Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

01 Oct 2017


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1988 Steere says Lyme is like a B cell leukemia

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Fungal Exosomes Inhibit Apoptosis

IDSA: "Vaccines serve the mfgs, not their victims"


BlumenthalAntiTrust Lawsuit

Exosomes, Blebs


CDC Admits Fraud, 2016
Dattwyler, 1988
Golightly, 1988
Dressler, 1994
BarbourFish, 1993
Dearborn, 1994

Pathogenic Fungi

Bush's warcrimes, Oct 2000




In the Corrupticourts We Trust.


The Connecticutisms was created in the Fall of 2005.

Poor Plofsky and Yelmini (a major psycho hypocritical bitch at DAS), Ask for help with illness?  Go to jail and your kids are given to a total maniac Ask for relief from abuse and neglect? Get abused.   VIKING_INTERVIEWS- No Justice in America    Retarded people viciously raped in prison and then denied medical care    DCF beating the boys in DCF jail in 1999  DCF beating the boys in 2004    DCF staff raping the children   ”"A veteran psychologist at a state-run psychiatric hospital for children has been fired after investigators found he downloaded pornography on his work computer."   CHRO is incompetent (no kidding), Incompetent Airhead Senator Dodd will run for Prez- OH! No!    Eminent Domain Pain continues, Bagging an old guy out-of-stater and taking his New York property and all of his income (he made the mistake of entering Corrupticut).

I'll obviously have to update this page soon, since some of the files were, well, corrupted.



Dictionary of Connecticutisms

The Cartoon Network of Corrupticut Government

How exactly did Corrupticut get so Corrupt?  Did it all really start with Johnny Handout and Arthur Spada?

"Custodial Democracy"  and the Republican Party


The Class Action Lawsuit



Fag: 1) Republican; hypocritical coward; 2) State Trooper-like gender identity problem, like this: Sturmtruppen Training Video or this:  FBI fags sting Blacks with "TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD" (False bravado); 3) Anyone who blames the victim; 4) Irresponsible male who does not take care of his wife and children ; 5) Male liar.  All liars are cowards, so therefore, no liar is a male.  The concept of maleness is "lack of cowardice" (honor, courage, trustworthiness, honesty).


Darkefeller:  Dark-skinned person like a "Guinea" or a Pollop who happened to marry into the red-haired Rockefeller family.  Treatment failure of Darkefelleritis is characterized by the maternity ward nurses refusing to take the black-haired baby - who is "so ugly and looked like a native American, YUK!!" - back in exchange for the REAL Rockefeller "blonds" who are actually red-headed Krauts.


Steereborn - What Allen Steere did in Europe in 1992, while Lou Magnarelli of the CT Ag Station was trying to enhance a true method for diagnosing Lyme that resulted in the current international pandemic and national security risk, Yale's loss of a billion dollars in funding in 2007-2008, the CT Attorney General suing Steere's cabal, to the point where they settled out of court to avoid having a federal judge see the data Steere's cabal refused to hand over to Blumenthal in answer to his subpoena.


Astute Clinician:  Member of the CDC Bioracketeers Cabal who pulled off a record scam on the American people, and then hides away in his lab, pretending to be a victim of harassment and persecution, while also feigning mental illness.


Klempnerized.   The condition where a man who discovered that Lyme borreliosis is a neurodegenerative, central nervous system disease caused by a spirochete resistant to ceftriaxone, then proceeds to lie to the public about these, his own exact discoveries, and is rewarded by being made the head of a CDC Level 4 biohazard bioweapons lab in Boston.


Confragulation:   Yale University patents a particle of the Lyme disease spirochete and claims it is nearly 100% specific, 94.4% accurate, and the earliest test for Lyme borreliosis, and then doesn't use it to qualify their LYMErix vaccine.  (pix from )




Retrochondria:  The condition where Allen Steere suddenly decides that Relapsing Fever borreliosis from a hard bodied tick  ("It's the perfect stealth bacteria," says one frustrated physician. He's talking about Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. This illness, which is often mistaken for diseases ranging from multiple sclerosis to Lupus, can inflict excruciating headaches and muscle pain, affect the brain and nervous system, attack major organs, and inflame joints.   See:  John Dunn, Brookhaven)   may now only happen in your knee, and anyone who says otherwise is faking it.   (picture from


  Lymenesia:  A condition wherein the very people who discovered the valid biomarkers of central and peripheral nervous system damage from Lyme disease have forgotten what they previously published.     Gary P. Wormser, MD
Contributing Editor



WhoMeSkiDoo Affair --Where the Governor begins to earn her reputation as Mrs. WhoMe? or Snow White.  We later learned she knew nut-ting about Rowland, or about the Moody fund raising invitations, or about the Zarella-Sullivan Crooked Judges affair, and someone named "Rell" called Dan Dilzer (Republican Town Party Chairman in the Town of Berlin, my alleged "Special public defender" for the false criminal charges) on the afternoon of Sept 29, 2005, and the call was put through.  Mrs WhoMe knew nothing about the racket of selling stolen skidoos out of her own basement.


Psychiatric MumboJumbo-  The condition where psychiatry uses no valid scientific medical terms, hates science, has no clue what drugs are, project their own psychopathologies and obsessions upon other people, diagnose the abused instead of the abuser, record what they think you meant instead of what you said in their "records" - and none of them are not smart enough to be real doctors, so that's scary.  They claim Americans have no clue what a mental health sign is, when the reverse is true, as these videos demonstrate, with the science.  The only way they get paid is to imaginate other people's "mental illness" when in the first place, only crazy and incompetent people are attracted to this business.  And most of all, there is absolutely NO talking to them.   Which is the real winner of them all, because this is supposedly to be a "talking" profession.  Most are sociopaths and enter this field to manipulate people.  

If you quit, they track you down and tell you "you need to be in therapy."  "Let's agree this, and Let's agree that..."   Psychiatrists are dangerously weird.


DPF-  The Department of Party and F*ck.  Kristine Ragaglia, John Peloso, Cooper (caught with a gun and drugs in her car on school grounds- did not have her kid taken away),  Larry Johnson, Thunberg, the porn downloader at the Pedi Psych Klink), Valerie Miles (planting cocaine evidence and tampering with a witness)...


Gonzalemoranone:  Developed by the CIA under MKULTRA, this synthetic hormone (think of it as supertestosterone) added to the diet of persons in law enforcement resulting in their unabashed perversion of current law.  Can be mistakenly perceived as a form of buying one's reappointment in the Post-Rowland administration or the Imperial Presidency (Nixonbush).  'Analogous to a greasing an important cogwheel in a Republican corruption machine.  

Can also result in approving torture, as a treatment for illegally removing the torturing Saddam Hussein.

See also, Corruptitude.


Paxilvania:  Formerly known as the United States of Earth, where SmithKline, Kaiser-Permanente, and the former CDC ( create the condition where people with vector borne diseases can receive Paxil instead of ceftriaxone for their brain disease, compounding the neurotoxicity to the point where the disabled people become homeless and either starve or freeze to death.  Is an outcome of the Bushite US Department of Justricks deficit-cutting strategy.

Paxilvanians who suffer this malpractice brain-damaging treatment of Lyme borreliosis have been known to completely lose their minds and spontaneously attack neighbors.


HeckuvaJobChertoffism  The Connecticut Department of Health


DMHAS has been found to be INCOMPETENT by the Feds.


State Bug  Symbolism?  DCF- Rowlandgate  (preying on children and families).


Rowlandgate- a form of cannibalism.   The condition where the governor, his chiefs of staff, and the Commissioner of Kidnapping get together and conspire to defraud the federal government over how many children need to be removed from their parents (445% increase in kidnapping under this administratium) and placed in prison.  The racket included demonstrating the need to build a "national string of prisons and juvenile detention centers," with hysterical bill-writing by Marc S. Ryan and  Commissioner Rowlandgate to increase the DCF "spending." 

Most of the pediatric prison franchise conspirators of Rowlandgate themselves end up going to prison, where we hope they are treated the same way the children are treated at Fort Rowlandgate, which will be emptied (or so we are told by Snow White).


Snow White:  Gov Jodi Rell.  Sarcastic term meant to expose the fact that Rell knows damned well about the corruption in the State, and is not, in fact, a Snow White (not pure and innocent)

Update to the SnowWhitism: 

" Oh, and once again an ethical transgression occurs under Rell's nose and we see her in full Sgt. Schultz mode - 'I know nut-ting.'" -- Stan Simpson, Hartford Courant



Welfare:  WHEREAS, poverty, being a black person and/or having a disability equals being a criminal


US Department of Justricks, District of Corrupticut  Best described by:  "Connecticut's political world is tiny and given to ennui. Witness the fact that the U.S. Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, was barred from participating in the prosecution of the Rowland scandals because of his and his wife's close ties to the former governor. Kathleen O'Connor worked in the office of Rowland's legal counsel. In most places, that would raise an alarm. Connecticut only shrugs."


DCF:  Destroying Children and Families.  No eligible employee can have an IQ that exceeds 80, nor may exceed a 7th grade reading comprehension ability.  Are legally allowed to abuse and neglect children to death.

A DCF staff person wanted to know how serious Lyme disease was, even though her dog and grandfather had already died of it.


Assistant Attorney General for DCF:  The only type of Connecticut resident who is above the law; can't be committed for being insane and dangerous to others. Person with delusions of grandeur and the fake 1 cm "diamonds" to match.


Stalking:  This is the opposite of what one might think, or is the usual definition of stalking.  When a person is accused of stalking in Corrupticut, it means the opposite.  It means the accused stalker is, himself, being stalked.     

Stalking comes in many forms, such as illegal wire-tapping and subsequent republishing the contents of the bugged phone conversation to, for example, the Lyme disease newsgroup.   This unusual form of Corrupticut stalking is where, like, a person who has been stalked and falsely accused, then reports the real stalker's crimes to the US Attorney's office, but the alleged stalkee (who could be, for example, a very mentally ill assistant attorney general),  who really is the stalker, then reports a new and bogus stalking complaint to her friendly local neighborhood BERLIN, CT Republican Party Town Chairman and BERLIN Republican Town Party Chief of Police, in order to not be prosecuted for her crimes.

It's kind of like a real war, but where one set of combatants is not allowed to have any actual artillery.  One shoots blanks, and the other has real bullets.  Since we are talking about Corrupticut's US Department of Justricks - where the US Attorney is a personal friend and appointee of Governor Rowlandgate - requests for redress of grievances are filed in the "circular file."

Yet a third application of Corrupticut "stalking" is where the Corrupticut resident Navy employee reports to Senator Goldwater that the Navy is too incompetent to be doing vaccines work, or managing "nerve agents" and their antidotes, and simultaneously broadcasts this complaint to several other Senators and Congressman, to effect the conclusion of the Navy's efforts in BioDefense.


Ineptogance: DCF:  "an appalling combination of arrogance and ineptitude"  Judge Carmen Lopez  


Moron:  (See Administratium) a meson-like particle, though the continuous exchange and rearrangement of which, the very well-known condition of Administratium,  "Scientists point out that Administratium is known to be toxic at any level of concentration and can easily destroy any productive reactions where it is allowed to accumulate. Attempts are being made to determine how Administratium can be controlled to prevent irreversible damage, but results are not promising,"  is not actually understood by the actual morons involved, and perseveres.   "sons of Belial" as "vile scoundrels" (Judges 19:22)

'Comes very close to defying the laws of thermodynamics as a perpetual motion machine.  Previous to the occurrence of Administratium, particles were held together with something known as atomic nuclear energy.  This energy was captured by the engineers at Los Alamos and the demonstration of this feat was Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

One wonders if it is safe to release the energy of Administratium.  On the other hand, this may be the untapped energy source we have been looking for, to replace war for oil.     We could even just put all the DCF morons on little treadmills (like hamsters in their exercise wheels) to generate electricity and get a better product- an actual contribution to the GNP.  The residents could be then safe and secure from their harassment. Primarily, this activity doesn't require much in the "Mr. Brain" department and is perfectly suited to duh DCF's "talents."


CallifferenceDCF's  "egregious" and "callous and reckless indifference... towards the effects of trauma on children."  Jeanne Milstein, The Child Advocate


Heartburn:  The effect of DCF's callifference on child victims of fraudulent removals by DCF.


"Bizarre talking"  The illegal use of big words like "neuroborreliosis" in Corrupticut.  (Is a criminal offense.)


Shaken Baby SyndromeThe replacement for "Munchausen's by Proxy."  The model for psychiatry as a non-medical practice;  Unaccountable psychiatric mumbo-jumbo;  And another condition of "blame the victim.

Since Munchausen's is now discredited, the DCF morons have moved on to blaming the parents for vaccine brain damage, known as subacute-sclerosis panencephalitis or SSPE, and which is a well-known outcome of MMR and other vaccines.  The baby can have intracranial hemorrhage which can look like the damage from shaking babies.

Therefore, the formula of these vaccine manufacturers is: "Get the DCF morons to do the diagnosing."  As you can see from the Munchausen's link above, they tried to pull that with Lyme disease victims, parents of children with Lyme disease, and potentially, child and adult victims of LYMErix:   'Throw the parent in jail and accuse them of poisoning their kids, when the kids are actually vaccine-damaged.


     Dorkfishing     Hunting for Lyme criminals who think they are "brilliant microbiologists," only to discover their means of accomplishing medical fame is to discredit a sick woman whose child died of Lyme disease, by sending her "a bogus article," and inviting her to a conference so they can later call her crazy.  (pics:  URI,,


Circular reasoning:  Whoever calls someone a name first, wins, regardless of the logic. 

Examples: 1) "Lyme disease is a serious illness for which we need a vaccine," but it is also, "easily detected and easily cured."  Also: "People are more seriously affected by the anxiety they have over possibly getting Lyme disease," when in fact, whoever doesn't have this disease has no frickin idea how serious it is, and don't even want to hear about it, not even our own familiesSee also: We-Don't-Know disease.

2) Psychiatrists call "projection" (an alleged symptom of one of their victims), what they themselves have admitted they do, when they claim: "This involves a recognition that there is no value-free or presuppositionless orientation in this field.  ...Finally, as a practical discipline, directed toward the care of the individual patient and allowing an inevitable plurality of perspectives in the provision of that care, psychiatric knowledge is finite, limited, and subject to ongoing revision."   Which means there is no such thing as an independent psychiatric evaluation or wholly objective human perspective of any kind, completely canceling the validity of psychiatry as anything. 

In particular, the opinion of, or a "diagnosis" by an alleged religious scholar forensic psychiatrist is the highest order expression of blasphemy; is a sign of delusions of grandeur; is stating one has the ability to judge another's will- the one thing psychiatry cannot capture but pretend they have the authority to capture without consideration of correlates of brain function examined scientifically (head injury, illness, genetically determined cognitive attributes, history of abuse), in, of all things, a forensic setting- under oath.


Corrupticourts:  The confluence of criminal justice where the Office of Public Pretenders pretend to not even know who the pretenders are; the state prosecutors retaliate against anyone who actually defends their client; all deals are made before the judge in chambers instead of the court.  Then they all walk out and pretend they are having a legitimate hearing for the record of the court.


Corrruptitude:  A special characteristic of Rowlandgate commissioners who weren't axed by Rell.  Rowlandgate perseveres in his absence.


Chief State's Attorney's "Office of Public Integrity":  Where to go if you are stupid enough to be a poor person in Corrupticut, and expect to be able to seek redress for grievances.  (synonym: black hole)


Chief State's Attorney:  "A safe pair of hands."


CT Medical Licensing Board:  the political hacking grounds for MDs who are not liked by insurance companies.  Yale MDs may be on the staff, but Yale MDs are exempt from review by the Medical Board.  (See also Medical Deity)


Citizen:  A personal friend of Johnny Handout, the Chief State's Attorney, Arthur Spada, or Mamma Jo McKenzie.


Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services:   Jails near pseudo-hospitals where the guards aren't required to act like Chuck Graner.  Complete confidentiality assures that the psychotropics experiments' bad outcomes are not shared with the FDA, or the Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons With Disabilities. Share their imaginary information back and forth with duh DCF.  Staff become irritated over aberrant bloodwork or other facts which support the facts that illness affects thinking, even though the combined national institutes say Lyme is:     "8.    Infectious diseases of the CNS mediated through immune mechanisms, including acute and chronic Lyme disease and neuroAIDS;"

DMHAS staff does not like being told medical facts, like, "The testing for Lyme is only at best 25% accurate for early Lyme, and 4% accurate for Late, treated Lyme."  

'Even though they could independently verify the above recommendations regarding the accuracy of CDC's Lyme test, by ordering this CDC's 1994 Dearborn Conference booklet: and that Mark Klempner found only 78 out of 1800 people who were "CDC positive" for Lyme (4%).

DMHAS has been found to be INCOMPETENT by the Feds.    ΣΛβ  Sigma Alpha Beta (Self Ass-Biters Society)


"Competency Restoration":  Translation:  "Take the plea bargain or be committed permanently and the State will also take all of your assets as a treatment for your resentment of false criminal charges." 


Person with Mental Retardation:  Automatically competent without a competency evaluation.  Pesky details like cognitive abilities are just plain a nuisance on the court. Otherwise, is a person eligible to work for the DCF.


Probate Court:  Object of a Connecticut residency; the thing to be avoided at all costs. Don't bother living here if you think you might die here.


Statewide Bar CounselA place where poor and stupid people file complaints about unethical lawyers for the sake of the CT Bar Association being able to say, "We have a Complaint Department."  Staff are usually retired lawyers in need of gossip and is designed for entertainment only.  No lawyers are actually ever sanctioned.


Commission on Human Rights:  Place to file a complaint if you are a disabled person and have been denied housing.  No other rights are defended.  (See also, the Office of Public Integrity)


Department of Administrative Services  This is an unknown, secret entity, but the source of the most hits to the website where this was originally posted:  So someone is actually there, at, but this is the only evidence we have that someone at least uses their computer, at DAS, for internet access.


Department of Social Services:  Department of No Social Services, except answering the telephone and responding by mail to the fact that there are actually no social services.  'Very similar to every other agency, such as the CHRO, Statewide Bar Counsel, Judicial Review Board, OPAPD, State and local police, Medical Licensing Board, US Attorney's Office, Office of Public Integrity, and the CT Legislature.  Salaries are paid to the telephone-answerers of these entities who are only trained to say, "Here's how that's not our job..."


211  The number to call to see if the above is actually true.  Ask for help, get these referrals, prove me wrong.


Lymerage:  This is a condition where a person bitten by a tick in Corrupticut decides against banging their head against the wall due to the lack of support for having a severely uncomfortable disabling illness - with symptoms of a double migraine - and instead persists in asking for help.  It is a very serious mental disorder, which should be added to the DSM-V.  A definite marker for this illness is this perseveration.  The sufferer continues to believe an illness requires treatment and care, despite living in Corrupticut where Yale and the major insurance companies of America make their home. 

Some of the sufferers commit suicide, including some of the physicians who treat the illness, due to the harassment by the insurance companies through the medical licensing boards.  Others build websites, file complaints with the US Department of Justricks, and then are sent to jail for being Unibomber terrorists.


NSA  (National Security Agency):  This is an entity which will cut off a telephone connection to Qatar, when a Lymerage sufferer tries to call Al Jazeera to report that in the United States, there is no such thing as Free Speech and the First Amendment is a joke.  NSA then proves the validity of this claim, by cutting off the Lymerager's telephone connection to Qatar, permanently.


Lymenesia:  This is a condition wherein the very people who discovered the valid biomarkers of central and peripheral nervous system damage from Lyme disease have forgotten what they previously published.


Criminal:   Whistleblower, drug user, poor person, sick person, person who is a big-word-sayer (uses words like "neuroborreliosis" and/or "pharmacopoeia," indiscriminately), person on welfare, person who was stabbed by his wife, person who says, " We need citizen oversight of police," scientist, a Black or Latino person. 

(Connecticut has a triple discrimination scale:  Income, skin color, First Amendment user.)


Juvenile Criminal:  person up to age 18 who drives their parents' car without a license, or a person up to age 18 who refuses the psychotropics DCF forces on them.

Englehart, Hartford Courant, Jan 18, 2006


Revolving Door Policy:  This is a state policy where a former higher level staff member of a state agency may not seek to lobby his former state employer on behalf of his new employer.  Except if the situation involves former DCF commissioners and DCF lying moron trainer contracts, or former members of the Ethics Commission.  (See also "Assistant Attorney General for DCF," and the definition of a "murderer.")


Legislator:  Person elected to Hartford who acquires a unique ability to appear stoned, but is able to pass a drug test.


What the CT Democrat$ are $moking  The well-known exception to the Connecticutisms Rule, the Hartford Courant, has discovered a possible mechanism of the CT Democrats thick-skulled and incompetent appearance.  Amann is from Milford, my hometown.  This is a self-deluded, and very nearly the most homogeneous white-bread town in the State, wherein live the Martins at 55 "Easy Street" - yes, if you can believe it - and who are 100% insane and extremely violent to children.  This would be a classic Connecticutism:  'Name the Hell-hole street, "Easy Street." The street where the perjuring incompetent psychiatrist's office is is "Noble Avenue."  A former basketball player, Bob Dulin, who played for the High School boy's team while I played for the girls team, was also a UCONN Bball captain...  Perhaps I should limit the scandals from that town to one per day.  I'm afraid my late brother would have his name removed from the school's soccer field in retaliation.  Having suffered extreme physical abuse in childhood in addition to an early death, and then to have his name desecrated a second time [Milford Mirror, Jan 22, 2002 article about the boys' gruesome appearance in their caskets, as a bedtime story for children] would be too much.

There's a certain amount of genius involved in beating children with a cat of nine tales.  There are no broken bones, and thus no subsequent medical expenses, yet the parents get the beneficial effect of the extreme pain executed upon their children.  However, there are exceptions to this beating-kids rule. If anyone wants to know where is a bad place to kick children, such that the kicker, experiences more damage than the kickee, please contact the witch at 55 Easy Street, since the kickee is dead, as is the other parent-non-kicker of his children.

Amann's Office other news:   Having trouble understanding the Fraud in Lyme testing?  Call 1-800-842-1902 and ask to speak to Kathleen in James Amann's office.  She is a chemist and an expert on chromatography and gel electrophoresis, so she can explain to you the discrepancy between the arthritis and the neuroborreliosis blots seen here.  Don't forget to ask her what happened at the 1994 CDC Dearborn Conference, and ask her what was the old CDC standard for Lyme disease like?    Ask her what Ray Dattwyler suggested would be a good way to assess for Lyme vaccines' efficacy at the June 1994 FDA meeting.  Ask her what does "scientific validity" mean, and how does that apply to Yale's 1993 US Patent No. 5, 618,533 ?       Since Kathleen in James Amann's office is an expert on Lyme disease, she will be taking over the Lyme activism.  Send her your requests and ask her what we should do about Quest Labs using Bb strain B31, which doesn't express any OspC?  She can have Amann sue Yale University for negligent homicide, scientific fraud, false claims act, etc.

The last time I talked to her, Kathleen the Amann Chemist and Lyme expert, said she was too busy for these Lyme problems, and that she had more important things to do than worry about all the dead and brain damaged residents who are being kicked to the curb.  Since she has an 800 number, perhaps she will get some international calls.


Police Commissioner:  Person hired to make sure the State police never are held accountable for the crimes they commit.


Murderer:  Person with dementia who, because she/he was unsupervised by the nursing home staff, hurts someone or accidentally sets a fire.   Person who was in the passenger seat of a car driven by one of Johnny Handout's friends who doesn't survive the DUI.   Person who was refused assistance from the State, whose child with needs then commits suicide (i.e., he and his mother have mild autism, kid hangs himself in the closet.)  No one in CT, at DMHAS or Yale, knows the first thing about brains, nor do they WANT to know.

Exclusions:  Persons with dementia who "work" for the DCF.


Insanity:  Scientific articles about Lyme, Autism (cognitive disorders), and the brain damage from psychotropics, sent to duh DCF, which are then sent to the Commission on Human Rights by duh DCF "principal" moron (Sarah Gibson).  Can be full-text articles, scientific abstracts or links to NIH publications.  (Someone should let the NIH and National Library of Medicine know, because the NIH and NLM think these publications are, well, not insanity.)


Paranoia:  Scientific journal articles which describe Autism, the mechanisms of psychotropics induced brain damage, cognitive disabilities associated with pervasive development disorders, pathophysiological markers of central nervous system disease, the 1989 Infectious Disease Reviews on Lyme and Spirochetal Diseases Supplement No 6, a 1998 conference booklet published by Columbia University about Lyme and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a comprehensive history of the fraud in Lyme disease and as regards LYMErix, testimony from AG Blumenthal's 1999 Lyme disease hearing. 


Principal Moron:  a vice neutron  ("The element, tentatively named Administratium, has no protons or electrons and thus has an atomic number of 0. However, it does have 1 neutron, 125 assistant neutrons, 75 vice neutrons and 111 assistant vice neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.")


Stupidity:  As described by DMHAS's Medical Director Kenneth Marcus:  "A person who is so stupid, they don't know how stupid they are, which is a sure sign of their stupidity," which was much the same as Kenneth Marcus saying,  " [a person we know] is very intelligent, dangerously intelligent," and "so psychotic, she doesn't know how psychotic she is, which is a sure sign of her psychosis"- which really is a sure sign that Marcus has self-diagnosed himself as having Stupidity, fully meeting his "non-self-awareness-of-one's-own-stupidity" criteria.  See also, "moron," and "circular reasoning." 


Office of Protection and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities:  Public Relations spokespersons who are called after a CT prisoner dies under suspicious circumstances. (After the fact, "protection.")

[The OPAPD actually told me to complain to the Department of Mental Retardation because the OPAPD believes I am retarded. Meanwhile, the Social Security Administration denied my disability claims because my IQ is too high and I am too "coherent." Meanwhile, Yale's Vladimir Coric determined that I am insane to be saying "The State is watching this case very closely," as I was told by my children's' Ad Litem.

The State later gave me a gag order, so perhaps I wasn't too insane to be saying, "The State is watching this case very closely." So what's the question?  Where do I live?  Because the conclusion was: I'm insane, retarded, "delusional" to be telling the truth, too intelligent and too "coherent" to be disabled, and have a gag order not to "criticize the government."]


Yale Forensic PsychiatryHired by the State's Attorneys in the cases where the strategy requires the appropriate perjury.  Particularly useful in the bogus criminal cases (whistleblower) or bogus parental DCF victims.  Uniquely qualified to provide the only forensic evidence which isn't evidence.


Neuroborreliosis:  a word used by "crazy" people and/or "criminals" in Corrupticut, and which is evidence that their children clearly need to be kidnapped and given to a child-abuser and wife-beater.  The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and stroke think it is this:


The Yale Child Study Center:  Place where you can wait 2.5 years to have your autistic child evaluated, but no one at Yale actually knows what a "Pervasive Development Disorder" is, despite being given the evidence.

Yale Center for the Study of Erections   Place where they imaginate the source of "mental illnesses," instead of investigating them in a laboratory. 

If you make up a word like "imaginate," that's a sign of mental illness (is a "neologism," which is, itself, a neologism), unless you are a psychiatrist, and then you can make up words like "antibiomania," and say things like, "there will be no more spirochete-like discoveries,"  and no one shudders.

There really is a Center for the Study  of Erections at Yale.  It's located in the Psychiatry Department.  There, the researchers had earlier discovered that these two organs, and *only* these two organs, Mr. Brain and Mr. Peanut, are connected.

In between, these Psychiatrists concluded, was The Twilight Zone, which accounted for the predominance of "psychiatric disorders" in females.

So, this treatment for the Life Conclusion Procedure, [Death by Lethal Erection; Overdose of Viagra] was indeed grounded in good science.  Mr. Peanut and Viagra will continue to assume investigative priority at Yale, due to increasing research funding from the CIA, under MKULTRA.

When asked if an antidote to Viagra might be an effective treatment for sex offenders, the Mr. Peanut team of researchers commented that that consideration had not "arisen" in their discussions.

Comparing "The chemical imbalance" platform of biologic psychiatry, vs the Mr. Peanut-Mr. Brain dynamic, the researchers said there was a conflict of opinion regarding such complicating variables. They claimed that genetic research studies in such serious mental illnesses as schizophrenia had no sound leads, as to which was the primary neurotransmitter culprit.


Complicating variable:  Mr. Brain.  As in, "I have largely limited the discussion here to Lyme arthritis, the simplest case because the end point (no more arthritis) is so clear, and one does not have to introduce complicating variables such as the blood-brain barrier."  --- Stephen Malawista, Yale University   ΣΛβ  Sigma Alpha Beta (Self Ass-Biters Society)


Faith  The belief that with continued pressure, God will send a Hurricane Katrina-like message to the bioweaponeers.


"Wildfire of Schizophrenia:"  The discovery with brain imaging that an encephalitic process consumes the brain in young adults in a sequential (spreading across the brain like wildfire) pattern, is best treated by removing this scientifically valid information from the NIH's website.  This approach is similar to agreeing with the argument that we should not use primate models to study human disease, but that it is preferable to wait for the human corpses to accumulate, for post-mortem dissection.  It's less of a controlled approach, but at least the monkeys are still alive and monkeys are important.  It is a proven fact that monkeys can become US presidents, and the US presidential monkeys have Divine Rights.

It is both treasonous and blasphemous to consider, therefore, using primate models in human disease research.


Spirochetalmaniac:  This term, offered by a friend of mine years ago to describe Lymerage, more clearly represents the NIH's "Do-Nothing Administrator, Edward McSweegan, but in order to assess the magnitude of McSweegan's mania, one would have to examine his entire work history.  He started out trashing his bosses at the Department of the Navy, and then moved on to others.  He trashed the FBI, the Lyme Disease Foundation, all Lyme patients, all MDs who specialize in the treatment of Lyme disease, he stalks Lyme activists wherever they have gathered, he posts anonymously to the Lyme disease newsgroup, and he more recently trashed his bosses at the NIH. 

McSweegan is an approver of the imaginary Allen Steere IgG standard for Lyme disease, which was invented by Allen Steere out of thin air, and then Steere approved his own blood testing standard, and no one blinked.  

The rest of us would think of saying to Allen Steere, "Now wait a minute, 'Dr.' Steere, you go to Europe with strain of borrelia that CDC says not to use, to invent a standard to falsely qualify LYMErix, but also to get all the national testing for Lyme into your little monopoly, by being one of the only two labs in the country licensed to use your own imaginary standard, and then you get an award for being an 'Astute Clinician' by the NIH?"


Astute Clinician:  Member of the CDC Bioracketeers Cabal who pulled off a record scam on the American people, and then hides away in his lab, pretending to be a victim of harassment and persecution, while also feigning mental illness.


Bipolar Disorder:  "Lyme disease" according to the idiots who work for DMHAS.   Person falsely accused of a crime (see "Competency Restoration.")  Person who has suffered brain damage from psychotropics, who then gets this extra bogus diagnosis assignment, rather than the psychiatrist gets sued for malpractice.  

Psychiatrists say the brain damage and agitation (known also as akathisia and is damage via a similar mechanism that causes Parkinson's) they cause is the "unmasking" of another underlying (imaginary) disorder. 

See also, the video here:


Borderline Personality Disorder:  This the very most unique of "personality disorders," in which the people who cause the disorder, also diagnose it.  Symptoms are substance abuse, self-injury, "cutting," and rather an egregious, callifferent, and ineptogant, self-disregard by the sufferers' themselves, of their own lives, because the heartburn and traumas they suffered were never validated- because their abusers-come-diagnosers caused it. 

The highest correlation is SEPARATION FROM PARENTS, co-equal with real abuse, such as being body-slammed by the unprovoked psychopathic guards in Fort Rowlandgate, the ear-pulling, being threatened by DCF that they better not talk to the press about being raped or denied medical or dental care while incarcerated at the YMCA, or being isolated after this physical abuse by the DCF-psychoguards and then having an asthma attack.


Medical Deity:  Person certified by Yale Forensic Psychiatry.  Not required to know medical or scientific facts.  Is excluded from investigations by the CT Medical Licensing Board, but are allowed to be members of that Board.


Judicial Review Board:  In the DCF Fort Knox building at 505 Hudson Street, where all the DCF phone-bugging equipment is.  Serves the same purpose as the Bar Counsel- keeps retired judges abreast of the gossip.


New Haven FBI:  Where cops get to pretend to be chasing child porn distributors and setting up sting operations for pedophiles.  Protects the criminals who work for Corrupticut law enforcement, Yale, or DCF.  Don't know too many big words.  Have a hierarchy, so good luck getting past the telephone-answerer. 

National FBI Rule:  Do not exceed the hierarchy and bypass the telephone-answerer on important national security information.  Important scheduled events like Thermite in the WTC on 9/11 must not be interfered with, or your next job assignment will be the likes of duty on the premises of the WTC on 9/11 (FBI's John O'Neill and Able Danger).


Lyme Disease:  A disease which is psychogenic (all in your head). Yale therefore created a psychogenic vaccine for it.  The imaginary Yale vaccine came off the market because of all the unreported psychogenic vaccine injuries, which occurred during the vaccine trial, but which were later reported to the FDA by the injured persons, themselves.  There is still no test for this disease because it is imaginary.  But Yale continues to make a new vaccine against tick bites, because they know there can never be a vaccine against Lyme disease, knew that all along, and yet were recently given another 5 million to develop the new tick saliva vaccine. The University of Rhode Island had long been working on a tick saliva vaccine, but they aren't Yale.  Merit never enters the equation. 

Senator Lieberman approves of this logic.


Connecticut US Senators and Congressmen:  People you only see at election time, appear deaf, but we think they used to live here.

Talkingheadism: see CT US Senators and Congressmen


We-Don't-Know disease:  Something for which we taxpayers dish out millions and millions of NIH dollars in grant money to Yale University and New York Medical College, to assist them with their Lymenesia.


Landlord:  There are two types:  One type is married to a Groton policeman and is/was the Mayor of Groton, who can get away with doing an illegal lead abatement on the rental property while there are several children living in the multifamily home.

The other type:  Interferes with drug trafficking trade supported by the cops.


Real Estate:  Land and buildings that can be privately owned, like a home, but also owned by the State whenever the State decides their business friends are more welcome to the retail potential of the property than the original private owners.


State Ethics Commission:  This entity is lacking a definition because there isn't anyone in the entire State who is eligible to be a member of the Commission - that being the definition of "Corrupticut."  The last person they hired lied on his resume, and was referred by the Governor's office.  The Governor's Chief of Staff was caught in a lobbying/fundraising violation the same week. 

No one knows where the Ethics Commission is, except for the actual ethics commission members who spend all their time persecuting each other and having illegal closed-door meetings to conspire about how they will skewer their own commission co-members.  One of the conspirers (Maureen Regula) replaced the fired Sarah Gibson as "principal attorney" of DCF New Haven.  Therefore the new Ms. NH-DCF Fraudulence was appropriately placed, according to the State of Corrupticut.

See also Administratium or "Revolving Door Policy"  ("These 312 particles are held together in the nucleus by a force that involves the continuous exchange of meson like particles called morons.")



Integrity: This entity is lacking a definition because there isn't anyone in Corrupticut eligible - that being the definition of "Corrupticut."  The last person they hired lied on his resume and was referred by the Governor's office.  The Governor's Chief of Staff was caught in a lobbying/fundraising violation the same week.  The Republicans are airheaded skunks and the Democrats are just plain airheads.


Political Party:  In the usual sense, a Party is a party, until it becomes "scandal," and then come the bribery and fraud charges.  People sometimes later use the term "federal feeding trough for special interests."  Politics means "before the indictments."  In Corrupticut, however, "political" means crime.   For example, if a person annoys someone in a political or appointed State position with facts, that person becomes a criminal.

It is suspected that is a huge percentage of the prison population are cases where the Morano-Rowlandgate Gang obstructed justice, defrauded the courts, or used "expert" testimony from anyone who "works" for Yale,  which would, in another world, be, itself, crime.  Corrupticut has absolutely no regard for the law, facts, or logic.  That is, in Corrupticut, "crime" is political.


Special Interest Lobbying Group:  People paid to pay off the Party-ers, or actually bring the party to the Party, or take the Party to the golf courses,  Las Vegas, or even Easter Island and similar Pacific Island paradises.  Compare to "Citizen," above.  Sometimes the Party-ers get unusual things like ancient toilets, and why they would want them in the first place, reminds one of the above definition of "Legislator." 

Perhaps they get so stoned that they mix up the word "capital" with the word "capitol."


Scandal Something to deprive the non-Citizen victims of Rowlandgate. We really want to know what was in Commissioner Rowlandgate's diary.  We got the fluff.  We know whatever was in the diary was the real reason Tomasso and Ellef got such a good deal out of the plea bargain.  We think SuperBlumenthal wanted to spare "another Republican" regarding said "other Republican's" mental illness.

Other states have other definitions of "scandal."  President Clinton was impeached for a similar "scandal," however King George II lied us into a war, there was thermite in the WTC on 9/11, over 6,000 Americans are dead (Katrina, thermite, and Iraq), and every single thing that comes out of W's mouth is a lie. 

Therefore, the Corrupticut version of "scandal" is somewhere in between thermite and underwear (or the lack thereof).

The true meaning of scandal is probably closer to:  shame, as in “I’m satisfied that this result does justice, returns taxpayer dollars, and helps bring closure to a shameful chapter in state history,” Blumenthal said.


SuperBlumenthal:  Person who says things like 

“Our case established the Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act as a tool to fight corruption in state government, but we need a law aimed directly against such fraud,” Blumenthal said. “I urge the legislature to pass a False Claims Act giving state officials a powerful weapon against corrupt state officials and their accomplices. The federal government and numerous states already have such laws, which have proven highly effective in uncovering and deterring corruption.”


SuperBlumenthal is ignored because of the mental condition of the Legislators.

Englehart's View  Sep. 23, 2005  Copyright 2006, Hartford Courant


Moodyitis:  A "transference" term associated with Rowlanditis.  Rowlanditis is the condition where the CT residents pounce at the slightest hint of Republican Corrupticutisms.  The association is to the former Waterbury mayor who was "doing" some 8 and 10 year old girls, and of course, Rowland is from Waterbury.   It seems Moody took excessive heat for Rowlanditis, while in fact, another aspect of Rowlandgate was the bigotry - females are good for certain jobs, like "runnin around wid em" (the Rowlandgate gang), "giving rise to" the DCF underwear scandal, but according to the vast majority of Republicans ...  well, see the Dictionary of Republicanisms:  woman n. 1. Person who can be trusted to bear a child but can't be trusted to decide whether or not she wishes to have the child. 2. Person who must have all decisions regarding her reproductive functions made by men with whom she wouldn't want to have sex in the first place [Denise Clay, Philadelphia, Pa.].

Therefore the transference term Moodyitis really means what happens to the females who hang around with the Republican male sleaze buckets, accepting their discrimination against females.  'Is a mental disorder of the self-injuring type.  'Females in promotion of abuse of females.  'An emotional and logical disconnect.  Synonym: DSM V: Female Republican Disorder.

One would think reverse discrimination would take over.  Females are not the unfortunate victims of their own Mr. Peanut taking over the thinking for their Mr. Brain.  It seems logical that if Mr. Brain has to compete for exercise and perhaps, um,  "airtime" with Mr. Peanut, men are inferior and less reliable thinkers.

Rowland-Ragaglia-gate, Clintongate, Giordanogate, The Yale Center for the Study of Erections and the total lack of success of psychiatry as a healing profession... one would think American females would wake up and take over. 

One would think every time some Repugnicant male jerkoff starts using the "A" word to get elected, the women in America would respond by saying, "Say the A word one more and you'll be spending the rest of your life worrying about getting your own goo off your hands, and that's only if we don't render you to Saudi Arabia for eunuch therapy."


Community Partners in Action  Added to the Connecticutisms because they never responded to my requests with assisting in exposing the abuse of the black women in the prisons by the psychopathic skinhead KKK prison guards, and other complaints.  This group makes it clear that a Dictionary of Connecticutisms is necessary.  It's like Munchkinland here.  Or Alice in Wonderland. Nothing is as it appears.   It turns out, CPA was not paying attention to... well, what they were up to was not quite the action I suspected.  You'd think a white girl complaining on behalf of the abuse of her black sisters would be a credible witness.   Oh, well.


Chutzbah-  When Governor Rell's Chief of Staff, as well as her son get away with lawbreaking because Rowland wanted a safe pair of hands.


Flaccitude:  WHEREAS,  According to the study, the average size penis is 4 cm (flaccid) to 7 cm (erect). Therefore the treatment of penis-obsession is best treated by informing men that they only have to be 3/8ths inches bigger than a small paperclip to be in the normal range (see the Yale Center for the Study of Erections, below, for other updates to this vitally important Yale research.) 


Willful:  When Democrats or other non-citizens break the law, or break the imaginary law of Free Speech and/or seek redress of grievances.

Munchmeister.  A very small man accuses parents of poisoning their children in order to prevent being discovered to be involved in the biggest medical fraud in history- a bogus Lyme vaccine that actually causes illness.  A person who uses made-up words to describe other persons' alleged imaginary illnesses.

On the left, "Lyme disease."  On the right, "Munchausen's by proxy."


US Department of Justricks, District of Corrupticut  Best described by:  "Connecticut's political world is tiny and given to ennui. Witness the fact that the U.S. Attorney, Kevin O'Connor, was barred from participating in the prosecution of the Rowland scandals because of his and his wife's close ties to the former governor. Kathleen O'Connor worked in the office of Rowland's legal counsel. In most places, that would raise an alarm. Connecticut only shrugs."


Patrick Fitzgerald Saint Patrick's day   He's brought down al-Qaida terrorists and mafia bosses. Now America's most fearsome lawyer is standing up to the White House. More from Observer Magazine


    McKenzied Where the Grand Dame of the Republican Party, Mammo Jo McKenzie "helps" someone get... well, skinned.  (From the Corrupticut Files)


Paleoneoconivorus iraqii.  Newly discovered ancestor of Neocons.  Its diet is said to have consisted of both oil and early humans in the region of the Tigris and Euphrates.



NO ONE GETS TO SEE THE US ATTORNEY !!  Lyme activists ask for help from the US Department of Justricks in Corrupticut, where Yale is.    



Does a very early and accurate test for Lyme borreliosis exist?   Yes, and Guess Who owns the patent? and Why it's not in use.


FrOspC structureaudus intercorrupticraptus:  Brookhaven investigating a vaccine for a disease that doesn't exist according to Yale University:   

"The association of borreliae with ganglia or other nerve tissue has also been noted in other tick species (102) and in lice (116, 126).  The propensity for borrelia to go to the brain of infected mammals (see below) suggests that the relationship between these spirochetes and neural tissues is not trivial.  Further study of this attraction and the interaction that follows may reveal the basis for the significant nerve and brain involvement in Lyme borreliosis (201, 206, 233; R. Ackermann B. Rehse-Kupper, and E. Gollmer, Sentralb Bakteriol. Mikrbiol. Hyg., in press; A. R. Pachner and A. C Steere, Zentralb. Bakterio. Mikrobiol. Hyg. Ser.. A, in press)."--- The Biology of the Borrelia species, AG Barbour, SF Hayes, 1986                 OspC is associated with neurotropism.         

     Computer-generated image of the OspC-HB19 dimer  structure found on the B. burdgorferi bacterium. Four OspC groups are implicated in Lyme disease in humans.  See:  John Dunn, Brookhaven


Chertoft:  Syn: being "blown off;"  or told to, "Go jump in a lake;" or being told to, "Please fill out the online complaint form at Dubya Dubya Dubya Dot Eat Shit and Die Dot Guv."    (pix from


  Penile Colony:  Where the Educator in Chief and Yale Department of Psychiatry share and instruct in the essential critical importance of penis matters in modern western society.  Syn:  Indicktrination


  Buttstop.  The same week Cheney makes an ass out of himself for not coming forward with the news that he actually shot his friend, we learn there were even more different types of abuse happening at Abu Ghraib.