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1-Yale Defrauds Govt Steere falsifies case definition, 1992 USDOJ RICO Complaint 30 reports; Sepsis, Autism UN Complaint (2003) Bioweapons Attributes
2-Who owns the patents? CDC's Patents w/ GSK, 1992 Blumenthal (AntiTrust) AIDS-like EBV-Borreliosis, 101016 Antics Crazy Eddy & Durl Lyme as a bioweapon?
3-Who identified the biomarkers? Great Imitator/IDSA "Reviews", 1989 False Claims Act case, ref'd OspA / Pam3Cys Tolerance Munchausen's Libel Army says Bioweapon
4-NIH's Post Sepsis Syndrome Congenital Lyme by Yale Cold Spring Harbor, neuroLyme Failed Other Fungal Vax Sweeg's Munchausen's Russians@NYMC (HLAs)
5-IDSA's DNA Shell Game Halperin: Lyme & ALS Relapsing Fever, permanent, IDSA too PubMed: OspA >> EBV ALDF.com files Plum Island Evidence
6-Commonalities (CFIDS & Autism) Steere: Lyme >> Lupus Dattwyler: Seroneg Lyme LYMErix causes neurologic Fish @ Internat.Spy Firm EXOSOMES/BLEBS
7-UConn Assaults Czech kids Klempner & "Guidelines" Steere: Seronegative Lyme NIH:  CLD is active herpes Durland Fish's "Attack" Lyme Mafia Alpert
8-Wessely & Somatoformers McSweegan attacks Navy, 1986 .CORIXARICO

ME/CFS is active herpes

Lyme Mafia Sepkowitz

11/27/2015 15:36:36


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THE LIST of real scientists - none in IDSA or ILADS.

2 things 2 know
SASH sites:
Bad Lyme Attitude


"Spirochetes May Love the Brain to Death"

Benach/IDSA, brain damage in Lyme, 1992 (scanned)

Exosomes, Vesicles, Blebs

SASH vaccines paper (Common Mechanisms)

Spirochetal Dementia


CDC/Yale/IDSA: "LYMErix causes  same multisystem disease" as 'Chronic Lyme'"  OspA is a fungal toxin causing immunosuppression



New York Times and CNN going after Trump for misspeaking.  It was the Israelis who were celebrating the 911 Thermate event.  Remember the "Dancing Israelis?"   Let's help out The Donald, shall we? 




911 Dancing Israelis - who were not Muslims.  War criminal Michael Chertoff of airport naked body scanner infamy deported the 911 WTC and truck bombers driving around NYC back to Israel without investigating or prosecuting.

It's not going away, we're never dropping it until is it prosecuted. None of it, will we drop.


Don't be afraid of the Truth, the USA is just one silly-ass country run by selfish mental midgets who perform a series of transparent stunts.  We are a cartoon. 

America was GAME OVER right after WWII.  'We" chose not to help the world, but abuse it instead.  We are just Rockefeller-ania, interested only in profit, materialism, and then blaming our worldwide victims.

Look at the Big Picture:
 we get everything wrong:  health, "mental health," "foreign policy" (and losing the 21st century oil wars), running (ruining) the economy (Goldman Sachs, AIG, et al), listening to oil & pipelines profiteers as if they are "experts," rejecting Green Tech, transparently admitting we cause the very chaos to which we intend to later bring "order," (the Dunce, Heiney Kissinger, who sounds exactly like a NAZI),  the 3-for-2- WTC building stunt, etc.   Just really, really dumb and transparent.  A 15 year old could think up these stunts.

300+ million people in this country and nobody knows what OspA is.  Not the NIH, not the CDC, not Yale (Yale patented it, but they say they don't know what it is), none of the U.S. universities, the FDA never asked; no one knows what OspA is and why it gave people the same systemic, chronic illness as Chronic Lyme




Criminally Stupid America - The CDC and their patent mania.

Lyme, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Gulf War Illness and Autism-Vaccines Crimes:


The CDC admits the childhood immunizations are giving kids the very brain-tropic viruses the vaccines are intended to prevent.  Thimerosal was taken out, and Autism cases skyrocketed.  Clue.

CDC staff own DNA patents for vector borne diseases;
it is entirely in their personal financial interest to lie about what a disease is and what a vaccine is.  Primarily we are talking about CDC officers Barbara Johnson and Alan Barbour.

CDC staff patents reveal they know the Dearborn case definition redefinition fraud was a fraud; they talk about "HLA-linked and non-HLA linked" Lyme outcomes in their 5 patents with SmithKline in Europe.

Lyme is not "only a bad knee." Anyone can look up what a fungal antigen is and find it causes immunosuppression - the opposite of what you need for a "vaccine."

What is a scientifically valid test for Borreliosis??

It is already patented, owned by Yale US patent 5,618,533), and meets the FDA criteria for a validation.  It detects 95% of all cases of Lyme ("accuracy") and does not detect anything else - an FDA criterion called "specificity." 
See the DOJ criminal charges 1, Who performed the cryme and why", and 5, The DNA Shell Game


What is the disease?   (Occam's Razor)
Post sepsis syndrome, or Endotoxin Tolerance, or an AIDS like disease with reactivated herpes viruses, et al.  And so says SUNY-SB, the NIH.gov, the NCI.gov wustl.edu and others. 

What the CDC criminals call "Post Lyme Syndrome" is the same as Post Sepsis Syndrome and was caused by the LYMErix vaccine too.  That is why they chronically stalk and assault all their victims. 

The History of the Cryme;
exposing the crime, Blowing the whistle at the
FDA (Jan 01), Blowing the Whistle at the USDOJ, Senator Richard Blumenthal's attempts to prosecute and correct, ILADS and the LDA played no role in reversing this crime, only perpetuating it.

What are the real tests to discover what has invaded your central nervous system after Lyme disease or LYMErix suppressed your immune system?   See Section XIII here.

Slander and Libel by the very people who discovered the biomarkers of real illness

Complaining to the Useless UN about American global healthcare crimes and their Special Ed response.

ILADS and the LDA have no idea what they are talking about and slammed Senator Blumenthal for forcing the FDA to do their jobs and discover the Yale flagellin method was validated per the FDA's rules.


Simon Wessely and Modern Witch-hunts

Mumbo Jumbo and Dumbo - the nut cases really are running the asylum:

The technical definition of "Somatoform" = "Magical Brain Energy Forces with which one causes scientifically valid biomarkers of real illness without having a real illness." 
(You can't make this stuff up.)

Gulf War Illness and Silly Simon Wessely;  having to admit he is a stupid whore on Gulf War Illness (being real): 

Wessley admits he is a silly ass re CFIDS, Rituximab: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn27813-antibody-wipeout-found-to-relieve-chronic-fatigue-syndrome/

Mumbo-Jumbo Syndrome, the delusional mental illness of inventing mental illnesses for other people to have.  Ron Liddle on Munchausens.

CFIDS (Montoya) = real, (valid) brain adbnormalities  and not due to having a uterous or magical brain energy powers after all.

The question is, how do these post-sepsis brain infections revealed by the NCI, NIH et al, cause mainly a right brain deficit?  The answer may come when we learn more about the Autism vaccines and the likes of the epidemics of childhood leukemia and dementia (ADHD).

Director of NINDS Thomas Insel says the DSM is all silly nonsense, quits to work for real scientists.

Latoya Ammons' case - CPS and cops witness demonic possession and participate in Catholic Exorcism.  State sanctioned kidnapper (CPS/DCF) admits she is evil and is surprised at the demonic harassment. Says she is already evil, so why do the demons bother her?

The 5 new VALID "Axes" = Genetic, Organic, Traumatic, Influence of Spirit, Free Will.

British Psychiatry and who helped the NAZIs develop their race theories?

You see, ever since the pervert Sigmund Freud, psychiatry has gotten it all wrong.  They got it all wrong - from Lyme crymes to psychiatry to Simon the Simpleton to the 911 Thermate stunt.  All unintelligent loser operations performed by dummies.




Criminally Stupid Thermate Stunts -  Bush & the Israelis' oil & and pipelines wars

9/10 Thermate, the Gore-Bush Debates (Oct 2000), and PNAC, " "Securing the Realm"  And Pipelinistan, really.

Predicting Bush Junior would invade Iraq for the oil, as he said so in the Gore Debates in Oct 2000.

CNN finally admits Paris was about Blowback from American warcrime wars.  Interviews Fawaz Gerges who said ISIS et al was due to Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq for the oil (151122)

Kissinger explains we sow the CHAOS in order to bring a New World Order   I think we know who will be the managers of that "order" - the very bankster  dumbasses who brought us the Wall Street Bailout, and the transparent 911 stunt. 

So much for self alleged smart people.  WTC7 came down at the acceleration of gravity, meaning thermate was in the building on the 10th.  One wonders how the CIA, who happened to have an office there, would allow such a thing as pre-loading their building with thermate in case of a fire so as to "
pull it."

Obviously if the Director of the NIST agrees that WTC7 fell at the acceleration of gravity, there was no "pancaking" or anything obstructing the free-fall of the building that was not hit by a plane.

911 Dancing Israelis - who were not Muslims.  War criminal Michael Chertoff of airport naked body scanner infamy deported the 911 WTC and truck bombers driving around NYC back to Israel without investigating or prosecuting.

Richard Perle's business deals re Turkey and Oil   Common knowledge, just not to the USDOJ.  You could call PNAC and "Securing the Realm" about stealing oil, you know, personally and for Israel.

Dinner with Chalabi - who promised the Israelis and the oilmen the oil, post-Saddam (1998):  1998, CIA Oilmen & Israelis plan to overthrow Saddam for the oil.  It was for the oil, and they were looking for an excuse, they settled on "WMDs."


  9/11 - "Mossad did it."