes once the faborable environmental conditions are restored. It is tempting to speculate, however, that the survival mechanism of spirochetes is responsible for the diverse pathology of these organisms as well as for their ability to survive as cystic forms thereby producing prolonged, chronic and periodically recurrent disease.

--1980 to 1983, Edward Eisenberg, OXFORD insurance company,
is an NIH clinical researcher in infectious diseases.  'Stated at the Blumenthal Lyme Hearing in 1999 that the testing for Lyme is as accurate as the testing for any other infectious disease, which is, of course, perjury, since even Gary Wormser reported that the current testing for Lyme misses 85% of the cases. 

Gary Wormser reported that Steere's IgG method only detects 9/59 cases. 

Allow me to do the math:  9/59 X 100 = 15%

One plus eight equals nine.

Or, eight plus one equals nine.

Practice, America!  You can do it.

Use your fingers if you have to!!

Here are more of the Dearborn results.  No one reported anywhere near 100% accuracy for this method.  The average was around 15%.

100 minus 15 equals 85%

The testing for Lyme misses 85% of the cases.

Got that?

If you understand this math, kindly apply for a job at the FDA since they seem to have a shortage of such talent.

We're paying the FDA to look at such BigPharma data, but they disclaim their obligation to look at the data BigPharma sends them.



--1983, Proposed Life Cycle for the Reiter Treponeme  (validity of "cysts", or spheroplasts. or regeneration forms)



-- 1986, McSweegan trashes the Navy to give all the grants to his buddies, like Yale's Durland Fish

This is otherwise known as "steering contracts."

Making it perfectly legitimate (is that the right word?) for Blumenthal to be up their butts, since no one in America approved of Kaiser-Permanente writing anyone's non-treatment guidelines. 

Kaiser and SmithKline are once again together involved with this cabal of defrauding Uncle Sam.  New York Medical College was financially floundering.  Kaiser helped.  There were, um, some "conditions..."


--1986, Steere, The Original Serodiagnosis, later falsified : Here



-- 1986  CDC "officer" Alan Barbour publishes his comprehensive article on Borrelia.  Mentions rodent brains as the storage media. 
By CDC Officer Alan Barbour, in 1986,
The Biology of Borrelia Species:

"The propensity for borrelia to go to the brain of infected mammals suggests that the relationship between these spirochetes and neural tissues is not trivial.  Further study of this attraction and the interaction that follows may reveal the basis for the significant nerve and brain involvement in Lyme borreliosis"--

This is self-explanatory.  We have previously seen that rodent brains so reliably were a home for spirochetes that they were actually the culture media.  We also acknowledge that ceftriaxone for brain diseases was a treatment IDSA themselves used and offered and still use, so Lyme must not be a self-limiting knee disease as Allen Steere and Yale's Steven Malawista claim.


And here we have in the same CDC officer's 1986 report that there are, gasp, "gemma:"














--1988, Lyme Foundation Founded,



--1988, Russell C. Johnson, First vaccine patent: US Patent 4,721,617 Borreliosis is incurable;  Rx: "Chronic Treatment for this chronic infection." 



-- 1988  NINDS' Roland Martin (who has since moved back to Germany because he failed to prove that the Multiple Sclerosis form of Lyme disease is caused by an autoimmune T cell process), demonstrates that Borreliosis is a cause of "Oligoclonal bands in the CSF" which was the former definition of Multiple Sclerosis.



--1988  Lyme is a cause of Antiphospholipid Antibodies (Lupus)- Says Yale and Allen Steere


-- 1989, Infectious Disease Reviews,

TRUTH  (therefore, remains, the Truth)   This is the crooks' own data that they refuse to turn over to the Connecticut Attorney General.  

"Treatment of late neurologic Lyme fails in half the cases."

Note that they, the Infectious Diseases Society of America, in 1989, do not say that Chronic Lyme is due to hysteria or is imaginary, nor do they say that "Lyme is easily diagnosed and cured."


Isn't that kinda the same thing Brian Fallon discovered 15 years later?
That Lyme is just a relapsing fever, permanent brain infection that requires relapsing treatment?

Isn't that the same thing that Russell Johnson published in his first patent for a Lyme vaccine?



--  1989 IDSA Reviews- the rest of the full text articles, scanned in.     (Go ahead and read them all.  You'll be shocked, and will understand why IDSA refuses to turn this data over to Mr. Blumenthal)



--1989, Benach, Early Central Nervous System Invasion  I remind that the central nervous system is neither a knee nor the genitals, requiring nasal surgery to cure sexually repressed women of excessive masturbation- which is what Fraud, (sorry, Freudian slip) Freud did.



-- 1990, CDC Adopts Allen Steere's method for diagnosing Lyme as a relapsing fever borreliosis, by performing serial Western Blots to look for changing and expanding IgM and IgG antibodies, since the production of NEW IgM means the bug is still alive and not killed by antibiotics.  

This criteria is later changed at the fake Dearborn consensus conference, which was designed around changing Lyme into an untreatable autoimmune arthritis in a knee.



--1990, founded. Is a "front" or a false non-profit, since they publish bogus articles. we suspect is a front for Kaiser-Permanente.

                ALDF BOARD OF DIRECTORS, 1999  Insider Investors and Israeli insider bioweaponeers, Hank Greenberg, Mortimer Zuckerman, and now which is an international, illegal Jewish spying firm.



--1990, Sigal begins his Spin at Robert Wood Johnson Abstract, MEDLINE



--1990-1992, LymeRIX coming along (Fikrig, animal studies; LYMErix fails to prevent Lyme)



--1990, John Connolly, Gary Wormser, and Durland Fish decide to capitalize on Tick Borne Infections and control treatment and outcomes of them ( was born).   Establish the "entrepreneurial trio."   Kaiser helps establish the cabal, and are still at New York Medical College, training MDs.  

These Kaiser-trained MDs become "experts" at the OPMC witch trials.



-- 1991, Yale's Erol Fikrig develops the only scientifically valid test for Lyme:


1) Yale's Bb Flagellin Patent, 5.618,533  94.4% accurate, earliest, and likely nearly 100% specific, or is the best antibody test for Lyme Borreliosis.

The Yale report that goes with the patent (1991):



--1991, Steere, sorta doing fine before the BrainWobble...

Steere in convinced this entity "seronegative Lyme" exists, because he used the seronegative Lyme lymphoproliferative assay on his lab workers and found that 4/9 had inhaled spirochetes.   See Chapter 3 for those reports.



--1992-  Alan Barbour publishes an article that is no longer available on the web in full text, in which he describes how to select for spirochetes that don't have certain surface antigens on them- by using something like a vaccine, which is a rather direct way of saying, NO VACCINE IS POSSIBLE, SINCE LYME IS A RELAPSING FEVER ANTIGEN and the nature of the relapse is that antibodies "select for new mutants"


-- 1992  Mark Klempner and his INTRACELLURITY /fibroblasts/Ceftriaxone Failurereport



-- 1992  Steere at the "Academy of Insurance Medicine"

(Quiz:  Who knew there was an "Academy of Insurance Medicine?")



--1992, Formation of Multiple Treponemes   The spirochetes clump together and form a common outer envelop.  According to the crooks, because this happened in Europe it did not happen, when the truth of the matter is that whatever happens according to the CDC should not be believed in Europe.



--1992, Formation of By KAISER?? and John Connolly to limit Managed Care's payment for treatment with ceftriaxone.  1989 Infectious Disease Reviews, Dattwyler:  "Treatment remains speculative."

If we like had a sort of federal bureau of investigation, or something like that  who had authority across state lines, that would be like cool because they could find out whether or not this is a Kaiser ghost company, you know like in the old days when the Rockefellers had numerous companies that everyone thought were independent of each other.  Like I think it like used to be illegal, you know in the last century.  The one before the Fourth Reich.



--1992, 1993:  Steere has a major BrAiNwArP (Same time as "Steere in Europe") >>   Lyme is actually FM, CFIDS, and Hypochondria?   Don'tchya hate it when that happens?  The man thought he discovered a disease, and he didn't after all?  (He used strain G39/40, which detects Lyme disease 14% of the time, according to Imugen's submission to Dearborn).


Note that CastleConnolly and Steere having a brainwarp occur at the same time.  Steere, 1991:  Lyme is "perilously close to FM, CFIDS, and Depression." 

1992, Spirochetes suddenly start cooperating with Managed Care after millions of years of evolution.

It's quite miraculous and we would hope Managed Care can help with the others of the world's maladies, like, Can they kindly turn seawater into oil?

(Gasoline is better.   You know, skipping the refining process.)



    Steere Brainwarp Abstract A: Abstract, MEDLINE

    Steere Brainwarp Abstract B: Abstract, MEDLINE



1992- Steere goes to Europe with a "bogus" borrelia, one that is "high passage" (which is illegal) and with recombinant OspA and B, lacking the lipid end, which is likeliest to produce antibodies.



1992- Cold Spring Harbor labs hold a conference.  Duray, Sigal, Dattwyler.

Dattwyler says, expanding IgM and IgG demonstrates the persistence of the illness.  (However, antibodies to just lipoproteins are not the only antibodies-- There are antibodies to other membrane components, such as: New marker:      GLYCOLIPID-- Neuroborreliosis and Not LymeRIX disease.  Structure seen on page 34 of the .pdf  GC-MassSpec)   See Pathologies  Anti-glycolipid antibodies



1993, Joe Burrascano complains to Congress.   Then immediately becomes a target of persecution.

Nothing is done because Dodd and Kennedy know Plum Island is a bioweaponeering facility and don't actually care about their constituents, since the self-jerking off "military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy"-- Heiney Kissinger.



--1993,  The Dreaded Dressler/Steere Report: MEDLINE, Full Text leaves OspA and B out of the standard, because they used a high passage strain, which dropped expression of OspA and B.  Additionally, in the prospective study, only late Lyme arthritis have this presentation at 72%.  Dressler/Steere does not agree at all with Steere's first serodiagnosis criteria.



--1993, Fish and Barbour begin the spin.  Barbour, re OspA "we don't know what it does" (Re: the OspA) MEDLINE  "The biological and social phenomenon of Lyme disease." 

Now Lyme is a Character Flaw. 
Phase II Vaccine trials underway. 
Barbour's hometown wants to erect a statue of him.
That would be like Russia erecting a statue of Hitler in Red Square.



--1994, MARCH,  Connaught rOspA "vaccine" (ImmuLyme, CDC officer Alan Barbour's patent) trial begins (Where did the standard come from??  Dearborn hadn't happened yet..)  

Later Lenny Sigal, who headed the Connaught ImmuLyme trial, reported that he could not read his Western Blots using MarDx test strips, in a report with Molloy and Persing.  So, although Sigal reported that ImmuLyme was 92% effective at preventing Lyme, he later said the Western Blots were unreadable and that he could not really tell if ImmuLyme prevented Lyme - neglecting to mention that LYMErix and ImmuLyme used the same MarDx test strips to assay vaccine outcomes.

The Sigal ImmuLyme report where he says ImmuLyme is 92% effective and that he was using MarDx Blot strips:  (New England Journal of BigInsurance Propaganda and BigPharma Disease Mongering)  full text

"A total of 10,305 subjects (age range, 18 to 92 years of age) were enrolled at 14 study sites in areas of the United States in which Lyme disease was endemic and were randomly assigned to receive two doses of either 30 µg of OspA vaccine or placebo, given one month apart, according to a preset randomization schedule. Randomization was balanced at each study center in treatment blocks of 10. The first injection was given between March 1, 1994, and April 30, 1994, [BEFORE THE DEARBORN CONFERENCE, WHICH TOOK PLACE IN OCTOBER 1994, SO WE WONDER WHO SAID THEY COULD USE THE BOGUS DRESSLER/STEERE CRITERIA TO ASSESS OUTCOMES???] and the second injection was given approximately one month later, between April 1, 1994, and May 31, 1994. At the request of the Food and Drug Administration, we obtained data on a third dose of vaccine given 12 months after the first injection. A total of 7515 subjects received a third (booster) injection of placebo or vaccine between March 1, 1995, and April 30, 1995. The subjects were observed during the two seasons in which the risk of disease transmission was greatest, irrespective of whether they had received the booster dose.

"Subjects in whom Lyme disease was suspected returned to the study center, where a clinical evaluation was performed by the investigator and serum samples were obtained during the acute and convalescent phases of the illness. Western blot analyses (MarDx Western blot kit, MarDx Diagnostics, Carlsbad, Calif.) to determine whether IgG or IgM antibodies to B. burgdorferi were present were performed for all subjects with suspected cases of Lyme disease by the central laboratory (Division of Infectious Diseases, New York Medical College, Valhalla), according to the manufacturer's instructions. Results were considered positive if the serum sample contained IgM antibodies that reacted with at least 2 of the following 3 bands: 25 kd (corresponding to band 23, which indicates OspC), 39 kd, and 41 kd within the first 60 days after the onset of erythema migrans, symptoms, or both or with IgG to at least 5 of the following 10 bands: 21, 25 (23), 28, 30, 39, 41, 45, 58, 66, and 83 (corresponding to band 93) kd at any time after the onset of symptoms. The reports of the results of these tests were sent to the investigators and did not include specific information on reactivity to OspA bands.




The Sigal-Persing Molloy Unreadable Blots report:  Everyone in the world ought to read this full text report, because it seems like what I told the FDA Vaccine Committee was more true than I even knew at the time about LYMErix appearing to activate latent infection in people who had Lyme previously and believed they had recovered.. I was just observing the empirical data (the victims of LYMErix called me, very ill, looking for help)

BLOT SMUDGING-- Unreadable blots in OspA vaccinated people, alleviated by using a strain of Bb with no OspA-B plasmid in it.  Here Persing is talking about LYMErix, when in fact, his co-author, Lenny Sigal ran the ImmuLyme trial, did not report blot smudging, and Persing already knew about the blot smudging since that's the RICO patent that Persing developed with Schoen and the reason OspA and B were left out of the diagnostic standard!!  See 1) above for the journal report that goes with the Persing RICO patent:



   Unreadable blots graphics.



--1994 JUNE Vaccine Meeting Minutes: Dattwyler and Luft, 2/3 of EM patients have Bb DNA in their CSF,     

Dattwyler *says* to use serial or sequential Western Blots to assess outcomes. 

This is ignored.

I will explain the words sequential or serial for any AmeriTards who may be reading:

It means, "one followed by another."  Or "one after an another."  Or, 'In order, like 1, 2, 3, 4, etc."



--1994, Steere and Long Term Outomes:

Allen Steere says:   "Patient 12 had had high fever, meningeal symptoms, and subsequent arthritis in 1982. She was noted to have a positive serologic test result for Lyme disease 4 years later and was treated with 2 weeks of parenteral penicillin. She later developed a progressive speech disorder, bradykinesia, and abnormal ocular motor function. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain showed scattered white matter lesions in the hemispheres and pons, and she was diagnosed with supranuclear palsy. Lumbar puncture showed no selective concentration of antibody in the spinal fluid. Nevertheless, she was re-treated with 2 weeks of parenteral ceftriaxone in 1989 that had no effect on her neurologic symptoms. During the time of observation, this patient died. At autopsy, lymphoid mononuclear cells were observed surrounding the intracerebral vessels in one section. Using Dieterle silver stain, a spirochete was present in the cortex and another was exterior to a leptomeningeal vessel."

(One of Steere's multiply treated patients died anyway with spirochetes in her brain.)


The Primer's Game is where these Lyme crooks use the wrong DNA (or RNA) primers (they use the variable Osp primers instead of the non-variable chromosomally encoded) to test Lyme victims.   These same crooks use the correct DNA primers when they want to find Lyme or borrelia in ticks.  It's a shell game. They all know that all that they can use for treatment outcomes is non-variable DNA or RNA. 

Mark Klempner never reported his primers in his Chronic Lyme "study," and he would not tell me, either, in an email correspondence I had with him.  Therefore, the Lyme crooks have never validly reported on the presence of borrelia in humans, with the exception of Gary Wormser's study of EMs in which he found 2/9 patients who had EM, who had been treated with antibiotics still had spirochetes in their tissues.  This data can be found on the HOW RICO WILL BE CHARGED PAGE


Steere and Nocton (2 articles, both showing persisting infection past treatment, even using the wrong DNA or RNA primers)   8769624

Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA by polymerase chain reaction in cerebrospinal fluid in Lyme neuroborreliosis.

Division of Rheumatology/Immunology, New England Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts02111, USA.

A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay that detects Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) was evaluated as a diagnostic test for acute or chronic Lyme neuroborreliosis. In one laboratory, 102 samples were tested blindly, and 40 samples were retested in a second laboratory. In the first laboratory, B. burgdorferi DNA was detected in CSF samples in 6 (38%) of 16 patients with acute neuroborreliosis, 11 (25%) of 44 with chronic neuroborreliosis, and none of 42 samples from patients with other illnesses. There was a significant correlation between PCR results and the duration of previous intravenous antibiotic therapy. The overall frequency of positive results was similar in the second laboratory, but concordance between the laboratories and among primer-probe sets was limited because many samples were positive with only one primer-probe set. Thus, PCR testing can sometimes detect B. burgdorferi DNA in CSF in patients with acute or chronic neuroborreliosis, but with current methods, the sensitivity of the test is limited.


In the following report, Steere found persisting DNA in joints for up to ten years, after treatment, even using the wrong primers.

Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA by polymerase chain reaction in synovial fluid from patients with Lyme arthritis.

Division of Rheumatology/Immunology, New England Medical Center, Boston, MA 02111.

BACKGROUND. Borrelia burgdorferi is difficult to detect in synovial fluid, which limits our understanding of the pathogenesis of Lyme arthritis, particularly when arthritis persists despite antibiotic therapy. METHODS. Using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), we attempted to detect B. burgdorferi DNA in joint-fluid samples obtained over a 17-year period. The samples were tested in two separate laboratories with four sets of primers and probes, three of which target plasmid DNA that encodes outer-surface protein A (OspA). RESULTS. B. burgdorferi DNA was detected in 75 of 88 patients with Lyme arthritis (85 percent) and in none of 64 control patients. Each of the three OspA primer-probe sets was sensitive, and the results were moderately concordant in the two laboratories (kappa = 0.54 to 0.73). Of 73 patients with Lyme arthritis that was untreated or treated with only short courses of oral antibiotics, 70 (96 percent) had positive PCR results. In contrast, of 19 patients who received either parenteral antibiotics or long courses of oral antibiotics (> or = 1 month), only 7 (37 percent) had positive tests (P < 0.001). None of these seven patients had received more than two months of oral antibiotic treatment or more than three weeks of intravenous antibiotic treatment. Of 10 patients with chronic arthritis (continuous joint inflammation for one year or more) despite multiple courses of antibiotics, 7 had consistently negative tests in samples obtained three months to two years after treatment. CONCLUSIONS. PCR testing can detect B. burgdorferi DNA in synovial fluid. This test may be able to show whether Lyme arthritis that persists after antibiotic treatment is due to persistence of the spirochete.

PMID: 8272083 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



--1994, OCTOBER,   The CDC's Dearborn FARCE  

MORE HERE, in Chapter 3 of the Cryme Disease book.


--- 1995, The Persing Schoen RICO Patent and Report:

In this report - and this is the RICO report associated with the main RICO patent - Yale demonstrates that they know how to diagnose any kind of Lyme or borreliosis anywhere in the US.















--1995, Shapiro and Sigal = "The Twins" Spindoctors-- NOT TRUE → "Lyme in Children"



--1995- 1996 --  Schoen and Persing develop and patent the RICO method of testing for Lyme with a spirochete that has no OspA-B plasmid in it.  They determine it is a Lyme Borrelia by using the correct RNA primers.

Persing applies for the patent before the scientific report is sent for publication.

First things first: 

"Get the money."



--1997  Klempner and Fallon start their Chronic Lyme Trials.  Klempner finishes first by ending his bogus protocol & "study" without ever enough participants, using invalid methods, lying about his previous findings, and lying about finding "no DNA positive patients" among the previously treated.

The Intramural study on the MS form of Lyme is kept all hush-hush.

Roland Martin basically found nothing as regards the production of autoimmune T cells recently, just like he really had no data on autoimmune T cells back in 1988.



--1998 FDA Vaccine Meeting Minutes...

Vijay Sikand says Lyme spirochetes can go dormant in the brain and is later "harder to diagnose and treat."
Schoen says Lyme is 10 times under-reported.
The truth is that it is 10 times under reported times only 15% reportable.
If the CDC says there are 20,000 cases per year, the real number is 200,000 divided by 0.15, or 1,333,333.   A million and a third new permanent infections per year.

1/6 to 1/3 will be permanently compromised.



--1998  LymeRIX "results" MEDLINE  (A "76% safe and effective vaccine" in a trial where no one could tell whether or not LYMErix prevented Lyme due to the unreadable Western blots.)



--1998, December, LYMErix "approved" by the FDA.



-- 1998, Robert Schoen reveals the RICO in Lyme Disease, ACP Key Diseases Series textbook, or the Munchausen's book.



--1999, February, Blumenthal Hearing:



--1999, March, Vijay Sikand, East Lyme, CT: Not reporting adverse events, East Lyme, CT, USA, March 10, 1999, "New London Day", Letter to the Editor

--Letters to Holc Noble and the New York Times: May, 2000, The Times



--1999, Summer: ACTIONLYME founded.   We Support Group Leaders started receiving phone calls from patients who had Lyme "again."  They had received the vaccine.  I called Dennis Parenti at SmithKline in Philadelphis and visited Karen Forschner of the Lyme Foundation...   ActionLyme History



-- 2000 Reporting Robert Schoen to the CT Medical Board.



-- 2000 -  (This was published in the United States in recent time so the CDC can't reject it which is what they always do with data they don't like from Europe.)

Reversion of cyst form to intact spirochetes within one minute of addition of rabbit blood (serum-starved means the L-form):


--2000 December NY DOH OPMC CORRUPTION, December, 2000

This report later becomes "Pat Smith's Big Books," when it was re-written and added to by Pam Weintraub.  Art Doherty summarized grants for me.



--2001, January 31, FDA Vaccine Meeting: Chronic Disability, and 4/13 spontaneous abortions (miscarriages) from rOspA (LymeRIX):

3680t2.rtf  (1/31/2001)

(January 2001 FDA LymeRIX Vaccine Meeting Minutes  4/13 miscarriages-extra copy)

 " soon as Asymptomatically infected individuals got the vaccine, they (became ill) moved into the "Unconfirmed Lyme" group.  The vaccine did not "Prevent Asymptomatic Infection" as SmithKline claimed.  It just made people sick."  See: BARBOUR

LOBET  (SMITHKLINE):   "The absence of B. burgdorferi in " Treatment Resistant Lyme Arthritis" joint is still debated"

--Spontaneous Abortions?  'Perhaps shedding some light on undetected Lyme and associated infections on the fact of CT having the highest rate of Attention Deficit Disorder in the country, and the Epidemic of Behavorial Disorders in Young Children in CT.

Maternal antibodies and Learning Disorders, e.g., Lupus

 See also, Steere's report Here, on maternal borreliosis infection and the fetus, and his report on Anticardiolipin antibodies: Here

And which also asks, is there an increase in the number of miscarriages, corresponding to the epidemic of neurodevelopmental problems in the USA and Europe?

May and June, highest rate.

"The results suggest that maternal immune system products can modulate the immune response of the offspring."



2001 --"Klempnerized" (again), July 12, 2001, NEJM,  ILADS Rebuttal to July 12, 2001 NEJM, Klempner's Chronic Lyme "long term treatment" study:

'Summary of Klempner's "study": invalid inclusion/inclusion criteria, assessments, FIQ not valid,  CDC "Lyme disease" case definition not valid.   Study not completed.   MS hapotype found and not reported in the "seronegatives" HLA-DQB1*O602.  Some patients never had ceftriaxone in the first place, and therefore the  "results" did not confirm the current "standard of care." 

Wrong DNA primers were used.  

And Klempner did not culture for more than 3 weeks which is needed to allow the spheroplast form to start growing again, as Russell Johnson explains in his article in the 1989 REVIEWS OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES about culturing.



--2001, July, RI Diseases of Summer Conference, not disclosing the Haplotype data associated with Seronegative Lyme:  Klempner DQB1*0602.  Compare to:

  Video IIa, Mark Klempner discusses his HLA secret (MS and Lyme Disease) 03:03 minutes  YouTube   Klempner's Secret Haplotype: HLA-DQB1*0602 

Klempner says: "Chronic Neurologic Lyme could be due to either LYMErix vaccination (OspA) autoimmunity or antibiotic treatment failure" 

Mark Klempner says: the IV drug ceftriaxone, which is used for meningitis (and not knee-only diseases), does not kill all the spirochetes (click here for full text journal article)  

Klempner-read carefully what he says are the criteria for performing this study in the first place.  This is full text report   It sorta conflicts with what he says in the IDSA "Guidelines"

More On Mark Klempner's Boston Biowarfare Lab.  Think about it:  Mark got promoted by the CDC for lying in the journals and to the public about "Lyme disease."   That's a pretty good endorsement of my claims that he committed research FRAUD, right?  Being promoted by the CDC?  It's like Kevin J. O'Connor, the Corrupticut "US Attorney," who was promoted by Constitution Gonzo, while all the good US Attorneys were axed. 



--2001  Klempner at the NIH "Rare Diseases" Conference with the DQB1*0602 data:


Lyme is clinically indistinguishable from MS.  See Roland Martin, Cellular Immunology Section, NINDS

See also: Lyme and MS:  NIH CLINICAL TRIALS  MS and "Lyme disease" (the CDC/Dearborn/LYMErix disease kind)


The ALS form of Lyme is ALS-like (seems to affect nerve roots, like Fibromyalgia).
The MS form of Lyme is MS-like (produces mini-brain hemorrhages, oligoclonal bands in the CSF, but not really autoimmune T cells in the CSF).
The Lupus form of Lyme is Lupus-like (Steere found that auto-immune phospholipids were only of two types in the Lupus form of Lyme.
Damage to lymphocytes could be mistaken for leukemia (Duray).

Criminally underdeveloped data:  relatedness of badly cloned B cells, cross-reacting antibodies, and immune suppression as related to all these outcomes, because all these outcomes could then be applied to LYMErix Disease®.

We would like to know who is entitled to this information, since clearly we are not??



--2002, January,  New neoplasms from rOspA not reported to WHO by Yale. : Abstract, MEDLINE     The other events are mainly related to blood vessel blockage; heart attacks and strokes.

Full text:  LymeRIX_Phase_4_and_breast_cancer

--Why the lawsuits against The Yale Corporation, Glaxo-SmithKline, Aventis, The State of New Jersey, the State of Connecticut, the State of New York, L2 Diagnostics, Possibly Mayo (Persing), Corixa (Persing), Imugen (Molloy and possibly Steere), New York Biotech, Board of Directors, and are winnable:  Here

GEN*NY*SIS (Kemp Hannon), New York State Employees Profile:


--2003 July, RICO COMPLAINT filed with the local FBI/DOJ morons and henchmen for corporate crime, New Haven.



--2003, October, USDOJ in Washington, the Criminal Division forwards the RICO complaint to US Customs, who forwards it to the head of the DHHS, who at that time was Tommy Thompson, a good buddy of the back-slappin John Rowland and the Bush Brothers...

Thus, since the Republican Party are all whores for BigBusiness and they want to advance the New World Order Agenda which is global fascism in disguise, nothing was done.  Now the economy is in the toilet and the world powers are ganging up against us to squeeze the dollar, and set up an oil bourse in rubles.



--2006, Corrupticut Attorney General starts a lawsuit against IDSA.  Asks crooks to kindly turn over all their self-incriminating data.  They refuse for 1.5 years.



-- 2006,  CDC Admits that spirochetes are intracellular in brain and nerve cells:

Invasion of neural cells by B. burgdorferi provides a putative mechanism for the organism to avoid the host's immune response while potentially causing functional damage to neural cells during infection of the CNS.


--2007, Lying criminal tards of the CDC cave on their own bullshit and blame the AMA for listening to the CDC's lying bullshit.

CDC says "American physicians are all STUPID and need to be retrained."

I wonder if that announcement could be a result of my reporting the CDC's criminal behavior to the House Oversight Committee??

Go here for the AMA-AVA-CDC announcement where the AMA tards will now play second fiddle to the Veterinarians, since they've had to admit they drank the Yale Kool Aid on vector-borne diseases

HEEeeyyy!! Look at all the millions in grants NOT going to Yale or New York Medical College !! 

JHU receives $93 million grant from NIH:
Award meant to help school turn promising medical discoveries into tangible treatments

Ya think?




--2008,  I file a second complaint about Airhead O'Connor to the Mr. Potatohead of the USDOJ. ...



-- 2008,  CDC admits that 30 days of intravenous ceftriaxone fails to kill all the spirochetes in rodent brains.  (Did not use Mouse Infectivity Test or attempt to re-grow spheroplasts in culture over a span of months, as ordered by IDSA's Russell Johnson)

Persistence of Borrelia burgdorferi Following Antibiotic Treatment in Mice

Emir Hodzic, Sunlian Feng, Kevin Holden, Kimberly J. Freet, and Stephen W. Barthold*

Center for Comparative Medicine, Schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, University of California at Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616

The effectiveness of antibiotic treatment was examined in a mouse model of Lyme borreliosis. Mice were treated with ceftriaxone or saline for one month, commencing during the early (3 weeks) or chronic (4 months) stages of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi. Tissues from mice were tested for infection by culture, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), xenodiagnosis, and transplantation of allografts at 1 and 3 months after completion of treatment. In addition, tissues were examined for spirochetes by immunohistochemistry. In contrast to saline-treated mice, mice treated with antibiotic were consistently culture-negative, but tissues from some of the mice remained PCR-positive, and spirochetes could be visualized in collagen-rich tissues. Furthermore, when some of the antibiotic treated mice were fed upon by Ixodes scapularis ticks (xenodiagnosis), spirochetes were acquired by the ticks, based upon PCR, and ticks from those cohorts transmitted spirochetes to naļve SCID mice, which became PCR-positive, but culture-negative. Results indicated that following antibiotic treatment, mice remained infected with non-dividing but infectious spirochetes, particularly when antibiotic treatment was commenced during the chronic stage of infection.



--2008,  Czech Republic Slams US on incomprehensible and stupid Lyme science.

Czech Republic: "US Research (Yale and UConn)  on Borreliosis is incomprehensible and stupid" (translation:  We're furious that we've been hoodwinked over CDC bullshit)

080426  Screening of UNDER OUR SKIN in New York, on a Saturday. 
Watch the clearly evil liar Yale's Eugene Shapiro lie his ugly face off about congenital Lyme in the Under Our Skin trailer:


Yale participated in this autopsy of the congenitally infected newborn who died of congenital Lyme brain damage:


There was no inflammation.  Since there was no inflammation, according to these crooks, there was no disease; the baby died of hypochondria because he wasn't getting enough sex:



080430, RICO Cabal cave to CT AG Blumenthal, then immediately regret they made such a decision, since it looks like they want to avoid criminal charges.



Note 101022: The Chronology or History of Relapsing Fever (since 1911) was meant to be the last chapter of the book, Cryme Disease, however, I am adding a new, parallel history here, to look more closely on the immunology and consideration of other fungal infections (OspA comes from a fungus or is a TLR2 agonist; Pam3Cys, the synthetic OspA, was originally designed to be a physiological mimic of E. coli's Lipid A, which is a toxin) and Epstein-Barr.  


Other than that, we are working on the indictment related to the known inability of the Lyme criminals to read their Western Blots in OspA-vaccinated people, and we still are working on duh "Lyme-in-da-Cocoanut" Lyme crook-nutcase paper.  This new paper will incorporate the Biomarkers and PrimerShellGame because we believe the data suggests that a lot of the signs of chronic Lyme are really the result of Epstein-Barr or/and mycoplasma/mycobacteria, or opportunistics. 
Bear in mind that antibody testing is obsolete and since 1988, known to be a hindrance to identification of TLR2-agonizing agents (Lyme or LYMErix Disease) which turn off the antibody response.  The Lyme crooks have been using the correct RNA/DNA primers to identify spirochetes in ticks since 1991, and we focus particularly on the year 1992, since so much data was generated by the Lyme crooks that is extremely self-indicting--  KMDickson

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.