One thing we learned from the CIA torture report is that human experimentation like that, and like adapting relapsing fever from its natural soft bodied ticks to hard bodied ticks on Plum Island, and aerosolizing them - and deploying this aerosol, as is supposedly what's in the not-so-secret Willy Burgdorfer tape ("I didn't tell you everything," UOS) take by Tim (Under the 8 Ball) -, was prosecuted at Nurenberg, making this Lyme cryme not just against the Human Rights Declaration, but a straight up war crime. Eligible for HANGING.

The original source of Lyme borrelia was anserina, an African bird Borreliosis, Plum Island is where the just so happens to do those kind of vector-pathogen competence studies with African diseases, and Durland Fish participated in it.  Fish also ordered me not to  "mess with Yale and the Fed Govt, you loon."

Why would Yale and the Fed Govt be the same thing?  Obvious.

Durland Fish also works for an international-spy-for-hire firm, "Off the Record Research," which is a subdivision of Kroll Associates, one of the participants in the 911-Thermate stunt.

Answers a lot of questions, right?  Like why Dodd and Kennedy would do nothing for us, even though they knew what goes on on Plum Island?  Explains all this "Lyme legislation" rather than a prosecution by the USDOJ, right?