Blowing the Whistle at the FDA, Jan 2001, exposing Dearborn and how OspA causes immunosuppression rather than, "was a vaccine."

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CDC/Yale/IDSA: "LYMErix causes  same multisystem disease" as 'Chronic Lyme'"  OspA is a fungal toxin causing immunosuppression




Countdown to Enron Style Bubble Blowout...; CDC's "Chronic Fatigue and Lyme" Word Scramble Soup, about to blow up:

 "They're 'The Smartest Guys in the Room,' ya know," said Senator Blumenthal's staff while suing them for AntiTrust.  Turns out that was so prophetic and right on the money. 

You can't kill Borrelia.  In a toxic environment they just go into a spheroplast form.  They are an ancient phylum and not regular "bacteria."   The CDC performed the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment because they were curious as to how Africans were resistant to the dementia from syphilis and Caucasians were not,.... while these Lyme and CFIDS (now clearly working together) criminals claim we have no such brain disease, that what we have is the "Fear!" of a neurological dementing disease. CDC officer Alan Barbour (see the Patents criminal charge sheet) reported that rodent brains used to be the storage media for Borrelia, they so reliably infect the brain.  The NIH reported that LYMErix was responsible for the chronic brain inflammation, with immunosuppression (Martin and Marques at NINDS). 

You can now be officially curious as to why Chronic Fatigue/ME crooks are working together with the Lyme crooks.  Or not and can see right through it.  They really are the same disease - Post Sepsis Syndrome.  Post septic shock from Borrelia shedding fungal OspA-ish Pam3Cys-ish toxins.  Who are they lying for?  Themselves or the US Government?  If it is the US Government, Lyme (OspA plus soft-bodied tick relapsing fever) was most certainly an a international bioweapons violation.  Deliberate or Accidental, either way, is was  DEVELOPED to cause dementia.  It did not evolve naturally, says the circumstantial science.

Toll-like Receptor Polymorphisms Are Associated with Increased Neurosyphilis Risk

"Clinicians in the early 20th century posited that race influenced susceptibility to neurosyphilis, citing a decreased risk in African Americans compared to Caucasians (7). Subsequent work suggested a genetic basis for such differences, with an increased risk of syphilitic dementia, but not other forms of neurosyphilis, in patients with certain HLA types (8) that differed in African Americans compared to Caucasians (9). While more recent reports suggest that there may be genetic contributions to syphilis susceptibility (10-13), to the best of our knowledge there have been no recent investigations of genetic susceptibility to neurosyphilis."

But someone decided to put really stupid people in charge; someone should have checked first to see if these guys were psychopaths, since Evil has no Light or creative intelligence.

Why Edward McSweegan??  He's so nasty and negative all the time.  He hates everyone.  "As a graduate student" he....    Oh, wait, wrong link: "Biocrimes and Misdemeanors."

The Stupidological Evidence is that the's founders, Edward McSweegan and Durland Fish, did not know spirochetes were their own phylum, are relapsing fever organisms, that the nature of the relapse was antigenic variation (vaccines would do no good), and that he and his gang never even asked what OspA was (fungal, causes permanent immunosuppression, never could have been a vaccine).  The CDC deployed the stupid and cowardly Allen Steere who went into Rheumatology to avoid VietNam (there are no old ladies who need aspirin among deployed US combat forces), probably because he was known to be too stupid to ask any questions about ticks or spirochetes.

What is the simplest way to explain that the ALDF dot com / Yale / CDC Lyme cabal threw out of the Dearborn, "2-tiered" "case definition" the very same disabling, chronic neurologic, "New Great Imitator" disease that was caused by the fungal toxin, Pam3Cys or OspA?  They knew OspA vaccination causes neurologic, immunosuppression disease before the Oct 1994 Dearborn, Michigan fake consensus conference ever took place (chronology here).
In order for it to be prosecuted as a criminal case you have to show they knew ahead of time that there was this problem with their "vaccine" choice and that they CHANGED the testing definition after that, such as to leave out the chronic neurologic Lyme definition - the very disease caused by the OspA vaccines.  The current case definition only detects the 15% of cases, only the late-, HLA-linked- arthritis cases, no early cases, and then these CDC (vaccine patent holding) criminals say this late manifestation needs no treatment.  The truth is that chronic neurologic disease is mainly caused by immunosuppression, reactivated Epstein-Barr and cross tolerance to other infections, or, technically, is post-sepsis syndrome or a kind of a B cell AIDS (see the Occam's Razor).

In this criminal case, you have to show to the DOJ that they CHANGED the diagnostic criteria from an older one that allowed more people to be diagnosed (the 1990 CDC version).  If the DOJ does not respond, clearly this was a bioweapon accident of some sort.  The circumstantial evidence from Plum Island as the original outbreak area says so.    (Do the Russians know by now?  They knew in 2006.  The Chinese, a year later.  Site stats.)

More on the cancer caused by exposure to antigens from Lyme, like OspA:   

A Mutated B cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia subset that recognizes and responds to fungi:

See Related and Cited-by, on that PubMed site; and keep reading.  Yeah, it all makes sense....

University of California, Davis, says the CDC, Allen Steere, Gary Wormser, Edward McSweegan, et al must be lying their faces off:  Lyme and LYMErix cause permanent immunosuppression or is like a B cell AIDS. 


Lyme is not an "inflammatory," "autoimmune disease," it is the Great Initiator of latent viruses, as a fungal antigen shedder, SPIROCHETE (its own phylum).  Fungal antigens like triacyl lipopeptides (OspA) have always been known to cause immunosuppression. The complete opposite of an "autoimmune" or "inflammatory" disease.  The only biomarkers will be signs of nerve and brain degradation in the cerebral spinal fluid; no antibodies in the blood.

CRYME Disease:  

Intro/ Big Picture: 

"Lyme Disease" is caused by shed fungal-ish (which have OspA-ish lipoproteins on then) blebs that ruin the immune system - turn it off -, except in the brain. They, the shed blebs, get into your brain causing *** CHRONIC brain inflammation and dementia.*** These blebs or exosomes or exosomology is the hottest topic in bioscience. The crooks say this OspA fungal toxin was a "vaccine."  It is a huge scandal and the NIH and even the FDA are embarrassed about how they let Edward McSweegan run wild and 
without supervision.

They, the Lyme and LYMErix RICO criminals (ALDF, IDSA, Yale, CDC, et al) were originally the authors of the truth about Lyme.  Now, since the establishment of the ALDF (1990) which later took over IDSA, these same people hysterically insist that Lyme is only an autoimmune bad-knee.  Since that event, in 1994, when they falsified the case definition - we call the event "Dearborn" -, they've tried to maintain the pretense that Dearborn or the "bad knee, only" case definition was real because they do not want to be prosecuted.  These criminals, particularly the CDC officers Barbour and Johnson, falsified the test. It now only detects late Lyme arthritis, and HLA-linked hypersensitivity or allergy response. 

Also, OspA and B were left out of the "case definition" for an intended follow-up monopoly on blood testing for all TBDs in North America for Yale's L2 Diagnostics, Schoen, Imugen, Molloy and Steere, and Corixa, Dave Persing. The Mayo Clinic owns that RICO-within-the-RICO patent because Persing worked for Mayo at the time; he filed for the patent for the borrelia missing the OspA-B plasmid.  The reason they developed this test was because OspA and B are encoded on the same plasmid, and you cant test for disease with the same antigen as is in the vaccine (OspA).  The RICO was entirely about getting all the vaccines and all the future testing for all vector borne diseases into their own labs - which is formally 
racketeering and fraud.

The lies are all about the vaccine, OspA, or Pam3Cys, which is a triacyl lipoprotein and fungal antigen (TLR2/1 agonist) and therefore never could have been a vaccine.  Fungal antigens of this type cause immunosuppression and a post-septic shock result.  Lyme is like a B cell AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome.  The NIH agrees with this model.

The NIH agrees with this model, of Lyme or LYMErix rendering B cells incompetent, and that "Chronic Lyme" is really about reactivated Epstein-Barr, et al, and mycoplasmal (fungal) tolerance (both causing chronic fatigue).  The NIH performed much of the research that shows Lyme and OspA cause global immunosuppression, with, at the same time, chronic brain inflammation.  See the Occam's Razor report for that scientific data/those reports.


 Sign the first-ever non-stupid petition that explains the cryme and the disease, and how it's related to the Autism pandemic

It's all about the CDC officers and not IDSA.  IDSA only came along years later and very-few-to-none of their members are actual scientists.  Think about it: they do what the CDC and BigPharma say.  They have Kool-Aid stained lips.  They're just "doctors," and "doctors" literally are not required to have a science background to get into medical school.

We Don't KNOW, why your doctor is allowed to have "MD" after their names and not know what a spirochete even is, sorry (ancient phylum, not a regular "bacteria," sheds fungal antigens):

Getting compensation for your suffering as a result of the falsified Dearborn case definition of "Lyme disease"; the criminals have finally admitted the Dearborn 2-tiered criteria was research fraud.


Follow on with Hotchkiss about what to do with and how to manage sepsis (post-Fungal-OspA-shedding Lyme and Fungal LYMErix patients):

                            "Immunosuppression in sepsis: a novel understanding of the disorder and a new therapeutic approach."

                            The NIH agrees with this fellow.  See more about the NIH agreeing with Hotchkiss in the Occam's Razor report.

                The NIH, incompetent "scientists" at Yale, the CDC, IDSA, Paul Auwaerter (Johns Hopkins), etc, and related loud mouth assholes (Blumenthal's staff says
                    "they're 'The Smartest Guys in the Room,' ya know," referring to the fact that these Lyme criminals are obnoxious lying assholes, like
                            the dudes at ENRON, and yes, Lyme Cryme is like ENRON, based on fraud) all have said that they do not know what OspA actually is.

                                    Do you believe that?


New, and funny (from Harvard, where they are hiding Steere in his high-security T cell freezers from us Lyme activists and lobbyists who are in Albany, trying to get that asshole thrown in jail):
"Slow-growing mycobacteria, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium bovis, have evolved mechanisms to evade host immune responses. These mycobacteria have been shown to alter vesicle trafficking and acidification, allowing them to survive for extended periods of time in the phagocytic compartments of macrophages (,). They evade host cellular immune responses by modulating type I interferon production (, ) and inhibit apoptosis of infected macrophages (). A number of studies have shown that these mycobacteria can inhibit major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class II-restricted peptide presentation (,). It has also been suggested that mycobacteria may be capable of evading MHC class I-restricted T cell responses, but the mechanisms mycobacteria utilize to do so have not yet been defined."

This author ^^, Panas, says fungal antigens like LYMErix cause immunosuppression, and is also a signer of the new, Non-Dearborn, semi-valid test, put out by Dattwyler, Steere and Aucott, debunking all the "if it is not a bad knee, it must not be Lyme," fraud, slander and libel by the CDC Lyme crooks (below).  People wondered, was there a tie-in between the scientists who say Tb fungal antigens cause immunosuppression, like Hotchkiss, Baumgarth, Radolf, Medvedev, and Harding and the ones who say OspA is also such a TLR2/TLR1 agonist that ALSO causes immunosuppression?  There is your man.  Harvard.  I guess Harvard finally gets a mental competency award of some sort. 

Does Evil Cause Stupidity??   Is that the reason no one at the NIH or CDC knows what a spirochete or OspA is?

Unless you have compassion for all the various kinds of suffering there is in the world, you will not hear the Truth when it comes along.  You will not check out what a spirochete is (they are their own phylum and not regular "bacteria").  But if you did a few nanoseconds of a search, you would also find that spirochetes are shedders of fungal antigens that turn off the immune response.  They cause a slow septic shock.  Treponemes and Borrelia allegedly cause "Great Imitator" outcomes, but that is a mistake. 

Fungal antigens are the Great Detonators of post septic shock, which is a condition of immunosuppression with many extra reactivated common viruses that normally remain dormant.  The CDC does not want you to know this, or know what the failed and faked LYMErix OspA vaccine actually was (fungal, and an immune suppressor).  You might figure out that the childhood vaccines are giving children the very viruses the vaccines are intended to prevent.  The CDC never tells you there could be an immunosuppression response to the yeast (fungal) in the MMR vaccines.

Here is UConn's Justin Radolf explaining that spirochetes are not regular bacteria, but shedders of fungal antigens (and not LPS), and that the recombinant products like the fake OspA vaccine (triacyl lipoprotein, TLR2 agonist) also cause the same disease:  

The disease is more about Epstein-Barr and the other opportunistics, the latent herpesviruses, tolerance to the likes of Candida and mycoplasma (fungal), causing chronic fatigue.

The "controversy" is mostly about CDC officers Barbara Johnson, Allen Steere and Alan Barbour not going to jail for falsifying the case definition and pretending Lyme was only a "bad knee" (literally, that's the Dearborn case definition).  It is a spirochete, a borrelia, suppresses the immune system, is a New Great Detonator of the latent herpesviruses, causing MS, Lupus, ALS, stroke, and of course, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.

All you have to do is find out exactly what OspA is, the molecular type (Pam3Cys) is, and you will understand this was a stupid crime put on by stupid criminals.  Apparently this had a lot to do with lying to Eastern Europe, particularly Russia about this.  Allen Steere went to Russia.  Edward McSweegan went to Russia.  Why would they go to Russia except to lie to them about what Borreliae are all about?  Why would Allen Steere have to go all the way to Germany to falsify the case definition with some undergraduate, Frank Dressler?

If Lyme was an accidental or deliberate release of a bioweapon (the circumstantial evidence says this "Lyme" borrelia did not naturally evolve), the US government allowed the dumbest scientists in the world to run the commercial scam.  They were totally inept and did not know how to spin it.  They used a sledgehammer to hammer their victims.  They never in 40 years explained that "Lyme" was just another Borreliae.  Perhaps they did not know anything at all about relapsing fever, and never did their homework.

We did not elect George W. Bush, either so, this is what we Americans get.  Stupid people picked to run one disaster after another.  The question ultimately becomes, "Which comes first, the arrogance or the stupidity?"  Does Evil cause stupidity?

Without a doubt.

CDC Lyme Crooks Drop the Dearborn Protocol; No ELISA, you only need 2 bands:


That means no Dearborn, no ELISA, no Klempner, no "guidelines," no insurance companies saying you have to have a positive ELISA or Late Lyme Arthritis in order to have a Western Blot.  We suppose the crooks did this to avoid the FDA forcing them to do so, per Blumenthal and the other Senators.  Look who is an author - Steere, Aucott (but surely these two did none of the lab work since they are not scientists) and "Lyme-is-seronegative-due-to-fungal-antigen-induced-immunosuppression" Dattwyler.

This is Steere, now, totally rejecting his own Dearborn case definition after 21 years.  Steere was the one who falsified the case definition in Europe in 1992, imposing the ELISA to screen out neurologic cases.  See below, in the Occam's Razor report, what Steere did to ruin millions of peoples' lives (research fraud). Surely he did this to prevent the death penalty for mass murder.

This is Dattwyler at the June, 1994 FDA meeting on serology and LYMErix, talking about the immunosuppression from fungal antigens like OspA:

If the Lyme crooks and CDC officers who founded and participated in trhe fake non-profit are "protected" then for sure Lyme was an illegal bioweapon released from Plum Island.  The circumstantial evidence, the epidemiological evidence, the phylogeny, and the stupidological evidence (CDC deploying Allen Steere? the draft dodger who went into Rheumatology to avoid Vietnam?) say so.

1) The CDC/Yale/ Lyme crooks are "protected." I wonder who told Liegner this (below).

2) Once on my website I said (this one, here, at the top) that the State of CT would be liable (UConn participated in LYMErix scam and ran the pedi OspA trial) and the only way they could get out of it was blackmailing the Govt. The very next day, I got a ton of hits by (Plum Island), like 40 or 70 hits, I forget.

3) And then there is the circumstantial evidence that this anserina - an African Bird Borreliosis - was not evolutionarily "likely" to have evolved in southern New England such as to "take to" a hard bodied tick (add OspA, a ligand for chitinous tissue): 

4) Holc Noble wrote up the OspA vaccine scandal story for the NYTimes after the 2001 hearing at the FDA on the Chronic-Lyme-like adverse events, but the Times refused to publish the story (I know, I was there at the time and was fetching documents for Karen Forschner, there, at the Lyme Disease Foundation in Hartford, - for Holc). There is a definite press blackout.

5) Senator Richard Blumenthal seems to have dropped his prosecution approach to IDSA and is going thru the back door (forcing the OBM to force the FDA to assure Lyme testing is VALID). Unfortunately no one at ILADS or the LDA know what "validation," means, despite me being the primary author of the ILADS Klempner rebuttal in June, 2001, claiming Klempner was INVALID.  If the Dearborn "case definition" is invalid, the Klempner bogus re-treatment "study" was invalid.  And so, therefore, are the IDSA "guidelines."

6) Susan O'Connell, of Porton Down (UK's Plum Island), when put to the wall by Lady Mar, admitted Lyme was "given over to industry" (McSweegan- see his Goldwater Letter ), and that they no longer work with Borreliosis there.

'Unless you want to talk about all the bogus Lyme & CFIDS "books" out there. Like I said, CFIDS people put out a lot of wordage, but no data. ****It will give you a migraine, looking for that one nugget of something scientifically true and real you can hold on to ****.... you're skimming and skimming and looking for key scientific words.... and you get to the end and say, "Well, Thanks for that Mind F."

Pretty straighforward, Baurmgarth and Barthold;

Fungal-Viral Synergy, Post-Sepsis Syndrome (see the Occam's Razor), can't fight off viral infections (the reason for the Autism pandemic, the kids are getting the viruses and not the protection).  Imagine, IDSA and the CDC tried to say this sh*t, OspA was a vaccine when it obliterated people's immune system.  And these criminals are "protected?"    It's like someone dropped some dirty bombs here and abroad and no one is held accountable.  That's America, land of the criminals-are-free-and-the-just-go-to-jail: